Chapter 598: Making an Enemy of the Entire Soul Alliance

Chapter 598: Making an Enemy of the Entire Soul Alliance

Tian Ting didn’t move in the darkness. He had already told Chen Peng that he absolutely could not kill Chu Mu. Moreover, he had to kidnap Chu Mu with a spatial ring.

He had to grasp the timing right. If he went too early, Chen Peng wouldn’t teach Chu Mu enough of a lesson, and this wouldn’t appease the anger in Tian Ting’s heart. But if he went too late, Chen Peng and his special friends would have left already.

After waiting for a while, Tian Ting saw that the light technique on the top of Mirroring Sword Mountains was gradually dimming.

Emperor rank strength was naturally very strong. If it wasn’t because the Departed World Gates was special, it would have already been destroyed by emperor rank strength.

Therefore, when the commotion on the top of the mountain began to settle down, a smile couldn’t help but rise on Tian Ting’s face. He guessed that the fight had pretty much ended.

Promptly, Tian Ting chanted an incantation and summoned his capable main pet, a Triumphant Tooth King!

Although the Triumphant Tooth King was a beast type soul pet, it was able to effortlessly climb to the top of this mountain peak with its powerful body.

Soon, Tian Ting pretended to be anxious and distressed as he appeared!

Tian Ting did things very ruthlessly. In order to ensure no survivors remained, he firstly urged the Triumphant Tooth King to the front of the Departed World Gates in order to firstly target the people he used as a diversion!

Tian Ting had to get rid of these people. He couldn’t leave anyone that would possibly end up as a sword in his back!

Cheng Qiang’s subordinates were mostly at the monarch level; moreover, both sides were fake fighting each other as they would randomly toss corpses onto the ground in order to push the blame onto Nightmare Palace’s people. 

Chen Qiang was very smart, and knew that Chu Mu definitely had animosity with Jiang Yiteng, Lu Shanli and Xing Yangjie. Therefore, when he tossed the Nightmare Palace members’ corpses there, he added on a few markings from Nightmare attacks. This way, Soul Palace wouldn’t think it was his people that did it.

“Ok, it’s pretty much done. We can stop. Let’s leave before the city guards arrive.” said the leader wearing a red mask.

“Ok, let’s retreat. Big brother should have finished by now.” said the leader of the other group.

Most of the soul pets these people were riding on were mainstream soul pets. Among them were a few Cyan Nightmares and Blue Nightmares in order to throw Soul Palace of their tracks.

The average strength of these soul pets was at the high class monarch rank while the leaders’ two soul pets had all reached the peak monarch rank.

“Who… who is it!” the red masked leader immediately saw the person rushing towards them.

This person was riding on a violent beast with its teeth bared. Its enormous beast type aura enveloped their location, immediately frightening everyone’s soul pets so badly they started to tremble!!

“Emperor… emperor rank!! That’s an emperor rank soul pet!!” the leaders’ subordinates were immediately stunned by the aura and all wore terrified expressions!!

In front of these small shrimp, Tian Ting sneered. He immediately ordered his high class emperor rank Triumphant Tooth King to launch an attack!!

The Triumphant Tooth Emperor was extremely quick. The high class monarchs were unable to use any techniques before the majority died under the Triumphant Tooth Emperor’s mere teeth and claw attacks. Blood flew everywhere!!

Cheng Qiang’s subordinates had no ability to resist and most of them were killed by Tian Ting in the span of a breath.

When their corpses began to fall everywhere, the city guard had arrived by then. When the city guard leader arrived, he saw that these criminals had all died. He was incomparably shocked because these people all had high class monarch rank soul pets and were all considered experts!

“Tian Ting… Senior Tian Ting!!’ the city guard quickly recognized Tian Ting.

The city guards had seen how strong the four seats were, and were immediately incredibly respectful.

“I don’t know where these criminals are from. They wanted to commit a crime in this forbidden area. I’m going to the top of the mountain to capture the criminal’s leader. You two team leaders follow me. The rest of you search the rest of this place!” Tian Ting imposingly said.

The city guards hastily nodded their heads. They split into a few small teams and began to search nearby the Departed World Gates.

“The guards made their way over already. It won’t be long before Soul Palace’s people arrive, right?” a smile rose on Tian Ting’s face. He didn’t hesitate at all as he urged his incomparably tyrannical Triumphant Tooth King to make its way to the top of Mirroring Sword Mountain!

The two team leaders immediately followed Tian Ting.They looked at Tian Ting’s Triumphant Tooth King with envy as it ran up Mirroring Sword Mountain as if it was flat land. It was mighty and imposing!


Upon arrival at the top of Mirroring Sword Mountain, the fight had completely settled. There were signs of destruction on the mountain, but they weren’t very evident.

