Book 2 Chapter 198 - Chaotic Fight on the Mountain Peak, Coming Across Life in Desperate Straits

Chapter 198: Chaotic Fight on the Mountain Peak, Coming Across Life in Desperate Straits

A dense rock type aura enveloped the entire plankway. Tiny pieces of sand were hovering in midair, causing the lofty mountain peak’s plankway, with its height, to be wrapped in a dirt-colored rock cloud layer!

Facing the nearly 800 Crafty Rock Guards, Qing Li finally couldn’t remain calm. The veins on his face twitched, and he wished he could break Chu Mu into thousands of pieces!

When Qing Li and the others had climbed the mountain, they didn’t suffer harassment from the Crafty Rock Devils and previously, when he entered the plankway, he intentionally used soul remembrance to search around. Only after making sure that there was no danger did he continue chasing; yet, he never expected these soul pets to be completely hidden in the mountain so that he was unable to detect them!

“This brat is ruthless enough!” Qing Li clenched his teeth.

Qing Li naturally now knew what Chu Mu was doing. This fellow completely wanted everyone to get caught in this Crafty Rock Guard territory, and see who would be able to survive from among these Crafty Rock Guards!

With nearly 800 Crafty Rock Guards, Qing Li and the others didn’t dare be the least bit careless. As the Crafty Rock Guards formed an offensive encirclement, they summoned all of their soul pets and, with eminently serious gazes, they stared at the restless and incomparably angry Crafty Rock Guard army.

Chu Mu maintained a certain distance with the five Elemental Sect members. In truth, he presently was being encircled by a hundred Crafty Rock Guards, and his emotions weren’t very optimistic either. What he had to think over now wasn’t how to kill those Elemental Sect fellows, but rather how not to be killed by these 100 Crafty Rock Guards.

“Nong!!!!! Nong!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Nong!!!!! Nong!!!!!!!! Nong!!!!!!!!!”

A roar from the Crafty Rock Devils that was like tumbling rocks rang out. For a while, more and more roars joined in, and the entire mountain peak began to faintly shake!

Over 600 Crafty Rock Guards were targeting the 5 Elemental Sect members. These 600 Crafty Rock Guards wielded enormous mountain-like rocks, and they ruthlessly threw them at the 5 Elemental Sect members.

Each of the 5 Elemental Sect Members’ soul pets let out expressions of alarm. Facing the 600+ Crafty Rock Guards, the pressure on them was eminently enormous. They could only give it their all to defend against the Crafty Rock Guard army that was like a surging wave.

The five of them summoned three soul pets, making a total of 15 soul pets. At this time, Chu Mu simply couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to their soul pet formation; in any case, before long, not many of their soul pets would remain.


Finally, the nearest sixth phase Crafty Rock Guard launched an attack; its half a meter long claws swept up a wave of dirt colored sand as it charged towards Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye.

“Heavenly Splitting Claw!” Zhan Ye’s eyes had already locked onto this Crafty Rock Guard. As it approached, Zhan Ye’s claws ferociously ripped apart its body, tearing into numerous pieces of broken rocks!

“Nong!!! Nong!!!”

After Zhan Ye instakilled a sixth phase Crafty Rock Guard, the surrounding Crafty Rock Guards immediately charged towards Zhan Ye. Instantly, a dozen or so rock type techniques rained down on Zhan Ye’s body, knocking him flying off the mountain peak!

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

One of Mo Xie’s tails rapidly transformed into a silver chain. When Zhan Ye flew off, the tail promptly grabbed it!

“Throw it there!” Chu Mu pointed at the inner pit’s large crevice on the plankway as he spoke to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s tail made a flinging motion. Once Zhan Ye adjusted its position, it pounced directly out of the inner pit’s large crevice as it simultaneously used Shattering Claw!

“Beng!!!! Beng!!!!!”

