Chapter 907: Thousand Insect Desolation Ground

Chapter 907: Thousand Insect Desolation Ground

In the far away north insect empire, there was a piece of eternally desolate land. This land was either covered by the greyness of the forest, or filled with cratered ground or hives!

The territory’s resource situation became worse and worse as the greedy heavenly devil insect empire endlessly reproduced. The skies were often filled with thick swarms of bug type organisms flapping their wings, soughting out their same species with cruel eyes!

Once their resources became limited, there were only two solutions: Expanding their territory or killing each other!

Expanding their territory wasn’t something completed in a day or two. This was also a large magnitude of resource shortage, meaning that even while expanding their territory, it would be hard to prevent killing each other. In the yellow sky, one could always see patrolling insect type armies.

On the ground, there were more rotten or fresh corpses.

There were corpses everywhere, causing all the parasitic bug type species that scavenged from corpses to have the strongest development, getting stronger by the day.

Bug type parasitic species were always notorious. Many times, even the heavily wounded advanced soul pets were very scared of these parasitic insects because the moment they appeared, it meant none of your wounds would ever heal and could even be exacerbated. Then, their life would just continue to decrease until they died a slow death…...

Parasitic organisms also had ranks, but they always were a complete life in swarms, being unable to function if they were missing any part!

Just like how a complete organism needed vision to observe, olfactory senses to smell its prey, claws, teeth, and horns to attack prey and thick skin to prevent attacks, parasitic organisms had these abilities too. The difference was, these abilities were all split up onto different parasites.

A complete parasitic organism species would have ones with specialized vision, ones for smelling to track prey, the two that take up most of a parasitic species group, combined being able to reach anywhere.

Following that, there were a few that were tasked with spreading poison and dissecting blood and flesh. These offensive parasitic bugs couldn’t even beat a servant rank organism by themselves, but once they gathered together, even wounded emperor ranks viewed them as nightmares!

Finally, there were a few specialized in defense or were used as decoys when they met their natural predator. These parasites ensured the entire swarm didn’t die at once.

In the bug type empire, the parasitic organisms were a very weak group. Their only way of survival was relying on corpses of soul pets.

However, as the entire bug type empire fell into chaos after the scarcity of resources, the parasitic species truly had a space in the empire, becoming the bringer of death in the entire region!

In the past, only when a soul pet completely died did they dare to climb onto their bodies and feast. Now, even bug type soul pets hiding somewhere licking their wounds could be targeted. And once they were, a terrifying phenomenon would appear - Communal Feasting!

As this developed, the parasitic organisms seemed to have changed their taste. They were starting to like to eat living organisms more and were looking for higher and higher ranked organisms!

This time, the scouting parasitic organisms again found a heavily wounded soul pet hiding far away in a rock cave!

The scouting parasites all knew that this heavily wounded organism was a very powerful emperor rank. The giants near here were almost all killed by this organism. The battle was truly shocking, causing all the parasitic organisms to hide far under ground, not daring to even peek their heads.

Only long after the fight finished did a few ant like parasitic organisms dare to climb out and secretly follow the extremely powerful emperor rank…...


The grey yellow parasitic organisms crawled into the dark cave and immediately smelled blood.

From the thickness of blood, they could tell an organisms’ life force. They were calling out gleefully because they could tell this super emperor was near its death, its life force incredibly weak!

Super emperor, this would be a real feast. If they could decompose it, their entire species would get much stronger!

“Zhizhizhi~~ Zhizhi~~~~~~~~~~”

The grey yellow little fellows all waved their little crawlers around, clearly overjoyed!

Very quickly, a few hardly visible bugs climbed out of the bloody cave and disappeared.


Inside the black cave, a completely black organism full of wounds laid there silently, breathing heavily.

It was too tired to open its eyes, its wounds even more lethal than before.

However, no matter how tired or weak this organism seemed, its powerful and mighty body as well as invisible aura caused many organisms standing outside the cave to be wary of doing anything to this organism!

This was a true expert’s aura!

Even near death and weak, it still had tremendous intimidation!

