Chapter 873: *Hidden*

“Chu Mu…” Ye Qingzi could clearly feel Chu Mu’s hand tremble.

Ye Qingzi was able to imagine the scene of the black butterflies covering the sky purely through Chu Mu’s description. 

However, no matter how much she thought, it was probably impossible to say how many Black Fairy Butterflies there were. 

Chu Mu’s expression turned serious, because he was able to sense that not all of the Fairy Butterflies were servant rank creatures. The Fairy Butterflies that had attempted to attack Chu Mu earlier had all been at the commander rank. If there were thousands or ten thousands of these commander ranks, they were even extremely threatening to emperor ranks.

“How many were there. You’re a soul pet trainer. Don’t tell me you don’t have that ability to tell.” when Elder Duan saw that Chu Mu was suddenly not speaking, he spoke with unhappily. “An entire forest…” said Chu Mu in a low voice.

“A hundred kilometer perimeter forest. There are probably over ten thousand above the warrior rank with even more servant ranks. Could there be ten thousand Black Fairy Butterflies?!!” before Chu Mu could finish speaking, Elder Duan showed an expression of shock.

Ten thousand Black Fairy Butterflies. This was an unimaginable scene in Xiang Rong City. This definitely meant that something abnormal had occurred which lead to the spawn of so many Black Fairy Butterflies.

Chu Mu shook his head and said: “The number of Black Fairy Butterflies is equivalent to how many leaves there are in a densely vegetated forest.” 

Elder Duan and the girl were shocked!

“You’re… you’re talking about leaves?” Elder Duan stared intently at Chu Mu.

“Yes. It’s hard to believe.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

Elder Duan was stunned. A while later, he suddenly shook his head and spoke with a bit of anger: “Brat, you had better not talk rubbish!! How can so many Black Fairy Butterflies appear. You definitely have intentions of luring me there. You must have an ulterior motive towards me!!”

As Elder Duan got angry, a powerful mental soul remembrance pressured Chu Mu. It was without warning!!

Chu Mu creased his eyebrows. It seemed that if he didn’t teach this old fellow a bit of a lesson, he would think that he was just an ordinary younger generation. 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!”

Mo Xie, on Chu Mu’s shoulder, after feeling Elder Duan’s hostility, flashed and immediately appeared between Chu Mu and Elder Duan. Her two silver eyes coldly stared at Elder Duan. Demon light flashed!!

“Hu hu hu!!!!!!!”

Mo Xie's demon pupil intimidation clashed with Elder Duan’s soul remembrance. Instantly, a muffled sound rang out, and the strange pressure forced the girl to retreat further away.

Elder Duan only wanted to exert a bit of pressure on Chu Mu to make this young man understand that although he was old, he was definitely not senile. 

However, he never expected the small fox on this brat’s shoulder to be so strong!

“Good, good. I never expected you to hide yourself so well!!” angrily laughed Elder Duan. He stared unmovingly at Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

Chu MU had already reached the high remembrance spirit emperor rank. This mental force obviously couldn’t deal much damage to him.

As for Ye Qingzi, she was a fifth rank spirit emperor and as long as she put up a few defenses, the mental force couldn’t injure her.

The weakest person here was the girl, and she was forced back. If it wasn’t because a few Fairy Butterflies had realized this and gathered around the girl to act as a buffer, she probably would have fallen over and been injured. 

Ye Qingzi felt Elder Duan’s hostility. She didn’t say anything more and retreated a few steps as she chanted an incantation. 

“I already told you the truth. Whether you believe me or not is your problem. Whether you go there or not is also your problem. If you suddenly attack me again, don’t blame me for being rude!” coldly said Chu Mu.

“Hahaha. It’s been nearly 20 years since someone has spoken to me, Duan Kuiming, like that!!’ Elder Duan let out a loud laugh. His tone carried a bit of contempt towards Chu Mu! 

Elder Duan’s aura fully released. Instantly, an incomparably enormous soul remembrance pressured down!!

Ninth remembrance spirit emperor!! 

Although he had prepared himself already, Chu MU never expected this old man to truly be a ninth remembrance spirit emperor!!

“Qingzi, get back.” Chu Mu turned around and glanced at Ye Qingzi.

As a fifth remembrance spirit emperor, Ye Qingzi definitely could not withstand the mental pressure of a ninth remembrance spirit emperor. If Elder Duan wanted to fight, Ye Qingzi would be injured standing so close.

Being pressured by Elder Duan’s powerful soul remembrance, Ye Qingzi already found it hard to speak. She continuously retreated and left this place for Chu Mu and that old man with a mental disease. 

“High remembrance spirit emperor. No wonder you were so arrogant!” Duan Kuiming finally sensed Chu Mu’s strength!

So young yet able to enter the high remembrance spirit emperor rank. This was the first time Duan Kuiming had seen this and he was extremely shocked!

“Strange, why is this brat’s spirit emperor seventh remembrance soul remembrance so invasive!” suddenly, Old Duan felt that Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was particular while he engaged in a mental fight with him. The invasive characteristic made Old Duan feel as if his soul was going cold! 

“It seems that if I don’t take a bit of my true skill, you’ll actually think that I’m just a crippled old man who’s about to enter his coffin!!” Duan Kuiming was originally still holding back, but given the current situation, if he held back, he wouldn’t be well off!!

Of course, along with the humiliation, he was also extremely shocked!

