Book 2 Chapter 199 - Mass Kill, Severe Towering Ice

Chapter 199: Mass Kill, Severe Towering Ice

Chu Mu was clearly straining to deal with them all. Qing Li and the others were similarly not hopeful. As for the teen experts of Elemental Sect, because they didn’t have the experience of group fighting, one of them already let one of their soul pets die against the Crafty Rock Guard group.

A soul pet trainer had to be very cautious in battle, especially in such a chaotic group battle.

If a soul pet was defeated, it was acceptable. After all, as long as one had soul power, one could trade a soul pet with more energy in to continue battle. Yet, if a soul pet died, not only was one’s soul hurt, but one was also missing a fighting soul pet, losing lots of his strength.

Of the five people’s soul pets, the most powerful was Qing Li’s eighth phase third stage Purple Lightning Devil.

The Purple Lightning Devil was at the eighth phase strengthened commander rank. Its defense was already not something that these Crafty Rock Guards could penetrate, but this Purple Lightning Devil was surrounded by over fifty seventh phase mid stage Crafty Rock Guards. If he didn’t get rid of them, he won’t be able to escape easily.

Six hundred crafty rock guards, and the five people summoned a total of fifteen soul pets. It could be said that almost every soul pet had to face forty Crafty Rock Guards. Only the likes of  Qing Li’s Purple Lightning Devil, King Kong Raging Flame, Ice Winged Tiger, and Zhang Qin’s Raging Flame Demon, Rare Blood Beast, and Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal Fairy could possibly withstand this.

The other three were all young generation members. Their strongest soul pets were seventh phase high stage strengthened elemental commander ranks. Their soul pets combatting strength couldn’t be as powerful as Qing Li and Zhang Qin’s, so they were quickly heavily wounded in the mixed battle.

The changing of soul pets was getting more frequent, and the three young generation experts were looking more and more miserable. Qing Li and Zhang Qin were also unbearably selfish, only caring for themselves and not coming to help them relieve pressure…...


A near ten meter wide huge rock made a huge shadow and suddenly fell from a high place.

Zeng Linshan’s Ice Air Fairy was still chanting an incantation when its mysterious ice covered body was hit by this rock, sending it straight from the walkway to the bottom of the mountain, making contact with the steep mountain several times while rolling, before finally disappearing into the depths!

Zeng Linshan stared helplessly as his Ice Air Fairy fell the thousand meter distance, and his face turned pale as a sheet.

“My Ice Air Fairy…...My Ice Air Fairy……” Zeng Linshan was only an Elemental Sect expert that was relatively famous within Colored Sky City. A high talent seventh phase middle stage Ice Air Fairy was the means with which he could exceed his peers. Just dying off the mountainside like that, Zeng Linshan’s heart was like it was pierced with daggers!

The break of this soul pact immediately hurt Zeng Linshan’s soul. While Zeng Linshan had trouble fighting with three soul pets, now it was worse with two.

Unknowingly, Zeng Linshan had already been devoured by the surging tide. No matter how Zeng Linshan changed his soul pets, he couldn’t escape the fate of dying…...



Chu Mu’s status wasn’t too optimistic either. Chu Mu put all his soul power on casting soul techniques, and he didn’t plan on switching soul pets. After all, no matter if it was the Devil Tree Battle Soldier or the Night Thunder Dream Beast, neither could handle the current situation. As for the white nightmare, Chu Mu had to keep him, or else when danger truly came, Chu Mu himself would die too.


Even with the protection of Chu Mu, there were still many massive wounds on the Ice Air Fairy’s body, causing the naïve Ning to become angry.


A fifteen meter long rock cylinder scarily appeared in front of Ning’s face. Ning was just angrily chanting when he realized the danger, and immediately planned on giving up the incantation.

“Continue to chant.” Chu Mu sent the command to his Ice Air Fairy.


Ice Air Fairy let out a moment of hesitation, but it didn’t hesitate for long, continuing its incantation for the Ice Sword Formation.

After casting the spell, twenty three Mysterious Crystal Ice Swords quickly gathered and hung diagonally on the mountain walls.

Almost at the same instant that the Ice Air Fairy finished the Ice Sword Formation, the rock spike came within ten meters of the Ice Air Fairy!

It didn’t even take a second for the spike to cover ten meters. When the Ice Air Fairy felt a terrifying energy approach, its mental concentration immediately slipped, and ten swords fell down because of this.

Yet just as the rock spike was about to hit, Chu Mu swiftly appeared before the Ice Air Fairy with an already dissipating Wind Dragon Bind swirling around him.

As if he was bedrock, Chu Mu stood in front of his Ice Air Fairy, watching emotionlessly at the incoming ten rock spikes, revealing no emotions in his eyes.


The Ten five meter long rock spikes was an unimaginable power for human-kind. When the rock spikes hit Chu Mu, they immediately exploded. The powerful impact sent Chu Mu back a few steps.

The Mysterious Ice Armor he just put on himself immediately shattered, and the retreated Chu Mu had also hurt his internal organs with this blast, having some blood leak out his mouth corners…...

