Chapter 648: Your death date is here

Chapter 648: Your death date is here

“Great uncle, don’t say that much. I’ll go save Chu Qian, Chu He, and the others. You should stay in the barbarian valley for now.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Qian, Chu He, and the others were all kingdom master Luo Hei and Sun Qiming’s hostages. If Chu Mu didn’t appear in time, they would get killed by Luo Hei and Sun Qiming.

“They’re in western region city. The western region armies are in the western region kingdom capital cleaning up the remaining western wetland forces in the other regions. Kingdom master Luo Hei and Sun Qiming should all be there, so Chu Qian is probably there as well.” Chu Tianheng said.

Beforehand, Chu Tianheng and co didn't have much hope for saving Chu Qian and Chu He. After all, Luo Hei and Sun Qiming added together was too much for even Chu Mu, who had an emperor rank, to handle. Going to western region city would only cause him to fall prey to their tarps.

Now, Chu Tianheng and people could relax, because Chu Mu had the power to go against three first rank kingdom masters. Chu Qian and Chu He had a chance to be saved!

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!” Chu Mu said.

After speaking, Chu Mu turned to Qian Qing and said, “I’ll leave here up to lady Qian Qing.”

Qian Qing was also powerful. As long as there aren’t any spirit emperors, she should be able to handle it as well.

“En.” Qian Qing nodded and didn't say much.

“Mo Xie, White Nightmare, come!” Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie, and brought White Nightmare towards western region city.


Western region city had fallen before, and had been conquered by western wetlands.

Now, although western wetlands was mostly cleaned out, it would still take a lot of time and money to reconstruct the entire city.

The western kingdom soul pet trainer base was in this city. Near the night, the army stopped battling to rest and waited until the next morning to fight. After all, the western wetlands creatures were used to night battles.

Near the night, the city walls were covered in the slimy secretions of various western wetland lizards. Every twenty meters stood a soul pet trainer with an elemental soul pet standing guard on the city wall.

From the city wall to the center plaza mainstreet, there were soul pet trainers of western kingdom. These soul pet trainers totaled 20,000 people, with an average fighting strength of warrior rank.

The closer they got to center plaza, the higher the army’s ranks were.

There were around 2000 people with an average of commander rank power.

There was around 100 people with an average of monarch rank power.

A kingdom’s strength normally was’t this great. Many of these people in the army were assisting troops from other kingdoms. Or else, with just the army of one kingdom, there was no way they could compete against the third rank western wetlands.

Of course, most importantly, there was an extremely powerful human expert that appeared in the depths of western wetlands that caused the territory to get ruthlessly flattened. He himself single handedly destroyed nearly half of the western wetlands, causing the western wetlands plan of taking over the humans to be disrupted.

Under pressing circumstances, the western wetlands had to back off, or else this fight between human and soul pet wouldn't have ended this quickly.

The center plaza’s greatest golden tent was where kingdom master Luo Hei  slept. In the main tent, there were three smaller golden tents, one of which housed Qing Nans’ loyal subordinate Luo Hei.

Qing Nan guarded the outside of the fence, so his tent was supposed to be empty.

However, Sun Qiming, looked over at the few young generation members who had their souls sealed off who was within all these tents .

“Not even appearing now, if you dare to lie to me again, I’ll kill one of you first!” Sun Qiming said.

Sun Qiming’s people knew from Chu family that they were looking for medicine to cure the plague. Chu Mu was a chu clan member, so there was no way he would forsake the captives now. 

Luo Hei and Sun Qiming caught these people to convince Chu Mu to come and trade something for it.

Sun Qiming’s lips twitched, and his soul remembrance concentrated to form mental energy that attacked Chu Qian and Chu He!

The two of their soul remembrances were sealed. Compared to a spirit emperor, their mental resistance abilities were much weaker. Such a powerful mental attack instantly caused their faces to pale.

“Heng, you are truly reckless. I’ll give you a few more days and if they don't appear, just wait to die!” Sun Qiming said coldly.

After speaking, Sun Qiming walked out of the tent and had his aides guard the outside. There was no way anyone would be able to enter.

“What!!!! What is this!!!!!!”

“Such a luxurious soul pet, whose is it?!!!?”

In the far distance of another room, a commotion started.

As a dark crimson firework slowly neared, even more fans started screaming!

Sun Qiming covered his eyebrows, secretly murmuring that the armies of western kingdom truly had no manners, yelling this rashly!

Sun Qiming turned his head, his eyes following the main street path. He suddenly noticed a glamorous and noble fox monarch running over, its surprising group of sin imprint inferno fox tails constantly shifting along with the fast running, creating a magnificent yet menacing scene.

“This……” Sun Qiming was dazed. Just from the aura alone, one could tell that it was a monarch rank soul pet. However the pressure it was giving off was even stronger than emperor rank soul pets!!

