Chapter 690: War, Hundred Year Hibernating Desolation

Chapter 690: War, Hundred Year Hibernating Desolation

Under Liu Binglan’s protection, Chu Mu stayed in Great Chu Family. Over this time, Chu Mu spent most of it in meditation.

Spirit emperor's soul power was very full, but after depleting, recovering often took longer than soul masters too. This time strengthening the emperor rank soul pet almost used up all of Chu Mu’s soul power. 

As for the high class emperor rank that was controlled, the old soul teacher De and a few other higher ranking old spirit emperors swept the nearby region for near half a month.

They found many traces of the high class emperor rank, but from its footprints, the high class emperor rank had already flown into the forbidden realm. Seeming to detect that the human experts posed threat to it, it already went and hid deep into the forbidden realm and didn’t dare to come back out.

Liu Binglan wasn’t worried about this high class emperor rank’s threat. However, she was worried about the high class emperor rank organism's mastermind’s evil intentions for Chu Mu.

Though she received information about the heavenly immortal ice, Liu binglan didn’t leave hurriedly this time. She stayed in great Chu family to make sure the high class emperor rank soul pet’s threat was gone.

Chu Mu originally wasn’t too worried about the high class emperor rank heavenly devil insect. Chu Mu was still holding half of the Ground Immortal Ice, which was enough for Chu Mu.

However, Old Li told Chu Mu a very unfortunate piece of news.

Now that Chu Mu was a spirit emperor, White Nightmare was an emperor, meaning that when he became half devil, his strength most likely would enter top tier emperor rank.

Thus, having this much power would bring even more soul burning to Chu Mu, and the Earth Immortal Ice would be less effective at reducing the temperature. So, Old Li suggested Chu mu not to use half devil. If the Earth Immortal Ice couldn’t cool him down, Chu Mu would be in great danger.

Similarly, with this logic, as Chu Mu’s strength increased, and as White Nightmare constantly grew, it could cause Worldly Immortal ice to become less effective at treating Chu Mu’s high temperatures. If Chu Mu wanted to use half devil power, he would need even more advanced ice type soul items…...


A month later, heavenly devil insect empire launched their official assault on the humans!

This time, the hibernating desolation’s magnitude was the largest in the near hundred years. Not only did the four kingdoms get affected, even the west kingdoms were evacuated.

The human experts treated great chu family as the center base. All the soul pet trainers were sent to paths that the heavenly devil insects had to pass and preemptively created fortresses and barricades to start a fight between humans and heavenly devil insects. 

Heavenly devil insect as a species didn’t have any terrifying attacks, and were a very normal bug type soulpet. Their most threatening feature was their numbers!

Bug type soul  pets’ reproduction was much faster than other soul pets. Heavenly Devil Insects were a bug type soul pet that reproduced incredibly fast even for bug type. Once their population was too high, they had to expand their forces.

Scholars have made a deduction that this hibernating desolation isn’t a tidal phenomenon of heavenly devil insects’ reproduction cycles, but instead it was a premeditated attack stored up so it could sweep away the nearby kingdoms like a tsunami!

Hibernating desolation’s rank was hard to estimate. Western Kingdom, Zhanli Kingdom, North Ice Kingdom, Yuan Kingdom, and the neighboring kingdoms all fell into nervousness after the war started. The further east kingdoms were like countless tributaries flowing together to form a river of resources that flowed into the war zone tirelessly.


“Western Ice Fortress, what’s wrong? No backup armies? Have they not gotten the news that there will be a second rank tribe level heavenly devil insect army coming?” Yuan Kingdom Master roared angrily.

Yuan Kingdom Master Lu Zideng was the highest commander of the nearby kingdoms. His main responsibility was ensuring there were experts in all major locations.

“Kingdom master, North Ice Fortress had just suffered from a sneak attack from a wave of heavenly devil insects. The North Ice Kingdom master fortifying there was heavily injured, and many of the aiding spirit emperors have fallen due to constant battling without rest. Spirit master and spirit teacher armies all suffered countless losses due to the previous battle too.” Fang Li drooped his head as he carefully conveyed this information to Lu Zideng.

“Do I have to go to help myself?” Lu Zideng said angrily.

“That can’t work; Without your command, our army will become even more chaotic.” The advisor nearby quickly said.

“Fang Li, immediately report the situation in north ice kingdom outwards and bring all those who volunteer to aid them immediately! You have to be quick because North Ice Fortress is key. Once their defenses are breachead, half of the northern ice kingdom territory will fall within a month!” Lu Zideng calmed down and immediately sent out his left and right hand man Fang LI.

