Book 2 Chapter 183 - Ghost King

Chapter 183: Ghost King

Chu Mu wasn’t someone who didn’t have the least bit of experience. After trying a few times and not succeeding, he resolutely had Zhan Ye and the Night Thunder Dream Beast kill this soul pet.

Zhan Ye’s claw blades were unable to rip apart this soul pet’s defense. It was ultimately the Ink Armor Spikes which, this time, exceptionally accurately stabbed the Rock General’s heart!

The heart of an elemental type soul pet was similar to crystals. After stabbing it, the elemental soul pet wouldn’t die from a lack of being able to pump blood; moreover, after a bit of recovery, it would slowly heal.

Zhan Ye’s Ink Armor Spikes were completely buried in this Rock General’s heart. After a few consecutive stabbings of at least twelve strikes, the life force of this soul pet that was rigidly held in place by Mo Xie’s tails gradually declined.

The Rock General’s life force was very tenacious. Under the scenario of perpetual attacks from Zhan Ye and the Night Thunder Dream Beast for nearly a minute, the Rock General finally let out an anguished wail. Its rock hands gripped tightly slowly loosened, and its body also gradually weakened, and its head faced the sky...

“Soul core… it’s a pity. This eighth phase excellent soul core quality can probably only sell for over 100,000. It’ll be a night snack for your soul pets then.” said Old Li.

Due to the enhancement of various spiritual items, this strengthened soul pet’s heart had a relatively higher chance of transforming into a soul crystal. However, it wasn’t every strengthened soul pet that could condense a soul crystal. Aside from requiring unique foresight, one also needed luck.


After obtaining the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit, Chu Mu didn’t stay too long in Colored Sky Mountain and rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast towards Colored Sky City.

The area Colored Sky City occupied was very extensive. Chu Mu stood on a level mountain peak and when he looked down, he could see the entire city.

The city was composed of different colored rocks, and it seemed very three dimensional. It was like enormous statues sculpted in a city.

The most attracting thing of Colored Sky City was those grand statues. When Chu Mu descended from the mountain peak, he could see that a myriad of statues were even taller than many of the lofty buildings. When looking from far away, it was capable of making one exclaim in astonishment.

On either side of the city entrance were two respective incomparably mighty soul pets. The heights of the two soul pets nearly reached twenty meters and their bodies were covered in thick rock armor. One of their hands was holding an enormous curved sword which was pressed into the ground. Their heads were lifted arrogantly as they stared at the sky high above.

The two statues gave one a feeling of generals that weren’t mad, but wielded power. The large sword in their were vivid and lifelike and when looking up at them, people would feel fear, august and respect in their hearts!

“Isn’t that a Rock General?” Chu Mu looked up at the soul pet and asked a question.

Chu Mu had just killed a Rock General, so had a bit of an impression towards this soul pet. However, the statue in front of him seemed to be different in some way form the Rock General. At least the elemental soul pet Chu Mu had encountered didn’t have a curved sword made out of something unknown.

“This thing is, it is much more powerful than the Rock General. Its called a Ghost King, and it is a soul pet that is the perfect combination of rock and ghost type. In terms of strength, defense, and rock type techniques, it has an absolute advantage. Aside from its slightly slow speed, it ostensibly very hard to find any flaws.” said Old Li.

Rock type soul pets had very strong defense. Aside from dark types that could cause corrosion, it had a certain amount of immunity towards other attributes. Yet, if it was a rock and dark type, then it would have the most absolute defense because dark corrosion techniques could not corrode its skin.

A majority of soul pets, when training their rock type soul pets, would intentionally have them control a form of dark type force so that it wouldn’t expose its weakness. However, rock types and dark types innately had a sure form of rejection, and it was extremely difficult to fully combine the two attributes.

Old Li mentioned that the Ghost King also had a ghost type lineage, meaning that it manifested into an immunity against dark type techniques, and it became a powerful soul pet with absolute defense.

In terms of strength, by merely looking at the enormous curved sword in its hand crystallized from high level rock type crystal, it was known that this was a soul pet which strength was incomparable.

As for its rock type control, as an elemental world - rock type, its rock type control talent wasn’t normal. Therefore, aside from its inferior speed, it was truly very hard to find any other blemishes in the monarch ranked Ghost King.

“Young master, the monarch rank Ghost King’s price on the market is considerably high. A normal Ghost King fetches at least 50 million, and if its talent is high, the price will easily jump to the hundreds of millions. With young master’s current situation, hehe, it would truly be exceptionally hard to obtain.” Old Li saw that Chu Mu was extremely interested in this monarch ranked soul pet, but very untimely splashed cold water on him.

Any soul pet trainer hoped to possess a powerful and mighty soul pet. Seeing the Ghost King’s majestic grandeur, how could Chu Mu not thirst for one? Only, a monarch rank soul pet couldn’t be obtained just by saying he had one.

Putting away his thoughts, Chu Mu rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast into Colored Sky City, and through the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s telepathy with the Purple Robe Dream Beast, searched for Ye Qingzi.

When Chu Mu entered Colored Sky City, it was already evening. By the time he found Ye Qingzi, the sky was already dark and the two of them immediately began to search for a place to stay.

“You obtained a Four Colored Porcelain Spirit?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“Yes, its talent isn’t bad. It already possesses blood flames. You seem to be fairly interested in elemental world soul pets eh?” said Chu Mu.

