Book 2 Chapter 188 - Raging Flame Whirlpool, Raging Flame Fairy

Chapter 188: Raging Flame Whirlpool, Raging Flame Fairy

“Zeng Linshan, you go with them, there better not be any accidents.” Qing Li’s eyes fell on a young man wearing a blue white shirt.

“Me?” The young man named Zeng Linshan showed nervousness, but Qing Li gave him a mean look and stifled anything he dared to say, rendering him only able to nod.

Under this situation, Yu Lang couldn’t say much, and said to Chu Mu with apologies, “Brother Chu Mu, it’s best if you can go take a look in the cave. If you meet danger, immediately back off, no need to stay stubbornly.”

The hostage was still with Qing Li and Zhang Qin, and Chu Mu’s identity was also true but unrecognized, so even if he said it, no one would believe him. Naturally, he could only listen to their arrangements.

“Let’s leave tomorrow morning, it isn’t safe leaving at night.” Feng Ya said.

“No need.” Chu Mu politely declined Feng Ya’s good intentions, and let Zeng Linshan lead the way. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi went straight for the mid mountain rock cave.


Entering the range of Heavenly Crystal Peak, one could clearly see some wild soul pets wandering about. Most were looking between rocks for rare gems as food, or looking to hunt each other for soul cores and crystals.

The nights of Heavenly Crystal Peak weren’t too dark. Under the stars and moon, all varieties of rocks reflected some light and shadows. Occasionally, there were glints akin to jewellry flashing.

“Chu Mu, I somehow feel everything’s strange.” Ye Qingzi looked at Zeng Linshan in front leading the way and said to Chu Mu through remembrance.

“En, their attitude seemed strange, as if they didn’t really mind Ye Wansheng and your issue. Their eyes were dodgy, as if they were hiding something.” Chu Mu nodded. When talking previous, Chu Mu had always been noticing their actions and expressions.

“Could it be because there is something more special on the inside of that Heavenly Crystal Mountain? I feel the man called Qing Li’s eyes show change when us two outsiders appeared.” Ye Qingzi asked.

“Hard to say. Now we can only take it one step at a time.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi nodded and stopped speaking, specially looking up at this incredibly steep mountain…...

All the wild soul pets met along the way were dealt with by Zeng Linshan. Zeng Linshan was also an expert of the Elemental Sect. The soul pet he controlled was a seventh phase Multi Colored Devil Tiger. In books about the Tiger, it is described that the denser the spots on its hide, the more powerful its power talent. This Devil Tiger of Zeng Linshan was not normal.

“Do you have any water or ice type soul pets? The cave outside is covered in fire type rocks, so the next distance is mostly fire type soul pets. These soul pets aren’t too easy to deal with.” Zeng Linshan retracted his Multi Colored Devil Tiger and said.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both nodded. Chu Mu had the Ice Air Fairy, so when facing fire type soul pets, he had a great advantage. Ye Qingzi had an eighth phase Water Moon, able to handle many emergency situations.

It was supposed to be mid mountain, but in reality, they simply walked through the rather flat region, reaching the bottom of the mountain area that really spiked upwards. The cave at this position should be inhabited by the soul pet group that was trained by the Heavenly Crystal Monarch to protect the mountain.

The mid mountain cave was massive, completely like a rock hole cut out from the center of the mountain. Just as Zeng Linshan said, the rocks of the walls were all made of fire type rocks. When they neared the cave, they clearly felt a wave of heat assault them.

The sides of the rock cave were all red. Looking inside, one couldn’t see the end. Because the stalagmites of the first half of the cave slowly drooped down and connected, it was like rows upon rows of sharp teeth. These all decorated the cave into the steaming red throat of some beast, making it feel ominous and malevolent.

“Summon your soul pets.” Zeng Linshan said.

After saying that, Zeng Linshan also chanted a spell and, with the circling of frost that slowly expanded outwards, it slowly became an ice colored summoning symbol.

Within the symbol, the ice aura became even denser. With a sprinkle of ice crystal, a sparkling and translucent soul pet slowly appeared. It was a seventh phase fifth stage Ice Air Fairy!

Of all the elemental world soul pets, the fairy of each type was the most popular soul pet. As he met more and more people, Chu Mu had also discovered more and more people who had the same soul pets as he did.

After Zeng Linshan finished summoning, Chu Mu also started chanting, summoning Ning, who had recently been strengthened, before him.

Ning was still in the phase of absorbing the Ice Snow Fruit, so its ice aura was retracted. When Chu Mu summoned it, its aura was clearly weaker than Zeng Linshan’s seventh phase fifth stage Ice Air Fairy.

Once soul pet trainers summon similar soul pets, they naturally would make comparisons. Zeng Linshan saw that Chu Mu had summoned only a sixth phase ninth stage weakly aura Ice Air Fairy and smiled strangely, saying in a strange mocking tone, “ Aren’t you a Soul Palace young master’s subordinate? Why do you have such a weak Ice Air Fairy? Compared to mine, its like the difference between a three year old and an adult.”

Chu Mu only smiled and ignored this guy’s mocking.

