Book 2 Chapter 191 - Escape, Danger

Chapter 191: Escape, Danger

Yu Lang clenched his blood-filled teeth. His eyes were nearly spewing flames. As a young generation expert whose fame was widespread, he never would’ve thought that he would be backstabbed by the people of the Elemental Sect, yet now, he could only watch as his soul pets were ganged up upon…...


A scream sounded out and  the woman soul pet trainer Feng Ya finally couldn’t protect herself in the surrounded attacks. Her abdomen was pierced by the Purple Lightning Devil, and her body immediately fell in a pool of blood…...

“Feng Ya!!” Yu Lang’s entire face bulged with veins. Watching his own woman die horribly under the opponent’s soul pets- he was already on the verge of going mad already!

No matter how hard Yu Lang struggled, Feng Ya still couldn’t escape this disaster. After she fell in her pool of blood, the Evil Flame Demon’s evil flame immediately landed on her and quickly burned her body into dust…...

Yu Lang felt his heart torn apart as he watched. The anger that threatened to explode from his body all gathered within his bloodshot eyes!


Suddenly, Yu Lang’s eyes burst, sending blood out from his eyes!

At the same time, his body was shrouded by some special energy. This energy abruptly slammed into the Ice Winged Tiger and sent the seventh phase Ice Winged Tiger flying.

“Quick, attack him!” Qing Li didn’t expect Yu Lang to have such a self-destructing soul technique, and he quickly roared at the others.

“Xi!!!!!!!!” The monarch ranked golden bug type soul pet emitted a radiance and charged out of the surroundings, immediately running towards its owner.

Yu Lang had lost both his eyes, and he couldn’t tell directions, but feeling his soul pet near, he immediately jumped onto the bug monarch’s body!!

“Houhou!!!!” The Thunder Sword Winged Lion also knew that its owner was in danger, so it used its body to block the joint attack of the multiple elemental world soul pets!

The purple lion jumped high up, but it was instantly engulfed by different colored energy. With a massive boom, the eighth phase Thunder Sword Winged Tiger was blown to pieces.

Lying on the golden bug monarch, Yu Lang’s face immediately paled, and his bloody eyes again let out two lines of blood tears…...



On the other side of the mountain, Chu Mu sat not far from the entrance and, as he was silently meditating, he quickly noticed that there were signs of wobbling from deep in the cave.

“What happened?” Chu Mu looked deep into the cave and asked while revealing confusion.

“Oh, it may be that they met some blocking soul pets and have had a battle. This hole has many branches, so there has to be some that weren’t completely cleaned out.”

Chu Mu only nodded out of courtesy, clearly not believing in Zeng Linshan.

You guys sit here and rest for a bit. I’ll head in to see. Maybe they walked in the wrong direction.” Zeng Linshan continued.

“En” Chu Mu still nodded.

“You guys just wait here, be very careful not to walk around randomly. If you walk the wrong direction, it won’t be good.” Zeng Linshan specially added before walking into the cave.

Seeing Zeng Linshan slowly disappear into the cave, Chu Mu’s face clearly shifted.

“What is it?” Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu’s eyes were already showing coldness and asked softly.

“The third possibility happened.” Chu Mu said calmly.

Ye Qingzi didn’t know what the third possibility was when Chu Mu mentioned it before, so she only looked questioningly at Chu Mu to wait for him to explain.

“The five Elemental Sect people have a plot. Looking at the situation, they very likely want to deal with Soul Palace’s Yu Lang and Feng Ya!” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi immediately showed surprise, and she especially looked into the deep cave. Ye Qingzi considered the first two situations, but indeed didn’t think that the five Elemental Sect people would try to dispose of Yu Lang and Feng Ya.

Yu Lang and Feng Ya were invited to this Heavenly Crystal Mountain, so presumably the Soul Palace knew they went training with Elemental Sect people. If they had some accident, Soul Palace would definitely think of Elemental Sect as the first reason, so Elemental Sect people shouldn’t have attacked them this brashly.

Unless, this was all premeditated, or Elemental Sect’s people have already designed a seemingly accidental death for Yu Lang and Feng Ya that couldn’t possibly make Soul Palace put their sights on them!

“Then now we….?” Looking at the current situation, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were equally in danger, because Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were foreign. To hide the truth, if the Elemental Sect really wanted to kill Yu Lang and Feng Ya, then after they deal with them, they had to come over and kill the two who knew the truth to prevent the news from leaking!

“We’re currently at the half mountain point. If we fly straight down, we would definitely get chased by a large group of soul pets.

“No wonder that Qing Li looked at us weirdly when he saw us. It turns out we were disrupting his plan. Then what do we do now? Zhang Qing and Qing Li are both very powerful, and we won’t be their match in a straight up fight.” Ye Qingzi asked.

