Chapter 813: Eating Away the Enemy, Changing the Tide of Battle (1)

“Liang Ming has been killed by Chu Fangchen!” 

“Haha! Chu Fangchen is indeed an expert! He unexpectedly forced the enemy to mobilize three spirit emperors to deal with him!!!” Teng Jiangfeng couldn’t help but praise Chu Mu.

If the opponent’s Li Zhan left, the strength they had left would only be 9 high class emperors and 15 middle class emperors! This was another imperceptible change!!

“Naming him as the commander of the spirit master army was a very smart decision!” a few elders wore traces of smiles.

Chu Fangchen’s performance had surpassed their expectations. Although he couldn’t truly control the state of battle, the spirit master commander was being fully accentuated by him! 

“However, Li Zhan is going to support. Chu Fangcheng has continuously fought two spirit emperors and is only single controlling. He probably cannot beat Li Zhan…” Senior Elder Zhuo was a bit worried as he spoke. 

Senior Elder Zhuo’s words made people worry.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t send any spirit emperors to assist him. They hoped that Chu Fangcheng would be able to hold off Li Zhan for a while, and wait for the spirit teacher army to obtain an advantage before Teng Lang could go help him.

“Elder Chen” naturally heard their words, and she looked at the incomparably chaotic spirit master army fight. 

“Good luck big brother. First White still hasn’t taken action. If First White takes action, that Martial Absolute - Qin Wu will definitely meet a calamity. As long as I can make up for the strength discrepancy, that man with the eight shaped moustache will not be able to sit still.” silently said Ning Maner.

First White was the name Ning Maner gave the Nightmare ruler. Afterwards, according to their strength, they were ranked Second White, Third White, Fourth White and so on. When Chu Mu heard this girl use these adorable names in the courtyard on the extremely vicious and evil White Nightmares, he felt very strange. 

Nonetheless, the more Ning Maner called them that and the more Chu Mu heard her, he ended up just calling them that. 

Right now on the spirit emperor battlefield, Nightmare 2 and Nightmare 3 were fighting. In other words, Second White and Third White. Aside from them, Ninth White, Fifth White and Eighth White were lying in wait in the battlefield. They were there to prevent the opponent from immediately summoning their main pets and then rushing the inferior spirit emperors from the three great palace, defeating them. 

The threat of the enemy rushing was very high, and had to be prevented against. Otherwise, the winners and losers would be instantly decided.  

However, Mo Ling also knew that the risk of a rush was high. If they failed, they could instantly suffer the three great palace’s spirit emperor’s counterattack. Mo Ling wasn’t a very extreme person and with the advantageous state right now, he chose to slowly advance, smoothly defeating the three great palaces. 

Moreover, Mo Ling had to be wary of the three great palace’s trump cards. If the three great palaces didn’t have hidden cards, they would not have accepted this fight so easily. 


The spirit master line of defense continuously pressed closer. The elemental team of wind type soul pets could even attack the opponent’s defensive fortress and in one go, one third of the opponent’s soul pets had been annihilated. This gave them a huge advantage. 

A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face as he looked at the exhausted Qin.

In this fight, Qin had fought to the limit while relying on the wandering strategy of wind to first defeat Xing Shen and then Liang Ming. 

Xing Shen and Liang Ming were both soul pet trainers with five middle class emperors. If they had used three middle class emperors or above to surround and attack Qin, Qin would be unable to stop them. Indeed, its limit was fighting against three middle class emperors at once. 

However, if they came at it one by one, the Binding Wind Spirit’s powerful ancient wind would gave it a limitless advantage. This was even the case if a demon appeared, as it wouldn’t be able to truly restrict the Binding Wind Spirit’s powerful wind type techniques.

Of course, defeating Xing Shen and Liang Ming wasn’t entirely due to Qin.

The spirit master army’s generals utilized fighting strategies and tactics very well. Xing Shen’s wing type middle class emperor and Liang Ming’s wing type two middle class emperors had been killed by the elemental team’s concentrated attacks! 

The three great palace’s spirit master army’s strength was much higher than Soul Alliance’s. Chu Mu, as the commander, as well as his generals took advantage of this. 

Killing two Soul Alliance spirit emperors was a huge boost in morale for the spirit master army. Right now their spirits were high, and their killing of the enemy was straightforward and decisive! 

“In under two hours, they’ll have been slaughtered so badly not even their armor will remain!” Tactician Tang was 100% confident!

Relying on one middle class emperor to kill 7 opposing middle class emperors was a shocking success. With such a commander leading them, whose blood wouldn’t be boiling!?!

“Soul Alliance will send reinforcements. However, the more they send, the more I will kill!!” the corners of Chu Mu’s mouth rose. 

He chanted an incantation, recalling the exhausted Qin back to the soul pet space. 

Qin’s performance made Chu Mu extremely satisfied. Even he didn’t expect it to be so successful. It was time for it to rest and the rest would be left to his other soul pets!


“Powerful destructive force, can stay in the fight for a long time, its movement is graceful, and its chanting is fluent… it was able to defeat a total of seven middle class emperors by itself. Chu Fangcheng’s Binding Wind Spirit is ridiculously strong!” high in the air, Xiao Tong who was watching the fight was so shocked she couldn’t close her mouth. 

