Book 2 Chapter 193 - Evolution, Seventh Phase Ning

Chapter 193: Evolution, Seventh Phase Ning

Chanting an incantation, an ice cold frost swirled around Chu Mu’s body. Slowly, it condensed into an azure white ice and snow diagram in midair. In the middle of the pattern, the Ice Air Fairy’s jewel-like body gradually appeared.

“NIng, Ice Sword Array!” Chu Mu gave an order!

The Ice Air Fairy possessed a levitational ability. As it chanted an incantation in fairy language, a plethora of flying rocks flew towards the Ice Air Fairy.

The Ice Air Fairy’s defense had reached the late seventh stage, and these flying projectiles couldn’t deal any real damage.

However, often when it was chanting an incantation but was obstructed by a technique, the technique could not be used.

“The attacks are too concentrated. Your Ice Air Fairy hasn't learned a high level elemental intent. Without someone else’s protection, it won’t be able to use any effective techniques.” said Old Li.

Out of Chu Mu’s soul pets, those that could levitate were only the Ice Air Fairy and the White Nightmare. Although the White Nightmare’s soul devil flames dealt definite damage to those Crafty Rock Guards, Chu Mu had to preserve his soul pets’ fighting strength. Otherwise, when he faced Heavenly Crystal Peak’s monarch or the pursuing Elemental Sect members, he wouldn’t have the strength to fight.

Chu Mu also knew that it was very hard for the Ice Air Fairy to use anything under the attacks of the thirty Crafty Rock Guards. The main reason why he summoned it was to attract a portion of the Crafty Rock Guards’ attention.

“Mo Xie, let’s go.” Chu Mu lifted his head and looked up as he spoke to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s movements were agile, and by merely taking light steps in between the rocky mountain walls, she was still able to dodge the attacks of those Crafty Rock Guards very well.

Royal Flame Claw!

When Mo Xie leapt up, her sharp claws resolutely swept across a Crafty Rock Guard’s body. The seventh phase Crafty Rock guard’s body was instantly split into two pieces. The demon fire evil flames and blood flames simultaneously burned its rock body.

Using the Ice Fire Demon Fairy as an escort, Ye Qingzi rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast, following closely behind Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy possessed a very strong elemental intent. The Crafty Rock Guard attacks were unable to obstruct its chanting, and after using several techniques, the Ice Fire Demon Fairy managed to kill two seventh phase Crafty Rock Guards.

Ye Qingzi didn’t continue to zealously fight. After all, delaying more time here would be increasingly to their disadvantage. She had the Ice Fire Demon Fairy follow closely behind as she rode on Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast, quickly climbing higher up the mountain wall.

The Crafty Rock Guards were able to use their rock type techniques to arbitrarily move between cliffs and rock faces. However, their moving speed was very slow. A few continuous jumps from Mo Xie and Night widened a large distance between them and these Crafty Rock Guards. The chaotic rock attacks ultimately all ended up falling below these two soul pets.

After leaping up again, the two soul pets escaped the attack range of the Crafty Rock Guards who knew that their speed was inferior. They could only let out an unpleasant shout, but couldn’t chase.

“There’s a plank walkway above. Let’s rest awhile there.” said Chu Mu.

After climbing up the extremely precipitous mountain rocks for several hundred meters, when they reached a very high point, they could see a place to rest their feet that was similar to a cliff plankway. This plankway that stuck out slightly from the edge of the mountain peak wasn’t very wide, and it could only hold two to three people side by side. Those like Mo Xie and the Night Thunder Dream Beast could barely stand straight.

Heading up from the plankway was practically a vertical mountain wall. When they looked up, they were unable to see the mountain peak, and instead could only see clouds that were within reach.

The violent wind whistled in their ears. Sitting on the edge of the narrow plankway, there were a few thousand meters below their hanging feet. Looking down would yield a rugged mountain body, and the distant mountain range in the edge of their view depicted a windy outline of expansive space.

“It’ll be hard now. If we head up, those Crafty Rock Guards should grow increasingly many…” Ye Qingzi spoke while healing her Purple Robe Dream Beast.

Chu Mu temporarily couldn’t think of a better method. Looking at Ye Qingzi, whose long hair was fluttering in the wind, he was about to say something when he abruptly discovered a pair of eyes staring at them ten meters away in the rocky wall!

“There are still Crafty Rock Guards here!” Chu Mu brows creased. He immediately stood up and released his soul remembrance.

Just now, when they had stopped here, Chu Mu had intentionally used his soul remembrance to search the surrounding. He hadn’t discovered any soul pet aura, but the area his soul remembrance detected was completely covered by a thick rock type aura. It made Chu Mu feel like he was stuck in the midst of a storm of countless sand specks and rocks. Surprisingly, his breathing even became a bit more difficult!

Multiple pairs of eyes appeared within the rocks, and they numbered many!

Above the plankway, inside the rocks and under the rock cliff there were eyes. Their bodies slowly pulled out of the rocks, and their gazes full of hostility stared at Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

“There are over 100…”: Ye Qingzi swept her eyes around her. She looked at the black brownish colored Crafty Rock Guards that were practically capable of covering the mountain wall, and her face turned rather unsightly.

