Book 2 Chapter 186 - Colored Sky North Mountain, Heavenly Crystal Peak Monarch

Chapter 186: Colored Sky North Mountain, Heavenly Crystal Peak Monarch

As the mysterious crystal ice crystals condensed, a slight change slowly manifested in the Ice Air Fairy’s body. Its snowy white body became sparkly and translucently pure, like an ice sculpture without any blemishes.

The ice-cold aura on its body unceasingly increased, gradually filling the Ice Air Fairy’s soul pet space. It made Chu Mu’s soul feel a wave of chilliness.

The 2 million price Ice Snow Fruit had an extremely direct effect. Although the Ice Air Fairy had undergone the strengthening of the Frozen Pool Spring and the Mysterious Crystal Soul Pearl, the Ice Air Fairy still evolved, and entered the sixth phase ninth stage!

The main effect of the Ice Snow Fruit was to strengthen attributes and increase an ice type soul pet’s comprehension. Under this situation, the Ice Air Fairy still managed to increase one stage; this could already be considered extremely hard to reach.

The Ice Air Fairy had already undergone strengthening of many spirit items. It presently had reached the sixth phase ninth stage, but it didn’t break through to the seventh phase. Most importantly, it still lacked battle experience. In the next while, Chu Mu had to place emphasis on the Ice Air Fairy’s training. Otherwise, even if he used anymore spirit item strengthening, the Ice Air Fairy would have a gorgeous yet empty outside experience, and it would be unable to use the powerful force inside its body.

“Have a good rest and stabilize the force.” Chu Mu said to the Ice Air Fairy.

“Ling~~~~~~~” the Ice Air Fairy whose strength had increased let out an excited shout. Slowly, an azure white colored frozen ice gradually emerged from its body. It began to control the mysterious crystal in its body, and it practiced minute controlling of its ice crystal ability.

Taking the Ice Soul Grass allowed the Ice Air Fairy to digest the Ice Snow Fruit. Chu Mu exhausted a lot of soul power through the one night, and after he fed the gluttonous White Nightmare, he immediately entered a silent cultivation state to quickly recover his soul power.


As a ray of colorful sunlight spilled in front of Chu Mu’s window, he gradually opened his eyes. After doing a simple wash and brush up, Chu Mu took out a soul core and fed it to his soul pets.

Aside from the Night Thunder Dream Beast, Chu Mu fed them all sixth level soul cores. As the attributes of his soul pets increased, Chu Mu would buy them increasingly better quality food. However, two months of soul pet food still cost Chu Mu nearly 2 million gold coins...

“Wu wu wu~~~~” the small Mo Xie apparently had stayed too long in the soul pet space, and indicated that she wanted to come out and take a breath of fresh air.

Chu Mu didn’t like to restrict this small fellow either. He chanted an incantation to summon Mo Xie, who had already eaten her breakfast in front of him.

“Nie~~~ Nie~~~~~~”

The White Nightmare immediately let out a cry, also indicating that it wanted to come out to get fresh air.

Chu Mu knew this White Nightmare’s temper,and if it were to come out, it would create a bit of destruction. Therefore, he resolutely ignored this fellow’s request.

“Let’s go.” Ye Qingzi had already prepared everything, and she clearly was anxious about Ye Wansheng’s safety.

Chu Mu nodded his head and summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast. He left south of the city with Ye Qingzi and after following different soul pet trainer teams, they entered the Colored Sky Southern Mountain.

Four people were normally required to enter the habitats of soul pets. This way, when they encountered a soul pet group, they would have means of getting away. Groups with two people, like Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, were not many.

Not long after they entered Colored Sky Mountain in the morning daylight, Old Li rushed out of the city and with abnormal speed, quickly ran in front of Chu Mu. He idly jumped on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back and lay there panting.

“What’s the situation? What did you hear?” Chu Mu glanced at Old Li as he asked.

Old Li had indicated that he was friends with a pack of rogues in Colored Sky City, and they were all fellows who enjoyed gossipping about different strange and fantastic things. It was possible to find out things from them.

“Young master, I searched for information through the night. Let this old man catch his breath first…” Old Li lay on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back, and he took deep breaths.

After resting a while, Old Li got up and waved his short arms while saying: “There is a Heavenly Crystal Peak in Colored Sky Mountain’s northern mountains. This mountain peak harbors an extremely powerful monarch. According to the non-public information that was leaked, a few Elemental Sect young generation experts are interested in this monarch. Moreover, they have also invited a few Soul Palace experts to join. If it’s a scheme of the Elemental Sect’s young generation, then those two that kidnapped that hooligan should also be heading for Heavenly Crystal Peak.”

Ye Qingzi heard him as well. Colored Sky Mountain’s North Mountains were a vast expanse. It would be extremely hard to find those two people here, but now that there was a clue, her eyes lit up a bit.

“If they invited Soul Palace’s young experts, then could it be those two we bumped into yesterday?” asked Chu Mu.

“It should be. When I left the city, I saw them just leave as well; young master can follow them all the way to Heavenly Crystal Mountain.” said Old Li.

“Which two people?” asked Ye Qingzi who didn’t understand.

“The Soul Palace’s two young experts. They’re called Yu Lang and Feng Ya.” responded Chu Mu.

