Chapter 744: Half Devil Bai Yu, Sleeping Hero!

Chapter 744: Half Devil Bai Yu, Sleeping Hero!

Liu Binglan was dumbstruck by Chu Mu’s stern questioning!

Liu Binglan wasn’t dumb; she instantly connected all the questions together and came to a conclusion she didn’t dare to continue with!!

“Quick…...quick answer me!” Chu Mu saw Liu BInglan freeze up and asked even more hurriedly.

“Impossible, half devil Bai Yu was sealed when he was still half devil, and is likely still half devil, but his seal can’t be opened up. Even if all of the immortal city died, the seal will stay. It’s impossible!” Liu Binglan kept shaking her head. She couldn’t believe this reality!!

Seeing the always calm Liu Binglan like this, Chu Mu’s heart sank.

Indeed, Chu Mu’s half devil ancestor Bai Yu was sealed in immortal city!!!

The tales of devil emperor Bai Yu Chu Mu heard from Old Li many times. He was definitely a devil amongst devils. Even when Tianxia realm was full of elder level experts, they couldn’t stop this devil!!

Old Li told Chu Mu briefly about...

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