Book 2 Chapter 189 - Ning’s Broken Ice Domain

Chapter 189: Ning’s Broken Ice Domain

Ice Air Dance!

Cyan white Ice Crystals appeared in the relatively narrow rock cave, causing the hot region to become slightly cooler. The cyan white ice crystals quickly started dancing around the Raging Flame Fairy, but these ice crystal powders couldn’t stand the heat of the Raging Flame and quickly melted, causing the technique to become weaker.


Three flame snakes appeared under the control of the Raging Flame Fairy. Their sinister bodies opened in flames and pounced towards Zeng Linshan’s Ice Air Fairy!

Eighth phase flames’ power, under the effects of the flame whirlpool, became even more powerful. The three fire snakes’ powers were naturally all above the seventh rank. At such close distances, even Zeng Linshan’s seventh level intermediate rank defense Ice Air Fairy might not be able to completely withstand it.

The Raging Flame Fairy’s fire controlling was very adept. With a small attacking advantage, all sorts of fire type techniques constantly burned on the Ice Air Fairy, causing its body to clearly show signs of burning already.

As the fight continued, Zeng Linshan’s Ice Air Fairy’s disadvantage became more and more prominent, and Zeng Linshan’s face looked worse and worse…...

“You…...You, your Water Moon’s doing nothing but watch. As a support soul pet trainer, why doesn’t it even heal?!” Zeng Linshan instead pointed his assault onto Ye Qingzi, blaming his failed over-eager actions on Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon.

Ye Qingzi was abnormally calm. Facing Zeng Linshan’s direct blaming, she didn’t even bat an eye, as if Zeng Linshan and his soul pet didn’t exist in her eyes.

“Let your Ice Air Fairy back off.” Chu Mu slowly walked up and told Ning to cast a few ice walls to block the Raging Flame Fairy’s attacks.

Getting some breathing space, Zeng Linshan’s Ice Air Fairy immediately backed off. However, the obnoxious Zeng Linshan continued to jabber and defend his failed attempt…...

“Let’s deal with it together. This Raging Flame Fairy has the advantage of the flame whirlpool, or else my Ice Air Fairy would easily be able to defeat it.” Zeng Linshan said.

“No need, just watch from aside.” Chu Mu said apathetically.

“Ning, Ice Air Dance!”


The incantation started, yet being the same fourth rank Ice Air Dance, Zeng Linshan’s Ice Air Fairy’s incantation speed was a second, while Ning’s was only half a second, making it almost instant!

Cyan white ice shards started flying and permeating the region, causing the temperature to fall and a frosty aura to envelop the space.

“Be careful not to let your weak Ice Air Fairy get instantly killed, it’s better if we……” Zeng Linshan clearly felt dissatisfied with Chu Mu’s presumptuousness, and he was just about to continue when he realized that this Ice Air Dance was unusual. His thoughts died in his throat.

The fourth rank ice type technique Ice Air Dance was one of the Ice Air Fairy’s advanced technique. It isn’t very destructive, since its main purpose was to set up ice shards nearby to give the Ice Air Fairy an advantage in fighting.

Before, Zeng Linshan’s Ice Air Dance only lasted four seconds before all the ice crystal powder was melted by the high temperature of the Fire Fairy and Raging Flame Fairy.

Yet, the Ice Air Dance that Ning Cast continued, pushing down the rampant fire aura nearby and enveloping the Fire Fairy within a shroud of ice crystal powder.

“Advanced Mysterious Crystal!” The ice crystal powder was cyan white. Zeng Linshan wasn’t absolutely clueless, so he could distinguish that Chu Mu’s Ice Fairy was controlling the advanced Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal!

Even same energy crystals had stronger and weaker ones. Usually, it could be determined by color. Zeng Linshan saw that the sixth phase ninth stage Ice Air Fairy actually cast Advanced Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal, and he looked even more stunned.

“How could sixth phase ninth stage Ice Air Fairy control advanced Mysterious Crystal……” Seeing the cyan white Mysterious Crystal revolve around him, no matter what Zeng Linshan denied, it was the reality.

At the sixth phase ninth stage, Ning’s power was already much past Zeng Linshan’s seventh phase fifth stage Ice Air Fairy, able to face an eighth phase fifth stage servant rank Fire Fairy with ease!

The Ice Air Dance continued to float in the cave. Ning suddenly let out a long call, and all the ice crystal powder in the air started gathering. Without an incantation, it managed to conjure countless very powerful mysterious crystal long spears, lifting up a violent ice storm that filled the entire cave and charged towards the Fire Fairy!

“Broken Ice Domain, good job!”

Seeing Ning control the ice crystal powder, Chu Mu immediately smiled. The 20 million gold Ice Snow Fruit was indeed powerful, allowing his Ice Air Fairy to reach a new height with its control of ice type!

