Book 2 Chapter 192 - Crafty Rock Guard Group

Chapter 192: Crafty Rock Guard Group

Darkness was slowly dispersed by the rays of dawn. A single wisp of sunlight pierced through the fog and fell onto the tip of Heavenly Crystal Mountain. However, when the peak normally should’ve reflected different types of mineral radiances, it was now currently shrouded in a strange, dense dark aura that slowly devoured the light.


Abruptly, a deafening long roar sounded out from the tip of Heavenly Crystal Mountain, causing the entire upper mountain to shake violently along with it.


Fragments of rocks fell from above on the steep mountain. When Chu Mu looked up, his eyes watched the dense black cloud. For some reason, he felt as if his heart was suddenly covered with a shadow as well.

Ye Qingzi rode her Purple Robed Dream Beast and jumped along the steep mountain. At every landing point, the mountain rocks clearly loosened, as if the moment her Dream Beast stepped any harder, the rocks would go rolling down.

“I don’t even know what the organism on the Heavenly Crystal Mountain is?” Chu Mu looked at the gathering clouds and said with his brows creased.

“It should be very hard to defeat. We have to think of a way to break free from this situation.” Ye Qingzi said.

Any higher, and they would definitely touch the territory of the Heavenly Crystal Mountain monarch. Behind them, the five people from Elemental Sect were chasing. It was truly a bad situation from both directions.

Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast and, with a jump, almost slid off. It was fortunate that there was a shadow underneath him, causing the Night Thunder Dream Beast to be able to momentarily step on air and return to its position on the steep cliff.

“Are you ok?” Ye Qingzi stood on the high ground and looked down on Chu Mu, asking concerned.

“No problem.” Chu Mu shook his head and raised his head to look at Ye Qingzi.

At this time, Chu Mu’s remembrance suddenly captured a small ripple of life on the rock wall where Ye Qingzi was by!

A pair of eyes appeared bizarrely behind Ye Qingzi. These eyes were completely embedded in the rocks, blinking frighteningly, looking upon them with hunting intent!

“Qingzi, careful, behind you.” Chu Mu immediately warned Ye Qingzi.

Death Ray!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s reactions were also quick. A death ray quickly formed in its mouth, and it shot towards the writhing soul pet behind Ye Qingzi!

After Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast realized the danger, it repeatedly jumped and gracefully landed on another flatter rock!


The Death Ray immediately flew towards the rocks behind Ye Qingzi. The soul pet stuck on the rocks suddenly ripped its body off the rocks and slashed at the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Death Ray with its long, hook-like rock claws!

The Death Ray had explosive powers. When those rock-like claws swiped past, the Death Ray quietly became a powerless energy that dissipated.


High up, the violent winds whistled by the ear, messing up Ye Qingzi’s hair. Ye Qingzi turned around, and looked at the soul pet that appeared from the rocks. Looking at its strange body shape, even she sucked in a breath!

This was a rock type soul pet completely constructed of dark brown rocks. Yet, it had long claws sharper than even many of the beast type soul pets. Its claws were at least half a meter long, as if its entire arm was made up of just claws.

Ye Qingzi has seen quite the amount of soul pets, but this was the first time she had seen such a rock type soul pet. Immediately, she made her Purple Robed Dream Beast cast a lightning type technique against this rock type soul pet.

“Old Li, what is this thing?” Chu Mu didn’t recognize this rock type soul pet either, so as he told Night Thunder Dream Beast to attack, he asked.

“This is a Crafty Rock Guard, a warrior rank soul pet that groups together and specially relies on a powerful soul pet. This soul pet’s single unit combat isn’t too strong.” Old Li immediately explained.

“Seventh phase fifth stage- Crafty Rock Guard. It shouldn’t be too hard to defeat.” Chu Mu immediately gave the information to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi nodded. Just as she was about to let her Purple Robed Dream Beast cast a lightning attack, she suddenly felt a strange pulse behind her!

A pair of eyes suddenly appeared by Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast, and a heavy rock aura overwhelmed her, assaulting her face like a sandstorm.

“Ah!” Ye Qingzi let out a scream and, without reacting, her Dream Beast and she got blown away by this rock energy, thrown far into the galeful air!

“Mo Xie!”

Seeing Ye Qingzi fall down, Chu Mu’s heart tightened, and he quickly summoned Mo Xie.

As the royal flame totem started burning, Chu Mu deftly jumped from the back of his Night Thunder Dream Beast to Mo Xie’s back, who just jumped out from the totem!

The totem was suspended in the air. When Mo Xie darted out, he immediately casted Flame Step, and her four paws continuously made multiple flame hoops as she chased after the falling Ye Qingzi.

