Book 2 Chapter 184 - Soul Palace Young Master

Chapter 184: Soul Palace Young Master

Second remembrance spirit master!


The Ice Air Fairy let out a clear sound, happy for Chu Mu.

Chu Mu himself was a bit surprised. After all, of all his soul pets, aside from Zhan Ye whose strength that could be substantially increased, the strength increased of other soul pets wasn’t very obvious. Being able to enter the second remembrance spirit master in this scenario presumably was because of unceasingly fighting in the previous period of time.

After reaching the spirit master level, his soul power increase was extremely evident. Chu Mu could currently maintain a fifty-fifty split with the White Nightmare. This fifty percent of soul power was normally used on soul techniques and summoning soul pets.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve learned a new soul technique…” after his soul power increased, Chu Mu suddenly realised this.

Whilst fighting, changing soul pets consumed a rather large amount of soul power, so many soul pe trainers wouldn’t rashly use soul techniques while fighting; however, this didn’t mean that soul techniques didn’t have any use.

Indeed, soul techniques frequently could change the tides of battle. For instanc,e Chu Mu’s Violent Blood Pupil could increase a soul pet’s strength five to six stages.

If Violent Blood Pupil was used on Zhan Ye, it could unceasingly strengthen itself through Brave Stinging Heart, and its strength could potentially reach the powerful seventh phase. In such a way, this soul technique could create a seventh phase strengthened commander, and its fighting strength having considerably risen.

Chu Mu mainly relied on the soul technique- Chong Mei, which could copy the soul technique of one’s soul pet, so he often wouldn’t fret over soul techniques.

Moreover, the stronger the opponent he faced was, the more his attacking methods would vary, and the trickier his fighting techniques would be. It was extremely important for him to possess various soul techniques.

Without question, the price of a soul technique was unreasonably high. It was practically the same value as the luxury good, a soul equipment. A sixth rank technique required approximately 5 million gold coins to purchase.

Chu Mu presently had reached the spirit master level, and he could learn seventh rank techniques, which could easily be a few tens of millions of gold coins. Right now, only with all of Chu Mu’s assets, could he purchase a seventh rank soul technique book.

Chu Mu’s soul technique could copy a soul pet’s technique; moreover, it could do so for the Heavenly Flame Rite, this seventh rank monarch technique. However, after copying it, the Heavenly Flame Rite Chu Mu used was severely weaker, and it was similar to those soul technique books with a rather low completeness level and he could only use about 60%. If he could purchase a higher completeness Heavenly Flame Right soul technique, the might of Chu Mu’s Heavenly Flame Rite would also rise by a few tenths.

“What’s the matter/”

Ye Qingzi’s soul remembrance suddenly transmitted from the neighboring room, as she ostensibly felt the different mental state of Chu Mu.

“I’ve advanced a level.” responded Chu Mu.

“The speed your strength increases is truly fast…” Ye Qingzi wore a bit of praise and jealousy

“In my opinion, you should be a spirit master soon?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, I’m unable to break through the bottleneck.” responded Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu’s guess wasn’t wrong. Ye Qingzi was currently at the ninth remembrance spirit teacher level, and as long as she was able to surmount this bottleneck, she would become a spirit master.

It was extremely rare for a young generation member’s strength to reach a spirit master. Chu Mu was also curious as to what identity these two Ye Family brother and sister had. After all, there weren’t many young people who could reach their current level.

After speaking a bit to Ye Qingzi, the two of them respectively entered a silent cultivation state.

At dawn, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi split up. Ye Qingzi was in charge of dealing with those Heavenly Devil Insect things and purchasing a few spirit items and soul items to increase the strength of their soul pets a bit.

Chu Mu, on the other hand, went to Elemental Capital to inquire about Ye Wansheng.

In this period of time of knowing each other, Chu Mu had quite a bit of trust towards Ye Qingzi, and he didn’t feel that anything was wrong with having her handle these things.


Colored Sky City was a ninth rank city.

It wasn’t as bustling like Nightmare City, and it was more ancient and reverent. Due to the Colored Sky Mountain’s existence, this city that sat in Colored Sky Mountain was unable to expand into its surroundings, so it always remained a ninth rank city.

Colored Sky City, in truth, was an ‘elemental capital’. Most commonly in the entire city was elemental world soul pets.

Many cities were arranged the same way. For instance, at the nearby Soul Pet Palace, one could always find a relatively large scale market. In the very center of the most flourishing areas would always be the encampment of a few ultra large scale factions.

Chu Mu easily found Elemental Sect’s encampment. The elemental capital here was even more majestic than Lang He Region’s. Presumably, Colored Sky City’s elemental capital was an important place amongst the entirety of the Elemental Sect.

What made Chu Mu somewhat surprised was that the palace of Soul Palace that had ultimate authority unexpectedly was beside the elemental capital.

The Soul Palace had a large and majestic hall and four Soul Palace members were standing guard outside the door. They were cold and grim, not letting any outsider enter the palace.

