Chapter 588 Part 2: The Competition Wraps Up, Chu Mu Reaps Greatly

Chapter 588 Part 2: The Competition Wraps Up, Chu Mu Reaps Greatly

After leaving the ancient castle, the Sinking Wind Dragon was still vigorously battling the tenth realm defending organisms. Clearly, the previous battles haven’t fully sated the Sinking Wind Dragon’s desires.

Chu Mu told Mo XIe to kill the Pool Beast and extract its innard crystal, and a smile came onto his face.

The tenth realm final honor was his as well, meaning he will have another emperor rank young soul pet!


Chu Mu went back to pitiful appearance and leaped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder.

Chu Mu gently petted her fur. For safety’s sake, Chu Mu didn’t hurriedly retract Mo Xie back to his soul pet space, just letting her sleep on his shoulder.

Chu Mu still had a soul capture ring, so he wasn’t worried whether or not he could bring the sinking wind dragon out. Of course, the trip back was still distant, so they needed the sinking wind dragon to give them a ride.

“Return.” Chu Mu was worried something might happen to Ye Qingzi so he didn’t dare to delay for too long. He carefully stowed away the Holy Stem Flower’s innard, the Pool Beast’s innard, the Immortal Spring Water, and the defector young woman puppet’s spatial ring.

Thinking to the fact that the Immortal Spring Water could raise his little hidden dragon to tenth phase within two years, Chu Mu was again excited, unable to wait any longer to see the little hidden dragon grow swiftly!


Wanxiang City, Blue Tea Tower

A good looking woman slowly glided down the corridor, immediately causing the gardeners to all stare in awe, losing their souls.

These slaves all knew that this Blue Tea Tower had two well-positioned women. One looked like a young woman while the other was a woman at the prime of her youth. The younger woman usually didn’t leave the house, so not many people saw her. This beautiful woman, however, often walked around and her coquettish appearance often caused the servants to lose their minds.

At this moment, seeing the beautiful woman walk by, the gardeners all forgot the work on their hands and stared blankly. Only until the beautiful woman turned the corner into the second floor did the servants slowly regain their senses.

“Ai, one glance in the day, and I can’t sleep easy at night…..” A young gardener said.

“You’re right, even my wife has said I’ve been infatuated recently.” A thirty year old gardener added.

“How I see it, you guys should stop your wishful thinking. I saw her enter the Wanxiang Altar not long ago. I don’t have to say much: those able to enter that altar are all at least soul emperor rank. Us spirit disciples and soldiers with a few plant type flower type soul pets don’t even have the right to speak to her!” The oldest gardener said.

All the other gardeners stared in shock. Spirit emperor rank truly is too far for their reaches.

Speaking of which, this Wanxiang City had a myriad of experts. If not for their special talent keeping them employed, they truly would have a hard time living in this city.

Second floor side room.

The spirit emperor rank beautiful woman lightly pushed open the door, but quickly a strange scene met her.

This room was very large and luxurious, almost full of all sorts of priceless accessories. Many of them were made directly from soul crystals. This was no longer decoration, but a complete display of wealth!

However, all these expensive things were shattered. The entire room was in shambles, with nothing intact anymore.

Tenth rank soul crystals, rainbow glowing elemental agate, the Flame Soul Orb that could give a soul pet fourth energy crystal immediately, and even many emperor rank soul pet innard crystals…..

Now, they were all shattered, becoming worthless!

“Master, this is?” The beautiful woman slowly walked by the young woman sitting alone at the bedside, asking somewhat scared.

From the beautiful woman’s understanding, nothing could truly affect her emotions. Because of this, the beautiful woman could never see through this heavenly looking woman.

However, today’s actions made her seem like a normal girl. She had broken everything in the room. The beautiful woman was secretly surprised, as she wondered what could cause this mysterious young woman, who had incredible composure usually, to feel this angry.

“The matters at Tianxia City have failed.” The young woman slowly turned around. Even after she had released her anger and calmed down a bit, traces of anger still remained in her pupils, hard to cover up.

“No wonder……” the beautiful woman nodded.

The female humphed coldly. If she had failed due to other reasons, she wouldn’t have been this angry. It was because of Chu Mu’s appearance as well as Chu Mu’s words that caused her to completely lose control!

“Send some people to Tianxia realm and find all information on a person called Chu Chen, Chu Mu.” The young woman said.

“Is this person the one who made master angry? Do you want me to get rid of him?” The beautiful woman asked probingly.

“No need, go collect his information and tell me.” The woman said.