“Dragon Wind Ride!”

Ye Qingzi’s mental strength was very strong. In the frightening process of free-falling, she could still fully chant a soul technique incantation.

As the incantation finished, a shapeless wind encircled Ye Qingzi’s body, and lifted her Purple Robed Dream Beast and her up in the air.

At this time, Chu Mu and Mo Xie also just arrived, so Ye Qingzi landed right in Chu Mu’s embrace. Her fragrant body had the most intimate contact with Chu Mu’s chest…...

The Purple Robed Dream Beast itself had the ability to step on air, but because it was ambushed by the Crafty Rock Guard, its legs were wounded, and it couldn’t step on air. Mo Xie very timely used her tail to roll the Purple Robed Dream Beast up.

Her royal flames flying outwards, Mo Xie created a flaming arc in the air as she returned to the mountain wall.

“Are you okay?” Chu Mu held Ye Qingzi as he asked, concerned.

“En, I suffered a bit of scratches.” Ye Qingzi’s eyes had a flicker of embarrassment, and she quickly struggled free of Chu Mu’s embrace to regain her composure.

“Young master, I said its single unit fighting capabilities weren’t strong, but these fellows usually appear in groups, and they always like to defend their owner.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu was too lazy to trouble Old li who didn’t clarify sooner. Looking up and down, he suddenly found that there appeared to be countless eyes along the mountain rock wall!

Pairs of eyes appeared in the precipitous cliffs, and all their cold eyes focused on Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. This feeling of being stared at felt as if they fell in a crowd of angry and hungry organisms, causing them to shiver a little!

The eyes were blinking. First the sharp rock claws, then the body, before they slowly extracted themselves from the walls…...

The small rocks were scattered chaotically, falling down the near thousand meter length of the mountain. More and more Crafty Rock Guards extracted themselves from the rocks and slowly stood between rocks, as if hovering.

In the short time that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi took a breather, the two of them were surrounded by at least thirty Crafty Rock Guards. Their pairs of rock eyes all gazed at the two, full of enmity.

The sand and rocks nearby started stirring and shaking. Getting affected by thirty Crafty Rock Guards’ rock aura, the sand and rocks nearby started floating, as if they were telekinetically controlled.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi almost simultaneously furrowed their brows. They were currently on incredibly steep slopes. Though the mountain wasn’t completely perpendicular, the only footholds were the uneven and craggy rocks, and the space was very confined. If they fought under such situation, many of their soul pets would get severely restricted and become unable to release their full potential.

“Qingzi, run!” In this situation, fighting with these Crafty Rock Guards was basically committing suicide.

The only soul pet Ye Qingzi could ride seemed to be only Purple Robed Dream Beast, but its leg had been injured, and it was very difficult to move with ease between these rock cliffs.

Chu Mu had naturally already considered this, and he promptly let Night Thunder Dream Beast retreat, carrying Ye Qingzi.

“Bong! Bong! Bong!”

Suddenly, three ten-meter-long rock spikes appeared in between the rock cliffs, as if huge spears were thrown towards Mo Xie!!

Mo Xie quickly realized this. Her nine tails started flipping and interlacing, unfolding to become like clouds!

Nine Tail Confuse!

The three rock spikes swiftly passed through Mo Xie’s nine tails, yet it was as if passing through clouds, having no apparent effects. As Mo Xie unfurled her tails, She and Chu Mu had already appeared at a higher point on the rocky mountain.


Lighting sparks started shining between the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horns. When Ye Qingzi fell on its back, Night's lightning quickly spread in all directions, shattering all the meter wide rocks coming towards them!

After Ye Qingzi had settled down, she decisively started chanting a spell, bringing the injured Purple Robe Dream Beast back to her soul pet space, and she also summoned her main pet, the Ice Fire Demon Fairy.

Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy had clearly experienced the soul item strengthening of both ice and fire, and had reached the seventh phase fifth stage!

“Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram!”

The Ice Fire Demon Fairy had the ability to float. After being summoned by Ye Qingzi, the Ice Fire Demon Fairy quickly started chanting, and it started to cast an extremely powerful skill: the Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram!

Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram! A seventh-level ice-type fire-type technique!

Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s strengthening degree was clearly very close to that of many monarch rank soul pets. Otherwise, it could not possibly have released such a complete level seventh rank technique!

The fusion between ice and fire, the interweaving between cyan white and crimson red-- the Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram’s power had clearly reached the eighth level. The three Crafty Rock Guards did not stand a chance against an attack this powerful. Their rock bodies instantly perished within the Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram.


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