Chapter 567: In Front of An Emperor, Monarchs Are But Bugs

Chapter 567: In Front of An Emperor, Monarchs Are But Bugs 

The destructive wind energy was capable of ripping apart any creature with defense underneath the tenth rank.

Ye Wansheng was wearing merely an eighth rank soul armor that barely had a ninth rank defense. In front of this destructive wind, he was undoubtedly dead. After he was swept up by the destructive wind, he even gave up resisting.

However, just as he felt his body was about to be ripped apart, suddenly something furry swept him up, protecting him. 

The destructive wind force was unable to damage this furry object. Ye Wansheng never expected that he would so mysteriously escape this calamity.

When the destructive wind force had slightly weakened, Ye Wansheng opened his eyes and found a shocking scene!

Several long, dragon-like silver furry creatures were raised up ostentatiously. At the end of each one of them was a wrapped up soul pet that the object was protecting.

The three soul pets of Ye Wansheng, the Sword Beetle, the Flame Tail, and the Purgatory Thunder Monarch, had all been wrapped up by these long tails. They had only suffered light wounds and hadn’t been ripped apart by the destructive wind force!!

Ye Qingzi’s three soul pets, the Water Moon, the Wood Tray Spirit and Bell Noise Concubine, which should have been utterly destroyed in the tenth rank wind type technique due to their weak and small nature, had also been protected by these silver furry powerful objects!

There were a total of nine silver furryo objects, and one that had wrapped up Princess Jin Rou’s Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox!

In other words, nine gorgeous and ostentatious silver objects had come to the protection of everyone’s soul pets. The destructive wind that should have been able to instakill all of them lost its effect!!

“What… what happened?!” Ye Wansheng looked at the furry objects, dumbfounded. Indistinctly, he felt that they were a bit like fox tails!

Ye Qingzi opened her eyes. She had already prepared herself for death, but unexpectedly, the pain never came. Instead, she heard a familiar noise. 

“I didn’t die?” Ye Qingzi said in a low voice.

“The seal has been undone!” Princess Jin Rou revealed a dismal smile on her pale face.

When the destructive wind had attacked, the seal had been forcibly undone, and Princess Jin Rou, who hadn’t been swept up by the destructive wind saw an elegant figure riding on a powerful creature that could ignore the destructive wind energy jump in!

Afterwards, the creature protected the Ye siblings’ soul pets!

“It doesn’t matter who you are. If you’ve come here to seek death, then we’ll oblige you!!” Xia Guanghan’s face was extremely unsightly. He never expected that just when he was about to kill this group of soul pets, the competition authority would arrive.

However, although he was angry, he wasn’t afraid. Unless a tenth rank titled expert appeared, he would be able to kill even a competition authority member!

Qin Ye was someone who wasn’t afraid of anything and he would even kill a competition authority member!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~~”

The turbid air from the destructive wind gradually settled and Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye finally were able to clearly see who this competition authority member who sought his own death was.

However, when they were able to clearly see this person’s face, their eyes began to bulge and their faces were filled with shock!

“Chu… Chu Mu!! Chu Mu!!!!”

Ye Wansheng was the closest to Chu Mu, and he was the first to let out a shout!

Ye Qingzi had already noticed that the owner of the voice was Chu Mu. Right now, her state of mind was hard to describe. She could only stand there, dumbfounded, and watch Chu Mu’s elegant figure from behind...

Princess Jin Rou opened her small mouth, and seemed to be in disbelief!

Chu Mu was still alive!!

Chu Mu had survived from the nearly thousand monarch rank statue guard legion!!!

Regardless of Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, or Princess Jin Rou, their first reaction when they saw Chu Mu was to think that this was an illusion.

However, Chu Mu really was standing in front of them. Standing, full of life, in front of them!

Seeing that Chu Mu was still alive, the three of them were filled with elation, and couldn’t say anything!


 The White Nightmare had discovered that its owner had appeared alive. It let out an incomparably excited shout and used Devil Phantom to quickly arrive in front of Chu Mu.

“Hou hou!!!!!!!!!”

Zhan Ye saw that Chu Mu had appeared, and its strength rose once more. In an incomparably domineering fashion, it forced back the Gold Evil Insect, and jumped a few times until it landed next to Chu Mu.

“You guys did well. Just leave the rest to me and Mo Xie.” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face as he spoke.

As Chu Mu spoke, Zhan Ye and the White Nightmare suddenly discovered that the flames on Mo Xie’s body were completely different than before. An imposing aura was emanating from her flames. If it wasn’t because Mo Xie’s flames allowed them to, it would be very difficult for them to approach!

“Chu Mu, your Mo Xie…”

At this moment, the three people finally realized that the one, so powerful that she could completely ignore the destructive wind energy, who had protected everyone and their soul pets from the tenth rank wind type technique, was unexpectedly Chu Mu’s Mo Xie.

Only, no one was able to recognize Mo Xie’s aura!