“Them?” Ye Qingzi was shocked; she clearly had heard of their reputation, “Their reputation isn’t small.”

Chu Mu had been isolated from society for many years and naturally didn’t know about these experts whose names had spread far and wide. After discussing with Ye Qingzi, the two of them decided to wait for these two Soul Palace people to appear before finding a reason to go with them.


As expected, Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu waited for a short while on the path when the man and woman riding on their soul pets appeared on the mountain path.

“Star Wilderness Devil Colt, White Eyed Abyss Beast. They’re both above the seventh phase…” Chu Mu immediately recognized the two soul pets the two of them were riding.

The Soul Palace young expert Yu Lang was riding the White Eyed Abyss Beast, which was a commander rank and moreover one of the top top choices in this realm. It possessed an exceptionally powerful beast type fighting strength, and it further had an incomparable endurance. Riding on this white eyed Abyss Beast on the main street of the city would be capable of causing a wave of shock. After all, the White Eyed Abyss Beast breed were the kings among Abyss Beasts!

The female soul pet trainer, Feng Ya, was riding on an approximately seventh phase fifth stage Star Wilderness Devil Colt. Although its strength wasn’t outstanding, its speed, dodging, and concealment capabilities were all renowned. From the gorgeous starry specks on this Star Wilderness Devil Colt, it could be seen that it had undergone demonic strengthening and possessed a speed that surpassed a peak commander.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were planning on following these two to find Heavenly Crystal Peak, but the two of them didn’t want to be too obvious. Chu Mu guessed that those two would question him again, so he intentionally feigned training his soul pets to slow down his travel speed.

“It’s that man from yesterday who had a Soul Palace Decree.” Feng Ya quickly noticed Chu Mu, who was training a Warbeast Mo Ye, and he spoke to the adjacent Yu Lang.

“Yes, this person is a bit arrogant. I wonder which young master he’s under.” Yu Lang naturally remembered the matter from yesterday. Yesterday, when Yu Lang asked Chu Mu who he was, Chu Mu didn’t answer.

“Their Dream Beasts aren’t bad, and their fighting strength is not weak.” Feng Ya immediately placed her attention on Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s Dream Beasts.

Yu Lang laughed and nodded his head. He rode on the majestic and imposing White Eyed Abyss Beast beside Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Friend, we meet again.” Yu Lang maintained an amiable appearance as he called out to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was playing a game where had to let go in order to win, and merely nodded his head indifferently. He didn’t say anything.

“Where are the two of you heading?” Feng Ya truthfully was very interested in Chu Mu’s identity, because a Soul Palace Decree wasn’t something that anybody could have. Even if it wasn’t the owner of the Soul Palace Decree, it had to be someone directly under them.

“I’m heading north.” indifferently replied Chu Mu.

Yu Lang saw that Chu Mu didn’t ignore them, and he continued to maintain his smile as he said: “We’re also heading north. Since we’re all people from Soul palace, let’s go together. It’ll be safer that way.”

Feng Ya who was riding the Star Wilderness Devil Colt quickly began to chat with Ye Qingzi with a faint laugh. She asked a few questions about the Purple Robed Dream Beast, and she received a bit of understanding in response.

“Young Master, these two people have definite status in Soul Palace. If there isn’t an absolute need to, there’s no need to not get along with them.” Old Li used soul remembrance to remind Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head, naturally knowing that making an enemy out of everybody was dangerous. If these two people were cooperating with the Elemental Sect, then Chu Mu felt that he could attempt to settle Ye Wansheng’s matter through these two people. After all, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi weren’t absolutely certain that they could deal with so many Elemental Sect people.

“We’re heading to Heavenly Crystal Mountain this time to help a few Elemental Sect friends deal with an old monarch. Let’s walk around Colored Sky Mountain on the way, and see if there are any rare and unique soul pets…” under Ye Qingzi’s politeness, Yu Lang didn’t hide anything, and directly told them their goal for heading to Colored Sky Mountain’s northern mountains this time.

“Then what about you guys? It seems like you aren’t coming here for experience.” asked Feng Ya.

En route, after conversing, Old Li advised Chu Mu to tell the truth to these two people. After all, in order not to use force, they had to have these two people negotiate with the Elemental Sect people.

“Elemental Sect People? My friend over here got into a bit of a conflict with Elemental Sect members not too long ago. Her brother was taken away those people. I’m accompanying her to find him.” Chu Mu glanced at Yu Lang and told him the situation.

Yu Lang and Feng Ya were a bit surprised and asked: “What conflict?”

“It could only be about a soul pet. Because of a Dark Fire Heavenly Devil, there arose a slight conflict with them when we fought over it.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Then when you made your move, did you kill any of the opposing side’s soul pets or soul pet trainers?” immediately asked Yu Lang.

Fighting over a soul pet was a matter that would sometimes occur and Yu Lang wasn’t surprised by this. Only, if it involved the death of one of the side’s soul pet trainers or soul pets, then the conflict wouldn’t be too easy to resolve.

“That didn’t happen.” Ye Qingzi shook her head as she spoke.

Feng Ya carried a faint smile as she said: “Then that’s easy to deal with. When we reconvene with them on Heavenly Crystal Mountain, both sides can negotiate. After all, if they know that brother Chu Mu is a young master’s subordinate, they won’t make things too difficult.”


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