Book 2 Chapter 180- Untitled

Chapter 180: Untitled

In the younger generation, it wasn’t an absolute rarity to own a soul pet with Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal, but having a sixth phase seventh stage Ice Air Fairy with Mysterious Crystal was definitely very rarely seen!

Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy was already at the seventh phase eighth stage, but his Ice Air Fairy didn’t control Mysterious Crystal. Following Lu Tao’s estimate, a top tier talent Ice Air Fairy needed at least the eighth phase to learn an advanced ice type like Mysterious Crystal.

He furrowed his brow. If Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy had Black Ice, then Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy’s advantage in stage and phase would be drastically reduced.Ice Sword Formation!


Crystal solidified, and it slowly became an eight meter long Mysterious Crystal sword that hovered upside down above the Ice Air Fairy!


Ning let out a long chant and immediately, twenty swords, under the control of Ning, came hurtling down, bringing a blanket of cold air! “Broken Ice Domain.” said Lu Tao

As an incantation was chanted, the ground quickly froze over with a thick layer of ice crystals. With a sharp call from the ice air fairy, this recently conjured ice suddenly shattered and strangely floated around the body of the Ice Air Fairy.

Like hovering dust, the shattered ice silently floated around the Ice Air Fairy of Lu Tao. It was like miniature living things moving and combining with the will of the Ice Air Fairy.

Broken Ice Domain, a sixth rank ice type technique that created countless micro crystals that surrounded the body and, through mental manipulation, could be made into countless ice type techniques like ice swords, ice walls, ice shields, ice spikes, freeze, ……


Twenty ice swords fell from the skies, and they imposingly slammed into where Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy was standing. Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy started controlling the microcrystals near it and constantly combined it into ice shields that blocked the ice swords……”


The Mysterious Crystal Ice Swords blew up on the ice shields, causing countless mysterious ice shards to go flying.

“Heng, so what if you have mysterious ice? It’ll all belong to me!” Lu Tao laughed coldly, and he gave a command to his Ice Air Fairy.

Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy’s pupils suddenly became pale, as the power of the Broken Ice Domain rose up again. It actually directly controlled the shattered mysterious crystal ice crystals!

Elemental Control!

Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy couldn’t create an advanced ice type crystal like the Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal, but through the power of the Broken Ice Domain and its own elemental controlling powers, it could manipulate the shattered Mysterious Ice and make it into its own power!

“I’ll give you a taste of a Mysterious Crystal Ice Sword Formation!” Lu Tao laughed proudly. From what he saw, Chu Mu’s control of other soul pets was stronger than his, but when purely comparing elemental soul pets, Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t be his match.

“Control Mysterious Crystal!” Lu Tao told his soul pet.

The Mysterious Crystal that covered the grounds was controlled and slowly floated into the air, slowly forming an ice frost that again became twenty Mysterious Crystal Ice Swords!

The Elemental Sect’s control over elemental soul pets indeed had its unique places. It could actually take others’ powers for itself. This indeed taught Chu Mu a new battling method.

“Overlay!” Lu Tao again commanded his soul pet!

After taking another’s Mysterious Crystal and making it its own and finishing the overlay of the technique, Lu Tao changed the situation from passively defending to actively attacking. Forty ice swords flew through the air and scarily slammed into the Ice Air Fairy’s position.

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!!!”

Ice swords fell down around the Ice Air Fairy, causing the ground to blow up and cause visible shaking within the entire battlefield.

Forty Mysterious Crystal ice swords with powers even higher than the Ice Air Fairy’s original attack. It already neared the eighth rank in power!

Lu Tao could guess that Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy’s defense was at around seventh rank late stage. To a warrior rank Ice Air Fairy, reaching the seventh rank at the sixth phase seventh stage was already rare.

“High defense doesn’t matter if its battle tactics are this stiff.” Lu Tao already smiled. As a young generation expert of the Elemental Sect, if his ability to control elemental soul pets was worse than someone else, he felt like he would lose all of his face.

The ground near Ning had already shattered, but Ning hadn’t completed any defensive measures. The nearly eighth rank technique would definitely wound Ning.

“Ning, Freeze!” Chu Mu smiled coldly and gave out a command.

Within the frenzied Ice Swords, Ning’s body slowly dissipated and, at the reflection of an ice mirror, Ning’s translucent body slowly reappeared!

“What!” Seeing the Ice Air Fairy suddenly appear at another place, Lu Tao immediately opened his eyes wide. He completely didn’t expect Chu Mu to have placed a trap when creating the ice walls previously!

The spell quickly finished, and a piercing coldness crazily spread! As the frost spread, it froze Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy. Not fast enough to put up any defenses, the Ice Air Fairy’s body was immediately covered in thick Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal!

