Book 2 Chapter 194 - Cold Crushing Imprint, Seventh Rank Ice Technique

Chapter 194: Cold Crushing Imprint, Seventh Rank Ice Technique


The body evolution let the Ice Air Fairy feel its strength evolution. After it let out a long cry, an even more wantonly ice cold aura proliferated out!!

Several Crafty Rock Guards planned on extending their long, rock claws towards the Ice Air Fairy. However, the moment their claws were lifted, they were immediately met with an onslaught of icy cold strength. Their blackish brown bodies were covered by spreading frost and, in a short few seconds, they transformed completely into statues. They fell down from the rocks high above, and when they bumped the edges of the mountain, they were shattered into pieces!

The Crafty Rock Guards promptly realized that the Ice Air Fairy’s strength had risen dramatically. The dozen surrounding rock guards chanted incantations simultaneously, launching rock type techniques frantically at the Ice Air Fairy!

“Beng!!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!”

The entire rock wall was smashed into small pieces by the dozen Crafty Rock Guards, and the Ice Air Fairy’s body was pushed further in.

However, after evolving, the Ice Air Fairy’s defense reached the full seventh stage. Further adding on the Frost Armor’s effects, the seventh rank techniques of the Crafty Rock Guards were unable to deal any real damage to it!

A fairy incantation was chanted. The Ice Air Fairy that was completely embedded in the rock wall totally ignored those Crafty Rock Guard attacks, and let the flying rock claws attack its body...

“Elemental willpower!”

Seeing Ning bear the attacks while chanting an incantation, Chu Mu was extremely excited, because the Ice Air Fairy had additionally grasped an even higher realm of elemental willpower. Thus, when it used techniques, it would no longer be disturbed by low ranking techniques!


The Ice Air Fairy’s incantation this time was very long. The dozen Crafty Rock Guards launched attacks for at least three or four seconds at the Ice Air Fairy before its incantation finally neared the end!

Witnessing its chanting, Chu Mu let out an astonished expression. He remembered that out of all the Ice Air Fairy’s ice type techniques, there was no ice type technique whose chant lasted for over two seconds!

“This is…” Ye Qingzi’s gaze fell on the Ice Air Fairy’s body. From its grandeur and the power generated from the incantation, a familiar feeling arose in Ye Qingzi!

Finally, the incantation that lasted five seconds came to an end. A plethora of strange icy cold devil rings appeared on the Ice Air Fairy’s body, but after releasing a cold light, they mysteriously disappeared!

The temperature of the atmosphere abruptly declined. Noiselessly, the disappeared icy cold devil rings outlandishly appeared on the dozen or so Crafty Rock Guards’ bodies, and tightly restrained their bodies!

There were a total of sixteen Crafty Rock Guards attacking the Ice Air Fairy. Out of these sixteen, all of them were restrained by these cold ice devil rings!

An indigo colored mysterious crystal wildly expanded inside the cold ice devil rings and, seemingly instantaneously, froze the first Crafty Rock Guard restrained with the cold ice devil ring.

This Crafty Rock Guard simply couldn’t react in time. Its rock body was completely frozen by a thick layer of ice!

Moreover, the moment this Crafty Rock Guard turned into an ice statue, the terrifying cold ice devil rings suddenly shrunk, quickly converging into a point!


As the cold ice devil ring shrunk and converged, this Crafty Rock Guard’s frozen body was unexpectedly instantly smashed into pieces, transforming into countless icy crystals mixed with dregs of rock!


The second Crafty Rock Guard captured by the cold ice devil ring was transformed into dust immediately.


The third Crafty Rock Guard was pulverized.




Sixteen sounds and sixteen Crafty Rock Guards were changed into crushed pieces, one after the other by the cold ice devil rings!!

A violent wind swept through, and the pieces of the sixteen Crafty Rock Guards disappeared with the violent wind on the plankway...

Chu Mu had already forgotten that he was in the midst of a Crafty Rock Guard group. He watched this scene in incomparable shock, never having expected the Ice Air Fairy to use such a powerful ice technique!

“Cold Crushing Mark!” finally, Ye Qingzi slowly spoke the name of this ice type technique!

Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy only controlled one ice and fire type seventh rank technique - Ice Fire Obliteration Diagram, and she had always wanted it to comprehend a new ice type technique.

Cold Crushing mark happened to be what Ye Qingzi hoped her Ice Fire Demon Fairy could control. Only, it wasn’t her seventh phase fifth stage Ice Fire Demon fairy that comprehended a new technique, but rather Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy that learned this seventh rank ice type technique when it evolved to the seventh phase!

Cold Crushing Mark, a seventh rank ice type technique. It was like an ice devil’s incorporeal palm that tightly gripped its enemy’s body. Once it froze the enemy into an ice sculpture, it would ruthlessly crush the enemy into pieces!

Of the seventh rank ice type techniques, Cold Crushing Mark was one of the strongest, and this could be seen by the long 5 second chanting time.

In truth, Cold Crushing Mark didn’t need such a long chanting time. Even if the Ice Air Fairy only chanted for one second, it would be able to complete the technique; however, the longer it was chanted, the more Cold Crushing Marks would appear.

