Chapter 955: Let Me Deal With It

The palace Chu Mu lived in was fairly sturdy. Normal emperor rank soul pets couldn’t mark it at all.

Yet, this dark fire and ice collision clearly both reached top tier emperor rank. The energy instantly caused Chu Mu’s vast and luxurious room to turn to ruins, causing Chu Mu to feel a little hurt.

“Who dares atta-......” Teng Lang was furious, and was about to summon a soul pet to take down the killer in Chu Mu’s room, when he suddenly saw two women already standing within the ruins. One was Ye Qingzi and her Dark Fire Heavenly Devil, but the other one caused Teng Lang to stare in shock!

Teng Lang stared blankly at Mu Qingyi, and then turned stiffly back at Chu Mu, his heart full of surprise……..

This Chu Fangchen truly hid the wanted criminal of soul alliance, Mu Qingyi, in his room. His guts were truly incredible!!

“Ugh…….I…….I saw nothing……..” After a while, Teng Lang finally realized something, and quickly made a quizzical face at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu originally thought Mu Qingyi could hide well, but Chu Mu clearly underestimated Ye Qingzi’s detection ability. Thankfully, everyone present was trustworthy, so explaining a bit wouldn’t make a big difference.

Ye Qingzi was very observant and smart. Seeing Chu Mu not joining her in the attack, she guessed that the woman hiding in her room wasn’t an assassin.

Thus, she slowly walked back to Chu Mu’s side, but gave him a sideways glance, as if she was going to get very angry if he didn’t explain this well.

“She’s heavenly concubine Mu QIngyi. Because of some recent events, she’s healing up with us.” Chu Mu first explained her identity.

“Oh?” Ye Qingzi was slightly surprised, finally deciding to look Mu Qingyi over more in detail.

Mu Qingyi, no matter what one said, was the strongest female soul pet trainer within the human realm. Many females set her as a final goal for their path. This was Ye Qingzi’s first time seeing such a character too so naturally, she was curious.

However, Ye Qingzi as a soul teacher quickly judged that this female expert that should be nearly invincible within human realm clearly seemed weaker, as if her soul had been recently damaged.

Chu Mu’s palace had a spatial barrier around it, so though the commotion was loud here, it didn’t spread outwards.

The room and hall were already ruined. Chu Mu could only stand with the other three people in the relatively intact courtyard and explain the whole story.

“Why is it her again.” After Ye Qingzi knew Mu Qingyi was framed by emperor concubine, she couldn’t help but mutter.

This woman was truly controlling everything, able to cause even the wanxiang realm queen’s downfall.

“Qingzi, go rest for a bit and once you’re adjusted, help her heal up.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi.

“En.” Ye Qingzi nodded. Just as she was about to walk towards the room, however; she noticed it was all ruins. She turned around and rolled her eyes at Chu Mu, “Such a nice room and hall, yet they’re ruined now. There was a lot of stuff Maner and I bought, too.”

“I’ll buy it again once you have time. Your soul remembrance got stronger, though.” Chu Mu said.

“En, I broke through a few days ago.” Ye Qingzi nodded and said goodbye to Mu Qingyi and Teng Lang before walking out of the courtyard, attempting to find another place to rest.

Soul palace had a large number of such palaces. Ye QIngzi could pick whichever she wanted. If Soul Palace had none, nightmare palace would. Presumably, NIghtmare emperor Jiang and elders both would love to please Ye Qingzi.

After Ye Qingzi left, Teng Lang suddenly remembered and said using his remembrance very awkwardly, “Everything I said before, she heard it then?”

“Of course, idiot.” Chu Mu said without the greatest mood.

“Hei hei, Brother Chu, you truly deserve all my respect. A little more effort, and you can get the other goddess in your hands as well. Then, you’ll have completed your dream. Speaking of which, your wife was quite calm about it. Do you hide women in your room that often, to the point where she’s used to it?” Teng Lang teased.

“.....” Chu Mu was too lazy to continue talking nonsense with Teng Lang.

Ye Qingzi had always been this calm, so sometimes Chu Mu liked teasing her too. Seeing her go bright red caused him to get a little excited too.

“Your majesty, I, Teng Lang, trust that you were definitely framed, so just heal up here, I won’t disturb you. I shall take my leave.” Teng Lang got up and announced his leaving.

“Teng Lang, she doesn’t want others to know she is here, so tell no one.” Chu Mu told Teng Lang.

“En.” Teng Lang nodded.

After Teng Lang left, Mu Qingyi fell into deep thought. After a while, she said to Chu Mu, “Since they already found their way here already, let’s leave Wanxiang City soon.”

"Wait until you’re healed.’ Chu Mu said…….

“But, they’ve already come to provoke soul palace. I may have left trails when I escaped here that they might have discovered, so……” Mu Qingyi was afraid of involving Chu Mu further.

