Book 2 Chapter 181 - Four Colored Porcelain Spirit

Chapter 181: Four Colored Porcelain Spirit

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both didn’t stay in Langhe Region for long, crossing straight across the borders of the Western Kingdom into the Colored Sky Mountain.

The fame of the Colored Sky Mountain wasn’t as large as the Great Broken Sting Valley, but it was still a place many elemental soul pet trainers looked forward to. It was said that, at the connections between each differently colored mountains, there were often high talent commander rank soul pets that moved about. There were even some monarch ranked elemental soul pets that roamed some of the more daunting colored mountains.

About ten days after Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi left the Western Kingdom, the amazingly fast Old Li also caught up to Chu Mu, bringing him the rewards that he had received from Great Chu Family.

The Great Chu Family reward was 5 million gold each. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s combination entered top three, so this 5 million gold naturally couldn’t be forgotten.

Also, since Old Tu had gotten a lot more resources from the Great Chu Family as well as a raise in status, he specially rewarded another 10 million to Chu Mu.

This way, Old Li had a total of 20 million gold, meaning that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi each got 10 million gold.

10 million gold was already a sizeable amount. Adding on the generous reward from the Devil Insect Lair, this trip to Wogu Region made Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s pockets much deeper, allowing them to purchase even better soul items and soul equipment to raise their soul pets’ strength.

“Old Li, how much is a Glazed Gemstone on the market?” Chu Mu asked.

After seeing the elemental wall designs, Chu Mu wished even more that his Ice Air Fairy could have Glazed Ice. If it had glazed ice, his Ice Air Fairy’s fighting strength wouldn’t be worse than a monarch ranked soul pet!

“That thing isn’t cheap at all. Though one could find it in the Hundred Valley or the Thousand Valley of Great Broken Sting Valley, the possibility was very low. Even if you found it, it would be guarded by some powerful soul pet. If you went to buy it on the market, you’d first have to see if it even is in stock. If so, it usually is around 50 million. If you aren’t lucky, the price may be raised to 60 million.” Old Li said.

“......” Chu Mu laughed bitterly. He originally thought that with the reward and the loot that he got from the insect lairs, he would be more comfortably off. He hadn’t realized that a single Glazed Gemstone was 50 million gold. This really wasn’t something that a normal person could afford.

“A seventh level ice type Spirit Fluid is also a necessity. If you don’t go look for it and buy it instead, you have to buy a good one. You’d rather be excessive than miserly. If you use an eighth level one, the effects would be even better. Enough seventh level ice type Spirit Fluid needs around 5 to 10 million. The eighth level would need about 30 million to 50 million. Adding on an eighth level excellent quality ice type soul crystal, meaning a soul crystal made by a soul pet who had Glazed Ice, which costs around 20 million, you would need only about, I’d say, 100 million gold.” Old Li said nonchalantly while picking his teeth.

“......” Chu Mu’s face couldn’t get any blacker. 100 million gold was a number Chu Mu that didn’t know how he long he would need to save up for. Additionally, as he got more and more soul pets, he would need to use money everywhere. If he had to pay 100 million just for the Ice Air Fairy, it truly would be terrifying.

“Of course, the prerequisite is that your Ice Air Fairy needs to be eighth phase. Without reaching the eighth phase, it is almost impossible to grasp Glazed Ice.” Old Li specially added.

“Alright, the material for Glazed Ice we can only slowly gather. Let’s first think of a way to improve mysterious crystal to towering ice.” Chu Mu said.

Towering Ice ice crystals were between one to two times the strength of normal ice crystals. Improving the Mysterious Crystal to Towering Ice would increase the Ice Air Fairy’s strength by quite a bit.

“Your Ice Air Fairy has to reach the seventh phase and have an elevation in its ice type talent before that’s possible.” Old Li said.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

“On the Colored Sky Mountain is a Colored Sky City. You can go there to buy what you need. There are many uncertain factors there, so young master can best improve your strength before entering.” Old Li said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu indeed had this plan. He turned around and told his thoughts to Ye Qingzi. “Qingzi, when we reach Colored Sky Mountain, we should raise the strengths of our soul pets. The two who brought your brother away are probably pretty powerful, so they won’t be easy to handle.”

“Okay, I’ll quickly concoct the Ice Soul Grass too then.” Ye Qingzi nodded.


The Colored Sky City was nestled inside the Colored Sky mountain. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi walked for about half a month, and they finally reached the area.

Entering the region of Colored Sky Mountain, the nearby plants became clearly sparse, and one could feel an elemental aura emanate within the general area.