If the Ice Snow Fruit in Ning wasn’t undigested, even if it were sixth phase ninth stage, Ning’s aura would definitely have been more powerful than his seventh phase fifth stage Ice Air Fairy. After all, the Mysterious Crystal Soul Crystal and Ice Snow Fruit were 25 million in worth. Such luxurious strengthening was not something anyone can do, especially on a warrior rank soul pet.

Seeing Chu Mu not responding, Zeng Linshan naturally thought that Chu Mu was self-ashamed and therefore smiled satisfactorily as he commanded his Ice Air Fairy to lead the way.

“My Ice Air Fairy’s defense reaches the seventh rank intermediate stage and had just recently controlled Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal. If I gave it another Adhering Ice, it can cause an eighth rank ice type destruction. You’d be lucky if your Ice Air Fairy could reach seventh rank, right?” Zeng Linshan asked again.

Soul Palace young master was a majestic identity, but second young master and fourth young master were both not super experts of the soul pet world. This was something everyone knew. Zeng Linshan could be sure that Chu Mu wasn’t the subordinate of second or fourth young master now.

Zeng Linshan was young and full of vim and vigor, so he completely couldn’t stand people who got soul pets of best quality because of their background. Today, meeting the young master subordinate, which also has a pretty hefty background, he naturally had to show those untalented yet fortunate fools that experts weren’t created simply through a strong background.

Ye Qingzi wouldn’t say much either, directly summoning her eighth phase Water Moon. When the Water Moon appeared, she immediately casted a Water Screen Battle Armor on Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

“No need, my Ice Armor’s defensive effects are better.” Ye Qingzi was just about to give Zeng Linshan a layer of water type defense too, but Zeng Linshan denied, commanding his ice Air Fairy to give him a layer of Ice Armor instead.

Ice Armor’s defensive effects were indeed higher than the water screen battle armor, but Ice Armor was way too heavy. It would cause inconvenience to a soul pet trainer’s movements. Against beast type soul pets who rely on speed, clearly the Water Screen Battle Armor was smarter.


Going deeper, they could clearly feel the heave waves assault them. From between the red rocks, fire frequently darted out.

These fire sprouts were made from special elemental substance. After a period of elemental aura absorbing, they may become small elemental organisms like the Fire Fairy or the Raging Flame Fairy. Many elemental soul pets come about like such.

Going deeper, Chu Mu could already feel a few fire type soul pets’ aura shaking near the side of the cave.

“Three Fire Fairys, each take one, deal with them.” Zeng Linshan noticed later than Chu Mu, but commanded in a leader style.

On the side of the massive rock cave, three candle like fires were stuck against the wall burning. Only until Chu Mu and everyone neared did the three balls of fire fall from the wall and become the shape of Fire Fairy.

The three Fire Fairies were all around the sixth phase. Servant rank Fire Fairies were naturally not the match of the three seventh phase and above warrior rank soul pets, so the two Ice Air Fairies and the Water Moon almost instantly killed these three sixth phase Fire Fairies.

Going deeper, the fire type soul pets’ strengths were stronger and the waves of heat were more powerful. The lower cultivation Zeng Linshan’s forehead was already sweating.


Around them was a blaze, yet near their ears was a wind-like whistling.

Going ahead a few steps and past an intersection, the three quickly found the source of the sound.

At the intersection, the hole was very narrow. What made them confused was that ahead, at the five meter wide tunnel, there was a fire whirlpool blocking the passage.

As the flame whirlpool spun, it constantly shot tongues of fire towards them, reaching about ten meters.

In the center of the flame whirlpool, all the rocks were piping red. At the place nearest to the flame whirlpool, one could even see a glint of a crystal.

“Young master, there is a sixth rank fire crystal there. It is possible there's a seventh level fire crystal at the center.” Old LI immediately reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded. He could also guess that, near such special fire phenomenons, there usually were elemental gemstones akin to soul crystals that will be produced nearby.

Of course, other than making gemstones, fire type soul pets could also appear near them, or else these gemstones would quickly get stolen by soul pets with ulterior motives.

“EIghth phase strengthened Raging Flame Fairy. Let my Ice Air Fairy handle this.” Zeng Linshan volunteered and locked onto the eighth phase Raging Flame Fairy in the middle of the whirlpool.

As a soul pet trainer outside, the most important thing was definitely not to clear obstacles, but instead it was to retain the most strength. If one soul pet could handle it, then one would try one’s best not to let another soul pet join the fight. One, it could train the soul pet and two, one wouldn’t waste the soul power to summon.

“I don’t think his Ice Air Fairy is match for that strengthened Raging Flame Fairy.” Ye Qingzi stood by Chu Mu and said calmly.

“En, it can be seen.” Chu Mu nodded.

That Raging Flame Fiary was already at the eighth phase second stage and wasn’t any less strengthened than Zeng Linshan’s. Though it had a typing disadvantage, within the fire whirlpool, it could possibly reach eighth phase fifth stage in power.

Zeng Linshan’s seventh phase fifth stage Ice Air Fairy was not possibly its match. Zeng Linshan was either stretching his ability, or hadn’t considered any of this.

“Wait until his Ice Air Fairy fails before you let Ning attack. Some people are too self-centered, always trying so hard to act higher than their own position. They’re only lifting up a big rock that will ultimately hit their own foot, and the bigger the rock, the more it’ll hurt.”


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