Book 2 Chapter 187 - Mid Mountain Rock Cave

Chapter 187: Mid Mountain Rock Cave

Ye Qingzi tilted her head and stared at Chu Mu. She had no idea why Chu Mu had mysteriously become a Soul Palace young master’s subordinate. She remembered that Chu Mu should have been the subordinate of the Nightmare Palace’s young princess.

“Two babies who truly don’t have any foresight!” Old Li lost his coo,l and opened his leopard cat mouth to speak.

Old Li’s words caused an expression of shock to appear on Yu Lang and Feng Ya’s faces. Their eyes watched the strange talking soul pet on Chu Mu’s back closely.

“This thing can speak?” Feng Ya covered her mouth in shock, seemingly in disbelief.

“Back then when me and my master were in the Soul Palace, your grandfathers even needed my guidance for various questions. Yet you use “thing” to describe me. You truly don’t know etiquette!” Old Li was so angry that he bent his waist and used his small claws to indignantly point at them.

Yu Lang and Feng Ya didn’t know what to say for a while. Their eyes fell on Chu Mu, wanting to know what on earth this fellow was...

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a sophisticated and elegant old man? Do you see this arm? This is a concentration of strength. Do you see this face? This is a symbol of authority…”

“Ok, shut up.” Chu Mu glared at this old geezer and had him stop his nonsense.

“If you guys were born twenty years earlier, you would definitely know what kind of an existence I, Old Huan, was in the soul pet world…” Old Li stood there like a vixen spilling curses on the street.

“Mo Xie.” Chu Mu gave an indifferent call. Mo Xie had already prepared to do so, and her fluffy tail instantly extended. With a “pai” sound, she promptly swept the fellow away...

Yu Lang and Feng Ya saw Old Li fly through the air in a parabola. It was a while before they finally recovered from the shock of a soul pet that could speak.

“Brother Chu Mu, this half pet thing is…” asked Yu Lang.

“A demon that can change form and learned our human tongue. He’s lived for a relatively long time.” said Chu Mu.

With Old Li changing the topic, Yu Lang and Feng Ya didn’t inquire any further into Chu Mu’s identity. From the beginning, their main question was whether Chu Mu was falsely using a young master’s identity. Yet, since he dared to form a group with them, then it meant that he was confident in his backing, and was not someone who faked someone else’s identity.


The route to Heavenly Crystal Peak was long. The four of them travelled for about two days before finally being able to discover a lofty mountain peak in the distance.

The surrounding mountain body was composed of different colors, and its topography was relatively level. There weren’t any valleys so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen. Instead, at the very edge of this mountain, the Heavenly Crystal Peak rose steeply from the ground and stood solitarily in between this patch of heaven and earth. From far away, it was like an enormous cone that pierced the clouds!

“This Heavenly Crystal Peak. Forty years ago there lived a monarch, but I wonder who's in charge right now…” said Old Li.

Chu Mu looked at the old fellow. He waited for him to speak about matters pertaining to the Heavenly Crystal Peak, but the old fellow stopped there. When Chu Mu stared at him, he let out an expression as if he didn’t know anything...

“According to some divulged insider information, the Heavenly Crystal Peak monarch seemed to have been wounded due to a fight with some Colored Sky Mountain monarch. Its fighting strength has largely been weakened. Elemental Sect’s people have been hoping to obtain Heavenly Crystal Mountain's Heavenly Crystal mine. This time is an extremely rare opportunity…” said Yu Lang.

“The two of you shouldn’t be weak. If you help them get rid of Heavenly Crystal Peak’s old monarch, the conflict should lessen a bit.” said Feng Ya.

Chu Mu nodded his head. If he could settle the conflict, then that would be the best. After all, the Elemental Sect’s influence was too large...


The four of them rode their soul pets until the foot of Heavenly Crystal Peak. At the bottom of the mountain, they walked around a few times to see if they could find any Elemental Sect experts gathered at the bottom of the mountain.

There were five people from Elemental Sect gathered there. Among them, three of them were twenty five years old while the other two were about thirty. They probably weren’t Elemental Sect’s young generation members.

“It should be them, right? I don’t know where my brother is.” Ye Qingzi swept her gaze over the two thirty year old men, and used soul remembrance to speak to Chu Mu.

“If it was them who came to deal with Heavenly Crystal Peak’s monarch, then they may not have brought your brother here. They probably locked up his soul remembrance and placed him in the Elemental Sect for others to watch over him.” said Chu Mu.

“I’ve detected that the expressions of these people when they saw us were a bit strange…” Ye Qingzi continued to use soul remembrance to communicate with Chu Mu.

“It could be that they feel we’re outsiders. It’s probably not because they recognize you.” responded Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi nodded her head and didn’t say anything else. Those two thirty old men had not been seen before by Ye Qingz,i and they didn’t recognize her either. The reason why they found Ye Wansheng in Wogu City probably had to do with a pursuit brand.

“Young master Yu Lang and young lady Feng Ya, you’ve made us wait awhile.” one of the thirty year old of so men wearing deep grey colored clothing walked forward and spoke to Yu Lang and Feng Ya with a slight smile.

“Haha, a few small matters delayed us.” Ye Lang laughed in response.

“These two are?” the grey clothed man was clearly the leader, and his gaze fell on Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi as he asked his question.