Two sixth phase Crafty Rock Guards were instantly shattered by Zhan Ye’s shattering force. However, very soon, Zhan Ye was faced with another besiegement danger.

“Nong nong~~~~~~”

Even more Crafty Rock Guards launched attacks at Mo Xie. Severals tens of rock spikes pierced out of the mountain rampart, and terrifying stones fell from high above as enormous rocks began flying chaotically in the air!

“Peng peng peng peng!!!!!!!”

Mo Xie was a flashing silver light that ceaselessly evaded and dodged. Her nine gorgeous tails further extended out in all directions, neutralizing the attacks coming from each direction!

Chu Mu didn’t ride on Mo Xie, instead choosing to stand next to the Ice Air Fairy. He chanted a soul technique and, when the rock layer covering the sky flew towards him, he quickly completely the Wind Dragon Bind!

Wind Dragon Bind curled around the Ice Air Fairy and Chu Mu’s bodies. The falling rocks, cones of rocks, flying rocks, enormous rocks, and the other numerous rock type techniques flew from all directions, successively smashing into the dragon wind coiling around Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy.

When the techniques with relatively small might came in contact with the Wind Dragon Bind, they were instantly swept away. However, the stronger attacks directly passed through the dragon wind, bombarding Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy.

“Nine, Cold Crushing Mark!” Chu Mu gave an order to the Ice Air Fairy. He stood in front of the Ice Air Fairy and blocked the rock type attacks that passed through the Wind Dragon Bind’s protection.

The sixth level armor and Water Screen Armor’s effects caused his defense to merely reach the full seventh phase. There further were many flying rocks that passed through the Wind Dragon Bind and, in a short few seconds, the Water Screen Armor was stripped off his body by these rock type techniques.

Chu Mu lasted only three seconds, but in those three seconds, the Ice Air Fairy completed its Cold Crushing Mark incantation. Ten cold ice devil rings were discharged from its body and enveloped the ten Crafty Rock Guards nearest to Chu Mu!




These ten Crafty Rock Guards were only at about the seventh phase, and they fundamentally couldn’t block the fairy’s ten cold ice devil rings. After the Ice Air Fairy’s long cry, the cold ice devil rings crushed their bodies into pieces that drifted through the air.

“Nong nong nong~~~~~”

An indignant roar resounded in his ears. The moment they killed the ten seventh phase Crafty Rock Guards, another twenty Crafty Rock Guards with even darker skin colors appeared around Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy!

Seventh phase middle stage Crafty Rock Guards! Regardless if it was physique or grandeur, they were a bit stronger than the Crafty Rock Guards from before!

The Ice Air Fairy’s incantation practically didn’t stop; one second of chanting time immediately finished three cold ice devil rings. The three cold ice devil rings promptly enveloped three seventh phase middle staged Crafty Rock Guards!

The cold ice devil rings shrunk, and the three Crafty Rock Guards that were covered in a layer of ice were evidently about to be compressed. After an explosion sound, the outer layer of their skin was shattered...

“Nong nong nong!!!”

After the three Crafty Rock Guards suffered injuries, they immediately let out angry shouts. They promptly charged at the Ice Air Fairy, and the three continuous claw attacks knocked the Ice Air Fairy back a bit.

Seeing that the three Crafty Rock Guards didn’t die, Chu Mu’s brows creased.

These unstrengthened seventh phase middle staged Crafty Rock Guards had defenses equivalent to a middle seventh phase due to their rock type skin. The Ice Air Fairy’s cold ice devil rings were unable to instakill them. If he couldn’t kill them in one go, then the fight would become extremely thorny.

“Beng!!! Beng!!! Beng!!” the Ice Air Fairy had no choice but to use Ice Spike to get rid of those three nearby Crafty Rock Guards.

It was only a small skirmish, but even more seventh phase middle staged Crafty Rock Guards pounced over, rendering the Ice Air Fairy unable to chant any more powerful techniques that needed over one second of chanting time.