“You just stay here and heal up, I will deal with that.” Chu Mu said lightly.

Before Mu Qingyi’s wound could heal, they couldn’t possibly head towards the demon realm. As for end hero Mo Ling finding trouble with soul palace, that was exactly what Chu Mu wanted to see. He finally raised White Nightmare’s strength. If he couldn’t find someone to test it on, how could he figure out how strong White Nightmare was?

“You don’t need to hide, really. The more you hide, the easier those rumors become reality.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu could see that Mu Qingyi was righteous at heart, becoming angry and helping both when the human-realm-threatening dominator rank silver devil man appeared as well as the incident in snow city. Since Mu Qingyi trusted him in keeping her safe from capture, Chu Mu had to take care of this situation!

“My powers are limited, especially with my crown phoenix king becoming ashes……” Mu Qingyi had no other way.


Mu Qingyi knew the event wasn’t small, and soul alliance was sure she was hiding in soul palace. Immediately, three palace and soul alliance’s relationship became tense. To soul palace, soul alliance clearly was finding an excuse to start a conflict again!

 Very quickly, soul palace’s internal board started a meeting to discuss their countermeasures.

In the meeting, diagram supreme sat on the high seat with a worried face, rubbing his temple from time to time. This was a time of many troubles. Soul alliance probably wanted to take a bite out of soul palace.

“Soul alliance truly is a bully. They said we had three days. If they want to fight, let’s fight! It’s not like we’ve never fought before anyways.” The rash elder Chao said.

“Soul alliance probably doesn’t want to fight. After all, this is wanxiang city. Whoever starts the fight first will lose most of the people’s support, and will gain the dislike of many powerful recluses.” Elder Teng said.

“No hurry, let’s wait three days to see who they will send.”

After some discussion, everyone decided that it was better to wait for more information. Of course, they had to prepare to fight.

“Chu Fangchen, how is your white nightmare?” Diagram supreme glanced at the Chu Mu, who didn’t like to participate in discussions and asked.

Chu Mu hesitated for a moment. However, since soul alliance wanted to take a bite of the soul alliance off, might as well tell them so they could vindicate Mu Qingyi.

“Heavenly concubine Mu Qingyi actually is in our palaces.” Chu Mu said.

Diagram supreme just wanted to ask about his nightmare, so he didn’t see Chu Mu’s sudden announcement coming at all, clearly slightly shocked.

“Chu Fangchen, don’t speak nonsense. Wouldn’t that give soul alliance proof against us? The black-bearded old elder coughed.

Liu Xin continued to look at Chu Mu. To his understanding of Chu Mu, he knew he wouldn’t say such a ridiculous statement and immediately asked, “She really is hiding here?”

“En, she’s in my courtyard healing up right now.” Chu Mu nodded.

Chu Mu’s words immediately exploded within the meeting, lifting up different discussions at once.

“Chu Fangchen, why? Don’t you know she makes many factions angry already?” Diagram supreme said relatively calmly.

“In reality, you’ve seen that whether or not heavenly concubine hides here, soul alliance wants to take a bite out of us. Instead of doing that, might as well accept that we’re hiding her and bring her back justice. An enemy of an enemy is a friend, we all know that.” Chu Mu said.

“Though this was the case, she indeed is slightly sensitive right now. She wasn’t three palace people, so helping her out could lose us even more……” Elder Teng said.

In reality, many factions knew that Mu QIngyi could have been framed, but who dared to walk out and ask about it?

Soul alliance originally had a small advantage in soul alliance. The reason three palace had an advantage was because of its massive membership and thousands of years of collection of fame. This time, Mu Qingyi clearly lost everything. Standing up for her forcefully would definitely hurt the helper. Most importantly, helping a neutral person was worthless anyway.

“This alliance is very much worth having.”  Chu Mu said.

As long as Mu QIngyi’s phoenix was alive, soul alliance would definitely have a larger worry from Mu Qingyi. Most importantly, after this time when she recovered her strength, there would be another dominator rank expert there.

Additionally, three palaces clearly underestimated Mu Qingyi’s strength. When Mu Qingyi’s white tiger escaped that night, it broke through. Originally, even if crown phoenix couldn’t revive. White tiger was about to become another dominator rank!

Most importantly, if Crown Phoenix king revived, adding on a white tiger that got through the toughest bottleneck, Mu Qingyi’s strength would be very impressive!

Thus, Chu Mu had to help her this time!

“Heng, Chu Fangchen you shouldn’t worry about such trivial matters. In three days soul alliance people will come along with end hero Mo Ling. Then, who will deal with him?” The slightly fat elder xiao said unsatisfied.

Chu Mu glanced lightly at him and said, “I’ll do it.”

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