Ning used 5 seconds to call forth 16 cold ice devil rings. That meant that if it had chanted for 1 second, it approximately could have created 3 cold ice devil rings, which could equivalently attack three enemies!

Cold Crushing Mark was a group attack technique, and it could not be overlayed on one enemy’s body. Nonetheless, the might of one ring was a sixth rank technique, and one had to further add on the effect of the Ice Air Fairy as an elemental world soul pet, its control over the ice type, and the superposition of a high ranking mysterious crystal….

This one cold ice devil ring was essentially equivalent to a quasi-eighth rank technique. In a group fight, it could definitely instakill a large group of soul pets whose defense hadn’t reached at least the mid seventh stage!

Considering it was such a powerful ice type group killing technique, it was no wonder that Ye Qingzi had always wanted her Ice Fire Demon Fairy to control it. Right now, she could only look at Chu Mu with an envious gaze.

There were many factors for a soul pet’s comprehension of techniques. Its innate talent was the most important reason, followed by its innate willpower, conviction, the influence of the soul pet trainer on it, the momentum of other matters, and furthermore, a bit of luck...

It could be said that every soul pet would comprehend a new technique during the course of a fight. The earlier one comprehended it, the stronger its strength would be; it also indicated this soul pet’s potential.

Of course, the technique the soul pet comprehended couldn’t be too abnormal. Normally speaking, if its innate talent hadn’t barely reached the bottom layer of the monarch rank, it was very hard to comprehend a seventh rank technique that only monarch rank soul pets normally controlled.



The Ice Air Fairy used such an imposing move, killing 16 Crafty Rock Guards in succession. The surrounding Crafty Rock Guards became a bit fearful, not daring to get too close to the Ice Air Fairy.

Ning’s chanted another incantation. An indigo colored cold ice light blossomed forth, and when this radiance gathered, a plethora of frost began to condense, quickly forming a myriad of enormous frozen swords!

Each enormous frozen sword reached a terrifying length of ten meters. The mysterious crystal frozen swords hovered on top of the Ice Air Fairy’s head, releasing an icy cold air. They hovered there vertically, astonishingly forming a frozen mysterious crystal sword array that had a range of forty meters!


The Ice Air Fairy let out a long cry, and suddenly, under its control, the 23 mysterious crystal ice swords shot out in all directions!

23 frozen swords shot out in 23 different directions. Each sword was under the Ice Air Fairy’s control, and with extreme accuracy, they shot towards the 23 Crafty Rock Guards!

“Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!”

Every time one of the long frozen swords struck a Crafty Rock Guard, it would be crushed to pieces. Of these 23 frozen swords, at least 10 Crafty Rock guards were hit. These 10 were ruthlessly smashed into the mountain rampart, and although they didn’t die, they completely lost the strength to fight.

“Ice Fire Obliteration Diagram!” the Ice Air Fairy had taken control of the situation, so Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy also used a technique!

The Ice Fire Obliteration Diagram’s might was relatively concentrated. When the Ice Fire Demon Fairy used the lengthy icy fire, it was released towards the plankway where the Crafty Rock Guards were quite concentrated!

There were ten Crafty Rock Guards next to Chu Mu. After the Ice Fire Obliteration Diagram appeared, the ten Crafty Rock Guards were immediately locked up. Their blackish brown rock bodies bore the double burning of ice and fire, and they gradually lost the ability to resist, slowly disappearing within the Ice Fire Obliteration Diagram.

Under the mutual coordination of the Ice Air Fairy and the Ice Fire Demon Fairy, their imposing attacks quickly disposed of fifty Crafty Rock Guards. The remaining fifty were evidently showing signs of fear.

“Nong nong!!!!!”

Just as the Crafty Rock Guards showed intent of retreating, a roar rang out from higher up the mountain peak. This roar was like an enormous rolling boulder that couldn’t help but make one’s heart begin to shake!

Chu Mu instantly lifted his head and stared at the precipitous stone wall high up the mountain rampart!

A pair of eyes!!

A pair of mountain hole-like eyes appeared a hundred meters up the stone wall. The pair of eyes was completely fused with the mountain rampart. It was as if the thick layer of rock was the fellow’s body!

The pair of eyes slowly opened, and its gaze looked down on Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi who were fighting the Crafty Rock guards. They could feel the pair of eyes accentuate a strong anger and imposing killing intent!

“Eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard!”

When Chu Mu’s soul remembrance scouted forth, he determined this soul pet’s strength!

An eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard that had very clearly undergone a few crystal strengthenings. Its fighting strength was definitely a bit stronger than some superior commanders!

“Nong nong!!!!!!!”

The eighth phase Crafty Rock guard let out an indignant roar. Its pair of long rock claws that were as long as one meter extended out of the mountain rampart as it abruptly pulled its body out!

The eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard’s body was taller than normal Crafty Rock Guards by at least one time. It was exactly like a cliff overlord as it malevolently brandished the long claws in its hands!

Emancipating itself, the eighth phase Crafty Rock Guard direction jumped down from high up the mountain peak. One of its claws firmly stabbed into the mountain rampart as it slid directly down from a hundred meters up!


Its heavy brown colored rock body landed heavily on the plankway, causing a wave of shaking to emerge in the surrounding mountain rampart rocks!


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