Chapter 603: Li City’s Half Devil? Tianxia’s Half Devil?

Chapter 603: Li City’s Half Devil? Tianxia’s Half Devil? 

The half devil Chu Mu saw that Senior Elder Liu wasn’t moving forward anymore, and he slowly floated backwards.

“Save… save me… he’s… he’s…” Tian Ting knew that Soul Alliance’s group had arrived, but he was still struggling against the grasps of death.

None of the spirit emperors made any movement. They could only pitifully watch head seat Tian Ting, who had previously emanated with might, be pulled along in the half devil’s hand like a dead dog.

Even the senior elder couldn’t save him. How could the others? These Soul Alliance experts could only stand behind the senior elders peak emperor rank Immortal Ming Bird without being able to do anything as they watched the demonic half devil slowly float backwards...

They didn’t know how the half devil would deal with the half dead Tian Ting, but they were sure that his ending would be the most miserable.

The arrogant, indifferent, and contemptuous figure gradually moved further away. Finally, it transformed into a tiny white ball that disappeared in the night sky.

“Senior elder, are we not going to pursue? If the half devil exists, I’m not sure how many people will be harmed.” a few Kingdom Lords expressed their worries.

The appearance of any half devil would bring about destruction. Now that the half devil had fled Tianxia City, if it didn’t die, there was a chance it could appear in some kingdom in the future.

Within a kingdom, it would be impossible to gather this many spirit emperor experts to deal with the half devil. Therefore, if they didn’t get rid of this future danger, the entire kingdom’s people would be in trouble.

“Other types will not leave behind traces that we can trail. If it flees with all its strength, even my Immortal Ming Bird will not be able to catch up.” Senior Elder Liu sighed.

“This is a huge hidden danger. The half devil from Li City has yet to be dealt with yet. It hasn’t been too long, and another half devil has appeared in Tianxia City.” said Elder Ting.

After speaking, Elder Ting swept his eyes over Nightmare Palace’s Elder Xie Tao. His gaze was looking down on Nightmare Palace’s people because it was them that had created this Nightmare.

Nightmare Palace’s Xie Tao couldn’t pay any heed to Elder Ting’s gaze right now because he was fully concentrated on pondering: “The half devil from Li City that teamed up with the Cyan Hidden Dragon was hypothesized as having a bit of consciousness. Now this Tianxia City half devil also has consciousness. Could they be the same half devil?”

Half devils could last for either long or short periods of time. The ones that lasted for short periods were because the human was unable to beat the extreme pain, giving up resisting and completely transforming into a devil. This was approximately the time of a battle.

If it lasted for long periods, the human’s willpower and soul wouldn’t extinguish as he continued to resist the devil. Nightmare Palace had one example of a half devil that lasted for a dozen years!

Of course, this inextinguishable half devil had already been sealed, otherwise the everything under heavens would have been in great chaos.

“Senior elder, right now we…” various Spirit Emperors began to ask questions.

Because Wang Lihong wasn’t in Tianxia City, the person with the most authority was Tian Ting. Now that Tian Ting had been taken away by the half devil, everyone naturally listened to the strongest person, Soul Palace’s senior elder.

“Each elder take five spirit emperors with them and defends all eight sides of Tianxia City. Regardless if the half devil attacks or not, nobody is allowed to leave their post for a month!” said the senior elder to the Spirit Emperors.

Since he was a Soul Palace senior elder, Soul Palace’s members were normally the only ones that had to obey Senior Elder Liu’s commands.

However, once Senior Elder Liu gave an order, nobody dared disobey.

Experts would forever demand respect and reverence. A senior elder’s aura alone was enough to suppress everyone. The wing type soul pet peak emperor rank Immortal Ming Bird had the qualifications to command the entire Tianxia City.

Quickly, the various elders who remained to defend Tianxia City each lead five spirit emperors to fly in eight different directions in Tianxia City.

“Have people clear up this place. I don’t want any vestiges remaining by daylight, and I don’t want any announcements of the half devil’s appearance. Just say it was a White Nightmare close to the peak emperor rank attacking.” Senior Elder Liu spoke to the Spirit Emperors who were in charge of Tianxia City as he swept his gaze over them.

“Yes.” these Spirit Emperors promptly floated down from the sky and began to gather all of the city guards in the district. They had them clear up the corpses in the district.

Senior Elder Liu then ordered a few people to do some things before sitting alone on the Immortal Ming Bird’s back while thinking.

After a while, Senior Elder Liu then thought of something. He waved his hand, and summoned Palace Lord Yu who hadn’t gone to perform a task.

Palace Lord Yu had followed behind the large team. Throughout the entire course of events, Palace Lord Yu’s expression had been more complicated than everyone else. He was the only person who had seen both Li City’s half devil and Tianxia City’s half devil!

“Just now you had something to say. You can say it now.” Senior Elder Liu swept his eyes over Palace Lord Yu as he spoke. 

“That is Li City’s half devil.” Palace Lord Yu spoke with great assurance.

Palace Lord Yu didn’t know if half devils all looked the same, but from what he sensed, Tianxia’s half devil was the same as Li City’s half devil in demonic essence. They both had the same ruthless, yet cold and intelligent eyes...

