Book 2 Chapter 190 - Elemental Sect’s Trap

Chapter 190: Elemental Sect’s Trap

Ye Qingzi stood next to Chu Mu. She could feel his gaze become cold, and she let out a shocked expression. She then whispered: “What’s the matter?”

“I’m guessing that this group of people has come through here before.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to tell Ye Qingzi.

“They’ve come here before?” Ye Qingzi was slightly confused, and didn’t understand how Chu Mu had deduced this.

“We’ll continue to follow Zeng Linshan forward. If no other soul pets appear, then this guess is probably accurate.” said Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi quickly understood Chu Mu’s meaning and faintly nodded her head.

“What’s the matter with you two? You’re walking so slow, walk faster. The faster we finish the mission, the earlier we can return.” Zeng Linshan turned his head and watched Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi move along very slowly. Yet, he cracked a smile when he spoke.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi followed Zeng Linshan’s intent and quickened their pace.


Indeed, as Chu Mu had guessed, the number of soul pets that appeared the further they entered would grow increasingly few. Moreover, there were a few paths where not even a soul pet was present. However, there were clear signs of a fight haven taken place.

“Truly strange. Could it be that some other person has come here first?” Zeng Linshan who was walking in the front seemed to discovered this scenario and revealed a confused expression.

“Your Elemental Sect should have taken proper steps to ensure this information wasn’t leaked?” asked Chu Mu.

“Of course we did. However, it could have been known by a few errant people. If they beat us to it, then there’ll be trouble.” said Zeng Linshan.

The corners of Chu Mu’s mouth rose as he was ostensibly even more sure of his conjecture. He used a cold and detached gaze as he watched Zeng Linshan’s performance.

They didn’t encounter any soul pets enroute. Even when they reached what Zeng Linshan said was the other side of the mountain peak, there was nothing there. However, Zeng Linshan had an angry appearance throughout the entire time, as if someone had beat them here.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi could already see that Zeng Linshan was putting on an act. As for why this fellow brought them here, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi didn’t know for the time being.

Originally, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi considered the idea of whether other Elemental Sect members were lying in wait on the other side to deal with them.

However, they then felt that this possibility wasn’t too high. After all, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s appearance were very abrupt. Zhang Qin and Qing Li could not have thought of this, and neither could they have arranged for people to wait for Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi to walk into their trap on the other side in advance. In truth, there really was no one lying in wait on the other side...

“Right now there should be two possibilities. First, is that there really has been someone who came here before us and seized the initiative. There’s a good chance they presently have already reached the top of the mountain peak and are dealing with Heavenly Crystal Mountain Peak’s monarch.”

“The second possibility is that they got rid of all of mid mountain cave’s soul pets at an earlier time, and planned on obtaining something that they don’t want others to know about. After they discovered us two outsiders, they intentionally had Zeng Linshan lead us away. Perhaps their true goal isn’t Heavenly Crystal Peak’s monarch; this probably isn’t known by Yu Lang and Feng Ya.”

Ye Qingzi used soul remembrance to tell Chu Mu her analysis.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi felt that the first possibility was relatively small, because from Zeng Linshan’s actions, there was high chance this fellow was acting.

Previously, when they were in the cave, this fellow, knowing there should have been danger, continued to walk in front. He ostensibly seemed to already knew that there were no soul pets here, and thus that there was no danger...

“There’s another possibility.” Chu Mu looked at the Zeng Linshan and slowly spoke.

“What?” Ye Qingzi had only thought of two possibilities and didn’t consider a third.

Chu Mu shook his head: “This possibility cannot be ascertained, and could very well be just a wild guess of mine.”

When Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu didn’t say anything more, she didn’t question him more. She silently sat next to him and stared at the mountain peak extending forever into the distance.


At the bottom of the mountain peak, the six people waited for a while before beginning to ride on their respective soul pets up the mountain.

“Yu Lang, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen your soul pets. I’m sure they’ve become even stronger, right?” asked Qing Li.

“Not that much. They’ve only grown with speed according to a majority of other soul pets their level.” faintly smile Yu Lang in response.

“I don’t believe that. I’m sure your monarch is already at the seventh phase and has undergone the strengthening of many spirit items, right?” Qing Li continued to ask.

Yu Lang maintained his polite slight smile as before. Although his soul pets would exhibit their full power in the upcoming fight, Yu Lang didn’t seem to be the type of person who enjoyed flaunting, and he didn’t immediately disclose this information.

“The strength of those two people isn’t bad. They cleared the path so cleanly we practically don’t even have to do anything.” Zhang Qin who was walking at the very front laughed as he spoke.

“Speaking of which, which young master is Chu Mu a subordinate of? Is brother Yu Lang not sure either?” Qing Li proceeded to ask.

“I actually do not know. With the mannerisms of our Soul Palace people, we don’t like to flaunt. That brother Chu Mu should also have this character, so I didn’t specially question him in detail.” responded Yu Lang.

“Oh, oh.” Qing Li nodded his head and had a pensive expression.

