Chapter 197: 800 Crafty Rock Guards!

Chapter 197: 800 Crafty Rock Guards!

“Chase him!!” Qing Li coldly laughed and lead the charge on his Ice Winged Tiger. He chased after the nine silver tails along the incomparably precipitous mountain.

Zhang Qin followed behind. The soul pet he rode remained the eighth phase Rare Blood Beast. This Rare Blood Beast’s movements were extremely agile, and it closely followed behind Qing Li.

“Qing Li, if I didn’t see incorrectly, that brat should be riding a Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox!” Zhang Qin’s gaze was fixated on the silver soul pet continuously jumping a hundred meters above them and he spoke to Qing Li with a steady voice.

Qing Li’s expression wasn’t good either. He wasn’t some ignorant person as well; the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, as a soul pet that surpassed commanders, had an extremely terrifying fighting strength that rivalled monarchs, and Qing Li had previously slightly underestimated Chu Mu’s strength.

“Kill him first and talk later!” harrumphed Qing Li. He slowly chanted an incantation, adding the Dragon Wind Ride’s effects onto the Ice Winged Tiger, increasing its speed a bit.

“Ok, but be careful. I’m afraid that the brat has some tricks up his sleeve.” warned Zhang Qin.


Mo Xie’s jumping speed was extremely quick. Without any obstructions, she would quickly reach the plankway where the previous fight was at.

The plankway was full of traces of destruction. Through the natural aura of Ye Qingzi’s Wood Tray Spirit, she hid inside a piece of caved in rock. When Chu Mu passed by the plankway, he intentionally glanced at the location Ye Qingzi was hiding in, specially instructing her not to appear.

The rock Ye Qingzi was hidden in had a fissure. Through this fissure, she could see Chu Mu pass by riding on Mo Xie fifty meters away, rushing to an even higher location on the mountain peak.

Ye Qingzi bit her lip, and a bit of uneasiness rose in her heart. After all, it was too dangerous for Chu Mu to do things like this...

When Chu Mu flew past her, another five figures quickly jumped past Ye Qingzi. All five of their attentions were fixated on Chu Mu, and they completely missed Ye Qingzi, who was hidden in the disheveled plankway.

“Zeze, it’s good that we weren’t discovered.” Old Li who was curled up next to the rock crevice slowly stretched out his body, and swept his gaze at the Elemental Sect people gradually growing further away. A devious smile arose on his leopard cat face.


“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

A biting gale whistled in his ears and blew on his face like cold blades sweeping past.

The Heavenly Crystal Peak was five thousand meters up. Chu Mu and Mo Xie were currently at the three-four thousand meter mark, and they had already entered the cloud layer.

The mist wasn’t very concentrated, and when Chu Mu looked down, he could still see the chasing figures of the Elemental Sect members.

Chu Mu intentionally had Mo Xie slow down a bit, and he waited for Qing Li and the others to catch up slightly. After that, he had Mo Xie immediately jump again, entering the Ghost King’s territory!

The Ghost King’s territory identically was a plankway. However, the plankway was about ten meters wide, and seemingly winded around the mountain peak, forming a stairway three to four thousand meters up the mountain peak. Heading further up would yield an even thinner and lofty mountain peak. When one looked up, the only thing one would see would be the dense black clouds; the mountain peak was no longer visible.

Chu Mu swept his eyes through, and he quickly found a cave three hundred meters away from the plankway. Presumably, that Ghost King from just now was inside that cave.

“Go over.” Chu Mu intentionally had Mo Xie go near the Ghost King’s territory.

Mo Xie had a lot of courage. With a brash mannerism, she rushed forth, her nine tails dancing on the plankway...

Very soon, the pursuing people also appeared on the plankway. When they saw Chu Mu ahead of them, they didn’t ponder too long and rode their soul pets in pursuit.

“Hmph, let’s see where you’ll flee to!” the Ice Winged Tigers extended and flew in front of Mo Xie, cutting of Chu Mu’s path.

Zhang Qin followed behind, his eighth phase Rare Blood Beast rushed to the edge of the plankway, not giving Chu Mu an opportunity to jump off the plankway. The other three were behind, blocking Chu Mu’s path of retreat.

“Run, I’m only finding a fitting place to fight.” Chu Mu swept his eyes over the five people and spoke calm and collectedly.

“Originally you didn’t have to die, but if you’re meddlesome like this, then you’re courting death!” an imposing killing intent flashed through Qing Li’s eyes. The Ice Winged Tiger under him instantly let out a berserk tiger shout!

The Ice Winged Tiger’s roar possessed an exceptionally powerful intimidation force. It further transformed into a violent rush of wind that smacked into Chu Mu’s face. The dregs of rocks on the plankway smashed into the wall...

“Don’t waste time, get rid of him.” Zhang Qin glanced at Chu Mu. From what he saw, aside from the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox that was hard to deal with, the other two soul pets of Chu Mu weren’t special. In his heart, his guess from earlier was probably him overthinking things.

Chu Mu coldly stood there. The Water Screen Armor Ye Qingzi added onto his body continuously emitted a water-like lustre.

Chu Mu had already summoned Zhan Ye which, when it appeared from the summoning pattern, had a mysterious crystal armor added onto it by the Ice Air Fairy.

The mysterious crystal armor’s effects allowed Zhan Ye’s defense to reach the late seventh stage. Under this defense further adding on Zhan Ye’s tenacious life force, unless it was a technique that approached the ninth rank, it was impossible to directly kill Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye was only at the sixth phase first stage. When Chu Mu summoned it, a smile of contempt emerged on the five Elemental Sect members’ faces. A sixth phase commander rank soul pet, in their opinions, was essentially trash. It simply wouldn’t be of any threat to them.

