Book 2 Chapter 350: Life and Death Chase in the Yellow Sand

Chapter 350: Life and Death Chase in the Yellow Sand

Thirty meters underground, Chu Mu was a bit unaware this time, as he didn’t realize Lu Shanli was in this area. 

Chu Mu knew that these Wind Fairies and Storm Fairies wouldn’t easily let him leave, so Chu Mu continue to stay underground, letting the thirty meters of rock act as a barrier. However, he didn’t know what was going on the surface...

The fatal violent wind roared along the desolate wasteland. The ruins in the wasteland were swept up into the air by this enormous energy; it was omnipotent and brought enormous pressure onto Lu Lishan and the other three.

Lu Lishan firmly grit his teeth, and wished nothing more than to cut this fellow who deliberately made trouble in thousands of pieces.

The number of Wind Fairies and Storm Fairies were so many and these soul pets were all in a two-three meter radius. When they came together, chanted an incantation at the same time and released techniques at the same time, the technique formed would have destruction force that was far more terrifying than other types of soul pet groups.

“Retreat!” finally, Lu Shanli had no choice but to give the order. A dozen ninth rank wind type techniques could rip through the earth, and even if Lu Shanli was stronger, he still wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Furthermore, while fighting against the other type commander, his soul pets’ fighting strength had been damaged.

The other three people were extremely unwilling and they were so angry their eyes were about to spit fire. Yet, they were helpless about the large group of tenth phase wind type soul pets that had come this time. Although they were people that often traversed eighth rank bewildering worlds, without a complete plan for it, it would be extremely hard to kill these wind type soul pets.

Taking advantage of the fact the wind type techniques were still a ways away, the four of them jumped onto their Storm Devil Colts.

Since they had decided to retreat, this group was very decisive and before the technique swept over them, they rapidly left this area. Moreover, they didn’t let themselves suffer any other damage.

Despite the four Nightmare Palace people having fled, the other type soul pet fighting them weren’t as lucky.

This pitch-black other type soul pet frantically ran. However, its speed was visibly incapable of escaping the engulfing wind technique after being wounded. Ultimately, it was swallowed up by several ninth rank wind type techniques. Its tiny body was ravaged by the powerful wind force!

Wind type technique attacks had extremely wide range, especially when several ninth phase techniques overlayed to form a wind calamity. Whatever place it passed over, nothing remained. The broken walls and rocks were even swept up and hovered several meters high in the air.

The wind type soul pets were so angry that they ostensibly vented it all on the surrounding inhabitant soul pets. They unceasingly released techniques and unceasingly caused destruction. They desolated the storm area so badly that the majority of the area practically had nothing left there. The irascible soul pets which were unable to bear the Storm Fairies all fled this place.

Since Chu Mu was thirty meters underground, these wind type soul pets ultimately began to split up and search for the stolen Ancient Wind Spirit thief.

Chu Mu truly had patience and managed to stay underground where there was a lack of air for an entire day.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was a plant type, so when it broke apart the underground, it created enough oxygen for Chu Mu and the soul pets. Of course, the supply was extremely little. Chu Mu guessed that only about two days later, the manufactured oxygen would be incapable of meeting the requirements for Chu Mu and his soul pets to breathe.

Chu Mu himself didn’t know how long it had been, only that it was slowly becoming hard to breathe. Chu Mu also felt it was time to return to the surface.

Chu Mu had the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier send him up. When he reached twenty meters, Chu Mu sent out his soul remembrance to scout out the surrounding state of affairs to make sure there were no wind type soul petes. After doing so, he finally crawled up to the surface and saw the light again.

“This group of wind type soul pets was honestly terrifying!” when Chu Mu returned to the ground, he was no longer on the ground. The Ancient Wasteland City had been a large set of ruins with a large amount of unchecked undergrowth. However, at the moment, it could no longer even be called a wasteland; instead, it was closer to a scattered mess after a calamity.

Everywhere was clouded hazy while the violent and biting cold wind continued to beat against him. Looking at the surroundings, Chu Mu could imagine how terrifying it was when these soul pets were gathered together and angry. Everything in a range of 1000 meters had been completely overturned...

Chu Mu knew that these wind type soul pets could still be around and didn’t remain. He recalled his Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King, and summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast. He went directly towards the place he had entered the ancient city at.

Upon leaving this area, Chu Mu could clearly feel an aura of storm in the surrounding, These wind type soul pets obviously hadn’t given up and when Chu Mu rode on his soul pet nearby as he passed them, these wind type soul pets let out angry shouts. They gathered the other wind type soul pets and followed behind Chu Mu.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s running speed would make them tired. At the beginning, these Wind Fairies and Storm Fairies were still able to keep up, but as it picked up speed, these soul pets were gradually left behind.