Broken Ice Domain was an even more delicate control of ice type techniques, and it was able to control any broken ice particles into more powerful ice type techniques!

Before, at Langhe City, when fighting Lu Tao, Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy used Broken Ice Domain. However, Ning’s current Broken Ice Domain was clearly much stronger than that. When the mysterious crystal spears pierced forwards whistling, it directly penetrated the flame fairy’s body!

When its body was pierced, the fire fairy’s flames quickly dimmed. When another storm ice spear pierced its vitals, the fire completely disappeared from the fire fairy’s body.

The battle didn’t last too long, yet Ning’s overwhelming performance caused Zeng Linshan to be dumbstruck. How was this be a warrior rank Ice Air Fairy? It was even more advanced than the higher up Mysterious Crystal Ice Air Fairy!

As Zeng Linshan’s emotions became richer, Ye Qingzi found it more and more hilarious. Why were there always so many fools who thought highly of themselves and spoke volumes to raise their own status?

However, Ning’s ice type controlling abilities today also made Ye Qingzi surprised. If it reached the seventh phase, then Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy’s ice type controlling would surpass even her Ice Fire Demon Fairy.

“Ugh, this…… Brother Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy truly is able. How did you train it to such?” After the battle ended, Zeng Linshan looked unbearably embarrassed. Especially when thinking back to the comparison before of “three year old and adult”, it was clear that his Ice Air Fairy was the three year old…...

“Continue to lead the way.” Chu Mu was too lazy to speak to this fellow and said apathetically.

After seeing Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy’s abnormal power, if Zeng Linshan still thought that Chu Mu was just a mediocre person, then he would actually be a fool. He quickly collected his previously arrogant attitude and very “friendly” lead the way.


The flame whirlpool was formed mostly because of the existence of the flame crystal. After Chu Mu made Old Li take the seventh level fire crystal away, the flame whirlpool slowly disappeared.

Near the flame whirlpool was only a seventh level fire crystal and a non-naturally formed sixth level fire crystal. When the flame whirlpool disappeared, Chu Mu specially checked nearby rocks and found that these rocks were only hot, but hadn’t formed more fire crystals due to years of burning from the flame whirlpool. This discovery Chu Mu thought strange.

“Which direction?” Chu Mu also didn’t have any interest in crystals under sixth level, so he didn’t look into it further.

“This right side tunnel should lead to the other end. From there, climbing the peak will be much safer.” Zeng Linshan immediately answered, showing an attitude completely different from before.

Following Zeng Linshan’s path all the way forward for about a hundred meters, a very large cave appeared ahead.

The view became wide and clear. Inside the cave were all sorts of strange, red craggy stone formations. With the darting of fire from the walls that lit up the cave, it was almost like a primeval hall made of rock.

Chu Mu stood at the entrance of the cave and gazed into this naturally formed cave. Feeling the heat come, he couldn’t help but feel that something was strange.

“Qingzi, what do you think?” Chu Mu asked Ye Qingzi.

“It is reasonable to say that within such a cave is the perfect living grounds for rock and fire type. However, this entire cave is very empty and doesn’t have a single soul pet……”

What Ye Qingzi said was exactly what Chu Mu was thinking. This cave was definitely a treasure for soul pets, yet they couldn’t find a single soul pet in eye’s sight.

“Maybe some powerful soul pet dominates this place……” Ye Qingzi added.

Chu Mu shook her head. “There’s almost no sign of life here.”

“Hehe, perfect. There isn’t a single soul pet blocking the place. We can go through smoothly.” Zeng Linshang seemed to not give it much thought, and he lead the way forwards straight through this vast and empty cave.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were both cautious people, remaining at the entrance even when Zeng Linshan had walked far into the cave.

“There’s only one possibility, someone’s been here.” After a moment, Chu Mu made a judgement.

“En, this indeed is likely. Elemental Sect people should be the first to gain the information, so they should have been the first here too. How did they let someone get it first? This is strange. The chance that someone else comes in accidentally should be rather small. After all, with the existence of the Heavenly Crystal Monarch, not many people would venture here……” Ye Qingzi said.

“Let’s be careful. I always felt that this event wasn’t as simple as it seemed.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi jumped into the cave, and they slowly followed along behind Zeng Linshan, going towards the hole on the other side of the mountain.

“Old Li, is the flame cyclone fixed at some location?” Chu Mu asked.

“It’s by situation. Some are fixed and some can migrate due to changes in environment. The one you ran into just now was probably the migrating kind. Why did young master suddenly ask this?” Old Li said.

Chu Mu didn’t reply to Old Li’s question, but his eyes swept sharply to Zeng Lingshan’s back image and his face darkened…...


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