Chapter 631: Paradise Under the Moonlight, Rich Spirit Source

Chapter 631: Emperors Clash under the Starlight


The Panther Emperor let out a pained howl. Its deep yellow eyes suddenly became much more imposing. Even as it was hurt, it forcefully lifted its body upwards, and counter attacked Mo Xie!!

With a full wingspan of 20 meters, its black wings started flapping at an incredible frequency. The Panther Emperor suddenly became incredibly fast. While its black wings opened in the running process, one could feel the turbulent wind!!

Suddenly, Panther Emperor’s wings closed forward and slapped together, exposing bone spikes outwards. As the Panther Emperor’s body shook, it morphed into a bony triangle black sword that flew threw the skies, bringing whistling

Mo Xie didn’t dare to meet it face on. Stepping on her sin imprints, she dashed away into the skies to avoid Panther Emperors’ attacks.

Yet, the Panther Emperor’s black power sprouted upwards strangely, pressing down hard, not giving Mo Xie a chance to dodge!


The black sword made of bone wings came down from above to attack Mo Xie’s body. Mo Xie didn’t have any time to react, before her body was crazily sent into the skies. When her blood was sent outwards, it was already sent thousands of meters into the skies!


Mo Xie yelled out angrily. Her tails wrapped downwards nimbly to try to grab onto the Panther Emperor and throw it outwards!!

The Panther Emperor realized that Mo Xie’s nine tails weren’t easy to deal with. Before it was fully bundled up, it gave up the continuous effect of its technique, and suddenly opened its closed black wings up. With a quick flap, it avoided Mo Xie’s tail and floated up at the end of a black cloud.

Mo Xie flew another few hundred meters upwards before finally showing signs of slowing. Chu Mu on Mo Xie’s back very clearly felt the terrifying nature of this blow. He instinctively looked downwards.

Before the attack, Chu Mu and Mo Xie were still at the mountain. But now, they were already thousands of meters into the sky. If they didn’t fly and fell, they would definitely get smashed into pieces.

“Quick, take this.” Chu Mu quickly took out a flask of emperor rank healing medicine for Mo Xie to drink.

This medicine came from Tian Ting’s space ring. Chu Mu sold all the fifth and sixth rank medicine since he didn’t have a use for it yet. However, he kept the first and second rank emperor medicine, which came into use right now.

After he took the medicine, Mo Xie’s stomach wounds finally started healing, and the blood outflow lessened.


Suddenly, Panther Emperor again attacked, not slowing down in the air much at all!

Still using its angular bone wings, the Panther Emperor didn’t plan on giving Mo Xie any chance to breathe. Its black wings were only twenty meters long, but it covered the nearby thousand meters of airspace, its sharpness appearing almost everywhere!

In the sky, Mo Xie could only maneuver around through its sin imprints, so her dodging naturally couldn’t compare to when she was on the ground. Under the thousands of attacks, Mo Xie’s wounds increased even further!

“Young master, this Panther Emperor clearly has wing type blood. Though its still a normal pseudo-monarch, its still hard to deal with……” Old LI’s voice floated over at an untimely fashion.

Wing type soul pets are adept at air battles. Mo Xie’s air stepping abilities aren’t mature yet, so she’ll suffer a disadvantage in the air.

This Panther Emperor had identified this weakness and intentionally slammed Mo Xie into the skies, following it with a frenzy of attacks to give Mo Xie no time to fall back down.

“I don’t need you to say rubbish!” Chu Mu grit his teeth. This Panther Emperor’s air-to-air abilities were incredibly powerful. Its bone wings had become the night’s edge, flying everywhere. If Mo Xie tried to fall back down, once she reached the ground, she would probably be so wounded that she would be at a disadvantage on the ground.

Chu Mu lifted his head and glanced at the clouds above. An opening appeared in the clouds, letting through a sliver of silver light that caught Chu Mu’s eyes.

Seeing the silver glow, Chu Mu suddenly realized something!

“Mo Xie, fly up above these clouds!” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.


Sin imprints quickly appeared under Mo Xie’s feet. Its forelimbs stepped in the skies and, as she leaped upwards, a string of stair-like sin imprints appeared in the night sky.

Emperor didn’t immediately attack, but instead used its deep yellow eyes to watch Mo Xie leap further into the skies.

The Panther Emperor intentionally slammed Mo Xie into the skies to take the advantage of air. Seeing Mo Xie voluntarily climb to even higher heights, its eyes showed confusion and puzzlement.

“Houhou!!!!!!!” The Panther Emperor couldn’t make sense of the situation, but chose to stop thinking and follow. If the enemy wanted to fly higher, it would be harder to get back down. Seeing Mo Xie search for her own death, it opened its wings and became two interlocked blades that flitted towards the higher skies as well.

Chu Mu glanced down and noticed that, in the clouds, the vicious black blade chased over, so he quickly told Mo Xie to speed up.