Chu Mu didn’t pause at all and was as fast as lightning. As long as he could leave this ancient city, the 100 million reward would be his!

As he travelled, Chu Mu didn’t meet any obstacles and easily passed through the gap that he entered the ancient city through.

After leaving, Chu Mu let out a long sigh of relief. This 100 million bounty was too difficult; including the four Nightmare Palace people from before, the mission they were going to complete before identically wasn’t easy. It seemed that after he returned, Chu Mu felt that he needed to negotiate the reward with that Moushan person. 

Chu Mu had successfully captured the Ancient Wind Fairy into his soul capture ring not long after dragging it underground. After putting away the ring, Chu Mu took out the Ancient Wasteland map and searched for his location.

“Da da da da da~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, a series of very soft horse hooves came from afar!

The sound was rapid in the distance and made Chu Mu feel as if it was just his imagination. However, Chu Mu had heard it very distinctly.

“It seems to be the sound of Storm Devil Colts?” Chu Mu’s detection ability was extremely acute and he quickly realized that one of the four Nightmare Palace members could be 4 meters away from him in the sand!

When Chu Mu had attracted those wind type soul pets, he didn’t realize that he had screwed over Lu Shanli’s plan. It wasn’t until the anger of those wind type soul pets caused Lu Shanli’s party of people who were purportedly his accomplices to use powerful ninth rank techniques that Chu Mu realized Lu Shanli was still in the area.

In reality, Lu Shanli had also diverted the attention of these scattered wind type soul pets, otherwise they wouldn’t have so easily dispersed. 

“Could this Lu Shanli have deliberately waited for me outside the city?” Chu Mu murmured to himself.

The Storm Devil Colt gradually approaching was definitely nearby and was very likely summoning the other people!


Before long, the unconcealed sounds of a speedy devil army could be heard. It was Lu Lishan and the three others!

“Night, leave this place. The faster the better!” Chu Mu didn’t realize he would provoke Lu Shanli and his heart promptly sank. He had the Night Thunder Dream Beast try and leave this place as fast as possible.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed was already increasing; the moment it broke out into a run, it was as fast as lightning and practically instantly disappeared from its original location.

“Senior Lu, you are truly wise. You knew that the person who messed things up was still inside the ancient city. Hmph, he dares to play tricks on us. We must make him know the power of Nightmare Palace!”

“I’ll use my Blue Nightmare to slowly burn his soul and have him know how stupid it was to offend our Senior Lu!” a few of them began speaking ruthlessly.

Lu Lishan’ sparty of four had spent a long time preparing in order to obtain this other type soul pet’s crystal. Yet, just as they were about to succeed at the very end, it was screwed up by someone. This resentment was truly hard to erase and even Lu Shanli, who was very capable at remaining calm, even felt clear anger on his face!

“I’ll catch up to him first. Follow as fast as you can!” Lu Shanli saw the other party's speed was very fast and if he ran at the same speed as the others, they would easily be left behind.

“Senior Lu, this isn’t too safe for you?” said the birthmark soul pet trainer. If Lu Shanli chased by himself, he would fight against the opponent by himself for a period of time. If the opponent was very strong,it would be extremely unfavorable for Lu Shanli.

A cold sneer rose on Lu Shanli’s face. He didn’t say anything more and instantly had his Storm Devil Colt use an increase speed technique!

Black chaotic wind coiled around the Storm Devil Colt. This force slowly formed a special black current of air that unceasingly augmented its speed!

After this technique was used, Lu Shanli’s Storm Devil Colt slowly pulled open a lead with the other three peoples’ soul pets, chasing after the black figure at extreme speed in the distance!

In the chaotic sandy wind, Chu Mu unceasingly urged on the Night Thunder Dream Beast as he could feel Lu Shanli’s Storm Devil Colt slowly approach bit by bit!

In terms of speed, the Night Thunder Dream Beast was absolutely faster than the Storm Devil Colt while running at night. Especially when using Reaching for the Midnight Moon, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed would increase by 4 times and could maintain this.

If it wasn’t because this special technique of the Night Thunder Dream Beast, it being lower by an entire phase would be caught up by Lu Shanli’s eighth phase high stage Storm Devil Colt in a few minutes.

“Young master, let me change your appearance first.” Old Li knew that Chu Mu had to maintain two separate identities now. This face was one Lu Shanli presumably recognized and in order for unnecessary trouble, changing his appearance was essential. 

Old Li’s appearance change technique was of standard, and quickly his face slightly changed. He looked even more gentle and charming...

Chu Mu looked back and Lu Shanli was merely four meters away!

The moment Lu Shanli caught up, he would be in a deep crisis. Chu Mu absolutely had to think of a method of breaking free of Lu Shanli’s chase.

“Hmph, it turns out you’re only some scoundrel!” Lu Shanli quickly determined the phase of Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast and a sneer rose on his face!!

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