“You’ve lost.” Chu Mu said lightly.

Just as he said that, the Ice Air Fairy’s second ice type technique suddenly appeared. Immediately, five Mysterious Crystal Ice spikes suddenly appeared near Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy. These ice spikes didn’t directly pierce the Ice Air fairy’s body, but instead surrounded the Ice Air Fairy and entrapped it!

“How is that possible……” Defeat came so quickly that Lu Tao didn’t have any time to react. He was only able to dumbly watch his soul pet that was stuck in between five twenty meter long Mysterious Crystal Ice Spikes.

If these five ice spikes were completely aimed towards his Ice Air Fairy, his Ice Air Fairy would definitely be heavily injured. Such an entrapping method meant the opponent had already gone easy on him.

…… “You still think your young master is powerful?” Ye Qingzi turned her head slightly and looked apathetically at the surprised old servant.

Putting Chu Mu aside, even Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy and Dark Fire Heavenly Devil could easily destroy Lu Tao’s soul pet. These two young masters had clearly stayed in a small place for too long. They had no idea just how distant they were from true experts. Against true experts, even if they were comprehensive in their development of their soul pets, their abilities to control were still superior and weren’t contestable by any random character.

Thinking back to the loads of talk he had said which had now backfired, the old servant’s face became awkward. “I didn’t think that the two had concealed yourselves so well, hehe, hehe.”

…… “Again! I don’t believe that I can’t beat you in the realm of elemental soul pet control.” Lu Tao was already visibly angry. As a top tier expert within Langhe Region and a member of the Elemental Sect, he didn’t believe that he would lose against Chu Mu in a match of elementals.

“You aren’t my match. Come challenge me once you reach the level of a true, top tier expert.” Chu Mu wouldn’t waste time with a fellow he didn’t put in his eyes. He apathetically retracted his soul pet and walked away from the battlefield.

There was a concrete difference between high tier experts and top tier experts. With Chu Mu’s fame in Western Kingdom, he was able to completely overlook teens who were regional bests, because they had no qualifications to fight him now.

Lu Tao’s face was already very ugly. He wanted to argue, but he remembered that Chu Mu was also a Nightmare Palace Nightmare Prince, and he didn’t dare to do anything. After all, his seventh phase eighth stage Ice Air Fairy did lose to Chu Mu’s sixth phase seventh stage Ice Air Fairy.

Hua Cheng was much weaker than Lu Tao. If even Lu Tao wasn’t match for Chu Mu’s elemental soul pet, then he wouldn’t stand a chance, so this guy decisively gave up the thought of challenging Chu Mu.

“Heng, there are countless Elemental Sect experts. One day, you will fail horribly.” Lu Tao said coldly.

“Oh.” Chu Mu replied lightly and completely ignored Lu Tao, slowly walking to Ye Qingzi.

“Let’s leave.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi nodded and no longer cared about the two fellows who thought themselves smart. They walked out of the Elemental Plaza.

Lu Tao and Hua Cheng both knew that Chu Mu wasn’t some simple character, so their eyes both lingered on Ye Qingzi’s back image. What one couldn’t receive always made one desire it even more. At this point, Lu Tao and Hua Cheng had this mentality. Being playboys, after finally finding a rarity of a woman, they could only watch as she left. Beside her was the famous Prison Island King Chu Mu, which made them have to dispel any thoughts that they originally had.

…… Just as Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi walked out of the elemental plaza, an elder approached them. This elder was also the old man who talked with them under the painting before.

“Young one, your control of your Ice Air Fairy is indeed great, it is rare indeed.” The old man smiled a wrinkled smile.

Chu Mu only smiled slightly and didn’t say much. Thinking back to the teen with Glazed Ice that the old man mentioned before, something felt like it was burning in Chu Mu’s heart.

Glazed Ice was something that Old Li had told him about before, a path that his Ice Air Fairy could develop towards. But, to let his Ice Air Fairy control Glazed Ice was definitely not something simple. The path for this soul pet was still very long.

“You don’t seem like Elemental Sect People.” The elder opened his mouth to ask.

“En, I came to look for someone. Can I trouble elder to confirm the whereabouts of my two friends?” Ye Qingzi opened her mouth.

“Hehe, you’re looking for the two from Li City, right? I talked with them before. They indeed planned on going towards the Colored Sky Mountain. I heard there were some bizarre phenomenons there recently. It may be that some soul pet worth cities had just been born. Young people like you really should go take a look. Miracles are everyone’s fantasies, but not everyone gets miracles. Real miracles need to be earned.” The elder smiled.

“Then thank you elder, may I ask your name.” Chu Mu asked.

“Me? Everyone calls me Old Qing, hehe……” The old man smiled slightly and said.


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