Chapter 813: Eating Away the Enemy, Changing the Tide of Battle (1)

“Liang Ming has been killed by Chu Fangchen!” 

“Haha! Chu Fangchen is indeed an expert! He unexpectedly forced the enemy to mobilize three spirit emperors to deal with him!!!” Teng Jiangfeng couldn’t help but praise Chu Mu.

If the opponent’s Li Zhan left, the strength they had left would only be 9 high class emperors and 15 middle class emperors! This was another imperceptible change!!

“Naming him as the commander of the spirit master army was a very smart decision!” a few elders wore traces of smiles.

Chu Fangchen’s performance had surpassed their expectations. Although he couldn’t truly control the state of battle, the spirit master commander was being fully accentuated by him! 

“However, Li Zhan is going to support. Chu Fangcheng has continuously fought two spirit emperors and is only single controlling. He probably cannot beat Li Zhan…” Senior Elder Zhuo was a bit worried as he spoke. 

Senior Elder Zhuo’s words made people worry.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t send any spirit emperors to assist him. They hoped that Chu Fangcheng would be able to hold off Li Zhan for a while, and wait for the spirit teacher army to obtain an advantage before Teng Lang could go...

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