Near the Colored Sky Mountain was all sorts of different colored dirt. On the outer most edge was a gentle forest. Occasionally, one could see a few plants wave in the wind, but mainly it was composed of rock, mud, and sand of varying colors- shifting and shimmering.

To save time, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi walked a rather dangerous path of the mountain route. Running through these colored rocks, one could see some elemental world soul pets quickly float through some place and disappear in one’s vision.


Suddenly, a colored soul pet quickly floated past Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast, scaring it into a long neigh.

“What is it?” Chu Mu’s soul remembrance immediately locked onto the organism that darted out between the two mountains, but noticed that it was a colorfully carved jade-like soul pet. With a glance, it made one’s eyes brighten.

Ye Qingzi’s Dream Beast also suffered a scare, with its dream horn already arcing with purple electric arcs.

“Don’t attack.” Ye Qingzi immediately stopped her Purple Robed Dream Beast and looked at the quickly disappearing soul pet.

“What is that?” Chu Mu has never seen a soul pet this strangely fast, so he asked.

“I don’t know either, I think it’s a decorative soul pet.” Ye Qingzi shook her head.

“You young people sure are young. That was a Four Colored Porcelain Spirit. It’s a relatively rare soul pet of the elemental world. Its greatest specialty is that it controlls all four elemental powers. Such a soul pet’s price is quite high.” Old Li started flaunting his knowledge.

Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi. Ye Qingzi seemed to guess what Chu Mu wanted to do so she smiled, “You hunt it down. This is pretty close to Colored Sky City already. I’ll enter the city first and deal with the things I’ve gotten and concoct your Ice Soul Gras……”

“Okay, then I’ll go capture it.” Chu Mu was a hunter. Seeing such an expensive soul pet, he naturally couldn’t let it pass by. He decisively rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast and chased after the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit.

The Four Colored Porcelain Spirit was very quick. Chu Mu had already casted Extreme Speed to increase his speed by 30%, yet they were still slowly losing the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit.

Because it was the day, the Night Thunder Dream Beast couldn’t cast Reaching for the Midnight Moon, so catching up under this situation was indeed difficult.

This was actually the first time Chu Mu had seen such a quick soul pet. Though it was from the elemental world, it must have some demon type in it too.

Just as he was about to lose the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit, Chu Mu immediately retracted his Night Thunder Dream Beast and summoned Mo Xie, who could run at max speed faster.


Mo Xie had slept well and eaten fully. Just as she wanted to stretch out and move about, Chu Mu had summoned her. Her body immediately became a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, and her nine tails flared open ostentatiously in the mountain!

“Catch up, don’t let it escape.” Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie’s back and told Mo Xie to continue the chase.


Royal flames burned under her paws, and Mo Xie nimbly dashed between the strange rocks and slowly caught up to the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit again.

Ahead, the running Four Colored Porcelain Spirit seemed to have noticed a powerful Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox was chasing it, and it was so scared that it let out a sound like porcelain clanking. It frantically increased its speed and darted constantly through the mountain rocks to avoid Mo Xie’s chase.


A soft incantation started and between the rocks slowly started a strange gust of wind. This wind seemed to be controlled as it started a near twenty meter tall tornado!

The tornado rolled up a mass of sand and dirt, making it into a black dragon that brandished its claws!

“Mo Xie, dodge it.” With Chu Mu’s spirit master soul remembrance locked onto the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit, running away naturally wasn’t easy.

The royal flame under Mo Xie’s paws became even more wild, and she drew a clever path between the messy mountain rocks, easily dodging this seventh rank tornado!

“Sou!” Mo Xie suddenly hastened, and her shadow disappeared. The next moment, she strangely appeared right beside the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit, and her pupils immediately let out a silver glow!

Sinister Glare!

Mind control. Mo Xie’s pupils slowly became darker as a powerful mental wave crashed into the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit’s mental world!

“That’s no use. Elemental world soul pets naturally had a resistance towards mental techniques, and this Four Colored Porcelain Spirit’s resistance was even more powerful than normal.” Old Li shook his head and said.

Indeed, the mental wave had already went deep inside the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit, yet its eyes only slightly changed, and it quickly shifted back to clear as it angrily cast a powerful technique!

“Sixth phase second phase commander rank, Mo Xie, Nine Tail Chain!” Chu Mu couldn’t give this soul pet the chance to cast!

Mo Xie’s speed was much faster than the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit. Before it could finish casting, Mo Xiehad already appeared strangely behind it and lifted it up with her imposing long tails and violently locked up its fragile body as she lifted it into the air!


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