Finally, Mo Xie broke through the clouds on her sin imprints!

Above the clouds was the vast starry night, like a piece of black cloth dotted by countless gemstones.

And at the edge of the sky, a crescent moon hung in the air, scattering silver moonlight everywhere, imbuing the clouds with a silky shroud like beauty…...


Mo Xie stood above the cloud layer with her sin imprints. Moonlight and starlight fell on Mo Xie’s body, and caused Mo Xie’s silver and perfect body to get even more noble!

At the same time, under the shining moonlight, Mo Xie’s smaller wounds started healing at a visible rate. The medium wounds quickly stopped worsening and, stacking with the effect of the emperor rank healing medicine, were starting to heal as well.

Moon Essence!!!

Even though Mo Xie had already mutated to seven sin inferno fox monarch, the moonlight fox’s species ability was still inherited by Mo Xie, just like Mo Xie’s nine tails was an inheritance from her nine tailed former self!

Moon essence’s effects was able to raise Mo Xie’s strength by a rank, mainly increasing power and speed!

“It’s coming, slam it back into the ground!” Chu Mu glanced downwards and said to Mo Xie, who was now reinvigorated!

“Wuwuwuwu!!!!!!!!” Moonlight caused Mo Xie’s strength to raise. Seeing Panther Emperor dash upwards, Mo Xie’s dark red sin imprints grew even more frenziedly!!

Dark red sin imprints became even more demonic under the silver moonlight. As Mo Xie dived down, one could see the space itself get continuously ripped apart by the spreading sin imprints!!

Mo Xie met Panther Emperor head on. This time, Mo Xie was going to collide directly with the Panther Emperor!

The rising Panther Emperor very quickly noticed Mo Xie’s dive and laughed mockingly. In terms of body strength, the Panther Emperor was stronger than Mo Xie. Such a collision would definitely benefit it more!

Thus, facing Mo Xie’s dive, Panther Emperor didn’t fear it at all, continuing to dash up from the cloud layer!!

Under the dazzling starry night, a silver meteor brought dark red imprints straight down. From inside the sea of clouds, a black sword broke through the surface and met the falling figure, colliding under the night sky!!


The two types of powers collided together. Immediately, the entire sea of cloud started rippling outwards, pushed away by the force of collision!

The space shook, causing sin imprints to recklessly grow like cracks that spread on a mirror. On the opposite side, the black bone spikes poked countless holes in the air, creating vacuums in space that devoured the air strangely.


Outside of the barbarian valley, Chu Tianheng had already arrived at safety. In reality, they have been standing outside the valley watching for a while.

Other than Chu Tianheng’s group of old men, there was actually another large group watching the black night sky.

The entire night sky was covered in black clouds. So, when Mo Xie fought the Panther Emperor into the skies above, they could only see occasional blinks of cold and dark light through the sea of clouds.

However, an immense sound startled everyone!

The entire sea of clouds suddenly opened outwards at a certain gap, pushing everything aside at a rapid rate. In a short few seconds, all the clouds disappeared, leaving a clean and beautiful star-lit sky!

“Quick, look what is that!!!” Zhang Ying first noticed the silver comet in the sky!

The silver comet was accompanied by moonlight and constantly spreading sin imprints everywhere as it fell from the high skies all the way to the horizon, leaving a magnificent trail in the world!

The next moment, the rolling mountains in the far distance blew up!!

Immediately, a dozen mountains that were connected were shattered by the impact of the fall, flattening that entire region!!

“That…… is that a real meteor, or just the battle between emperors…….” Chu Ying’s heart was shocked as he said with a very rigid voice.

Matching the impact of a real meteor! What originally was a natural disaster was now matched by an organism’s power. How terrifying was this!!

The mountain range could no longer be called that, being completely defaced. The center of the destruction caused the entire range to get destroyed, becoming a battlefield punctured by battle scars!


At the deepest part of the pit, a figure covered in blood stood up difficulty. Its deep yellow eyes were full of disbelief and anger from being heavily injured!!

In the clash of bodies, the Panther Emperor had absolute confidence in itself. It was this confidence that urged it to collide head on with Mo Xie!!

Yet, what angered Panther Emperor was, after the fox lifted into the skies, it suddenly increased in strength greatly, causing the Panther Emperor to take a huge hit and get heavily injured!

The Panther Emperor had a very high intelligence. When it lifted its head and saw the moonlight, it connected it immediately to the moonlight armor on Mo Xie’s body and realized. This monarch had a demon type species technique, causing its anger to become even stronger!

This fox monarch only reached emperor rank because of its many types, it wasn’t a true emperor. What caused the emperor to become even angrier was this emperor not only had multiple types, it had all sorts of difficult species techniques. The Panther Emperor was highly experienced in combat but rarely faced such a innately talented opponent!

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