“Young master, do you want to enter Soul Palace to look. Everything the Soul Palace has is a relatively high grade item. For instance, you are currently lacking a soul technique and a majority of these are possessed by the Soul Palace. Aside from this, the upper level soul equipment, soul pearls and soul hearts are pretty much all monopolized by the Soul Palace…” said Old Li.

“Forget it. Next time.” Chu Mu really did want to look around Soul Palace, but he had to inquire about Ye Wansheng first.

Chu Mu was planning on walking towards elemental capital when a young man and woman walked out of Soul Palace’s great entrance. The man had a majestic appearance, and was impressive looking; in one glance, he gave others the feeling of a large family’s disciple. His expression carried a confidence and calmness that was possessed by ordinary people.

The woman had a beautiful complexion that made others exclaim in admiration. Her skin was jade white and her hair fell to her shoulders. A warm smile hung on her face and she unhurriedly followed beside the man, speaking with him in a soft voice.

This woman also exuded the mannerisms of a rich family’s young lady. Moreover, due to her beautiful complexion, it very easily attracted the constant sidelong glances of those around her.

“That’s weird, why did those two fellows come here?” said Old Li.

“You recognize them?” asked Chu Mu. This young man and woman pair didn’t bring any attendants with them, but from their adornments and mannerisms, it was easy to guess that they were people with status.

“I can’t say I know them; I only know of them. What person or event is there that I, Old Xuan, doesn’t know of. Back then, when I accompanied the soul pet world’s number one expert…”

“Say the main points.” Chu Mu pulled Old Li’s ear, reminding him not to speak superfluous words.

“Aha, these two are the Soul Palace young generation experts with relatively high prestige. The man is called Yu Lang, and the woman is called Feng Ya. I remember a few years ago they already had a bit of fame amongst the young generation. Moreover, they had a lot of potential. Many years have now passed, so I’m sure that everyone knows about them. If young master could defeat any one of them without using half devil…” said Old Li.

“Are they very strong?”

“Of course. At least, I still don’t think young master is presently their opponent. Perhaps young master can obtain victory over the woman, but Yu Lang is extremely hard to deal with. He is the Soul Palace seventh hall master’s son. Even disregarding talent, the fact that practically every one of his soul pets has been provided with soul equipment is abnormal. Not long ago, I heard that this fellow challenged an expert that wasn’t a young generation member and ultimately still won…” said Old Li.

Chu Mu was a hot blooded young man. When he saw a person of the same generation who was stronger than him appear, there would always be a bit of excitement in his heart. He promptly glanced a few times at the man called Yu Lang.

Yu Lang and Feng Ya, these two Soul Palace experts, seemed to also be going to elemental capital. Yu Lang sensed Chu Mu’s gaze and glanced back at him. He didn’t display any emotions on his face and calmly walked past Chu Mu.

“When young master goes to Soul Palace in the future with my lady, you’re bound to fight against this fellow.” Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu only lifted up the corners of his mouth, but didn’t say anything as he walked towards elemental capital.


“Please show your identification.” Just as they walked into the elemental capital, the two guards said coldly.

Chu Mu looked at the guy and girl that walked into the elemental capital without showing any identification documents. Sure enough, their fame was very high to be able to walk in and out of others’ places freely like that.

Chu Mu held the Soul Palace Decree to show his membership of Soul Palace.

Looking at the decree, the two immediately showed confused and astonished expressions. They specially looked at Chu Mu again with skepticism.

“Any problems?” Chu Mu raised an eyebrow while looking at the two guards.

“Uh, can this mister wait here for a second.” The older of the two guards said.

Chu Mu knew the Soul Palace Decree wasn’t fake, so he apathetically nodded.

Getting permission, this guard quickly chased after the man and women before and passed Chu Mu’s Soul Palace Decree to identify.

Yu Lang and Feng Ya both took the Decree over. At first, they remained collected, but when they noticed the ranking symbol of the Soul Palace Decree, they also became surprised and specially turned around to inspect Chu Mu.

“So it is the young master of Soul Palace, sorry for the lack of respect.” After the guard confirmed Chu Mu’s identity there, he immediately ran back and saluted, apologizing for the previous arrogance and coldness.

Soul Palace titles also had rankings. The Soul Palace Decree given to Old Li by Liu Binglan was a secondary decree. Such secondary decree was usually given to the family of some extremely high positioned people. Though it doesn’t have much real exercisable power, it represented an extremely high position.

The secondary decree symbol was almost exactly same as the Soul Palace Decree. From this symbol, one could tell what ranking the family of the decree holder had.

Just as Chu Mu retracted his Soul Palace secondary Decree, he walked into the elemental main hall. He had only walked a few steps before realizing the man and woman in front seemed to be specially waiting for him.

“Since this friend is the Soul Palace young master of ours, why are you so unfamiliar?” Yu Lang smiled, and he asked Chu Mu as he watched him intently.


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