Book 2 Chapter 182 - Soul Capture Success

Chapter 182: Soul Capture Success

“Pi~~” The Four Colored Porcelain Spirit was swept up by Mo Xie before immediately letting out a sharp, painful shout.

The body of the porcelain spirit normally would slowly become a blood color. The Four Colored Porcelain Spirit wriggled its body and condensed a boiling hot flame that began to burn Mo Xie’s tail!

The blood red flame violently burned, transforming into countless flame tongues that lashed in all directions. The surrounding air was quickly lit afire, and the scorching hot force launched at Chu Mu, making him feel as if the veins in his body were being burned!

“Blood Flame!” an excited expression appeared on Chu Mu’s face.

Normally speaking, a commander rank soul pet had to reach the seventh phase before being able to control a higher level crystallized force. Those that could wield it before the seventh phase could be considered to be highly talented.

The Four Colored Porcelain Spirit had reached approximately the sixth phase second stage. If it possessed blood flames, then it meant that its talent in the flame area surpassed normal elemental world soul pets. The blood flames that the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit wielded could not be regarded as weak, but Mo Xie also also controlled blood flames and possessed another type - demon fire evil flames. The blood flames from the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit only managed to leave a slight burnt smell on Mo Xie’s tail, but didn’t actually deal any damage to her.

“Nine Tail Hammer!”

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

Mo Xie lifted her head high up and let out a long howl. Her nine tails fiercely swiped against the floor and smashed into a thick piece of rock. The rock was shattered by the Nine Tail Hammer force and the ground showed clear signs of caving in!

The Nine Tail Hammer’s strength could even knock out a ninth phase monarch, so such an attack could practically instakill the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit. Mo Xie knew her bounds and didn’t actually kill it.


The Four Colored Porcelain Spirit promptly let out a groan. Its delicate one meter body showed evident signs of damage, and it didn’t stop tumbling on the ground.

Chu Mu took advantage of the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit’s most pained moment and immediately chanted an incantation. He launched into the soul capture incantation, forcibly trying to capture it into his soul capture ring.

When a soul pet suffered serious damage, it would definitely bear a certain amount of pain. Chanting the soul capture incantation, capturing them, and transporting them into the soul capture ring that was similar to the soul pet space could lessen their pain by a bit. A weak-willed soul pet would not struggle and enter the soul pet trainer’s soul capture ring, thus completing the soul pet trainer’s capture.

However, the more mature a soul pet’s intelligence was, the harder the capture would be. The intelligence of a sixth phase second stage was already considered to be mature and it wouldn’t easily become someone else’s captive.

The soul capture incantation’s force was used on this soul pet’s body, and as Chu Mu poured his soul remembrance into this soul pet’s mental world, he instantly sensed waves of intense mental backlash against him.

This mental force was a type of mental attack, and it could cause certain damage to a soul pet trainer. If a soul pet trainer’s mental resistance was extremely weak, he or she would suffer a mental injury.

Of course, Chu Mu was at the spirit master level right now, and a sixth phase second stage elemental commander’s mental backlash wouldn’t deal too much damage to him. Once Chu Mu formed a soul remembrance defense, he easily dispelled this soul pet’s mental backlash.

The incantation was coldly chanted once again. The chance of it succeeding on the first try wasn’t high, considering that it was a sixth phase commander; but Chu Mu wouldn’t give up so easily.

“Mo Xie, Intelligence Control.” at the same time Chu Mu was chanting the incantation, he passed on a message to Mo Xie.

A clear change appeared in Mo Xie’s pupils. A silver white light shot out, and an intense mental wave rushed into the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit’s mental world.

The mental intelligence technique’s effects weren’t very prominent on elemental world soul pets, but it at least could inflict a slight mental blow, which would allow the chance of Chu Mu’s soul capture pact succeeding to increase by a bit.

As expected, after the interference of Mo Xie’s intelligence technique, a trace of bewilderment appeared in the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit’s eyes, as it was locked in Mo Xie’s tails. Its willpower resistance had obviously weakened by quite a bit.

“Ok, it’s going to succeed.” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face.

The Four Colored Porcelain Spirit was a relatively rare elemental world soul pet. The price of a normal Four Colored Porcelain Spirit was over a million gold; further adding on its control already over the fire type strength crystallization- blood flame, its price would naturally increase by a lot.

The soul capture pact transformed into a brand that gradually shrunk into the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit’s body. As long as the brand fully entered the soul pet’s body, it would indicate that the soul pet had completely given up resistance, and it would voluntarily enter the soul capture ring.

“Nong Nong!!!!”

Suddenly, a trembling howl rang out from a nearby place. A wave of evident shaking arose in the surrounding mountain area!

This howl forcefully surged forth, and it unexpectedly forcefully interrupted Chu Mu’s soul capture incantation just as he was about to succeed!

Chu Mu astonishedly turned around. His gaze swept through the uneven mountain rocks, and he instantly made out an enormous soul pet that seemed like it was covered in a military helmet as it stood in between two bamboo shaped mountain rocks!

“Nong Nong!!!!!!”

The rumbling sound rose once again, and the mountain immediately shook. This head abruptly jumped up from between the two mountains and exposed its mighty and majestic rock body!!

