Book 2 Chapter 185 - Comprehend, Ice Air Fairy

Chapter 185: Comprehend, Ice Air Fairy

Chu Mu glanced at this Soul Palace young generation expert, and he didn’t say anything, walking indifferently towards the Elemental Hall.

Chu Mu didn’t know much about positions in Soul Palace, and he didn’t know what position his mother had in Soul Palace. He didn’t even know why he would have the title of Soul Palace Young Master. Since he couldn’t explain, he simply didn’t.

Yu Lang and Feng Ya didn’t block Chu Mu, watching Chu Mu’s back image. Only after Chu Mu walked into the Elemental Hall did Feng Ya first say, “This person probably isn’t our Soul Palace Young Master. Maybe he’s using the decree to handle matters for the young master.”

“En, of the eight great Young Masters, I’ve seen six, and two are constantly outside training, very rarely appearing at Soul Palaces. This may be the eighth or even ninth young master, or it is the subordinate of a young master.” Yu Lang nodded.

“Then doesn’t that mean that the young master is in Cai Qiong City?” Feng Ya said.

“It shouldn’t be wrong.” Yu Lang nodded.


With an identity, it was a lot simpler for Chu Mu to find information about the two Elemental Sect members from Li City. Very soon, Chu Mu learned from the people he contacted about the situation of the two people, and he even received some profiling information of the two members.

If information was correct, then the two people who took Ye Wansheng away were Elemental Sect experts. These two people were both the subordinates of the young expert Yu He, called Zhang Qin and Qing Li. They both had sixth level titles in the Elemental Sect, already not counted as young generation.

Zhang Qin and Qing Li were both eighth remembrance spirit teachers. The information briefly recorded their main soul pets. Respectively, an eighth phase third phase Purple Lightning Devil and a seventh phase fifth stage Evil Flame Demon- both hard to deal with.

These two people passed by about five days ago, and they went straight into the Colored Sky Mountain. Also, they retrieved a topographic map of the Colored Mountain south mountain.

Since they took the topographic map of the south mountain, it meant that they probably decided to go to the south mountain. The Colored Sky Mountain spanned hundreds of kilometers wide. If Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi only knew that they entered Colored Sky Mountain, it would be hard to find them. If they narrowed the range down, they would have a greater chance of finding them.

Now, if they could know why they went to Colored Sky Mountain south mountain, they would have hopes of finding the two.


“Young master, those two were doubting your identity.” Just as Chu Mu was about to leave the Elemental Hall, Old Li used his remembrance to tell Chu Mu.

“Doubting me for what?” Chu Mu glanced over, and indeed noticed the man and woman sitting on the golden longchair were watching him from afar.

“It’s like this. Soul Palace has a total of nine young masters. These nine young masters, other than the second and fourth, are almost all very famous experts within the soul pet trainer realm. This decree you have represents your status as a Soul Palace Young Master. However, Yu Lang, who is often inside Soul Palaces, thought you were unfamiliar, and was naturally guessing which young master or young master’s subordinate your are.” Old Li explained.

Chu Mu attentively listened to Old Li. When Old Li mentioned the fame of the young masters, he pointed to the entire soul pet trainer realm, and not just the young generation.

“Then is my identity real or fake?” Chu Mu asked.

“Of course it’s real. If you go by age, you are the tenth young master. But, because her highness is always low profile, not many people know that she has descendants. Therefore, your identity as the tenth Young Master is real, but nameless. Only until you reach Tianxia City, and meet core members of Soul Palace under the guidance of her highness, and wait for them to release information of your existence, and then build up your fame with strength, can your identity be slowly known. Then, it will become the most powerful status symbol for power and identity.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded with some understanding. In reality, Chu Mu saw “young master” as the son of the person of highest power and position, and he should therefore be unique.

However, Soul Palace had ten young masters, so this could mean that Soul Palace had ten people with utmost power. This just showed how massive Soul Palace truly was.

After leaving Elemental Hall, Chu Mu specially looked at the beautiful wall drawings within the Elemental Hall. Within were the dazzling images of ice type crystals. What puzzled Chu Mu was, after Glazed Ice in the ice type crystals, there was another pearl or gem-like energy crystal.

“That’s Ground Immortal Ice Crystal. Only ice type soul pets with ice type powers that reach a certain peak can have this ice type energy crystal. Soul pets who control Ground Immortal Ice aren’t plentiful. As for soul pets with Heavenly Immortal Ice soul pets, this old man can count them with my fingers……” When Old Li said that, he always liked to shake his short hands around. However, when he waved it around to see his own raccoon claws, he would awkwardly retract his hand…...

Chu Mu knew that what Old Li meant by all soul pets that didn’t only include soul pet trainer owned soul pets. In this vast region, there were many wild hegemons. These hegemons almost all controlled a territory as a king, and they were equivalent to the top tier experts of humankind, but they would never yield to a human, and neither would the soul pet trainers easily try them.


After leaving the Elemental Hall, Chu Mu went straight to the auction house.

