Book 2 Chapter 2 - Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon VS Mysterious Unknown Creature

Chapter 2: Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon VS Mysterious Unknown Creature

“Ao Wu!!!”

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s angry roar unceasingly reverberated around Prison Island. Standing next to this enormous creature, Chu Mu felt as if his eardrums were about to be blown apart!!

The cyan colored horizon had, at some unknown time, been covered by numerous clouds, which completely obstructed the view of this cyan gem.

Like a tide, the clouds surged about in the sky, and they extended all the way in the distance to where the sky and ocean converged.

As for the thing that suddenly appeared in the clouds, it was an extremely large silhouette that was faintly discernable. It had two wings that hung like clouds. A mere light flap of its wings could cause a terrifying gale to permeate throughout prisoner island!!!

Prisoner Island’s weather was always quite mild, and it was rare for a catastrophic storm to appear. However, as this mysterious creature approached, the cloud layer became increasingly dense, increasingly compressed, and increasingly agitated!!

The cyan colored sky shot forth rays of cyan into the ocean. However, currently, the sky and the ocean were covered by this dense cloud layer. From far off in the distance, an irascible gale blew along the ocean level. Torrential ocean water violently surged against the solitary Prisoner Island!

Disoriented, when Chu Mu lifted his head, what he saw in front of him was already a black imposing horizon!!


The reckless storm on the ocean began to scream in the turbid environment. The gigantic waves surged layer after layer, and the tip of these waves pressed near the black clouds!!

“Yao!! Yao!!!”

A soul penetrating sound descended from the spiral in the sky as its shouts resounded again. In the midst of the imposing black clouds, ten white lightning bolts suddenly ripped apart the darkness!!

The lightning was like a wild dancing dragon. Malevolent and arrogant, it rushed headlong between the low hanging clouds and the black colored sea!!!

“Ao Huo!!!”

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon seemed to have been thoroughly infuriated. Its two enormous, cyan colored wings which were still adhered with white colored cloud silk, abruptly spread apart. Its powerful legs crouched down before immediately leaping 100 meters high!!

Its gigantic cyan body rapidly approached the oppressing black layer of clouds. In a split second, bolt after bolt of terrifying lightning streaked by, striking the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s mountain-like cyan colored body!!

These few tens of lightning bolts weren’t able to pierce through the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s thick defensive armor. Facing the violent strikes of lightning, its body entered the sky covered in black clouds.

The ocean continued to churn. Prison Island, isolated in the ocean, began to shake a bit under the turbulence of the ocean water. It seemed like it would submerge into the vast, black body of water at any time.

Lifting his head and facing the black horizon, Chu Mu could feel waves of enormous energy explode out from above the cloud. It was the most terrifying form of lightning type strength that could even rival a natural disaster!

A strange stirring suddenly appeared in the black layer of clouds!

A cyan colored silhouette suddenly shot down out of the clouds. It abruptly beat its wings once and glided under the black sea of clouds before entering another black cloud!!

In the next moment, a large purple gold feather emerged from under the black cloud. Yet, it only revealed a tiny portion of a figure before quickly disappearing again in the black clouds. It was impossible to see its true identity!


A loud rumbling sound suddenly exploded in the clouds, revealing the cyan colored sky as well as the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s enormous body[1.Raws say 红龙 (red dragon) but it should be 轰隆 (rumbling)]!!

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon seemed to have suffered from a serious attack. From high in the sky, it fell down with its wings folded like a cyan colored meteor streaking across the horizon!

“Hong Long Long!!”

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon resolutely slammed into the basin on Prisoner Island. Instantly, the entirety of Prisoner Island violently shook. That basin immediately sank down in the chaos, and it was completely obliterated!

“Ao Huo!!!”

The over one thousand meter fall didn’t deal any damage to the powerful ancient Hidden Dragon, and it suddenly stood up in the scattered and smashed basin. Angrily, it lifted its head and spat out an energy wrapped in a cyan colored radiance!!

The cyan body of energy short forth at a very slow speed. From a distance it felt like it was slowly floating into the black sky.

However, when the cyan light entered the clouds, the world went silent. A dazzling and glorious cyan radiance broke through the confines of the black clouds as if it was dispelling the clouds to see the sun. It illuminated the sky above the island, and it shed forth thousands of cyan light rays onto the restless ocean!


Above the clouds, the mysterious powerful creature had clearly suffered a wound from the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, and it let out a pained screech!!!


However, after the pained screech, an angry and deafening cry rang out!!!

The black colored clouds were suddenly heated red and, a split second later, an exceptionally elegant fire lotus blossomed above the black clouds. Quickly, the blaze ignited the entire cloudy sky!