Moreover, compared to Mo Xie, the soul pet Chu Mu was controlling was emanating in a sovereign majesty. Its aura and majesty were completely different than the Nine Tail Inferno Fox!

Strength, grace, savagery and evil had perfectly combined into a body. Although the noble pure silver color was the main highlight, there were dark red incomparably gorgeous sin imprints extending from its face to its body. Its nine tails filled with majesty resembled sin imprint chains. This all combined to form this soul pet’s untrammeled, evil and sinful nature!

If the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox was a noble species, then this Seven Sins Fox was truly capable of making countless creatures pledge their service and worship to this sinful evil monarch. In this manner, it considered itself above everyone!

“This… this truly… this truly is Mo Xie?!” Ye Wansheng was stunned!

Purely from its shocking exterior, it was possible to tell that this was a true emperor that had absolute power. It was very difficult it to a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox with strength merely at the ninth phase middle stage - middle class monarch rank. 


After seeing the Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch show itself, Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye were completely stunned!

An emperor rank could be discerned from a monarch rank purely through majesty. Compared to the soul pet in front of them, their peak monarch rank soul pets were simply insects that could only cower in fear. There was no thought of fighting it head on as they cowered in fear besides them...

“How is this possible?!! How is this possible?!! How is this possible?!!” finally, Xia Guanghan who realized what had happened suddenly let out a loud roar.

The reality of Chu Mu still surviving was something Xia Guanghan was just as affected by as Ye Qingzi and the two others!

However, Xia Guanghan wasn’t excited. Instead, this situation caused him to essentially collapse!!

Species mutation!!!

The Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox had unexpectedly species mutated at this moment!!

A single species mutation was an entire rank increase! Perhaps at the servant rank, warrior rank and commander rank, the true meaning of a mutation wouldn’t manifest, but after the monarch rank, a single species mutation would multiply a soul pet’s strength by nearly ten!!

Continuous mutations would allow it to multiply by several tens of times. This was unlimited strength and an absolute soul pet that could even completely surpass all creatures!!

“Xia Guanghan, what happened!! Didn’t you say that his strongest soul pet didn’t surpass the high class monarch?!! Then what is that creature!! Is that thing a high class monarch?!!” Qin Ye went mad as he shouted!!

How could Qin Ye not sense that this was an emperor rank aura in front of him. It even caused all of his soul pets to tremble with fear!

Qin Ye had always loved stealing other people’s perfect soul pets. However, it wasn’t like he didn’t have any self-awareness. This was because in front of this emperor rank soul pet, his peak monarchs had practically turned to trash!

Qin Ye roared at Xia Guanghan, while Xia Guanghan himself was quickly about to go crazy. Hearing Qin Ye flipping at him, he angrily said: “Are you blind?! Could you not see that this is species mutation?! Stop yelling at me. Quickly think of how to deal with this emperor rank soul pet! Otherwise we’re dead!!”

“Species mutation?!! How could something like this happen?!!” Qin Ye was instantly dumbfounded!

One had to know that the chances of species mutation was even lower than encountering an emperor rank soul pet in the wild!

Imagine, going out at dawn to train one’s young soul pets in the outskirts of the wild where there were only one or two phase servant rank soul pets, before ending up encountering a savage tenth phase emperor rank soul pet… the state of one’s emotions in that circumstance was the same as Qin Ye’s current emotions!

As for Xia Guanghan’s emotions, if one had to describe it, it was worse than Qin Ye’s. It was akin to capturing a servant soul pet, and as one was about to sign a soul pact with it and just about to succeed, this servant rank soul pet suddenly transformed into an incomparably tyrannical tenth phase emperor rank. Even the most vulgar words were incapable of describing the feelings attacking his heart!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~”

The remnants of the destructive wind blew at Mo Xie’s gorgeous sinned fur. Mo Xie’s eyes resembled a death god’s as she stared at the pale twitching faced Xia Guanghan!

Even if Xia Guanghan transformed into ashes, Mo Xie would still recognize him!

When they were at the demon’s home, he had used the Heavenly Vine Demon to capture Chu Mu, before using an illusion to forcing her to undo her soul pact with Chu Mu!

At that time, the angry Mo Xie had yearned for strength. She had never wanted strength more than then!

Back then, when she had been firmly restricted, Mo Xie had attempted to incite her blood’s strength and species mutate.

However, she had just mutated not too long ago at Jia City. No matter how badly she yearned for strength, it was impossible to species mutate in such a short period of time.  Especially when it would have been her fighting strength rank increase from the monarch to emperor rank!

Today, the strength she had yearned for had finally arrived! Moreover, the enemy who she had monomaniacally wanted to eradicate had also appeared!

Right now, only Xia Guanghan’s blood could pacify the accumulated flames of anger of the Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Flame Monarch Mo Xie!


“Chu Mu… they have six peak monarchs…” Princess Jin Rou warned Chu Mu.

“In front of an emperor, their six monarchs are all insects!’ said Chu Mu

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