She knew that after this event, Chu Mu would be keeping an incredibly low profile. Finding him won’t be simple, especially with soul palace people protecting him. Even if they sent people, it would be hard.

“I will do this well. Speaking of which, shouldn’t you switch your outfit? Though you are naturally beautiful, meeting Shuang Xiong like this may cause them to be suspicious.” the beautiful woman said.

“En, wait for me outside for a second.” the young woman tried her best to adjust her emotions. Yet, when she remembered Chu Mu’s words, and how her plan of six years fell through, she bit down and said to herself again, “Chu Mu, I’ll wait for you in Wanxiang City! Then, you’ll witness true power!”


Tianxia Plaza

The news of Chu Chen returning quickly came back to everyone through informational soul pets.

Though no one truly saw how Chu Chen gained the tenth realm final honor, no one had to guess that Chu Chen definitely was returning loaded with rewards!

With the existence of emperor rank soul pets, who would be able to stop Chu Mu’s footsteps!

“The second tier final honor, first tier final honor both belong to Soul Palace Chu Chen. He’s probably the first in multiple centuries to get two honors, right?”

“Truly, having tenth realm final honor, the ninth realm final honor is nothing. One has to know the ninth realm final honor is just a high class monarch and some soul items. The tenth realm final honor is an emperor rank young soul pet!!”

“Truly unthinkable that the battle of the realm would end up like this. The old men in soul palace are probably laughing their heads off. They gained another limitless potential expert that, in a couple of years, will suppress Nightmare Palace again.”

Everyone knew that people with emperor ranks were very limited. Don’t think that the young generation had many top tier monarchs. Even aside from young generation, many factions brought in experts with top tier monarch ranks oul pets.

However, top tier monarch rank and emperor rank was a great barrier that many couldn’t ever cross.

There are three main reasons for this. The first was that their soul remembrance could’t reach soul emperor. The second was that emperor rank young soul pets were rarer than any treasure. The moment one appeared, soul emperor level experts from everywhere would flow out and fight over it. Those without emperor rank soul pets could almost never win these fights.

Third, their soul pet’s talent was limited. To soul pet trainers, being able to bring their soul pets to tenth phase was already incredibly difficult. Strengthening it to emperor rank was even harder. Not everyone could strengthen their soul pets like Chu Mu was doing it, putting down hundreds of millions!

Conservatively, an emperor rank young soul pet would need one trillion gold. Ask yourself, between feeding all their soul pets, training, buying soul items, and with soul pets dying, how many soul masters could truly save up a trillion gold to buy an emperor rank young soul pet?

In fact, another issue would be buying an emperor rank young soul pet with a trillion gold itself because emperor rank young soul pets were almost exclusively controlled by large factions, unlikely to fall into open hands.

As for catching wild emperor rank soul pets, it was an even bigger dream. Which emperor rank soul pet didn’t have its own territory with tens of thousands of underlings watching?

Soul emperors didn’t even dare to do this, let alone soul masters!!

The strengthening route was similarly hard. Soul items that could truly raise a top tier monarch to emperor rank wouldn't be sold in an market exchange like before. These soul items were often as rare as emperor rank young soul pets!

With such a shortage in emperor rank soul pets, Chu Chen having two would cause anyone to become incredibly jealous!

Of course, if people knew that Chu Mu had a third emperor rank soul pet - little hibernating dragon, who knew how many people stuck at top tier monarch rank would spew blood!


As the center of attention, Chu Mu was feeling great. The Holy Stem Flower innard successfully counteracted the poison in Ye Qingzi. The only downside was that Ye Qingzi’s poisonous symptoms on her face didn’t go away. Only when Ye Qingzi said she could slowly remedy it did Chu Mu let out a big breath of relief.

In the following days, Chu Mu stayed by Ye Qingzi’s side, very rarely not training like a madman anymore. Clearly Ye Qingzi getting poisoned this time made Chu Mu realize her importance.

The poison on Ye Qingzi’s face hadn’t disappeared yet, causing her to be dodgy towards Chu Mu, afraid that Chu Mu would see her in this ugly appearance.

“The honors will be delivered in a few days.” Chu Mu didn’t want to go and take two honors in such a arrogant manner.

He instead decided to give second tier final honor to Ye Wansheng. After all, Ye Wansheng needed the will in the second tier honor.

As for the high class monarch rank soul pet reward, Chu Mu wasn’t interested in it at all. He was simply waiting for the competition to give him the emperor rank young soul pet!

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