“I guess. My knowledge of elemental world soul pets is quite large.” responded Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi had also picked her soul pets with utmost care. Moreover, she had slowly raised them from a low phase/stage to the level that met her standards according to attribute proportions. She was rather interested in the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit, but she won’t take a soul pet with this many typings for her own.  Therefore, she only casually asked a few short questions before changing the topic to searching for Ye Wansheng.

“My brother and I have no other methods of communication. Colored Sky Mountain is so big, I also don’t know how to look for him.” Ye Qingzi began to worry as she spoke.

“First thing tomorrow I’ll go to elemental capital to ask around. You deal with all the things that need to be dealt with and purchase a few soul equipments or spirit items.” said Chu Mu.

“I’m afraid elemental capital isn’t too easy to enter…” said Ye Qingzi.

“This isn’t a big problem. I have a way.” said Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu, and showed a bit of confusion. In Langhe City, they needed to go through those two fellows before being able to enter elemental capital. Now, the power of elemental capital in Colored Sky City was even larger, and the supervision was even tighter. It would be exceptionally hard to enter.

Chu Mu didn’t explain further. Old Li had Liu Binglan’s Soul Palace Decree. Old Li had also expressed that Elemental Sect and Soul Palace had good relations, and using the Soul Palace Decree to enter elemental capital definitely wouldn’t be a problem.

Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu didn’t explain, so she didn’t ask any further. She returned to her room and began to concoct Ice Soul Grass for Chu Mu.

Previously, when they were in the Great Chu Family, she hadn’t been able to concoct Ice Soul Grass primarily because the weren’t of good enough quality. If she were to mix only low rank ice type spirit items together, the chances of successfully concocting Ice Soul Grass would clearly be much lower.

After entering Colored Sky City, Ye Qingzi immediately began to collect sufficient ice type materials for Chu Mu. With these good quality spirit items, after trying a few times, Ye Qingzi successfully concocted a seventh rank effect Ice Soul Grass.

A seventh rank spirit item - Ice Soul Grass, would fetch a price of at least 3 million on the market. Ye Qingzi had spent 2 million on materials, so if Chu Mu were to buy it himself he would have to spend another 1 million. As expected, the higher one’s soul teacher occupational level was, the higher his or her profit would be.

“This is seventh rank Ice Soul Grass. I’m afraid it would be very hard for me to concoct eighth rank Ice Soul Grass. I think that you have to obtain a spirit item called “Worldly Immortal Ice” in order to heal your burning soul. This spirit item grows in an extreme frozen land, and is serendipitously come across only. It would probably be hard to buy it even if you had the money…” Ye Qingzi said to Chu Mu.

When she mentioned Worldly Immortal Ice, Chu Mu bitterly laughed. If it wasn’t for his mother’s existence, he would need at least a few years before being able to find that item where his strength reached the pinnacle of a certain level.

Ye Qingzi evidently knew that ‘Worldly Immortal Ice’ was a spirit item that ostensibly wasn’t something that they could touch at their level. Her words carried some slight ambiguity, hinting that Chu Mu would probably have to rely on various ice type spirit items in the future to control his body’s temperature. Otherwise, his soul pet would quickly be burned by the devil flames so much so that even his fundamental consciousness and memories would be lost...

Chu Mu himself didn’t think that the after effects of the half devil transformation would be so severe either. Now, he could only take one step at a time.

After obtaining the Ice Soul Grass from Ye Qingzi, she told him how to use it. During the night, Chu Mu guaranteed that his soul power was full before beginning to use soul remembrance to slowly absorb the Ice Soul Grass’ ice aura into his soul.

The cold icy aura floated in and Chu Mu instantly felt a wave of cold. Despite already being used to a high soul temperature which had also gradually numbed the pain of his soul burning, when the Ice Soul Grass’ coldness entered his soul, it caused Chu Mu to feel abnormally comfortable. It was as if he walked out into a cool blowing wind from inside a burning stove. His soul relaxed. and his thoughts became a bit more clear.


Chu Mu, who was receiving the baptism of the Ice Soul Grass was in the midst of silently experiencing it when from within his mental world transmitted the Ice Air Fairy’s joyous voice. When Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to visit the Ice Air Fairy’s space, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Ice Air Fairy evolved unexpectedly due to the Ice Soul Grass absorption!

A soul pet trainer’s soul was link with a soul pet’s. If a soul pet’s attribute was increasing, then the soul pet trainer’s body would possess a certain immunity force, and could resist a few attacks of the identical attribute. Simultaneously, if a soul pet trainer obtained the strengthening and baptism of a certain soul item, the same attributed soul pet whose soul was linked would also receive a few benefits.

The Ice Soul Grass not only cleansed Chu Mu’s soul, but also refined the Ice Air Fairy’s, allowing it to evolve to the sixth phase eighth stage!

Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to communicate with the Ice Air Fairy. Unconsciously, he discovered that the capacity of his soul power was increasing. The soul power he exhausted to absorb the Ice Soul Grass was surprisingly recovered instantaneously, and not only did it reach the most full state, but his soul remembrance also grew stronger!

“Level advancement!” Chu Mu was still immersed in the happiness of the Ice Air Fairy evolving when an even bigger pleasant surprise ran into Chu Mu’s bosom!


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