“Kill!” coldly said Qing Li. The Ice Winged Tiger lead the pack as it pounced. Its incomparably sharp claws abruptly swept apart the sky as its Shattering Claw force ruthlessly approached!

The space and mountain rampart began to shatter. Mo Xie’s tails gave a light sweep. Her body, under the silver colored Nine Tailed Conceal, teleported to an adjacent location. The Shattering Claw resolutely fell upon the mountain, smashing the mountain!

“What good is it if your dodging ability is strong!” coldly laughed Qing Li. They had a total of five people. Each person summoning one soul pet was enough to take his life!

Zeng Linshan still summoned his Ice Air Fairy; however, his Ice Air Fairy’s aura was evidently already weaker than Chu Mu’s Ning.

Ning had reached the seventh phase, and its ice type control ability which surpassed peak commanders was enough to look down upon the elemental world soul pets of these few people. Even if it was facing three elemental soul pets, it still manifested an imposing grandeur!

“Frozen Rain!” a bit of jealously had already arisen within Zeng Linshan, and he angrily had his Ice Air Fairy use an ice type technique.

Zeng Linshan’s Ice Air Fairy began chanting the incantation. The Frozen Rain incantation wasn’t long, and it was quickly completed.

However, just as the incantation was finished, Zeng Linshan suddenly detected a pair of eyes that appeared on the rock next to him. This pair of eyes was fixated on his Ice Air Fairy, and was letting out terrifying hostility!

The eyes had suddenly appeared and were embedded in the rock wall. There wasn’t even a distance of five meters between it and Zeng Linshan and this strange phenomenon instantly made his face greatly change.

“Pu pu~~~~~~”

The mountain rampart suddenly split apart. A claw nearly half a meter long extended out of the mountain rampart. The moment Zeng Linshan’s Ice Air Fairy completed the incantation, it fiercely ripped apart its chest. Instantly, the mysterious crystal ice armor fell to the ground. The Ice Air Fairy was knocked flying, and it smashed into a piece of rock on the plankway.

“What is that?!!” Zeng Lingshan’s let out a fearful cry. His face was full of fear as a plethora of eyes suddenly appeared in the mountain rampart next to him!

The eyes on the mountain rampart grew increasingly many as if it was like a mural full of eyes. QIng Li and Zhang Qin had just launched attacks at Chu Mu’s soul pets when they were promptly met with claw attacks that extended from the mountain, startling them into hastily calling their soul pets back.

Several hundreds of eyes had appeared, and the mountain became like sludge. Brownish colored rock bodies pulled out of the sludge wall...

The first wave of Crafty Rock Guards that appeared were on the mountain wall. There were a total of 50 Crafty Rock Guards.

When this group of Crafty Rock Guards climbed the mountain wall and gathered their gazes on the intruders, another group of numerous eyes appeared on the mountain rampart and rocks. They were closely packed and numbered even more than the first wave!

The lofty and precipitous mountain rampart had already changed form. Over a hundred Crafty Rock Guards pulled their bodies out, emerging from different stairs, or perhaps they were suspended in the air, standing up, or climbing. Very soon, they surrounded the intruders in an impenetrable circle.

“Crafty Rock Guards. Why are there so many?!” Zhang Qin’s expression changed. It very clearly had been Chu Mu’s intent to lead them to this Crafty Rock Guard territory!

“It’s nothing alarming.” Qing Li coldly snorted. His expression was cold and to him, one to two hundred Crafty Rock Guards were nothing to be afraid of. After all, these Crafty Rock Guards, even if they were at the sixth or seventh phase, if they hadn’t undergone strengthening, their fighting strength definitely could not compare with the soul pet trainers’ soul pets.

“Senior Qing Li, there seems… there seems to be more…” Zeng Linshan’s face was already pale. The scariest thing about doing things in the wild absolutely was not encountering a soul pet that was too hard to defeat. Instead, it was mistakenly entering some soul pet group’s territory. Right now, they had evidently entered the territory of these Crafty Rock Guards...

Indeed, the surging appearance of the Crafty Rock Guards didn’t stop. When the second wave of over a hundred Crafty Rock Guards emerged under and above the plankway, the third wave’s number of even more Crafty Rock Guards glared at them from the mountain rampart with their eyes filled with hostility!

At least two hundred eyes. The two hundred eyes were fixated on one area and closely stared at them, promptly causing the few Elemental Sect members to feel their blood run cold!

Two hundred Crafty Rock Guards had separated from the mountain causing the side of the mountain peak to swell by a huge layer.

However, the more terrifying thing was that when these two hundred Crafty Rock Guards appeared, the fourth wave emerged!!

This time, the number of Crafty Rock Guard eyes that appeared were even more. The entire side of the mountain peak rampart was seemingly occupied by these eyes. It was as if the mountain was composed of eyes.

“Four hundred four hundred Crafty Rock Guards…” the Elemental Sect members were completely dumbstruck. They had never expected the fourth wave of Crafty Rock Guards that appeared to be nearly four hundred!

The entire mountain was densely packed with them. The Crafty Rock Guards were closely next to each other and in some places, there were even a few Crafty Rock Guards layered together as they climbed up the precipitous stone wall.

The ten meter wide plankway was completely occupied, unexpectedly giving one a crowded feeling!


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