“Now, though we can’t be 100% sure, we’d rather believe so than not. We can only walk upwards now and have a to-and-fro tussle with them.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi trusted Chu Mu’s judgement, and she didn’t hesitate for long before jumping onto her Dream Beast to follow Chu Mu along the rather safe steep mountain pass and started climbing.



“Zeng Linshan, you did well. When we go back I will definitely give you a large prize!” Qing Li laughed and patted Zeng Linshan on the shoulder.

Zeng Linshan opened his mouth wide, looking very satisfied.

Zeng Linshan’s luck was very good. When he left Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, he summoned his own soul pet because he guessed he would need to fight.

Not long after going deep, he immediately saw the heavily wounded Yu Lang and his monarch rank bug type soul pet. His three soul pets all simultaneously blocked off the bug type monarch’s escape route.

Yu Lang originally had a chance at escaping, but Zeng Linshan’s appearance lost him his last hope. When the other four people caught up, Yu Lang’s monarch rank soul pet was also killed, and he ultimately died under the claws of Ice Winged Tiger.

“Haha, eighth level bug type monarch soul crystal!” When Zhang Qin told his own soul pet to rip up Yu Lang’s bug type soul pet, he immediately found treasure!

The eighth level bug type monarch rank soul crystal was worth 30 million gold in value. Being able to kill Yu Lang and Feng Ya’s soul pets, the value of the soul crystals they gained was not a small sum.

Qing Li directly took from Yu Lang his spatial ring and started to look through to see if there was anything of value in there.

“Heng, this guy. There’s nothing but some medicine for wilderness battles and some very inexpensive stuff. Seems like the real things of value he all keeps in Soul Palace.” Qing Li spat on the ground and said angrily.

“All the soul equipment was self destructed by him. It really makes me want to desecrate his body some more!” Zhang Qian kicked the bloody corpse of Yu Lang.

“Nothing good left, stop looking. There’s other stuff to do.” Qing Li waved his hands to stop them from searching the bodies.

“Zeng Linshan, where are the two people?” Qing Li asked with a baleful look.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s appearance indeed was beyond Qing Li’s expectation. Fortunately, he changed his plans according to the situatio,n and sent them away so that he wouldn’t lose this opportunity to kill Yu Lang and Feng Ya.

Yu Lang was the son of Soul palace seventh Palace master. His position within Soul Palace was very high, so normally no one dared to even touch him. If he didn’t take care of after events, his Elemental Sect would definitely not be removed of blame.

“They’re still waiting stupidly outside.” Zeng Linshan laughed. This time Zeng Linshan truly did a great service. All they needed to do now was to get rid of the two people, and he would be heavily rewarded.

“En, good.” Qing Li nodded satisfactorily.

“Qing Li, that Chu Mu is the subordinate of Soul Palace young master. If they kill him, will we drag out the Soul Palace young master? Young masters aren’t something we can mess with.” Zhang Qing said in a lower voice.

“We’re already at this step. If we don’t kill him, we all will die. We can’t care about that much anymore. Just continue as planned, and deal with them as we deal with Feng Ya and Yu Lang.” A viciousness flashed through Qing Li’s eyes.

“Then that’s all we can do.” Zhang Qing nodded. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and smiled, “That girl was the fellow’s sister and is someone young master wants. If we take her alive, maybe young master will be even happier.”

“Yes yes yes, capture her alive. That woman’s body shape is spectacular. The entire way I was thinking that, if we get rid of Yu Lang and Feng Ya, maybe we could……” Zeng Linshan nodded very vigorously, his eyes full of lust.

“Pa!!!!!” Suddenly, a slap fell on Zeng Linshan’s face, dragging him away from his daydream.

“Useless trash, how dare you think of a woman that young master wants!” Qing Li raged.

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare……” Zeng Linshan immediately put his head down and didn’t dare to say much.

In reality, Qing Li and Zhang Qing was also very interested in the pretty women. Especially since they were already on the verge of killing, they had thought of leaving Feng Ya alive for a bit and play with her before killing her.

Yet, Qing Li and Zhang Qing were both ruthless people. They knew that such thoughts may ruin the greater picture, so they decisively killed Feng Ya without giving her the chance to summon her soul pet.

As for Ye Qingzi, Qing Li and Zhang Qin definitely needed to follow young master’s orders and capture her alive and bring her to Li City. Even if he had evil desires, he had to suppress them…...


“Shameful thing, where are they?!” Qing Li heavily slappe Zeng Linshan’s face.

Zeng Linshan looked at the empty cave entrance and held his bloodied mouth corner and said in fear and trepidation, “I told them not to walk around randomly. They might be moving around nearby.”

“Can it be that they’ve noticed?” Zhang Qin looked around nearby and didn’t find Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi at all.

“Heng, they could only have walked down this path. No matter if they went downhill or other paths, there would definitely be soul pet clans that resided in the way. Let’s all go and chase forward!” Qing Li said coldly!


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