Book 2 Chapter 196 - Mountain Peak Lone Fight

Chapter 196: Mountain Peak Lone Fight

“Young master, with Old Li’s experience, that’s a fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King. It doesn’t seem to have been strengthened yet. From its skin, it has already grasped Advanced Dark Sturdy Rock Crystal. Its talent isn’t low at all. If you can capture it and train it well, it can definitely raise young master’s power greatly!” Old Li said.

“Dark Sturdy Rock?” Chu Mu didn’t know rock type energy crystals too well, and he revealed a questioning expression.

“Of rock type energy crystals, the lowest level is the normal rock. The second level up was Sturdy Rock, and the third is Crystal Rock. This Ghost King hadn’t been through any strengthening, and it was already at the Advanced Sturdy Rock level. Once it reached the sixth phase and Chu Mu paid some gold to buy a few rock type soul items, you would quickly have the rock type equivalent of Towering Ice, Crystal Rock. When its phases increase, it can definitely become a formidable force!” Old Li said.

With this statement from Old Li, Chu Mu was even more overwhelmed by emotions. Presumably, this Ghost King was worth around 100 million on the market. How could Chu Mu be calm now?!

“Chu Mu, do you want to capture that Ghost King?” Chu Mu’s eyes were shining with radiance, and Ye Qingzi could naturally tell.

“En, no matter what!” Chu Mu nodded.

“Young master, I just said, those Crafty Rock Guards usually are subordinates of a strong soul pet. This Ghost King seems to have just become independent. It may have countless Crafty Rock Guards near it. If you want it, the difficulty won’t be low, and you still have five hungry wolves behind you. It isn’t looking too good.” Old Li said.

This bucket of cold water Old Li threw didn’t extinguish any of Chu Mu’s passion, but rather sparked Chu Mu’s fighting spirit. The killing aura nursed through three years of desperate conditions on the Prison Island was slowly cloaking him already.


Seeing Chu Mu’s spirit rise, Mo Xie immediately let out an excited call. She seemed to have not killed in a very long time. This time, no matter the Ghost King, or the Elemental Sect members, all of them would let Mo Xie enjoy the exhilaration of a wash of blood again!

“Qingzi, do you have any aura hiding soul technique, or a soul pet that can help you hide?” Chu Mu asked.

“I do, but if a spirit master specially uses their soul remembrance to search, I may not be able evade their search.” Ye Qingzi said.

“No worries, I will draw them away, you just hide near the walkway.” Chu Mu pointed at the site of the battle that was now damaged beyond recognition.

“Me? Do you plan on fighting all of the Elemental Sect people alone?” Ye Qingzi quickly understood the meaning behind Chu Mu’s words.

“Not completely.” Chu Mu said vaguely.

“Then, what do you plan on doing?” Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu. From Chu Mu’s black eyes, Ye Qingzi could see some wildness. This wildness made Ye Qingzi unsure of whether Chu Mu was calm and confident, or eager and impatient because of the stimulation from the Ghost King.

“Young master, you have to consider this at length. No matter the Ghost King or Elemental Sect, they both aren’t easy to deal with.” Old Li already jumped out from Chu Mu’s soul capture ring.

“There are possibly over hundreds of Crafty Rock Guards near the Ghost King. There may even be ninth phase Crafty Rock Guards. Furthermore, of the Elemental Sect people, the two spirit masters are definitely not weaker than young master. If you add this beautiful legged girl, you may barely have a chance at winning. If you go alone……”

While Old Li was convincing Chu Mu, he slowly nudged his way towards Ye Qingzi, clearly not wanting to risk himself with Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi’s beautiful eyes watched Chu Mu and didn’t speak. If Chu Mu didn’t give her a reasonable explanation, she won’t hide here and let him face the enemy alone.

“Qingzi, relax, even the ninth phase Heavenly Devil Insect monarch couldn’t kill me, just do as I say.” Chu Mu revealed a confident smile.

Ye Qingzi immediately remembered that, at the Great Chu Family, even the ninth phase Heavenly Devil Insect couldn’t kill Chu Mu so presumably, Chu Mu indeed had some greater trump card hidden.

After hesitating, she thought for a bit and couldn’t find any better solution, so Ye Qingzi could only believe in Chu Mu’s abilities and nod. Asking no further, she returned the Night Thunder Dream Beast back to Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi slowly chanted an incantation and summoned her sixth phase fourth stage Wooden Tray Spirit.

“Then you have to be careful.” Ye Qingzi said softly.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded. He retracted his Night Thunder Dream Beast into his soul pet space and rode Mo Xie as she jumped down below the walkway.



Eight hundred meters down from the walkway, the five elemental sect people each rode their soul pets and slowly neared the walkway.

Elemental soul pet trainers mostly controlled soul pets from the Elemental World, but they would pick at least one or two rideable soul pets. Otherwise,  in the wilderness, transportation would become very troublesome.

“There are marks of fighting here, looks like they have already been obstructed by soul pet groups.” Zhang Qing pointed at the slightly damaged mountain walls.

“En, they should be right up there. Heng, wasting so much of our time, when we find them, we better torture them well!” Qing Li said viciously.