The number of Crafty Rock Guards that appeared this time were even more. They encircled Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi in an impenetrable circle. Even if they jumped down from the mountain peak, they probably would suffer from the rock type technique attacks of over a hundred Crafty Rock Guards.

“Nong!!!!!!! Nong!!!!!!!!! Nong!!!!!!!”

“Nong!!!!!!! Nong!!!!!!!!! Nong!!!!!!!”

Just like rocks colliding together, the over hundred Craft Rock Guards simultaneously let out indignant shouts. The mountain even began to shake, and the rock fragments above the plankway rolled down from high above...

“Hong Hong Hong Hong~~~~~”

From high above, the tumbling rocks from high above that greatly outnumbered people bounced a few times and swept up a bit of sandstone. They rolled down to the plankway, smashing a few holes before falling down below the mountain peak where the bottom couldn’t be seen...

“Mo Xie, protect us. Ning, fight!” Chu Mu instantaneously gave orders.

“Water Screen Armor!” Ye Qingzi gave the Ice Fire Demon Fairy an order before chanting a soul technique incantation. She quickly added the Water Screen Armor effects onto Chu Mu and herself.


Facing such an enormous amount of Crafty Rock Guards, it was even harder for the Ice Air Fairy to use a powerful technique. It could only ceaselessly condense ice walls, blocking the onslaught of rocks flying at them.


The mountain wall split apart and, suddenly, countless rock spikes like large spears all spread out and fiercely shot horizontally out of the mountain body. The range was at least ten meters, and on the plankway and vertical mountain wall, there no longer had remained a place to put one’s feet. This was practically undodgeable!

“Nine Tail Fan!”

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

Mo Xie stepped on these flying rocks. Her nine long tails rapidly transformed into a thick tail chain that ruthlessly swept at the piercing enormous rock spears!

“Peng!! Peng!!! Peng!!!!!!!!”

The rock spears were instantly shattered by Mo Xie’s sweeping nine tails. The broken rocks were scattered flying and one after the other, they smashed into the mountain rock, creating countless holes.


The Ice Air Fairy followed closely behind Mo Xie. However, every time it tried to use the stronger Ice Sword Array, it would always be obstructed by the Crafty Rock Guard attacks. The Ice Air Fairy was visibly angry.

However, just as the Ice Air Fairy let out an indignant shout, five Crafty Rock Guards suddenly appeared in front of it. Their half a meter long claws practically slashed towards the Ice Air Fairy’s body at the same time.

The Ice Air Fairy couldn’t dodge in time. Although only light wounds were ripped open on its body, it was fiercely smashed into the mountain wall and sunk a few meters in!

“Frost Armor!”

Ye Qingzi saw Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy suffer damage, and she instantly had her Ice Fire Demon Fairy use the Frost Armor technique!

The Ice Air Fairy’s skin innately had ice crystal armor and unless its strength was increased, other defensive techniques could not be superimposed. However the Frost Armor which curled around the defense, was one of the few techniques that could be superimposed. Ye Qingzi clearly was very knowledgeable towards this.

The Ice Air Fairy’s defense had already reached the late seventh phase. After the Frost Armor’s effect addition, its defensive strength was very close to the eighth phase. When it was struck into the wall, the series of attacks that followed only caused a few skin wounds.


The Ice Air Fairy’s anger had fully been provoked. Its body was still in the rocks when it let out a sharp shout!

Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy was like a naive child. When it got angry, Chu Mu could clearly feel its angry emotions transmit in its heart. Yet, these emotions transformed into a strange force...


Ning didn’t chant an incantation, but an enormous frosty aura surged out of the rock wall hole it was in. The icy frost quickly condensed completely freezing the over ten meter large hole that had been created by its impact. Moreover, the ice began to rapidly expand onto the surrounding rock wall!

“Ping~~~ Ping~~~~~Ping~~~~~~~~”

The large rock spears shot out from the rock wall by the Crafty Rock Guards were met with an obstruction of ice. The spears were simply unable to pierce through and were forcibly suppressed by the condensed icy frozen domain.

A special light slowly emerged on its sparkling and translucent body. These lights were like the reflection from a scorching sun shining down on a spotless icy mountain. It was dazzling and coldly clean.

When the radiance was released, a trace of azure light gradually appeared on the Ice Air Fairy’s skin, illuminating the full snowy white body of the Ice Air Fairy so that it was incomparably transparent.

The Ice Air Fairy’s body was like the most perfect crystal without any blemishes. As it was illuminated by the blue light, a blue white colored effect gradually emerged!


Witnessing the Ice Air Fairy’s body change, an expression of pleasant surprise emerged on Chu Mu’s face.

Seventh phase. The Ice Air Fairy had finally completely absorbed the Ice Snow Fruit’s effects and evolved to the seventh phase first stage!

The Ice Air Fairy’s evolution hadn’t only been its icy skin. Chu Mu knew that this time, its evolution was a complete evolution, because Chu Mu could already faintly sense another type of ice crystallization inside its body!

This ice crystal was only fermenting inside its body and hadn’t truly taken form. However, only a bit of time was needed before it would definitely appear and be completely in its control!


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