“Oh, let me introduce them. This is Chu Mu, and this is Chu Mu’s female companion. Her name is…” Yu Lang was about to say Ye Qingzi’s name, but when he remembered that these two people should know Ye Qingzi’s name, he realized it wasn’t too proper to say her name right from the get go. Thus, he didn’t say it and planned on first familiarizizing the two parties before dealing with the dispute.

“Qing Li, can I borrow you for something?” Yu Lang hesitated a while before talking quietly to the grey clothed man.

Qing Li let out a confused expression, but did as he said and walked to the side where they began to quietly converse.

Chu Mu’s hearing was very good, and after he heard Qing Li’s name, he was sure that those two thirty year old soul pet trainers were the two people that kidnapped Ye Wansheng. He intentionally used soul remembrance to inform Ye Qingzi.

The other four casually greeted Feng Ya, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. By the looks of things, they weren’t very cordial and, for some unknown reason, Chu Mu felt that their eye expressions were a bit weird.

“Brother Qing Li, I have something I have to discuss with you.” Yu Lang didn’t use soul remembrance and used a soft voice to speak to Xing Tai[1].

“Yes?” Qing Li let out a complicated expression, but it quickly returned to normal.

“Did you and Zhang Qin just return from Western Kingdom’s Wogu region?” asked Yu Lang.

“How do you know?” asked Qing Li.

“Then, did you take away a young man from Wogu Region?” Yu Lang proceeded to ask.

Qing Li looked at Yu Lang, but didn’t say anything; yet, his eyes indicated that this did indeed happen.

“Nothing is wrong with that young man now right?”

“Why is brother Yu Lang suddenly so concerned about his mater.” Qing Li’s gaze became rather strange again.

Qing Li and Zhan Qin really were the two people that kidnapped Ye Wansheng. They had received orders to pursue and pursued all the way to Western Kingdom. It wasn’t until the Wogu Region that they finally caught the person that stole their young master’s soul pet. This matter had been personally ordered by their young master, and ostensibly had nothing to do with Soul Palace. Moreover, it had no relation to Yu Lang and Feng Ya. Qing Li didn’t understand why Yu Lang would ask about this.

“I think there may have been a slight misunderstanding there. The two people I brought have pursued you two through the details that they could gather. I hope to be able to resolve this matter.” said Yu Lang.

“Brother Yu Lang, this is Elemental Sect’s internal matter. Don’t tell me brother Yu Lang has to deal with this matter?” Qing Li’s tone was a bit foul as he spoke.

“I also just got to know these two people. If they were someone normal, I naturally wouldn’t care, since the main thing this time is to help you deal with Heavenly Crystal Peak’s matter. However, that friend called Chu Mu is a subordinate of our Soul Palace. He has a Soul Palace Secondary Decree. His status isn’t very normal, and the Soul Palace’s relations are good with your Elemental Sect. I also don’t want to create a conflict between your young master and Soul Palace’s young master due to some subordinate’s matter.” said Yu Lang.

“Young master’s subordinate?” Qing Li let out an astonished expression and specially looked over Chu Mu.

“It’s real. Although I don’t know which young master for now, but if he’s able to produce a young master’s Soul Palace Decree, then his position in Soul Palace isn’t low.” said Yu Lang.

“This is something instructed by our young master. We can’t just let someone go because we said so.” Qing Li’s expression was strange as he spoke.

“They’re also rather sincere. How about this, both sides will take a step back, and they can use some other method to compensate for your young master’s loss. You guys can then let the person go like that. It’d best for both sides to reach a resolution. Moreover, since they came here, we can let them enter our group and deal with Heavenly Crystal Peak’s problem together. Their strength isn’t weak.” said Yu Lang.

When Yu Lang heard the first half of Yu Lang’s words, his expression was still dark, but when Yu Lang go to the latter half, his eyes immediately lit up.

“This I can ponder over. After all, the young master also wants to obtain Heavenly Crystal Powder.” Qing Li immediately nodded his head in response.

Yu Lang was stunned. He originally thought he had to say this to help mediate the problem, but didn’t think that Qing Li would agree so easily. It seemed that Heavenly Crystal Peak’s matter was very intricate problem.

After the negotiation, Yu Lang and Qing Li reached an agreement, and they walked back to everyone.

Qing Li’s eyes swept over Chu Mu. He truthfully was very surprised that Chu Mu was a Soul Palace young master’s subordinate. The status of someone like that was much higher than his.

“You are his sister, eh?” Qing Li’s gaze fell on Ye Qingzi and he spoke in an ordinary tone.

“Yes.” nodded Ye Qingzi.

“Our Elemental Sect’s people aren’t unreasonable. As long as you’re willing to give our young master equal compensation, I can guarantee that your brother will be fine. However, this matter was one where you committed wrong first. In order to express good faith, we need you help us on Heavenly Crystal Peak to get rid of a few subordinates of the Heavenly Crystal’s monarchs on Heavenly Crystal Peak’s mid mountain rock cave. If you can help us sweep this obstruction clean, then we won’t haggle about this matter anymore.” Qing Li’s bearing was slightly arrogant as he spoke.

“Then what’s my brother’s situation like now.” instantly asked Ye Qingzi.

“Don’t worry, he only received a bit of suffering. Nothing too hindering.” said Qing Li.

When Qing Li said these words, Yu Lang slightly creased his eyebrows and softly said: “The situation inside the mid mountain rock cave is unknown. It’s said that there are numerous powerful soul pets living there. It isn’t too suitable to only have the two of them go eh?”


  1. Typo, most likely Qing Li

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