“Zeng Linshan, did you see them summon their soul pets?” Zhang Qin asked. Zhang Qin was cautious in his actions. Even if he knew the two couldn’t be match for the five of them, he still had to understand the opponent well.

“I’ve seen them. Other than dream beasts they were riding, they each summoned an elemental soul pet. The woman summoned an eighth phase third stage Water Moon that’s purely a support soul pet. Its combatting strength shouldn’t be too strong. The one called Chu Mu summoned a sixth phase ninth stage Ice Air Fairy.” Zeng Linshan immediately replied.

“Eighth phase third stage Water Moon, sixth phase ninth stage Ice Air Fairy, doesn’t seem to be much.” Qing Li started laughing.

“Two bosses, the Water Moon’s strength I don’t know, but this Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy’s combatting strength was pretty powerful. It already controls advanced Mysterious Crystal.

The moment he thought of Chu Mu’s sixth phase ninth stage Ice Air Fairy with Advanced Mysterious Crystal, Zeng Linshan felt uncomfortable. After all, even his seventh phase fifth stage Ice Air Fairy only knew basic Mysterious Crystal.

“Sixth phase ninth stage Ice Air Fairy with advanced Mysterious Crystal? You sure you didn't see wrong?” Zhang Qin raised an eyebrow and looked doubtful.

“No mistake, it was indeed advanced Mysterious Crystal.” Zeng Linshan immediately nodded.

“Sixth phase ninth stage advanced Mysterious Crystal was already past top tier commander rank talent. It was very close to inferior monarch ranks. This Chu Mu truly is a character, able to train an Ice Air Fairy to such degree. He must have spent quite the money on it. If it were me, I would’ve switched it off. What future could a warrior rank soul pet hold?” Qing Li laughed coldly and mocked Chu Mu.

“Speaking of which, does the name Chu Mu seem familiar?” Zhang Qin slowly asked.

Qing Li looked at Zhang Qin and turned around to look at the other two to ask, “Have you heard of the name Chu Mu?”

Both of them thought for a while and shook their heads, “Nope.”

Zhang Qin thought for a while and said, “Maybe he has a little bit of fame within Soul Palace, but hadn’t truly entered the list of top tier experts.”

Qing Li smiled. How would he still care which soul palace young master Chu Mu was subordinate too? Possibly, even if he was a soul palace young master, as long as he could kill him and seal off news, Qing Li would still do it!

“Qing Li, careful!”

Suddenly, Zhang Qin shouted loudly.

Qing Li was still laughing coldly when suddenly he noticed an extremely fast royal flame soul pet darted out from above, its sharp claws ripping straight towards him. Immediately, he felt the steaming hot aura of the royal flames assault him!

Qing Li’s heart was alarmed as he quickly cast an incantation to give himself a Towering Ice Armor, as well as using his seventh level soul armor!

The combined effects of the seventh level soul armor and Towering Ice Armor raised Qing Li’s defense to eighth rank. When the claws swiped past, he only felt a burning sensation on his skin…...

Qing Li was evidently not a common folk. Once he blocked the ambushing claw, he immediately rode the Ice Winged Tiger below him and jumped to the rock wall nearby. In a few leaps, he left the attacking range of the enemy.

“Heng, you’re looking for death!!” On Qing Li’s chest appeared a flaming claw mark. This wound wouldn’t affect himself too greatly, but it sparked the anger in Qing Li.

His two eyes gazed at Chu Mu full of killing intent. Qing Li coldly commanded the others, “Kill him!”

As the saying goes, with one unsuccessful hit, one should escape a thousand miles.

On Prison Island, Chu Mu could always rely on Mo Xie’s speed to play such tactics. After the ambush failed, Chu Mu decisively told Mo Xie to cast Flame Step and run along the crazily steep rocks.

“Shadow Claw!!”

Qing Li’s Ice Winged Tiger’s Shadow Claw was sent forwards from a distance. Immediately, a black devilish claw went towards Mo Xie’s imminent route!

Molten Fury!

Zhang Qin immediately summoned his seventh phase fifth stage Evil Flame Demon. Once it appeared, it quickly finished the incantation for Molten Fury and sent it flying towards the nine-tailed silver soul pet!

Zeng Linshan and the others were also quick at reacting. They all commanded their soul pets to cast techniques towards Chu Mu!

The Shadow Claw was the first to come. Mo Xie’s flame paws lightly tapped the air, and her silver and handsome body leapt high up and nimbly dodged this attack.

After the Shadow Claw, the Molten Fury blew up where Mo Xie was flying. Mo Xie craftily casted Nine Tail Confuse, and the powerfully explosive and impactful Molten Fury blew up inside Mo Xie’s nine tails…...


Evil flames burned near thirty meters in range. Fire tongues darted up the sides, and the gorgeous Nine Tailed Inferno Fox looked as if it were stepping on flame clouds, beautifully jumping out of the Molten Fury. Climbing onto a jagged rock, with a light lean of weight, she quickly regained balance.

The other three’s techniques were clearly less threatening to Mo Xie. With Mo Xie’s exquisite dodging abilities, they couldn’t even touch Mo Xie’s fur. WIth a few light leaps, Mo Xie was immediately out of the five peoples’ soul pets’ attack ranges.

Chu Mu didn’t turn around. After revealing himself, he rode Mo Xie straight towards the peaks…...


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