“It seems that Chu Chen, that brat, wasn’t able to resist for long before being captured. Hopefully he suffered a bit. That would be better.” Tian Ting laughed and released his soul remembrance to find Chen Peng.

Quickly, Tian Ting located Chen Peng’s aura on the peak. 

The mountain peak was pitch black and the only source of light was the hazy moonlight shining through the fog. However, even the moonlight wasn’t able to actually illuminate the top of the Departed World Gates.

Tian Ting’s soul remembrance located Chen Peng and another figure. He discovered that he hadn’t summoned a soul pet and his smile was even deeper.

“It seems that after he subdued Chu Chen, he recalled his soul pets. This is even better. It’ll be easier to kill him!” Tian Ting laughed.

Promptly, Tian Ting increased his speed. He didn’t pay attention to much as he immediately went to kill Chen Peng and Chen Qiang..

These two people had to be killed, but he wouldn’t immediately kill them. Instead, he had to make sure the guards saw him rescue Chu Mu.

“That person… that person seems to be the Battle of the Realm’s youth, Chu Chen. he seems to have been captured by criminals.” The two city guard leaders quickly saw the situation through the darkness on the top of the mountain.

On the top of the mountain, Chu Mu had been completely suppressed by the two spirit emperors’ mental strength. Chen Peng and Cheng Qiang were extremely angry, as they tried to force Chu Mu to summon his soul pets and hand over his spatial ring.

Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t summon his soul pets. As for his spatial ring, Chu Mu had already handed it over.

However, Chen Peng discovered that the orthodox bloodline Hidden Dragon Egg he wanted was not inside. Instead, there were a few random items inside. This made him extremely humiliated and angry!!

“What courage you have. You dare lay a trap here and harm my Tianxia realm’s young expert! You simply aren’t putting me, Tian Ting, into your eyes!!” Tian Ting saw that the moment was very opportune and immediately he let out an angry shout!

His voice had added onto it soul remembrance effect so that it sounded like a clap of thunder. Even the residence in the city would hear it!

The two guard leaders were clearly stunned before they abruptly discovered that Tian Ting had at some point urged his incomparably powerful emperor rank Triumphant Tooth King to kill the two high soul remembrance criminals!!

Chen Peng and Cheng qiang never expected that they would be used as pawns. When they heard Tian Ting’s shout, their expressions drastically changed! Hastily, they summoned their soul pets!!

“Go die!!” Tian Ting obviously wouldn’t give the two of them an opportunity to speak!

A high class emperor’s fighting strength wasn’t something the pseudo emperor rank soul pets of the two of them could match. Chen Peng had just summoned his pseudo monarch when the terrifying Triumphant Tooth King arrived with its suppressing and powerful beast type aura. Its claws that were capable of destroying the mountain ripped apart the curtain of darkness as it fiercely swiped at Chen Peng!! 

Chen Peng rapidly had his pseudo monarch protect him. However, with an entire nine levels of a difference, Chen Peng and his soul pet weren’t even able to let out a miserable scream before transforming into pieces under the black claw wind! 

Chen Peng’s face was the last thing to disappear under the fierce claw. From his pained and shocked face, it was possible to see that even though he died, he never expected his master, Tian Ting, to have done something so ruthless!!

Cheng Qiang saw that the situation was not good and he urged his pseudo emperor to flee!

However, a high class emperor had appeared. Even if Cheng Qiang was considered more tyrannical, he was dead without a doubt. He began to flee while cursing that he had been tricked!

Tian Ting naturally couldn’t let Cheng Qiang die without his corpse remaining. After all, the blame still needed to all be pushed onto his body. Promptly, he ordered the Triumphant Tooth King to kill Cheng Qiang but to leave his full corpse. 

The two leaders immediately saw the head of the four seats, Tian Ting, instantaneously gain control over the situation. They hastily jumped off of the tree and went to check on the state of Chu Mu.


A miserable cry rang out as Tian Ting killed Cheng Qiang in the darkness. Immediately, he tossed his corpse to a relatively conspicuous location.

A smile rose on Tian Ting’s face. He immediately rode on the Triumphant Tooth King back before heading to the pale faced Chu Mu.

“Senior Tian Ting, Chu Chen’s mental strength is a bit weak, but it’s not too bad. Fortunately Senior Tian Ting arrived in time. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare think of the consequences.” the two city guards helped prop up the very weak looking Chu Mu as they spoke respectfully to Tian Ting.

Tian Ting wanted this. Thus, he laughed and nodded his head. He looked at the pale faced Chu Mu and calmly said: “You’re a popular figure right now and if you are so bombastic with your actions, isn’t that just giving criminals the chance to take action? If I had arrived even a bit later, you would have died!”

