Chapter 744: Half Devil Bai Yu, Sleeping Hero!

Chapter 744: Half Devil Bai Yu, Sleeping Hero!

Liu Binglan was dumbstruck by Chu Mu’s stern questioning!

Liu Binglan wasn’t dumb; she instantly connected all the questions together and came to a conclusion she didn’t dare to continue with!!

“Quick…...quick answer me!” Chu Mu saw Liu BInglan freeze up and asked even more hurriedly.

“Impossible, half devil Bai Yu was sealed when he was still half devil, and is likely still half devil, but his seal can’t be opened up. Even if all of the immortal city died, the seal will stay. It’s impossible!” Liu Binglan kept shaking her head. She couldn’t believe this reality!!

Seeing the always calm Liu Binglan like this, Chu Mu’s heart sank.

Indeed, Chu Mu’s half devil ancestor Bai Yu was sealed in immortal city!!!

The tales of devil emperor Bai Yu Chu Mu heard from Old Li many times. He was definitely a devil amongst devils. Even when Tianxia realm was full of elder level experts, they couldn’t stop this devil!!

Old Li told Chu Mu briefly about half devil bai Yu’s stories. Tianxia City was a realm city and should have countless experts. There was no way there were this few top tier emperor and high class emperor ranks like today!

Yet, now, only the main factions’ elders were around, and top tier emperor rank senior elders were very rare. This was all because of the half devil!!!

At the time, half devil Bai Yu killed countless supreme experts, causing the three factions’ position in Tianxia city to be greatly wounded. This was the main reason why the three factions fell behind, and could no longer compete against soul alliance!

Causing an entire realm city’s top tier experts to fall, causing severe damage to the three factions that were powerful enough to cover the entire human kingdom, half devil Bai Yu’s strength no longer needed additional explaining!!

If the defector young woman’s true goal was to awaken half devil Bai Yu, then the already weakened Tianxia city was truly not far from death!

This was why Liu Binglan could no longer continue thinking, and wanted to deny reality. This was because if it were all true, then her worst nightmare would become real!

“We can go and check maze prison now and find out.” Chu Mu looked at the panicking Liu Binglan and said.

Let’s hope…...let’s hope he was just overthinking. Chu Mu could only sigh at this thought.

Liu Binglan didn’t hesitate at all. She cast the incantation to summon Star River, and flew over to the soul pet palace maze prison.

Liu Binglan’s status meant she didn’t need to follow any rules. She directly called the managing female prisoner Huang Yinglian.

“She was always in her room.” Huang Yingllian said there was no way princess Jin Rou could get out of the prison herself.

Only when Liu Binglan saw Pirncess Jin Rou could she be completely relaxed, so she immediately told Huang Yinglian to lead her towards the lakeside wood lodge Princess jin Rou was in.


“Impossible, impossible, how could she go missing!” Huang Yinglian’s face turned pale.

Searching through all the places and even asking all the other female prisoners, yet no one knew where princess Jin Rou went!

The female spirit emperor before actually mentioned that it had been a while since they saw her.

“Look around more!” Liu Binglan’s face was pale. She had expended a large amount of soul power to save Chu Mu and now, in the face of great danger, she was even frailer.

Chu Mu saw Liu Binglan in her state. His heart was also flipping, but he acted much calmer.

He shook his head to Liu Binglan, and told her there was no meaning in searching more.

Liu Binglan didn’t want to give up and still told everyone to go look for princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu grabbed Liu Binglan’s slightly trembling hand and said, “She already escaped. Before, when Zhang Siyuan escaped from prison, she planned it. Zhang Siyuan didn’t actually escape; he simply hid in some place in maze prison, while they told a person that looked like Zhang Siyuan to walk around outside. That way, the guards in the prison would think Zhang Siyuan escaped, which prepared her for her real escape.”

Liu Binglan was indeed panicking. So many years, she had never panicked like this before, Only until Chu Mu calmly grabbed her hand did she realize that a true conspiracy was gathering, hiding behind the massive chaos in immortal city and slowly nearing Rianxia city!!

“And, she may have entered the prison intentionally because that way princess Jin Rou could send her soul pets into immortal city with reason and prepare for today, a whole year later.” Chu Mu said slowly.

Princess Jin Rou escaping prison caused Chu Mu to instantly remember the white figure he saw in immortal city!

Only now did Chu Mu realize what the somewhat familiar white figure Chu Mu saw on the first day was!

It wasn’t Chu Mu’s misconception. That was the soul pet princess Jin Rou had sealed away in immortal city a year ago. The white figure that flashed past was princess Jin Rou’s Cursed Ice Sealed Demon Fox!!