The number of people in this world who could contest his mental strength could be counted with his fingers, and yet here was a twenty year old young man doing so!

“Old Man Duan, what are you doing!!!” 

Suddenly, a sonorous voice entered the mental clash between Chu Mu and Old Duan! 

This voice also contained enormous mental strength, and forcibly dispelled the mental wave between the two of them!

Chu Mu glanced over and saw that the long bearded Li Yan had at some point appeared in the courtyard. His face was full of anger, and he quickly walked over to the girl. 

The girl’s face was extremely pale and her limpid and beautiful eyes were filled with pain and fear. 

The girl hadn’t reached the spirit emperor rank and after standing in the courtyard, she was undoubtedly affected by the powerful mental suppression. It even became hard for her to breathe. 

Old Duan finally realized that the girl was here. He fiercely glared, and Chu Mu and hastily ran over to the girl. 

After the mental clash dissipated, the girl’s breathing gradually went back to normal and her face recovered its original rosy color.     

“Old Man Duan. If you don’t change your temper, you’re bound to suffer in the future!” said Li Yan.

Old Duan didn’t dare talk back. Instead, with an amiable expression, he apologized to the girl.

“What on earth happened. You suddenly exerted such a powerful mental force on a young man. Do you want to kill him?” asked Li Yan.

“Young man? Hmph, I don’t think so!” as he spoke, Old Duan swept his eyes for Chu Mu, but discovered that this young man had mysteriously left! 

Old Duan’s expression turned serious. After the mental fight, he didn’t dare look down on Chu Mu.

Promptly, he recounted the events to Li Yan.

“You old thing. Even if you think it’s false, you can’t just attack someone like that!” scolded Li Yan again. 

“It was impulsiveness. However, that brat truly isn’t simple. The two of us made an error of judgement.” said Duan Kuiming.

“Whether it’s true or fake, you can just send someone else to take a look to find out.” said LI Yan.

“Li Yan, could there truly appear so many Black Fairy Butterflies?” softly asked Duan Kuiming. 

“This…” Li Yan didn’t dare say anything more. 

If there truly appeared so many Black Fairy Butterflies, this meant that the matter they had been arguing over for tens of years would quickly be resolved. 

However, what would this mean for Xiang Rong City? They didn’t dare think of it! 


On the fragrant street, Ye Qingzi intimately held onto Chu Mu’s neck.

“Chu Mu, this matter doesn’t seem normal. Look at that old man’s reaction…” softly said Ye Qingzi.

“Whatever, it has nothing to do with us.” said Chu Mu.

“That being said, in a few days, a fairy woman will come to Xiang Rong City again. That’s the time when many lovers in Xiang Rong City plan on getting married. That day will probably be very romantic.” Ye Qingzi glanced at the tall altar in the distance covered in sprays. 

“Ya.” Chu Mu nodded his head. He was still thinking about Old Duan’s emotional reaction.

Although Chu Mu didn’t want to find trouble, he felt that the black forest of Fairy Butterflies masked an extremely shocking matter. 

“Hmm? Where is this?” as Chu Mu was thinking, he raised his head and discovered that this wasn’t the way they normally headed back.

Unknowingly, Chu Mu had been brought by Ye Qingzi into a winding remote garden in the city. 

When Chu Mu walked through the arch entrance formed by vines, bright red colored Fairy Butterflies were seen dancing around the area like flower petals.

It was an enchanting and aromatic scene. It made Chu Mu feel as if he had wandered into a flower nation and stepped onto a flower carpet of his dreams...

“This place is Xiang Rong City’s exceptionally famous Dream Flower Garden. I’ve heard that the city lord personally nurtured and designed this garden. Normal people cannot enter. You spend all day training so it’s time you come out for a walk and take a look at the scenery. Smell the fragrant air…” Ye Qingzi pulled Chu Mu along with a face full of an enchanting smile. 

As far as Chu Mu could see, different colored sprays formed rainbows into the horizon. Countless graceful Fairy Butterflies could be seen elegantly flitting through the beautiful trees like girls, flying with the wind and slowly floating down from the rainbow of sprays. It was impossible to tell whether these really were Fairy Butterflies or red flower petals. 

This was like a bewitching and dreamlike painting. Each stroke of the painting seemed to reflect the detail in the painter’s heart. While also pleasing to the eye, it couldn’t help but make others sigh with feeling. What kind of a woman could create such a magnificent garden? 

“Chu Mu, the Fairy Butterflies here don’t seem to hate you.” Ye Qingzi extended her finger. A bright red butterfly landed on her hand as she gave a beautiful smile at Chu Mu.

Her eyes were like limpid autumn waters. Among the warmth was also bashfulness and happiness; a manifestation of the river of love. She was so beautiful and alluring that others couldn’t help but want to remove any creases or dirt from their faces. Her smile was even more beautiful and intoxicating. Her lips faintly moved, creating a composed yet not less charming allure. Who didn’t want to have a taste of those lips? 

In this moment, even if the garden was any more beautiful, it would still be inferior to Ye Qingzi’s touching smile in Chu Mu’s heart. 

Chu Mu lowered his head and softly said next to Ye Qingzi’s lips: “Qingzi, won’t you marry me?” 

“Huh?” his words sent the beauty’s heart into a panic. 

How many young women were patiently waiting for the man of their hearts to speak these words to them. 

Sometimes it would happen so suddenly that their hearts would melt. 


Chapter 873: Qingzi, Won’t You Marry Me? 

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