Tian Ting didn’t care if Chu Mu believed him. As long as someone else believed him that was enough. He took his time to take the spatial ring from Chen Peng and indifferently said: “Did you bring the soul pet egg?”

“No.” Chu Mu responded.

Tian Ting’s expression turned somewhat unsightly. He immediately searched the spatial ring and discovered that there was nothing inside!

He never expected that this brat would truly dare trick him. He really didn’t bring the soul pet egg here!

Since this was the case, Tian Ting could only use hard-handed methods. If the senior elder stopped him again, he would have to get Soul Alliance’s experts to take action!!

“Brat, you truly have a lot of courage. Do you really believe that just because you have a small amount of strength, you’re unrivalled under the heavens? You really are the same as your stupid father who ended up becoming like a dead family’s dog!!” Tian Ting barked.

“Angering the Alliance Master is making an enemy of the entire Soul Alliance! Even a senior elder can only dream of saving you. I’ll ask you once more. Are you going to hand it over?!!”

The two leaders propping up Chu Mu looked at each other, and didn’t know what to do for a moment.

Tian Ting was truly mad now. This brat had disregarded him numerous times now. Did he really believe that with a senior elder he would be able to do as he pleased? Even if a senior elder appeared this time, he still definitely wouldn’t show mercy!!

Chu Mu stared at Tian Ting whose fake and sinister face was fully revealed.

Without a doubt, this had all been arranged by Tian Ting. Right now, Tian Ting had lost all of his patience and really was going to attack him.

“I hate people with too much confidence the most. Chu Chen, since you wish to make the entire Soul Alliance your enemy, you have to pay the price!!” Tian Ting saw that Chu Mu was still ignoring him and his anger grew deeper!

“Make the entire Soul Alliance my enemy?” Chu Mu slowly stood up.

 At this moment, the two confused leaders wanted to support Chu Mu, but they felt an extremely intense ice aura emanate from Chu Mu’s body!!

“Indeed, I do want to make the entire Soul Alliance my enemy! So what?!!” 

Chu Mu’s voice was like icy fire that flew out. Suddenly, an extremely imposing devil flame surged out of Chu Mu’s body. It was like violent wind and surging waves. It was torrential and raging. Its grandeur was strange and shocking!!

The two leaders were unable to react at all. The powerful devil flames immediately spread to their soul pets’ bodies before instantly burning their Ice Winged Tigers to ashes!

The two city guard leaders had faces of astonishment. They weren’t even able to call for help before the devil flames had already spread to their bodies, also burning them to ashes!

In the darkness, Chu Mu who was half-lying on the ground slowly opened his black eyes. Yet, within his eyes was burning a strange devil flame!!

In order to ensure people didn’t expose his half-devil identity, Chu Mu had to silence them by killing them!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!!!”

A demonic and imposing devil flame aura surged towards Tian Ting who wore a savage expression. Tian Ting had just taken one step forward when the enormous energy on Chu Mu’s body forced him back. Even the high class emperor, the savage and fearsome, Triumphant Tooth King, was unable to take half a step near Chu Mu!!

“You!!” Tian Ting was continuously forced back by this energy. There was incomparable terror on his face!!

Even the high class monarch rank Triumphant Tooth King had been completely suppressed by this aura!!!

How strong was the aura surging out of Chu Mu’s body!!

How could twenty-something year old young man have an energy in his body that was capable of forcing back a high class emperor?! Moreover, this was some energy that Tian Ting had never seen before!!

“This… this… this is…” Tian Ting’s eyes grew larger, as he personally witnessed a devil flame that he had never seen before rapidly envelop Chu Mu’s body.

Moreover, Chu Mu right now resembled a statue cast out of mercury. Chu Mu’s eyes were emanating an incomparably demonic light. Looking at it would make one’s body tremble with fear!! 

In this moment, a scene from a long long time ago unexpectedly appeared in Tian Ting’s brain!!

That was also a nightmare burning in white devil flames. But it was several hundred times more terrifying than White Nightmares. It was the world’s most evil creature formed through the merging of a human and Nightmare!!

“Half devil!!!!”

“How is this possible?!!! This is absolutely impossible!!!!”

Tian Ting had witnessed a half devil before at a very young age. Moreover, not too long ago, the half devil in Li City had shocked Tian Ting.

This was a sinful and evil devil that would cause the entire soul pet world to turn pale with fear at its mention!!!

Such a creature, the moment it matured, was the descent of a calamity!!

Tian Ting’s entire being seemed to have descended into a nightmare. He never expected that a young man would be able to transform himself into a half devil!!

“Soul Alliance, there will be one day when I, Chu Mu, will uproot you.” Chu Mu’s different pupils released an evil light as he stared at Tian Ting like he was staring at a dead man. 

“I’ll start with you!!!” 

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