Senior Elder Liu had guessed the same. He was going to talk about it tonight with Elder Xie Tao.

"Was there anything else?” Senior Elder Liu saw that Palace Lord Yu seemed to want to say something else.

Palace Lord Yu hesitated, not knowing whether to speak about it.

Palace Lord Yu had honestly been suspicious if Li City’s half devil had some special connection with Chu Mu. So when he saw it today, he became more certain of his suspicion. Only, a twenty year old young man being able to transform himself into a half devil with high class emperor rank strength was something Palace Lord Yu was wondering if it was a little bit too preposterous. 

Finally, Palace Lord shook his head and said: “No.”

Senior Elder Liu nodded. He turned around and looked at Palace Lord Yu. Using soul remembrance he said: “Help me do something. Do not tell anyone else about this.”

“Please instruct me Senior Elder.” Palace Lord Yu hastily gave a bow.

Senior Elder Liu transmitted his soul remembrance into Palace Lord Yu’s brain.

Palace Lord Yu listened very seriously at the beginning. However, when he realized who this task was being done for, he was even more shocked in his heart. Immediately, he felt that the half devil and Chu Mu were greatly related!



At the very peak of Departed World Gates, miserable cries reverberated across the night sky. Listening to them would make one’s blood run cold!

The person letting out these miserable cries was Tian Ting who had been captured by the half devil Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t immediately kill Tian Ting. Instead, he needed to know who else knew about his secret.

The number of times he could transform into a half devil was extremely limited. If someone else knew his secret, Chu Mu would absolutely make his way into Tianxia City again and get rid of this person. He wouldn’t leave any future troubles for himself.

“No… there’s no one else… this matter… this matter was directly given to me by Alliance Master… he didn’t want… didn’t want anyone to know… also… even… even myself… I don’t know what the item is… what it is…” Tian Ting’s words kept cutting off. Evidently, he was in an extremely weak state.

Just imagine being continuously tortured by a high class emperor rank soul devil flames for half an hour. Who would be able to maintain any semblance of an unyielding character?

“Then, how many people knew you and I were going to exchange items tonight at Departed World Gate?” Chu Mu asked again.

Chu Mu increased the mental attack on Tian Ting. This mental attack made it so that it was virtually impossible for Tian Ting to lie.

“Chen Peng… Jia… Jia Cunding… Li Teng…. Ma… Ma Yilu… only… only these people…” Tian Ting kept dithering between the boundary of life and death. The amount of pain made it impossible for him to think of any schemes. He only wanted his life to end. 

Perhaps Tian Ting would have never expected that he would encounter such a day where he was being tortured by a twenty year old young man.

Chen Peng had already been killed by Tian Ting. Jia Cunding, Li Teng and Ma Yilu were not let off by Chu Mu and had all been ripped to pieces by the Shattering Heaven Imprint. They were mixed together with the corpses of Soul Alliance’s members.

The people who knew that Chu Mu was exchanging with Tian Ting at Departed World Gate were really only these few. This was because Tian Ting had intentionally plotted against Chu Mu and was afraid that the senior elder and Her Majesty would take their anger on him. Therefore, he didn’t reveal anything.

Tian Ting never expected that his carefully crafted plot would end up helping Chu Mu get rid of future troubles. Chu Mu no longer had to risk breaking through the encirclement of spirit emperors to reach Tian Ting’s manor and kill everyone. 

When Chu Mu was discussing things with Senior Elder Liu, he had said he was going to personally go to Tian Ting’s manor to return Soul Alliance’s item. Therefore, Senior Elder Liu thought that Chu Mu had always been in Tian Ting’s manor.

As for Jia Jing who had given the information to Tian Ting, Chu Mu didn’t have to kill her to silence her. The only thing he did was have Mo Xie use Demon Eye Evil Pupil to forcibly erase her memory.

This memory erasure was only effective on people who had very weak soul remembrance. Jia Jing was a spirit disciple and naturally could not stop the ability. Obviously, after this technique, she would be seriously ill.

“Kill… kill me… nobody… nobody knows… nobody knows.. please…. Kill me.” Tian Ting bitterly plead.

Tian Ting knew that if there were still people who knew, this Nightmare would definitely not let him off. But he himself had ensured that nobody knew about this...

Chu Mu ensured that Tian Ting wasn’t lying and slowly released his hand. An evil smile arose on his face as he said: “Did you forget to give something to me?”

“This… this is a soul capture ring… inside… inside is an emperor… an emperor rank infant pet…” Tian Ting weakly said.

Chu Mu took the soul capture ring, but didn’t hastily open it. Instead, he took Tian Ting’s spatial ring as well so that it wouldn’t be burned to a crisp as well.

A spirit emperor that had a high class emperor rank, even if he had carefully hidden his treasures in some secret location, would probably have many good things in his spatial ring that he carried with him.

If Chu Mu really was a half devil, he wouldn’t have cared about these items. However, once his half devil effect ended, he would have to go back to honestly bitterly training. The items in Tian Ting’s spatial ring would definitely bring him enormous benefits.

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