Fang Li was in charge of battle reports. Almost all the battle reports came through Fang Li. And with his demon’s invisibility, Fang Li often did assassination missions, and his constant success accused many big cities to be relieved of a lot of stress.

Yet, in this constant battling, Fang Li’s soul pets were very tired too. Lu Zideng was now moving him over to north ice fortress. He could only go ahead forcefully but he couldn’t guarantee that they would stop this suddenly fortress like heavenly devil insect tsunami.

Once in Wogu city, Fang Li told north ice kingdom’s situation to the volunteer soul pet army in wogu city.

In one day, Fang Li gathered around 3000 soul pet trainers. Not caring if this was enough, he immediately lead them to north ice kingdom to deal with the second rank tribe level disaster coming forth.

“Boss Fang Li, there isn’t much time, we have to be quick.” Fang Li’s subordinate said.

“I know. North Ice Fortress still has power and could stop them for a while.” Fang Li said.

The support army was split into a few waves. The fastest group was the spirit master army, with the spirit teacher army following and the spirit soldier army at the end.


Yet, unfortunate news came back to Fang Li half way through his trek.

Second rank tribe was already at North Ice Fortress, and were threatening to destroy their military base!

As a main commander and the only spirit emperor, Fang Li naturally had to go forth himself. After all, second rank tribe’s emperor count was usually two to three, which only he could deal with.

To not cause too much of an influence, Fang LI brought a couple of his able followers and went forth to north ice fortress first, hoping he would arrive in time.

Yet, as Fang Li was about to arrive, another news came down. A spirit emperor appeared at North Ice Fortress and stopped most of the heavenly devil insect tide, even killing a pseudo emperor rank commander. He was surprisingly powerful, almost saving everyone when the desolation came.

All spirit emperors had their own missions. Fang lI was very curious as to which spirit emperor came forth to turn the tides and save this terrifying danger of north ice fortress.

Once he reached north ice fortress, fang li quickly noticed that the second rank tribe desolation was clearly much weaker now, as if the tribe were nearly destroyed between the time the previous news came to when he arrived!

No matter what, it was worth celebrating that the north ice fortress didn’t fall. Fang Li let out a huge breath of relief and immediately went to hear about which expert stopped this danger.

Able to destroy a second rank tribe, this person’s strength must be very near third rank kingdom master now!

“Soul palace Chu Chen!!!” 

A slightly shrill voice suddenly sounded from the fortress command center!

“What kind of joke is this? How can he himself destroy most of a second rank tribe!” Fang Li said in great disbelief!

“Boss Fang, it indeed is soul palace Chu Chen. It was recently revealed that the person that entered the great broken sting valley and killed many tribes at their roots was soul palace Chu Chen, the young generation member who won first in the battle of the realms.” The fort leader said.

“It’s him?” Fang Li was even more surprised.

Fang Li himself could rely on invisible soul pets and succeed multiple times, building up fame for himiself. However, compared to the mysterious expert that killed countless tribes at their roots, he was nothing. After all, he went directly into the great broken sting valley and killed whole tribes at once!

“Where is he?” Fang Li immediately asked.

“He’s meditating somewhere in the fort. Don’t bother him. He said the following enemies you, boss, can deal with.” The fort owner said that.

Fang Li’s chest went up and down as his face twitched unpleasantly.

“Boss?” The fort leader saw that Fang Li’s face was strange and asked.

“Hep me tell him thanks.” Fang Li said in a few words, seeming to be unwilling to say it.

Fang Li himself came from north ice kingdom. Though he wasn’t the kingdom mster, here, he had his family here, so even if it was incredible tiring, Fang li would still come over at top speed.

He originally thought he would be late tonight. However, Chu Mu’s appearance saving this fort saved north ice kingdom. Even if Fang Li and Chu Mu had grudges, Fagn Li still had to say it. After all, in a battle like that, people had to risk their lives, even though a spirit emperor was like this

Most importantly, in battles, many times, Chu Mu had to contribute far more through his tribal killings than Fang Li. Fang Li could always get rewards, honors, and fame after every battle as an army commander.

But as a young generation member, Chu Mu never revealed his identity, even when his presence had a war-saving nature. He never asked for any return from the battle of the realm, kingdoms, or any factions.

Even this time destroying most of the opponents at an incredibly important faction defense line, he went to enter meditation to let him take over.

Fang Li knew that once he took over, he didn't need to use much energy to alleviate this danger and then all the honors will fall upon his head.

Fang Li knew he couldn’t do this on his own, so he told the fort master to help him say thanks. Though Chu Mu’s anger was still there, he couldn’t help but admire this young man who was so determined in battle and training.

“Maybe this is why I have stayed in place……” Fang Li sighed and said helplessly.

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