Because of time, Ye Qingzi didn’t have time to slowly wait for an auction. Instead, she just gave all the young soul pets and eggs to an appraiser, who gave her a general estimate of price that is paid to her for her goods. However the auction house dealt with the goods was up to them after.

Chu Mu had 6 million on him, earned from the Heavenly Devil Lair fight.

Of the 13 Heavenly Devil Insect bug eggs and young Heavenly Devil Insects, the high stage eighth phase Heavenly Devil Insect was sold for around 5 million. The other two eighth phase low tier Heavenly Devil Insects were both priced at 2 million. This way, from these three eighth phase Heavenly Devil Insect eggs, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both got 9 million gold.

The other 10 young Heavenly Devil Insects and their eggs were sold at an average price of 200,000, gaining a total of 2 million.

The difference in price between soul pets was massive. A tiny difference in talent could change the price by a few hundred thousand, just as the eighth phase strengthened Heavenly Devil Insect egg was more than 10 times the price of the normal Heavenly Devil Insect eggs.

Chu Mu still had three seventh level Heavenly Devil Insect soul crystals, and a seventh level ice type soul crystal. These four soul crystals were all sold at 1.5 million, totalling 6 million.

Taking away the 2 million gold that Ye Qingzi needed for Ice Soul Grass, the Heavenly Devil Insects and their soul crystals gained a total of 15 million for Chu Mu.

Because the ice type soul crystal was Chu Mu’s, Ye Qingzi took 7 million, and Chu Mu took 8 million.

Adding on the rewards and Old Tu’s rewards, as well as the 3 million that Chu Mu got from selling the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit, Chu Mu had 27 million in gold.

27 million was, in the past, a very, very, massive number for Chu Mu. In the Jia Region, Chu Mu was still worrying over the 5 million gold soul armor and 10 million gold full form offensive soul equipment. That 10 million was gained only after completely raiding the Yang Clan.

Now, he had 27 million, but to gain a really valuable soul master soul technique needed 50 million. All the expenses of Glazed Ice added up to 100 million. Chu Mu laughed bitterly. There was never enough money…...

The problem of the Glazed Ice would be figured out later. Chu Mu first spent 2 million on a seventh level lightning, dark, and demon type soul crystal to strengthen Night’s dark and lightning types.

When the Night Thunder Dream Beast was in the Demon Home, it absorbed lots of demonic aura, so if Chu Mu strengthened its demon type, it was useless. Thus, when he bought the seventh level soul crystal, Chu Mu focused on dark and lightning types.

The seventh level soul crystal’s effects weren’t that prominent, and was only able to raise Night Thunder Dream Beast’s stage by one, reaching seventh phase second stage. Such a situation wasn’t strange.The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demon type was relatively strong now, so the effects of outer items was mitigated. Only through battle would it get major strength increases.

Zhan Ye already had near 40 million gold spent on it. It had a full set of soul equipment, and it had been strengthened by a sixth level soul crystal. Unless there were even more powerful soul items, normal items could hardly raise its strength, so there wasn’t a portion of this 27 million that was left for it.

The Ice Air Fairy was Chu Mu’s main focus of this time. After all, Chu Mu was in Colored Sky City, a place full of elemental soul pets and aura, so one could find lots of soul items…...

With Old Li’s suggestion, Chu Mu went to the trade center and bought an Ice Snow Fruit worth 20 million.

The Ice Snow Fruit was a seventh level soul item that could catalyze a soul pet to learn energy crystals. As long as the soul pet’s talent wasn’t overtly low, after eating this Ice Snow Fruit, not only would the soul pet’s ice type strengths increase, the chance of learning an ice type crystal would also greatly increase!

“Ling ling~~~~~~~~”

Able to eat delicacies, the Ice Air Fairy naturally was jubilant, like a pure little boy…...

“Don’t only focus on the flavor. Once you eat the Ice Snow Fruit, you have to immediately start cultivating to absorb all the ice type energy into your body.” Chu Mu reminded Ning.


The Ice Air Fairy nodded, looking very obedient.

Once the Ice Snow Fruit was eaten, Chu Mu immediately entered a silent meditative state and stayed connected with Ice Air Fairy through his remembrance. He started guiding his Ice Air Fairy to absorb the energy within the Fruit.

Very quickly, the Ice Snow Fruit’s energy started dissolving within the Ice Air Fairy’s body and was absorbed by the Ice Air Fairy’s body and soul.

Very quickly, a surprise appeared. After the effects of Ice Snow Fruit happened, a cyan white ice started appearing within the Ice Air Fairy’s body.

The cyan white ice crystal was the Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal. The Ice Air Fairy originally needed a Mysterious Crystal Soul Pearl to grasp Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal, but now it had learned it itself. Adding on the effects of Mysterious Crystal Soul Pearl, the Ice Air Fairy’s Mysterious Crystal strength may have increased another few percent. Now, it would be almost 70 - 80% stronger than normal Ice Crystal!


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