Chapter 634: 30,000 Spirits, Struck it Rich!

Chapter 634: 30,000 Spirits, Struck it Rich! 

Luo Region, Gangluo City.

A middle aged man wearing a grey windbreaker faced the oncoming sand blowing in his face as he stepped into Gangluo City.

Gangluo City had already lost the bustling atmosphere of the past. The main street was abnormally desolate, obviously because of the disaster’s arrival which had caused many people with even a bit of money to flee north. Others who had the ability simply just moved to other kingdoms. Until this disaster was completely eradicated, they wouldn’t return.

The windbreaker man intentionally stopped when he reached the city wall. Looking at the slightly old city wall, he hesitated a while before finally stepping in.

“My Lord, look, Gangluo City is completely unharmed. The disaster hasn’t spread here.” a female servant following the man spoke.

The man didn’t say anything, and continued to walk down the main street.

His pace was very slow, and he would constantly stop. He was like an old vagrant visiting his old home again; a trip down memory lane. 

The petite young female servant was an interesting contrast to this old man. As they walked, she didn’t stop chattering. 

The old man walked until finally he reached the Chu Family’s old residence. He paused for a long time here, but didn’t dare step in.

“My lord, my lord, did you take the wrong route?” asked the lively young female servant.

“No.” The man shook his head. He looked up at the tablet atop the residence’s entrance. 

“Qin Residence?” the man’s brows immediately creased.

“Yes, this place is the Qin Residence. Shouldn’t it be the Chu Residence?” said the young female servant.

As she spoke, she blinked her eyes, and looked at the complicated yet confused expression on the man’s face. Promptly, she jogged into the Qin Residence. 

Although the young woman was a female servant, her clothing was in no way inferior to that of a noble family’s eldest young lady. Qin Family’s people were very courteous to her.

Quickly, the young female servant returned from the Qin Family after inquiring about something.

“My lord, the Qin Family’s people said that the Chu Family migrated away many years ago. They aren’t sure where they moved to.” said the young female servant. 

“My lord, you truly are something. It was them who rejected you and pushed you out of their family. Now they have trouble and you could have just sat to the side and watched. Why did you have to come back here? If the family is devoured by the disaster, they’ll also get devoured.” the young female servant’s words didn’t stop.

The old man coldly glanced at the young female servant. The young female servant knew she spoke too much, and came to a hasty stop before charmingly sticking out her tongue. 

“Let’s go to Luo Region Sect first.” as he spoke, the man didn’t bicker with the young woman.

The man chanted an incantation, beginning to summon a soul pet.

The incantation quickly finished and a pure white cloud feathered wing type soul pet appeared - an Ice Cloud Crane.

Ice Cloud Crane: Demon Beast Kingdom - Wing Type - Ice Cloud Crane Species - monarch rank.

This soul pet’s appearance was like a feathered snow white crane. Its smoothly unfurled wings carried a light blue cloud marks that slightly moved along with the wind. It had two pairs of long pure white feathery tails that danced about. It gave off a light blue light, but looked both a little proud and arrogant. 

Solely from its pure aura, this soul pet looked like a very spiritual creature; moreover, its fighting strength rank definitely wasn’t low. 

The man and young female servant agilely jumped onto it. The Ice Cloud Crane gave slight flaps of its wings and began to ascend into the sky.

This attracted the attention of the people around them. The experts from the Qin Residence all lost color in their faces, because they were unable to sense the rank of this wing type soul pet. Compared to this graceful yet extremely fast wing type soul pet, their soul pets simply weren’t on the same level.


Barbarian Mountain Range.

Old Li adeptly grabbed fifteen spirit crystals. Excavating spirits required high skill because if a small mistake was made, the spirit would be destroyed. One spirit was as large as a speck, so a scratch would ruin several spirits. 

After excavating the spirits, Old Li was full of smiles. He muttered: “It’s nearly been a hundred years since I’ve done something like this. My hands are much slower.”

Taking the largest spirit into his hand, Old Li stroked a beard whisker while placing the spirit in front of him. He stared at it like he was a merchant appraising some treasure, and from time to time would let out a satisfied smile. 

“Good, thank goodness the quality wasn’t deteriorated or I would’ve damaged a few hundred spirits. This batch of 7800 spirits was more than I expected.” Old Li continued to speak.

However, he suddenly discovered that Chu and the small fox had disappeared. Thus, he put away the spirit and broke into a stride to the place Chu Mu had just spoken to him from.

“Huh, there’s still a cave here… Holy, what rich spirit energy!!” Old Li gave a cry of exclamation. 

After coming back to his senses, Old Li broke into a run towards the cave.


In the cave, Old Li’s excitement reverberated around. Clearly, this half old man was shocked by the inside!

“We struck it rich!! We struck it rich!! We struck it rich big time!!” Old Li was like a midget businessman who, after seeing the dozens of spirit crystals on the cave wall, used some strange movement ability to bounce around from spirit crystal to spirit crystal. It was as if he was leaping onto and over walls like he was running on the ground!

Chu Mu also had a big smile. Although he wasn’t able to estimate the amount of spirits, the inside was clearly much more than the outside.

“As I said, even a third rank tribe dispatched troops to invade human territory. How can there only be 7800 spirits in the spirit source…” when Old Li estimated the amount of spirits, he began to mutter to himself. 