“No matter what attack you’re facing, don’t panic.” Chu Mu wiped off the blood on his mouth and said to his Ice Air Fairy behind him.


Seeing its owner get hurt for it, the Ice Air Fairy let out a murmur, feeling sorry for the ten swords it accidentally let go of.

“Continue fighting.” Chu Mu didn’t say more, telling his Ice Air Fairy to send the last thirteen swords towards incoming Crafty Rock Guards.


Ning’s emotions had a major ripple after Chu Mu’s actions. Its snow white pupils suddenly radiated a cold blue light, and the Mysterious Crystal Armor shed off of its body, revealing its exquisitely made body.


Ning again let out a long call, and the blue and cold energy within its body slowly came out, lighting its body up in an ice blue color. Immediately, an even purer, colder, and severe ice type crystal came out from the Ice Air Fairy’s body.

“Towering Ice Crystal?” Chu Mu stared blankly, surprised at the ice blue glow that was forming on the Ice Air Fairy.

The Ice Snow Fruit’s main effect was to let a soul pet grasp an energy crystal. Before, when the Ice Air Fairy hit seventh phase first stage, Chu Mu could feel the Ice Air Fairy’s body was brewing up the seeds of a Towering Ice Crystal. According to Chu Mu’s estimates, if it grew a few more stages, his Ice Air Fairy would be able to control Towering Ice.

What Chu Mu didn't think was that his Ice Air Fairy would actually grasp it right now!!

The incantation started, and Ning directly gave up its control of the Ice Sword Formation and used two seconds of Elemental Willpower and finished the incantation for Cold Crushing Mark!

Seven ice magic hoops suddenly appeared and, without the seventh phase middle stage Crafty Rock Guards having any chance of reacting, the ice hoops fell upon them!

Blue white Towering Ice covered them, completely freezing the bodies of these seventh Crafty Rock Guard bodies!




Seven ice magic hoops concentrated at one point and seven sounds appeared, rendering the seven Crafty Rock Guards into ice shards and rocks!!


The effects of the Towering Ice made the Cold Crushing Mark even stronger, instantly killing the seven seventh phase middle stage Crafty Rock Guards!!

Looking at the shattered ice shards and rocks floating around in front of him, Chu Mu’s surprise slowly transformed into joy. Towering Ice- his Ice Air Fairy finally controlled Towering Ice!!


Towering Ice Ice Sword Formation! Two second casting time!

In the entire process, the eight Crafty Rock Guards in front of it simultaneously casted rock type techniques, attacking the Ice Air Fairy frantically as it was chanting an incantation.

“Elemental Willpower!”

Facing the eight Crafty Rock Guard’s attacks, Ning was still chanting its fairy incantation, allowing all the attacks from the Crafty Rock Guards to land on its body.

The Ice Air Fairy’s ice skin already had Towering Ice Skin, reaching near eighth rank in defense. Such a defense wasn’t something a few seventh phase middle stage unstrengthened Crafty Rock Guards could break.

The flying rocks only left thin cracks on the Ice Air Fairy, yet as the Ice Air Fairy was being attacked, it still finished the Towering Ice Ice Sword Formation incantation!

The blue white massive swords floated in the air. As the cold air spread, it almost froze the nearby hundred meters of mountains!

Its thin hand lightly waved, and the Ice Air Fairy controlled the twenty three Towering Ice Swords towards the eight seventh phase middle staged Crafty Rock Guards in front of it!


The incantation finished in an instant. While the twenty three towering ice ice swords were still in midair, another twenty three appeared above the Ice Air Fairy, following the previous swords!

“Peng!!! Peng!!!!! Peng!!!!!!!!”

The eight Crafty Rock Guards formed a thick rock wall, but these rock walls couldn’t possibly stop the attack of the forty six ice swords. After they shattered, the eight Crafty Rock Guards were sent flying down the thousand meter peak.

After finishing up the eight Crafty Rock guards, the Ice Air Fairy and Chu Mu’s pressure was greatly relieved. The rest of the Crafty Rock Guards couldn’t easily come near Ning, who could almost instantly kill them with ice type techniques!


“How did that bastard Zeng Linshan say that the Ice Air Fairy was only sixth phase ninth stage and controlled only advanced Mysterious Crystal?!” Qing Li bit down hard and said fiercely.

From Qing Li’s perspective, he could perfectly see Chu Mu and his Ice Air Fairy a hundred meters away, but he didn't see the Ice Air Fairy evolve into basic Towering Ice. He did, however, see the Ice Air Fairy kill a group of Crafty Rock Guards with one ice type technique.

Seventh phase first stage and able to deal with forty seventh phase Crafty Rock Guards. From Qing Li’s perspective, it wasn’t an Ice Air Fairy, as its ice type talent was very close to some low quality monarch ranks!

“Zeng Linshan, where did Zeng Linshan die to![1.TL: Idiom meaning “where did he **** go”, but is a pun made by author in this case]” Qing Li roared angrily.

“Boss, Zeng Linshan already died……” The teen constantly hiding beside Qing Li and Zhang Qin said.


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