Its body was like a giant, and it was covered in thick brownish black rock type thallium armor. It looked like it was an even more brown colored copper, and it seemed like solid ice. It possessed a rather ferocious aura that would render one terrified!

“Eighth phase, strengthened Rock General!”

Rock General: Elemental world rock type - Giant species, Rock General subspecies, warrior rank. The Rock General, in the elemental world, was like a peak existence among warrior ranks. Merely through its might that was like an invincible general, one could see that this soul pet’s fighting strength neared many commanders!

“Night, Zhan Ye, stop it!” Chu Mu immediately chanted an incantation and summoned Zhan Ye. He had Zhan Ye and Night deal with this warrior rank rock type soul pet.

Chu Mu obviously wouldn’t renounce his Four Colored Porcelain Spirit. He chanted an incantation once again to forcibly captured it into his soul capture space.

“Nong Nong!!!!!!”

Chu Mu chanted his incantation, and that Rock General immediately let out a roar as if it wanted to use a roar technique to interrupt Chu Mu’s incantation.

Chu Mu had already previous prepared for a sabotage attack, and when the sound of the roar came upon him, he had already consolidated his soul remembrance. With extreme ease, he completed the soul capture incantation.

The deep blue colored mark appeared once again. As the final notes of Chu Mu’s incantation were chanted, it assimilated into the wounded Four Colored Porcelain Spirit’s body. Its body gradually slackened, and it entered Chu Mu’s soul capture ring from the pattern.

“Nong Nong!!!! Nong!!!!!!!!!!”

Seeing that the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit had been captured by Chu Mu, the Rock General’s two brownish black eyes unexpectedly shot out a black colored gas that transformed into a dark energy, which contained an indignant emotion as it enshrouded the entire area!

The strengthened eighth phase Rock General’s strength probably neared the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil that Chu Mu had encountered back in Sin Source Mountain range. The black gas was surprisingly able to suppress the Night Thunder Dream Beast and Zhan Ye’s aura atmosphere!

“Mo Xie, go and help them.” Chu Mu knew that this eighth phase Rock General’s strength was very powerful, and had Mo Xie  participate.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

Mo Xie let out a long howl. Her wild monarch aura flourished without the slightest restraint. Her body flashed with a “geng”, and it practically instantaneously appeared in front of the Rock General rushing over!

“Royal Flame Claw!!”

The flaming claw blade fiercely swept across the Rock General’s stomach, immediately causing it to retreat a few steps. Its two mighty and large hands grabbed onto two towering rocks!

“What a high defense…” Chu Mu glanced at the Rock General’s stomach, yet discovered that there was only a light scar!

Although she didn’t have the sixth level full form offensive soul equipment, Mo Xie’s Royal Flame Claw attack was still above the eighth rank. An attack of eighth rank might only managed to leave a light scar on this rock type soul pet.Thus, its defense had probably reached the eighth rank!

Generally speaking, only a commander rank rock type soul pet could reach the eighth rank of defense at the eighth phase. However, this warrior rank Rock General was able to reach it at the eighth phase third stage, clearly indicating that it had undergone some rock type spirit item’s strengthening; moreover, it wasn’t only one bout of strengthening.

“It’s a black rock crystallization. This is the work of absorbing the darkness attribute Dark Rock Phenanthrene Arms. Its fighting strength is not inferior to a peak commander’s. Its a wonder for this wild soul pet to be able to strengthen to this level. Try to see if you can capture it. If you can, you’ll be able to sell it for a million gold.” said Old Li.

A captured soul pet’s value was primarily assessed through its potential. This Rock General’s fighting strength was clearly above the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit’s, but its room for improvement was limited. Of course, this eighth phase soul pet’s intelligence was extremely developed and the chance of capturing it was extremely low. It may not even succeed after expending all of his soul power.

“Ink Armor Spike!!”

Zhan Ye’s speed was already not considered slow. Taking advantage of Mo Xie and the Night Thunder Dream Beast attracting this Rock General’s attention, it used Dark Steal and appeared behind the Rock General. Its ink armor spikes stabbed into its body!

“Nong Nong!!!!!!”

The Ink Armor Spikes, which could ignore a majority of defense, unobstructedly stabbed into the Rock General’s body. The dark corrosion effect spread to the Rock General’s leg!

“Attack its leg!” instantly ordered Chu Mu.

Royal Flame Claw!!!!

Death Ray!!!

The two techniques simultaneously attacked the Rock General’s leg; its leg’s defense had fallen below the eighth rank, and after these two techniques, its rock-like thigh revealed a large flaming gap and its body evidently shrunk down a bit!

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Chain!”

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~”

The nine tails quickly transformed into nine strong yet flexible chains that swept past the Rock General’s body and fiercely stabbed into the ground, while hooking onto its stomach and head.

The soul capture incantation rose again, and taking advantage of the Rock General being restrained, Chu Mu decisively used the soul capture technique. He wanted to forcibly capture the Rock General into the soul pet space.

“None Nong!!!!!!”

An intense mental rebound surged into Chu Mu’s mind. It caused a wave of evident shaking to occur in his mind.

“Give up. This big fellow will not surrender even if you use all your soul power.” said Old Li.


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