This old fellow was always so contradictory. Just now, he had said that 7800 spirits was a lot, something that a third rank tribe would covet.

Old Li did the gathering of the spirits, while Chu Mu just sat there and slowly breathed in the life force energy from the crystals.

Of course, before Old Li came, Chu Mu had counted the pieces. Otherwise, this old fellow may try to embezzle a few. Chu Mu understood this fellow’s greed too well.

“Old Li, approximately how many are here?” asked Chu Mu.

“I still haven’t counted… how did young master find this place? Ai… it’s been too long since I’ve used that technique. I nearly missed such a huge spirit source…” said Old Li.

“Technique? What technique of yours?” Chu Mu asked, confused.

Chu Mu remembered that Old Li’s attacking power was near zero. However, his fleeing ability was near infinite. Whether an emperor rank soul pet could even capture Old Li was something Chu Mu had to think about. As for Old Li’s techniques, Chu Mu felt that they were all fleeing abilities. 

“Ah, nothing. Young master, there are about 20 thousand spirits here. Including the ones outside, there are about 30 thousand. This is the equivalent price of three single attributed pseudo emperors. Young master truly struck it rich this time!!” said Old Li.

“Thirty Thousand!!” a pleased expression arose on Chu Mu’s face.

Chu Mu was already very satisfied with 20,000 spirits to strengthen the White Nightmare!

He never expected the spirit source to provide an additional 10,000 spirits. This was the equivalent of a pseudo emperor! 

Chu Mu presently had a huge headache due to his lack of spirits. Chu Mu’s secondary pets were alright since they didn’t have abnormal attributes. However, his main pets were pretty much bottomless pits!

For example, Zhan Ye’s attributes were bug and beast type. Yet, its beast type attribute was so weak it couldn’t even be considered a secondary attribute. It had only become a main attribute through Chu Mu spending a huge amount of resources to strengthen it. 

Normally speaking, a Warbeast Mo Ye should have had a beast type main attribute and bug type secondary attribute. 

However, Zhan Ye’s attributes were the opposite. Its bug type attribute was not only its main attribute, but was also an abnormal attribute. It was even more abnormal than genuine bug type attributes.

As for the beast type, it was innately weaker than a secondary attribute. 

Chu Mu had begun training Zhan Ye from the third phase before correcting its beast type attribute into a main attribute. Thus, Zhan Ye now had two main attributes.

Of course, its bug type attribute was still innately abnormal. If Chu Mu had only strengthened its bug type attribute, perhaps only a few thousand spirits would have been enough to strengthen it to the emperor rank.

After all, the higher an attribute talent was, the greater the chance of strengthening success. Moreover, it even had a chance of successfully strengthening itself purely through fighting.

Self-strengthening, however, required a long period of time and Chu Mu couldn’t wait this long. Therefore, Zhan Ye maintained its dual attribute strengthening to the emperor rank, meaning the amount of resources required quadrupled to 40 thousand spirits.

Strengthening Zhan Ye’s bug type to the emperor rank would only require a few thousand spirits, but the beast attribute required over thirty thousand. This was the huge discrepancy between talents. 

Indeed, talent was the decisive factor for resource multiplication. 

Numerous soul pet trainers, when they captured their first group of soul pets, would principally look at species rank to determine this number. 

However, when they raised their second generation of soul pets, they could no longer just look at species rank, but also the soul pet’s attribute talent. If its attribute talent was low, the amount of resources required to strengthen it was not small. 

However, the majority of soul pets’ attributes were at average levels. Even if they had slightly higher or lower talents in an attribute, the amount of less or extra money spent on them would be between 0.8 times to 1.2 times. It was extremely rare to exceed this range… 

Now leaving aside the topic of attribute talent for now, the Little Hidden Dragon was another problem.

The Little Hidden Dragon needed six times the amount of resources. This gave Chu Mu a huge headache. On the other hand, the Ice Air Fairy needed 1 times the resources, the Ghost King 2 times and the Night Thunder Dream Beast 2 times to all reach the emperor rank. This was a huge amount. 

It was fortunate that Mo Xie was extremely determined and had mutated to the low class emperor rank by herself. 

Although Old Li classified Mo Xie’s fire attribute among her secondary attributes, Chu Mu was clear that it should be a part of her three main attributes in order for her to truly conform to a Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Flame Monarch. 

A single attributed soul pet required one times the strengthening resources. 

A single main attribute and single secondary attribute soul pet required 1.5 to 2 times the resources. However, to transform the secondary attribute to a main attribute, this required 5 times the resources and needed to start from a low phase and stage. 

Dual main talented attributes required three times the resources and Chu Mu had only seen a soul pet like this in Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Fairy. 

The Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Infernal Monarch’s true bloodline was complicated. However, Chu Mu was certain that if there were more attributes involved, the more amount of money would have to be spent. If there really were three main attributes, strengthening Mo Xie by a single class would require a terrifying amount of nearly 10 times the resources. 

Therefore, with such a huge group of soul pets that burned money, being able to find an additional 10 thousand spirits was only an extra water droplet; nonetheless, it was still capable of strengthening an additional emperor and another asset for him to make even more money with!!

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