“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

Mo Xie exhibited her dodging and speed superiority, passing through the plankway full of Crafty Rock Guards with her extremely speed. Her silver body was always vagrant, and from time to time with her Nine Tail Confuse, she would sometimes be an illusion while other times be using Flame Dance to dodge...

Mo Xie’s defense wasn’t very high. Yet, her powerful dodging abilities allowed her to suffer from an extremely few number of attacks. Moreover, her majestic and boundlessly long dragon-like tails became the most violent slaughter weapon whilst amongst a large group of soul pets!!

Her silver long tail were as solid as steel chains. They ruthlessly swept through, smashing the Crafty Rock Guards under the seventh phase into pieces. The other long tails that were as soft as pennants curled around Crafty Rock Guards on the stone rampart, before she abruptly squeezed her tail and caused crushed stone to litter the ground!

Mo Xie attracted the most number of Crafty Rock Guards, but as long as a strengthened eighth phase and above soul pet didn’t appear, with her still vigorous state, these Crafty Rock Guards would find it very hard to actually deal Mo Xie any damage with their attacks. Chu Mu could be at extreme ease and let her engage in slaughter to her heart’s content on the plankway!


Zhan Ye didn’t have Mo Xie’ dodging ability and the speed of a monarch. Under the besiegement of over twenty seventh phase or so Crafty Rock guards, its ink armor was continuously broken. Fresh blood would spill out of the wounds, and its body’s quick self healing wasn’t of any exceptionally evident use under this sort of high frequency attacks.

“Zhan Ye, Rebirth!”

Chu Mu, while attending to the Ice Air Fairy, simultaneously paid attention to Zhan Ye’s situation through their mental connection. When he found that its life force was at an extremely weak point, he instantly had it use the first Broken Limb Rebirth!

Bug fluid seeped out of its countless wounds. With the naked eye, it was possible to see the healing on Zhan Ye’s body. No matter how severe the wounds were, it would be instantaneously healed!

“Hou hou!!!!!”

Having suffered so many attacks, the willpower of Zhan Ye’s Brave Stinging Heart promptly caused its strength to increase to the sixth phase second stage!

Death Ray!

A dark light suddenly appeared in the depths of its throat. The death ray was directly spat towards the ground, immediately forming a powerful force of impact, knocking four or five surrounding Crafty Rock Guards with long claws flying!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!”

Extreme Speed!

Zhan Ye’s speed abruptly erupted. Its shattering claw swatted forth and, as one of the Crafty Rock Guards was flying through the air, it instantly killed it in midair!

Barbaric Strength!!

Its front limbs suddenly expanded, and the front limbs of Zhan Ye which could increase its strength by 50% due to the Barbaric Strength became even stronger. Even without using an attack technique, as its two claws pushed down, two sixth phase Crafty Rock Guards were forced under the rocks!

The surrounding Crafty Rock Guards originally thought that Zhan Ye was in a dying state, and wanted to successively charge at and kill Zhan Ye. However, as it was on the brink of death, Zhan Ye then recovered its fighting strength in addition to becoming even stronger. This caused these sixth phase Crafty Rock Guards to have no choice but to slightly retreat.


Brave Stinging Heart. The more it fought, the braver it got. When it gave a roar, Zhan Ye’s strength increased again, entering the sixth phase third stage with unexpected speed!

The Crafty Rock Guards realized that this sixth phase soul pet wasn’t easy to deal with. Promptly, they had the Crafty Rock Guards under the seventh phase retreat far away and sent out a group of seventh phase early stage Crafty Rock Guards to surround and attack Zhan ye.

The seventh phase early staged Crafty Rock Guards’ defenses had reached the seventh phase. If Zhan Ye didn’t use any techniques, it fundamentally would be hard to deal any true damage to these fellows. Very quickly, Zhan Ye killed three of the seventh phase Crafty Rock Guards before being forced into the plankway’s large crevice. The wounds on its body had increased by a huge amount.



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