Book 2 Chapter 179 - Ice Air Fairy vs. Ice Air Fairy

Chapter 179: Ice Air Fairy vs. Ice Air Fairy[1. TL: Ok, some explaining. So mysterious crystal 玄晶 in Chinese has two meanings, one is black crystal and the other is mysterious crystal. We’ll be changing black to mysterious from this chapter on]

The Elemental Plaza contained enormous statues of several rare soul pets and many experts of the Elemental Sect that had once caused a sensation in the entire Elemental Kingdom.

The plazas of other areas were different. The Elemental plaza was clearly more extravagant, and there were various distinct ores and rocks spread out on the ground, drawing different colored designs.

At the very center of the plaza was a middle-sized battlefield. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, under the old servant’s lead, walked to the protective railing at the very center.

When they entered, Chu Mu saw that there were six elemental soul pets fighting on the battlefield.

The six elemental soul pets were common elemental soul pets and they were all chanting incantations, engaging in a fight of techniques.

“They’ve arrived. We need to be a bit more serious. Let them see our soul pet’s strength.” Hua Cheng immediately broke into a smile and spoke to the adjacent Lu Tao.

Lu tao nodded his head. The Elemental Sect members they had invited gave an expression, and immediately stopped their senseless acting, entering a true battle situation.

“Look, that’s young master Lu Tao’s eighth phase Thunder Fairy. This Thunder Fairy’s talent was very high when captured. After undergoing strengthening, it became even stronger than many Thunder Fairies with the highest talent… oh, young master Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy is actually his strongest. It has reached the sixth phase eighth stage, and it was obtained from Thunder Mountain Peak. After undergoing meticulous training, its fighting strength is extremely strong, and many people have suffered defeat under this soul pet of young master.” said the old servant.

Ye Qingzi cooly and elegantly looked at these people putting on an act. She used her soul remembrance to say to Chu Mu: “Is there a way to find out from them?”

“Yes.” Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to listen to the old servant’s nonsense, and he slowly walked to the three fellows putting on a show.

“Friend, it’s best not to get too close. It won’t be good if you get close. Oh, I’ve already forgotten your name. What is it?” Hua Cheng walked over and put on an amicable appearance.

“Chu Mu.” Chu Mu glanced at Hua Cheng and replied.

“Oh, Chu Mu.” Hua Cheng faintly laughed and nodded, but it was merely a subconscious habit. Only, when he responded, he felt something was wrong and the smile on his face stiffened a bit.

“Chu Mu? You’re really sure you’re called Chu Mu?” Hua Cheng looked at the man in front of him and his expression grew even more strange.

“Yes.” nodded Chu Mu.

“Prison Island King - Chu Mu?” Hua Cheng proceeded to ask.

Chu Mu continued to nod.

“....” Hua Cheng’s chin had already dipped, and his eyes were clearly opened very large. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

Prison Island King - Chu Mu/ This was something they naturally had heard of before. Chu Mu had already become a peak expert of Western Kingdom, and even if it was the very remote Langhe Region, they would occasionally hear a few stories of him.

“Oh, this, this, it turns out that you are the renowned Chu Mu… you… please wait a moment.” Hua Cheng’s expression turned extremely strange, and he quickly walked back the the battlefield and stopped the senseless battle performance.

Lu tao was showing off his few elemental soul pets in order to attract Ye Qingzi’s attention. Hua Cheng suddenly having him stopped made him feel very confused.

“What’s the matter?” asked Lu Tao confusedly.

“That fellow is Chu Mu.” Hua Cheng was rather nervous as he spoke in an extremely soft voice.

“Chu Mu, what Chu Mu?” asked Lu Tao.

“What other Chu Mu could it be. It’s the Prison Island King.” said Hua Cheng.

“A real or fake one?” Lu Tao was stunned, and he intentionally glanced at Chu Mu. He found that this man was coldly standing there like ice, and indistinctly felt a bit of cold air.

Hua Cheng immediately creased his eyebrows. He never would have imagined that he would have bumped into Western Kingdom’s extremely famous Prison Island King - Chu Mu while using his normal methods to pick up a beautiful girl.

“What do we do? We’ve hit a wall.” Hua Cheng was clearly growing impatient. He originally thought that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were two ordinary soul pet trainers hoping to gain experience. He looked down on them primarily because they couldn’t enter the Elemental Sect. After all, anyone with a bit of general knowledge would know Elemental Sect’s rules...

“What are you afraid of? This is the Elemental Kingdom. Even if he is Chu Mu, he wouldn’t dare to mess around.” Lu Tao evidently was a bit more courageous.

In truth, Lu Tao was considered a peak expert in Langhe Region and really had a bit of strength. Thus, even though he had bumped into Prison Island King, Chu Mu, he felt there was nothing to be afraid of.

Lu Tao walked in front of Chu Mu and carried a fake smile as he said to him: “I truly didn’t think that you were Chu Mu whose reputation has recently shot up. Could it be the reason why you specially came to our Elemental Sect is to fight an expert from our Langhe Region?”

“No, I already mentioned the reason to you before.” indifferently replied Chu Mu.

“Oh, looking for someone… a trivial matter. I’ve already helped you ask around as well. Those two people are heading for the Colored Sky Mountain.” said Lu Tao.

“Colored Sky Mountain?” Chu Mu was a bit surprised that Lu Tao would tell him so bluntly.

Colored Sky Mountain was an extremely famous elemental mountain in Zhanli Kingdom. This mountain was located approximately in Zhanli Kingdom’s eastern side and was situated on Li Region’s border. In Chu Mu’s original plan, he had intended to head towards Colored Sky Mountain to train.