Very soon, the group of people walked to the large cave where Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi felt something was amiss. The cave’s width was approximately a hundred meters and its height was over thirty meters. Rocks of different shape littered the inside of the cave and there were vestiges of a fight that happened...

“They should be fighting not too far in front.” when Qing Li walked into the cave, he looked at the other side of the cave and intentionally switched his soul pet, adopting the appearance of wanting to help fight.

“It’ll be fine if the two of you preserve your fighting strength to deal with the monarch. There’s no need to waste soul power on the way to fight against soul pets.” Zhang Qin saw that Yu Lang and Feng Ya were planning on switching soul pets, yet laughed and stopped them.

While speaking, the other two people put away their mounts, and they changed to a beast type and elemental type soul pet respectively.

Yu Lang’s gaze swept over the soul pet formation of the four people and his brows suddenly creased. He intentionally sent his soul remembrance forward to check if Chu Mu’s group of three were fighting in front.

After withdrawing his soul remembrance, Yu Lang instantly discovered that the Elemental Sect members had summoned their second soul pet. Yu Lang’s face instantly changed!

“Feng Ya, quickly, summon your main pet!” Yu Lang’s face was flushed red from anger and he roared at the adjacent Feng Ya.

Feng Ya was stunned and didn’t completely understand what happened when she suddenly felt the switch in soul pets of the four Elemental Sect members divulge killing intent, as their gazes were fixed rigidly on her!

Feng Ya wasn’t a clueless woman. She immediately understood what happened and promptly chanted an incantation!

Moon Gown!

A moonlight descended on Feng Ya’s body and she was immediately covered in this long moonlight gown. This long gown assimilated into the seventh level soul armor on her body, and instantly increased her defense to the eighth rank!


Practically the moment Feng Ya completed her defense, Zhang Qin’s Purple Lightning Devil’s terrifying lightning claws suddenly ripped apart her back, leaving a long bloody mark in her defense!

Feng Ya let out a pained noise. She bit her scarlet lips, and chanted an incantation, summoning her soul pet!

Yu Lang’s reaction was much faster than Feng Ya’s. He identically added an eighth rank defense onto himself first while also, before the sneak attack arrived, summoning his main pet - an eighth phase Thunder Sword Winged Lion!

Yu Lang and Feng Ya both reacted, but the four Elemental Sect members had clearly already done their preparations. Their rock type soul pets instantly blocked off the exit, not giving them any chance to escape.

“Thunder, protect Feng Ya!” after Yu Lang summoned his main pet, he immediately had it protect Feng Ya. However, this left him completely exposed to the two incomparably savage Terror Wolf claws!

“Hou!!!!” the Thunder Sword WInged Lion let out a roar. Its pair of sword wings suddenly unfurled and it charged at the Purple Lightning Devil. It also used the Lightning Claw technique, pushing the Purple Lightning Devil a dozen meters away.

After the Purple Lightning Devil’s danger was removed, Feng Ya had a chance to catch her breath. She immediately chanted an incantation, instantly summoning her second main pet.

A merciless smile rose on Qing Li’s face. He had summoned his soul pets earlier to gain a huge advantage. The commander rank eighth phase Ardent King Kong Demon and eighth phase warrior rank Storm Fairy simultaneously chanted an incantation!

“It’s no use. You are destined to be buried here!” when Qing Li saw that Yu Lang was using his full effort to protect Feng Ya, a cold smile rose.

Of Qing Li’s three main pets, the strongest fighting force belonged to the eighth phase Ardent King Kong Demon. As long as it approached an enemy, the power that exploded out was extremely terrifying. Although Yu Lang had already summoned his main pet, it wasn’t in the right spot, and under the circumstance of a sneak attack, he immediately was at the disadvantage.


The Ardent King Kong Demon’s fist strength had reached the seventh rank. Its giant rock-like fist smashed down and the entire cave violently shook!

Yu Lang summoned his main pet, but didn’t have time to use a soul technique to protect himself. This Ardent King Kong Demon’s technique was able to crash down, immediately knocking him flying. His body smashed apart countless stalactites and he was crushed under a pile of rocks.

As for the bug type monarch soul pet that Yu Lang had just summoned that was covered in a gold colored armor, it was instantly tied up by two other soul pets.

“If you don’t struggle, I can make your death a bit more painless.” a cold and confident smile rose on Qing Li’s face. He summoned his four soul pet - an Ice Winged Tiger, that fiercely pounced in front of Yu Lang. Its claws sank into his two shoulders, ruthlessly pressing him against the stalactite.

“Qing Li, have you forgotten how we’ve known each other for so many years? Yet you unexpectedly betrayed us. Hmph, even if you kill me, you think you can survive?!” Yu Lang’s body was already full of fresh blood.

If there had been no sneak attack, Yu Lang had absolute confidence that he could defeat these people. However, he had never expected Qing Li who he already had a bit of friendship with to scheme against him!

“Haha, don’t worry. The matter of you death has already been properly arranged by our young master. It’ll be fine if you die at ease!” laughed Qing Li.


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