One had to know that many of the organisms outside were still emperor rank!

“Gug~~~~~Gu~~~~~~~~” A bloodthirsty insect emperor let out a call.

This Bloodthirsty Insect Emperor was signalling for all the bug type emperors to fight their ways in together and kill the powerful emperor!

The other emperor ranks were all heavenly insect monsters. They flapped their ten meaty wings but showed cowardice in their red eyes.

When the super emperor fought their commander just now, they were so shocked they were still heaving the experience. Thinking about the techniques that were powerful enough to instantly kill them multiple times over, the ten wing heavenly devil insect truly had no courage left.

Ten wing heavenly devil insect always used their wings to make sounds and communicate. Since they all knew the bloodthirsty insect emperor was middle class emperor rank, they motioned for it to scout the way and ensure the opponent truly only has a breath left before they all attacked.

“Gugu!!!” The bloodthirsty insect emperor yelled out angrily, using its gaze to look down on the fellows with no guts at all. No wonder they were all still low class emperor rank!



Suddenly, the green ground seemed to be painted over. With the front as a line, extending until far away, all of the land became a grey yellow!

The four bug type emperors were all taken aback at this. Looking closely, however, they were shocked to find that they were the reapers of Thousand Insect Desolation Ground - Parasitic Species!

The grey yellow constantly expanded, becoming vaster and vaster, covering all the ground that they could see. The grey yellow ant like organisms caused all the emperors to shake because they couldn’t even find a single patch of emptiness amongst all the organisms!!

It was as if a grey yellow flood came in from all directions, threatening to devour everything!!

The dark skies, the grey yellow ground, countless parasitic organisms in the millions crawling swiftly, the bloodthirsty bug emperor and heavenly devil insect emperors were all shocked that the species they could usually squash easily had developed to this magnitude!!

This was a calamity. Putting aside wounded and nearly dead organisms, even them as emperors, completely healthy, would probably get eaten by these billions of parasitic organisms!


The three heavenly devil insects were very fast and quickly flapped their wings into the skies.

They were sure that if they stayed for even a second longer, their lower limbs would be rendered fleshless!

“Gugugu!!!!!!” The blood thirsty blood insect was furious!

Clearly, this damned parasitic species wanted to steal the wounded super emperor!!

The cave had an extremely powerful super emperor that they all witnessed. Whoever ate its innard crystal would definitely grow in strength greatly. This bloodthirsty insect emperor had this ambition, yet he didn't expect the weak parasitic emperor to also come for a share!


These things that relied on eating corpses wanted to steal from it, a middle class emperor rank?

The blood thirsty insect emperor didn't fly up and stood in place, sending an insect beam into the flooding parasitic insects!!

The insect glow exploded a few thousand meters away, sending an energy out that destroyed all the insects within that region!

Seeing the insects so fragile, the bloodthirsty insect emperor let out a mocking laughter.

Sadly, before it could even start laughing, the flood like grey yellowness instantly filled in the clearing!

In fact, the bloodthirsty emperor’s feet were already covered by the parasitic insect army. One after another parasitic insect climbed onto the emperor’s body!

Initially, the bloodthirsty emperor’s any technique could kill thousands upon thousands of these weak lives.

However, no matter how many they killed, how fast they could cast their technique, the parasitic army was like an endless wave that collided into it…….

“Gugu!!!!!!” finally, the bug type emperor let out a shrill shriek!!

Soon following, the emperor’s lower limbs were dissected and its body fell onto the ground.

Losing its limbs, the grey parasitic insect army covered over the emperor’s body!!


In a few short seconds, the bloodthirsty insect emperor’s entire body was completely broken down, leaving only some of its bones.

These bones scattered amongst the army, falling over and killing a few little parasitic insects that couldn’t get out of the way in time…...

The parasitic species, though so weak it could be killed by falling bones, just dissected an entire middle class emperor rank!!

The three heavenly devil insects flew in the skies, their red eyes staring shocked at this scene. They were secretly glad that they had decided to run on time, or else they would suffer the same outcome as the bloodthirsty insect emperor!

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