Chu Mu heard Old Li speak of it before. The cursed ice sealed demon fox is a higher species evolution of silver moon fox. Mo Xie came from a silver moon fox and later became moonlight fox. However, she kept the seal break species technique of silver moon fox.

As a higher species, Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox, after special training, definitely had one of the strongest abilities to break seals in the world, and this strength had nothing to do with its combat strength!

Before, Chu Mu thought that princess Jin Rou was a woman, and tended to like fox species soul pets, so he didn’t think much about its ability to break seals. Mainly, princess Jin Rou’s towering ice curse demon fox had a powerful sub type of ice, so Chu Mu always thought its seal breaking ability wouldn’t be powerful.

Yet, if princess Jin Rou had always been hiding a powerful seal break ability, or if Princess Jin Rou picked towering ice curse demon fox just for today…...

Maybe princess, even when she was a young girl, was thinking of a way to bring her father devil emperor Bai Yu out!!

Connecting it to the familiar white figure Chu Mu saw in immortal city, to when princess Jin Rou wanted to participate in battle of the realm but didn't want the honor, to when princess wanted to enter immortal city but didn’t express her intent…...

Raising the towering ice curse demon fox, getting into a battle of the realm, scouting out the ninth realm of immortal city, getting herself jailed to easily let the seal breaking fox enter immortal city, and then waiting for immortal city’s chaos to come…...

There weren’t that many coincidences in this world. All of this pointed to what Bai Jinrou was about to do!

“I heard Old Li say that immortal city and tianxia city appeared in the same era. At that time, soul palace and nightmare palace weren’t split yet……”

“This means that, inside immortal city, other than the seven suppressing demon monuments corresponding to the seven diagram sacred pets, there is an eighth demon monument, this eighth suppressing demon monument……”

Chu Mu’s guess was bold and surprising. When he said this, his gaze fell on Liu Binglan’s pale face.

Liu binglan nearly bit through her lip. She was also staring at Chu Mu and finally nodded difficultly. Saying in a shaky voice, “Immortal city…...indeed has an eighth suppressing demon monument, nightmare suppressing demon monument!”

“You guess correctly…...the eighth suppressing demon monument has an organism in it that isn’t a sacred pet but……”

“Bai Yu devil emperor!!” Chu Mu almost spoke at the same time as the hesitant Liu Binglan.

As they said the name, both Chu Mu and Liu Binglan felt a massive ice mountain fall on their backs, causing them to realize just how shocking the true conspiracy was!!


Getting to this conclusion that neither dared to believe, Liu Binglan jumped onto Star River and ran towards the departed world gates!!

This was a true world destroying ploy, so massive that it stifled their breaths!!!


Flying towards departed world gates, Liu Binglan told the full story of the bloody events that caused the downfall of a whole generation of top tier experts!

“At the time, tianxia city had countless supreme experts dying to it. Devil emperor Bai Yu was unstoppable. Even when all the tianxia city experts gathered forces, they weren’t a match……”

“Soul palace had four supremes. Supreme Tu, Supreme Chen, Supreme Zhou, and Supreme Ming. Mother’s teacher, the previous Supreme Chen and the top tier Supreme Zhou died in this battle!”

Soul palace had four supreme level experts that even nightmare palcae had to respect!

However, inner palace members all knew that the previous generation of four supremes almost all retired, while Supreme Chen and Zhou even lost their lives!

Supreme Tu had a successor. Liu Binglan was Supreme Chen’s successor, or else Liu Binglan wouldn’t have a noble position this young.

The most damaged was supreme Zhou! Before he died, he didn’t get a good disciple to pass their skills down. A supreme position passed on for a few thousand years completely disappeared from soul palace history!

In the past, there were four most powerful supremes. Now, there were only three, and there would always only be three now.

When Old Li mentioned the soul palace supreme positions, he had mentioned offhandedly that Supreme Zhou’s position had always been vacant. Hearing Liu Binglan explain, he finally understood why the position was empty! Two supremes dying while two retired, one can imagine how terrifying the bloody event was!!

And all of this happened because of devil emperor Bai Yu!!

Hearing all this, the raging emotions in Chu Mu’s heart grew ever stronger!!

“Then…...then who defeated him in the end??” Chu Mu quickly asked.

Liu Binglan shook her head emotionlessly, “No one beat him. Even with the four supremes dying, no one could stop the devil emperor……”

“Then how did you manage to seal him up?” Chu Mu followed up.

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