Though there were a decent amount of spirit emperors in western kingdom, they all had their own responsibilities and wouldn’t randomly appear in a place. Sun Qiming immediately saw the black clothed man on the back of this fox monarch and started guessing which expert this man was!

The inferno monarch’s speed was very quick, dashing like lightning and thunder to get near the center plaza.

Fox monarch was slightly obstructed by the alarmed spirit master army. However, even monarch rank soul pets couldn’t stop this onslaught. Very quickly, the fox monarch again dashed to the golden tent of kingdom master Luo Hei.

“Who is it?”

 A cold voice came from within the golden tent.

“Chu family Chu Mu!” Chu Mu sat on Mo Xie while a bunch of soul master level experts came over. However, Chu Mu completely disregarded all of them!

“Hahah~~~~ You indeed appeared!!” Kingdom Master Luo Hei said.

The next moment, the tent opened and Luo Hei walked out alone, his sharp eyes staring at Chu Mu and Mo Xie!

“This……” Luo hei said slightly confusingly at Chu Mu’s soul pet. Clearly, he hadn’t seen this seven sin fox!

Luo Hei only found out from some of the more cowardly people of Chu family that Chu Mu had a nine tailed emperor rank soul pet. As for what species, he wasn’t sure.

“We’re here, where’s my family!” Chu Mu stood by Mo Xie, and looked down at kingdom master Luo Hei as he asked coldly.

“They’re all in my hands. If I move a single finger, they would all die. So, you should be careful with what you say.” Kingdom master Luo Hei said to Chu Mu with his soul remembrance

This was where their army’s main base was. Kingdom master Luo Hei didn't want to have the news of them taking hostages leaked accidentally.

Chu Mu naturally took Chu Clan’s lives as the priority, so he directly jumped off of his soul pet.

“Chu Mu, you have great guts. You actually dare to steal the spirits from right under my nose? Having emperor rank soul pets at this young age is indeed impressive. However, you kids don’t understand the rules of spirit emperors. Some things can’t be stolen or taken, or else you will bring death to yourself!” Luo Hei said in a teaching tone with his soul remembrance.

Luo Hei wasn’t afraid of Chu Mu’s soul pets. Even if Luo Hei didn't fight himself, their 100 spirit masters that averaged at a strength of monarch rank could cause Chu Mu to die a horrible death.

I have a 10,000 spirits. Let me see these people or else you won’t get any of this.” As Chu Mu spoke, he took out a spatial ring.

The spatial ring only had the remaining 10,000 spirits inside. To Luo Hei and Qiming, 10 thousand spirits was already a high number. After all, these people only had a normal pseudo-emperor rank!

Luo Hei cast his soul remembrance outwards the moment he sensed it. When he accessed the spatial ring of Chu Mu, he indeed found that the spirit aura was overpowering, meaning there was at least 10,000 spirits in it!

After staying around for so long, he hadn’t ever truly seen 10,000 spirits together. The pseudo emperor rank he had just had high talent, and succeeded in the one in ten chance of strengthening to cause him to leap in status.

“This…...this is all that was within the spirit source?” Luo Hei’s eyes glowed with greed as he said.

Before, Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were all struggling over a resource of a couple thousand spirit source. If he could get a couple thousand spirits immediately, it was already a large sum of money even for kingdom master. After all, there were a total of 100 extra spirits in all of western kingdom every month. Getting a thousand spirits through the territory would need seven full years!

What Luo hei and Sun Qiming didn't expect was that the panther species had another spirit source that could create over 10,000 spirits. It could create another 1000 spirits every month. This basically doubles the output of western world. Even if it would still take a while to make an emperor rank, he could use these resources to create an invincible monarch rank to improve his strength!

Seeing Luo Hei show himself so easily, Chu Mu laughed despicably. If Luo Hei knew the true amount was 30,000, the entire western kingdom could fall and everyone could die- he still wouldn’t give in!

There were nearly 10,000 spirits, enough to create a pseudo emperor rank. Once received, Luo Hei could become a second rank kingdom master! Luo Hei took a deep breath, adjusted his excited emotions and quickly used his soul remembrance to say to Sun Qiming not far away, “Go and get the Chu family people over.”

Sun Qiming was right beside. He similarly felt the spirit amount and was nearly salivating. He immediately turned around and went back into the tent.

The next moment, Sun Qiming suddenly ripped open the golden tent that held Chu Qian and Chu He as he said angrily, “They’re…...they’re gone!!”

“What’s gone?” Luo Hei said stupidly.

“The people of Chu family!!” Sun Qiming said.

When Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were in shock, Chu Mu smiled.

Chu Qian was already saved by Old Li. So, it was time for Luo Hei and Sun Qiming to die!

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