“Flaming Domain Heavenly Meteor!!”

As he watched the stunning soul pet battle from below, there was never a moment where Chu Mu’s heart was calm. Currently, the field of view captured by his black eyes was covered by the fire technique released by the mysterious creature!!

Ultimate fire technique, Flaming Domain Heavenly Meteor!!

A rising, sun-like meteor appeared in the sky. Its gaudy red colored blaze dyed everything in red. Even though it was far away, he could still feel the terrifying heat!

The Flaming Domain Meteor fell straight down from the sky, outlining a gorgeous flaming track in between the heavens and earth; it ostensibly split both the heavens and earth vertically in half!


The Flaming Domain Heaven Meteor summoned a terrifying heat wave that engulfed the entirety of Prisoner Island and horrendously bombarded the basin where the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was!

The basin was no longer recognizable. The bombardment of such an enormous meteor transformed the entire basin into an abyss!!

A fight between two godlike creatures caused the entire Prison Island to violently shake.

Be it a small creature, or a powerful mountain range overlord, every creature felt as if it was facing Judgement Day as they fled, terrified.


At the very summit of the mountain, a Devil Tiger covered in multi-colored veined patterns stood proudly. It raised its head and gazed attentively at the black clouds that seemed within reach!

At the bottom of the lofty mountain, myriads of soul pets fled in disarray and let out panicked shouts. They fled in each and every direction, without knowledge of where exactly to run to. It seemed like there was no safe place on Prison Island.

Wing type soul pet groups flew at low altitudes, and had already flown into the distant ocean.

Countless soul pets, demonic beasts, tree creatures, demons, winged birds, and giant insects saw them fly past them. However, Chu Mu knew that this was Prison Island. No matter how much they fled, they would still feel the fight between the two great creatures.

Chu Mu stood in the same place from the very beginning. The incredibly shocking scene made his heart tremble; simultaneously, something in his body fiercely burned!!

Chu Mu didn’t enjoy watching from below. He further didn’t wish to become like the weak beasts and creatures beside him. When powerful beings fought, he could only be a pitiful, weak person with nowhere to hide.

Chu Mu was born in Wangluo City, which was a rich city. The family clan Chu Mu was born into was a prestigious one. However, no matter how much one experienced in a city or a clan, they couldn't begin to understand the epiphany within the heart that arose from experiencing first hand, on this quaking island, two soul pets battling with their world-altering powers!

“Mo Xie, there will eventually be a day when we will be like them. With one wave of our hands, the earth will sink and the cloudy skies will change!” Chu Mu watched the sky endlessly change colors and used an extremely dull, but resolute tone as he spoke.


Without the slightest hesitation, Mo Xie gave Chu Mu a most assured answer!

Chu Mu knew that soul pets at the level of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon would not easily make soul pacts with humans. The small cyan bug had stayed next to him, but only because it was in a transformed state. Once it emerged from the pupa and soared into the sky, Chu Mu could do nothing else but stare at it from a distance!

The journey he had to walk was still very long. Right now, why not just stand on the ground and look up at the firmament high above? There would eventually be a day when he stood on the clouds and squared off against a controlled super soul pet, fighting to his heart's content! Stunning the whole heavens and the earth, confounding the oceans and the seas!

This extremely stunning fight continued to persist. Prisoner Island had already been split into numerous teetering small islands in the great ocean because of the fighting of the two great soul pets.

The black colored horizon continued to reduce the world to darkness. Only when pale flashes of lightning streaked chaotically across the heavens and earth would it illuminate the vast and disorderly battlefield.

The battle had already extended to the ocean. The two great soul pets caused earth-shattering effects, and time after time, Prison Island’s land was swallowed up.


The mysterious creature that stayed from beginning to end in the clouds let out a bird-like cry, and its body stunningly shot up from underneath the ocean. As it reached the tip of the tsunami, it charged up into the depths of the clouds!

A moment later, the battered Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon suddenly flew out at sea level.

This time, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t chase the mysterious creature that had flown away. Rather, it flapped its wings and shakily flew towards Chu Mu’s location.

This fight started during the day and by the time it had ended, it was already late at night!

As the mysterious creature flew further away, the black horizon gradually dissipated, and the world slowly calmed!!

Under the shining moonlight and hazy starlight, the dark cyan body stuck close to the surface of the sea, gradually growing closer and larger.

“Ao Huo~~”

Finally reaching the island, the ostensibly undefeatable Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon descended next to Chu Mu, while cyan blood continually dripped from its body.

Chu Mu jumped onto the shattered rocks and stared at the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. From this powerful soul pet’s eyes, Chu Mu could discern the pride it garnered from victory; however, behind this proudness lay a hidden, extreme exhaustion….

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