Book 2 Chapter 18 - Bestowed a Sixth Level Soul Armor

Chapter 18: Bestowed a Sixth Level Soul Armor

In this instant, everyone’s gazes towards Chu Mu had changed. Being able to defeat Tian Ji exemplified the fact that Chu Mu possessed the strength of a top Nightmare Palace youth. As for these peak youth experts in Nightmare Palace, all of them had exceptionally high statuses. Within all of Nightmare Palace, they had a lot of power. Additionally, aside from the important elders within the inner Nightmare Palace, no one else had authority over the people inducted into the ranks of these young peak experts!

Chu Mu could feel the changes in these people’s gazes. Feeling the reverence of others towards oneself was a kind of magic; it could cause someone to ceaselessly chase for the strongest domain.

Lifting his head, Chu Mu’s eyes focused on the beautiful and noble woman used to attention. At this moment, no one dared to rebuke him for directly looking at the Princess. Thus, he could truly stare into the eyes of this woman whom he had a rather favorable impression of.

Princess Jin Rou also felt Chu Mu’s stare. Perhaps her intelligence allowed her to read something from his eyes...

“Chu Mu…” Finally, Princess Jin Rou opened her mouth, her voice still pleasant and tactful.

Chu Mu nodded his head and his expression returned to its habitual coldness. Before he had enough strength, Chu Mu would not easily expose his inner feelings. Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t want the Princess to know he was attracted to her.

Chu Mu’s attraction for her wasn’t complicated at all. He was currently also a mentally mature young man, and it was normal for him to have a favorable impression of this girl. Especially when he felt this young Nightmare Palace Princess’ unique temperament...

However, this kind of attraction wouldn’t impact Chu Mu’s heart. Chu Mu was rational and would chase after this kind of girl, but would absolutely not make it his goal. His true goal was to unceasingly become stronger. He would become strong enough to prevent his family from suffering humiliation. He would become strong enough to not be stepped on by others and be reduced to listening to their raucous sneers. He would become strong enough that he could make every decision for himself and not be controlled by Xia Guanghan!

“Chu Mu, I want to know, how did you lose one of your souls?” asked Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou’s question was one that everyone wanted to know. This Prison Island King that had lost a soul was so terrifying. If he hadn’t lost that soul, wouldn’t he be able to sweep through all of Nightmare Palace’s young experts?!

“When I was a Spirit Disciple I signed a soul pact with a high ranking soul pet. Ultimately that soul pet defected.” Chu Mu briefly explained.

Soul pet defection. This wound from Chu Mu’s youth was deeply engraved in his heart. Nevertheless, that was a matter of the past, and Chu Mu’s heart was already full of wounds. He simply didn’t care about this one.

“You lost a soul and went on to nurture a White Nightmare. Under these circumstances, you survived on Prison Island for three years. You spirit is something that I admire.” Princess Jin Rou opulently said.

Nothing was more honorable than a princess’ praise. Especially Princess Jin Rou’s praise. Everyone instantly cast an envious glance, especially those youths who admired this princess.

“This is a sixth level soul armor that I just obtained from Tianxia City. It will be your reward. I hope that you will become a true expert in Nightmare Palace like Senior Xia.” As Princess Jin Rou spoke, she waved her hands and made the white clothed female next to her confer the soul armor onto Chu Mu.

“Sixth level soul armor!!”

The princess’ brief words caused another uproar amongst the crowd. Everyone present had a basic understanding of goods, so how could they not know the value of a sixth level Ice Fire Soul Armor?! Such a treasure was unexpectedly being bestowed to this Prison Island King!!

Countless envious gazes were cast once more. Moreover, many of those gazes had evolved into a jealousy. After all, a sixth level soul armor was too valuable. No one expected Princess Jin Rou to bestow Chu Mu with a sixth level soul armor!

A sixth level soul armor!

An ice type and fire type fusion soul armor. By just slightly adding a defensive technique, it’s defensive capabilities could reach the seventh level, and almost the eighth level. Such defensive strength far surpassed many defensive type soul pets. Even if he were to directly oppose a few powerful creatures, he wouldn’t have to be afraid at all!

Chu Mu recalled that a sixth level fourth attributed soul armor cost nearly five million gold coins. He never expected Princess Jin Rou to be so generous as to bestow him with such a precious item!

“Chu Mu, quickly thank the princess. In the future you will be a direct subordinate of the princess. Only the princess and I can send you on errands. You can ignore anyone else’s orders.” slowly said Xia Guanghan.

Chu Mu somewhat put one knee on the ground, adopting an etiquette not quite up to par.

As he was paying thanks, Chu Mu could see Princess Jin Rou’s elegant dress...

When he stood up, Princess Jin Rou had already left under the escort of the four females. Looking at the back of Princess Jin Rou’s figure, Chu Mu’s heart was even more resolute...

The eighteen year old Prison Island King had arrogantly accepted the challenges of five people, and now had defeated the already famous Tian Ji. Just as Lu Lishan had said, after this battle, Chu Mu’s fame would probably become known to everybody in Nightmare Palace!

Although fame didn’t have any actual substance or benefit, it was the most direct way a soul pet trainer’s strength was measured. After defeating the peak expert Tian Ji of Nightmare Palace, Chu Mu quickly rose to become Nightmare Palace’s new star!!

Originally, when Xia Guanghan had become the Prison Island King, he became the star of Nightmare Palace with the most potential. He’d caused a sensation back then, and his position in Nightmare Palace unceasingly went on a meteoric rise until he possessed supreme authority.

Yet, currently, Chu Mu had not only beaten Xia Guanghan’s Prison Island King record at 18, but he had defeated the young expert Tian Ji not long after entering Nightmare Palace. The glory and sensation caused was unprecedented in Nightmare Palace!

Most importantly, everyone present knew that this Prisoner Island King only summoned two soul pets. He had absolutely dominated Tian Ji. Many people even brazenly conjectured that Chu Mu didn’t use his full strength. In this way, Chu Mu, the Prison Island King, went from a first rate expert in Nightmare Palace to a peak expert. He was already in the rankings of the strongest young members of Nightmare Palace!

While Chu Mu’s newfound success didn’t raise his status in Nightmare Palace, it gave him the status to stand on equal footing with the sons of important members of Nightmare Palace. The most instant case of this was him not needing to pay respects to both Princess Jin Rou and Lu Lishan. He only had to slightly bow his head and briefly address them.

Perhaps it was merely a slight change in etiquette, but it also indicated that Chu Mu was no longer that far away from Princess Jin Rou’s status. There presumably would be many opportunities for them to interact in the future, especially when Chu Mu presently was in the princess’ personal retinue!

No matter how much honor Nightmare Palace gave him. No Matter how much Chu Mu’s fame rose in Nightmare Palace. No matter how much respect, admiration, or comments he received. None of this would stop Chu Mu’s impulse to return to his family.

After this sensation, Chu Mu, this Prison Island King, immediately kept a low profile. After resting for one day and obtaining Princess Jin Rou’s permission, he rode on top of a Storm Devil Colt with an unsuppressable excitement as he rushed towards Luo Region’s Gangluo City!

Chu Mu’s immediate leave didn’t affect his reputation at all. Instead, it made this Prison Island King that had lost a soul even more mysterious!!

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