Mu Qingyi’s seven female disciples truthfully came from different factions, however, Mu Qingyi forbade them from participating on either side. This included the Dancing Desolation - Fang Wu who was among the Eight Desolations, and Tie Xin from the Sixteen Absolutes. 

The spirit emperors were still exhausting their secondary soul pets first. This war of attrition wouldn’t have too many shocks. Instead, the continuous deaths of two spirit emperors became the bright spot in this decisive battle. Thus, the concubine girls’ attentions naturally would gravitate there. 

However, as Xiao Tong was praising Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit, Tie Xin and Fang Wu snorted disdainfully, silently cursing Xing Shen and Liang Ming for being extremely stupid. 

“Li Zhan is going to take action. He will come to put a stop here.” said Dancing Desolation Fang Wu.

Fang Wu was feeling very impatient right now. As a Soul Alliance member and a member of the Eight Desolations, she really wanted to participate in this fight. As long as she could participate, the three great palaces would undoubtedly lose. 

Unfortunately, her main stance was with Mu Qingyi, and because she hadn’t listened to Mu Qingyi’s instructions earlier to find the devil person and instead participated in the fight, a portion of the destruction of Snow City’s outer city had been caused by her. Mu Qingyi was already extremely anger, so Fang Wu had to stay with her in the air. 

Mu Qingyi’s attention was actually on the spirit emperor armies. For some reason, the Nightmare Palace expert’s soul pets from the three great palaces were a bit strange. But she couldn’t explain why. 

Hearing her female disciples talk, she only then discovered that Chu Fangchen’s Binding Wind Spirit had outstandingly killed seven middle class emperors. This was essentially another successful and gorgeous surpassing rank challenge. 

“If his ability to fight is so amazing, how did he carelessly injure four souls?” muttered Mu Qingyi. 


“Commander, the person who has come to their aide is Li Zhan… I’m afraid we’re in big trouble.” General Tang’s expression was ugly. 

“Li Zhan is very strong?” asked Chu Mu.

“Strong. Extremely strong!”

“He’s an expert with one high class emperor!” 

The generals all had grave expressions as they nodded their heads. To monarchs, high class emperors were undoubtedly terrifying killing machines. If they were released into the army, the defenses would instantly crumble.

“They’ve already dispatched high class emperors ranks now. Soul Alliance is really placing a lot of emphasis on us.” Chu Mu raised his brows. Originally, he thought he would be able to kill a few more middle class emperors first. It seemed that Ning had to take action!

Chu Mu stared at the middle aged man quickly approaching the fight between spirit master armies. His expression was calm, causing the generals beside him to greatly calm down. If the commander himself was anxious, how would these generals still have the ability to fight a powerful enemy? 

“If I can kill Li Zhan’s high class emperor and four middle class emperors, I should be able to wound the body of their spirit emperor camp!” Chu Mu silently waited for Li Zhan to appear and didn’t rush to summon his soul pet. 

“Commander!” General Tang and the other generals watched Li Zhan approach, and felt like they were being approached by an enormous mountain. They hastily implored Chu Mu for orders. 

“General Tang, you said just now that in two hours we’ll be able to annihilate all of the enemies?” asked Chu Mu. 

“If there aren’t any other reinforcements, it’s completely possible! This old man can give the military orders!” General Tang said very earnestly!

“Ok! I’ll leave this place to you. In two hours, make sure that none of them are still alive!’ Chu Mu pointed at the enemies ahead of him and seriously spoke. 

 ommander Tang was shocked, and didn’t understand what his commander was saying.

Suddenly, he saw a flicker of dark red flames from which a sleek and evil nine tailed creature astonishingly appeared. Everyone saw the beautiful flames fly up and directly meet Li Zhan head on! 

The adjacent generals were stunned! 

The commander was going to fight Li Zhan alone?? 

Without borrowing the army’s advantage, how could the commander be Li Zhan’s opponent? This was too dangerous!! 

“Commander, don’t be too rash!’ General Tang’s face was pale as he hastily used soul remembrance to yell out. 

However, General Tang’s soul remembrance voice was seemingly unable to keep up with the speed of the gorgeous and noble nine tailed inferno monarch. Instantaneously, the commander and his nine tailed inferno monarch had stepped into the air and were going to clash with Li Zhan’s wing type soul pet. This was shocking! 

“Aerial team prepare to assist commander. Support team…” General Tang could not let anything unexpected happen to the commander. Li Zhan’s strength was too terrifying! 

“General Tang, we believe in the commander!” at this moment, the support assistant commander, Zhuo Wan, spoke. 

“This…” General Tang looked at the assistant commander next to him and astonishingly discovered that they didn’t intend on assisting him. 

“General Tang, Commander is buying time for us. Our mission is to annihilate all of the enemies in front of us within two hours!” the close combat general clenched his hands as he spoke!

General Tang never expected the other generals to be so resolute. 

One truly could not hesitate on a battlefield! 

General Tang seemed to realize this, and his expression became determined. He said: “Hmph, why would I need that long to annihilate these rats! Aerial team general, listen to my orders…” 

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