Colored Sky Mountain had a plethora of elemental soul pets from monarch rank to servant rank. It was a paradise and holy land for many elemental soul pets. Chu Mu currently still had a soul pet spot, so he planned on taming an elemental soul pet that wasn’t a fire or ice type to become the first soul pet of his spirit master level. Moreover, this Colored Sky Mountain happened to provide Chu Mu a place to obtain other elemental soul pets.

“Colored Sky Mountain. Ok. Thank you.” Chu Mu nodded his head at Lu Tao then turned around immediately.

“Wait.” Lu Tao called out to stop Chu Mu.

“What’s the matter?”

“Since you’ve come to our Langhe City, then how can you not fight a round?” asked Lu Tao.

“You aren’t my opponent.” indifferently said Chu Mu.

A soul pet trainer needed fights the most, especially younger generation soul pets. There were many young soul pet trainers who, to gain experience, would use cities primarily to decide their routes. When they arrived in various cities, they would challenge a few experts whom already had fame. Moreover, normally, when experts from other regions arrived at a place and in an over-glorifying manner exposed their identity, the experts from this region would believe they had come to challenge them.

“I know I’m not your opponent. We’ll only compare elemental soul pets.” said Lu Tao.

Hearing Lu Tao’s words, Ye Qingzi who had slowly walked down immediately creased her eyebrows. Since Lu Tao was an Elemental Sect person, it meant he had many elemental soul pets. Moreover, these elemental soul pets had probably all undergone various training methods of Elemental Sect. They would be much stronger than the training of soul pet trainers with no qualifications. If they were to merely compare elemental soul pets, then Chu Mu, who only had one elemental soul pet, would be at an extreme disadvantage.

“Sure.” yet Chu Mu nodded his head.

Lu Tao had a seventh phase eighth stage Ice Air Fairy. This Ice Air Fairy’s strength wasn’t weak, and Chu Mu happened to want to train his Ice Air Fairy.



“Alas, your friend has to be careful. Young master’s Ice Air Fairy has already grasped Minute Control and Technique Overlay. Its fighting strength is young master’s number one. Your friend’s Ice Air Fairy has only reached the sixth phase seventh stage. One mistake and it will be instantly killed.” the old servant was still jabbering about next to Ye Qingzi.

The old servant’s primary goal was to also have Ye Qingzi manifest interest in Lu Tao. Only, this old man seemed to be a bit deaf and didn’t hear Chu Mu’s name. He thought that Chu Mu was some ignorant fellow who had excitedly ran over to fight against Lu Tao.

Ye Qingzi stood there like an ice cold statue. Although she let the old servant continue talking rubbish, she didn’t hear a word of it.

On the battlefield, Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy had already been summoned in front of him. Aside from the Ice Air Fairy’s one versus three fight in the Great Chu Family, it hadn’t fought anymore. When Chu Mu summoned it, it was let out a continuous slew of excited shouts, and it wore the attitude as if it was going to give this brain-dead fellow a bit of a lesson.

“Ning, are you ready?” Chu Mu stared at Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy and spoke to his slightly overly excited Ning.





“Ice Spike.” Lu Tao seized the decisive opportunity and immediately had his Ice Air Fairy use an ice type technique.

Practically, the moment the incantation had finished, a plethora of frost instantly appeared under Chu Mu and Ning’s feet. Suddenly, five ice spikes shockingly flew over, unexpectedly reaching a height of twenty meters!

Chu Mu was planning on having Ning use Ice Sword Array, but the incantation of Ice Sword Array was evidently longer than Ice Spike. Thus, Chu Mu had no choice but to have Ning stop the technique and dodge the five piercing ice spikes.

“At the beginning of the fight, using an overly-strong technique isn’t very wise because the incantation can be easily be interrupted by a quickly chanted technique.” the old servant put on the appearance of someone who understood things very well, and he spoke to the adjacent Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi truly had the mental state of a fairy. Despite this old man’s peskiness next to her, she didn’t even crease her eyebrows. It was as if this old servant didn’t exist in her world.

The old servant had spoken correctly. Without the perfect opportunity, it wasn’t very wise to use a powerful technique. Especially under a single control situation, without the protection of another soul pet, the incantation would be very easily interrupted unless the soul pet had a relatively strong elemental will.

“Ice Wall.”


Five black ice ice walls rapidly condensed in front of Ning and rose high above the ground!

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!!!”

Lu Tao’s Ice Air Fairy’s over a hundred ice blades all fell on this ice wall. These ice blades were merely constructed of normal ice crystals, and even if their might reached the seventh rank, they only managed to shatter four walls before completely turning into ice dregs.

“Ning, mysterious crystal Ice Sword.”


There was still the obstruction of one ice wall, so his Ice Air Fairy didn’t have to worry as it used mysterious crystal Ice Sword!

An azure white colored mysterious crystal. When the Ice Air Fairy chanted an incantation and condensed the mysterious crystal on its head into ice cold ice swords, Lu Tao and Hua Cheng instantly lengthened their faces. They completely did not expect Chu Mu’s sixth phase seventh stage Ice Air Fairy to possess mysterious crystal crystallization.

As for the old servant jabbering away on the side, his words suddenly came to a choked stop. His old eyes were wide open as he stared at the mysterious crystal ice crystals used by Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, and his old face let out an expression of somewhat disbelief.


  1. TL: Author’s typo. He said sixth phase earlier, now seventh. Not sure which one it is

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