Book 2 Chapter 178 - Elemental Wall Design

Chapter 178: Elemental Wall Design

Under the old servant’s guidance, the two of them entered the Elemental Capital and passed through several glorious gold and jade great halls...

“Our family’s young master really enjoys helping others. However, he’s often misunderstood by others because of such kindness…” the old servant talked non-stop, giving a brilliant performance of a supporting character.

“The small conflict this time should be because of… you two… you two?” the old henchman turned around, but discovered the people behind him were elemental soul pet trainers wearing gorgeous clothing. The two people he was talking about had already unknowingly disappeared in one of Elemental Capital’s halls...

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi didn’t have the effort to play these boring games with those two arrogant young masters. After entering Elemental Capital and seeing the connections with various factions from other places that Elemental Capital had, the two of them naturally went to inquire themselves.

Elemental Sect’s influence was vast. In various regions it was possible to see their elemental capitals. Moreover, the Elemental Sect members that wandered all over the place would make a report to an elemental capital after reaching a city. Thus, through the communication with sect members, they would leave a message or retrieve some mission, rewards or a few exchanged items for Elemental Sect disciples...

Just like when Chu Mu was in Nightmare Palace, the items he obtained could be exchanged for directly through Nightmare Palace’s vast land of influence.

If one’s luck was good within the exchanged of one’s own circle, it could be extremely beneficial to him or her. Although a majority of the exchanges would be slightly more expensive than on the market, it was convenient and reliable. On one hand, it would build one’s popularity and prestige while on the other hand it would be considered as contribution towards the faction based on the number of transactions. This would slowly accumulate to obtain an even higher level of recognition which in turn could help raise one’s position.

A majority of soul pet trainers enjoyed to roam different places and if they represented a certain faction in an unfamiliar city, they had a need for simple and reliable transactions.

Therefore, normally, as long as they found the member in charge of “the roaming population”, they would be able to find their whereabouts.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi entered the elemental capital and after passing through the first few halls and seeing the elemental great halls a majority of wandering members were congregated in, they promptly ignored the old servant. They walked towards these supervisors and asked whether Elemental Sect members from Li City had come.

“Yes, there really were two seniors from Li City not too long ago. They seemed to be escorting a prisoner, but from their manner of speaking, they didn’t seem to be returning to Li City.” said the approximately thirty year old dark and thin networker.

“Oh, how long ago did they leave? Did they say where they were going?” inquired Ye Qingzi.

The networker absent-mindedly raised his head. When he discovered that it was a gorgeous woman, his eyes instantly lit up and his words seemed to slip out...

“This… if young lady can display the certain identity proof, I will only then dare to tell their whereabouts to young lady.” said the dark thin networker.

Ye Qingzi creased her eyebrows. If those two were to have changed their route, then her original plan of sending a letter through Elemental Sect to Li City would be useless.

Chu Mu had previously mentioned writing a letter first to save Ye Wansheng to stall things out. Sending a letter using the ordinary method was extremely slow and it wasn’t guaranteed that Yu He who was leaving Li City’s elemental capital would receive it. Only through Elemental Sect’s channel could they send it there in time. It seemed that their plans were a step behind the changes and those two escorting Ye Wansheng were unexpectedly not going to Zhanchi Kingdom - Li Region - Li City. Thus, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had no choice but to continue pursuing.

“Keep this…” Ye Qingzi retrieved a bag of gold from her spatial ring. Not batting an eyelid, she handed it to the dark skinny networker.

“Young master, this is unacceptable. Our supervisor is very strict, I think we should just leave it…” the dark skinny man flusteredly handed back the money. However, when he discovered the bag of money had a lot of weight, he let out a slight expression of hesitance before adding on:

“It was said that not too long ago young master Lu Tao and young master Hua Cheng asked this. The two of them know where those two seniors went. I have my own responsibilities and cannot reveal it so casually. If the two of you want to know where the two of them went…”

Ye Qingzi turned and looked at Chu Mu who helplessly shook his head. Originally he wanted to ignore those two fellows, but now it appeared he had to find them...

“Since that’s the case, thank you.” Ye Qingzi didn’t bat an eyelid as she put the bag of money back into her spatial ring.

That dark skinny networker was still planning on extending his hand to grab it, but ended up grabbing air. He pulled back extremely embarrassed, then stared at Ye Qingzi’s graceful back as she left. He let out a rather infatuated lustful expression; it was unknown if he was fantasizing about the money he didn’t obtain or the beautiful person leaving...


There were various Elemental Kingdom soul pets spread out in Elemental Sect’s great hall. These soul pets weren’t the most common types of fairy species. Instead, they were all extremely rare Elemental Kingdom creatures. These Elemental Kingdom world creatures had special abilities. On the wall’s design were different colors of diagram marks and energy patterns that respectively indicated a unique elemental crystal...

Chu Mu’s gaze quickly swept through and very soon, he saw a few ice element crystals on the mountain design. These ice element crystals weren’t something Chu Mu understood very well.

Might is one to two times stronger than normal ice crystals…” a slightly aged voice slowly arrived.

Chu Mu had only briefly stopped in front of this wall design to wait for that old servant to find him and Ye Qingzi. He hadn’t noticed an old man standing to the side.

“Senior, what are those colors circulating a diamond-like lustre?” Chu Mu pointed at an ice type crystal that gave one a pure and noble feeling as he asked a question.

Those are glazed ice and can be regarded as one of the highest forms of ice crystals. Most of the ice type soul pets controlled by soul pet trainers are still at the normal ice crystal level. Soul pets that can use black crystal ice crystals can barely be considered average. Those than can reach the towering ice degree can be called experts. Of course, to the young generation, having a soul pet with black crystal ice crystals should be considered an expert. As for soul pet trainers controlling a towering ice soul pet, haha…” laughed the old man. He didn’t continue speaking.

Towering Ice! An ice crystallization that was an even higher level than black crystal ice crystal. Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy had amalgamated a black crystal soul pearl before being able to use black crystals. As for reaching the towering ice level, it probably needed to undergo a period of tempering.

The ice type crystallization Princess Jin Rou’s Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox controlled happened to be towering ice. However, since the Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox was a demon type soul pet, the towering ice strength it used wasn’t the same concept as the towering ice an Elemental Kingdom soul pet used.

The Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox possessed three attributes - demon, beast and ice. Even if it possessed extremely high ice type talent, its foundational ice type controlling would be inferior to Elemental Kingdom soul pets. The might of ice type techniques it used would also be much less compared to an elemental soul pet.

For instance, the might of the Ice Seal technique used by the Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox was predicated on its ice type control, technique rank as well as the addition of towering ice crystal ice types.

Ice Seal was a sixth rank technique and the Cursed Demon Fox’s ice type technique would allow the Ice Seal technique to display the might of a seventh rank. Further adding on towering ice’s effects, the Ice Seal it used would be pushed to the peak of the seventh rank, near the eighth rank.

However, if an Elemental Kingdom soul pet with identical phase/stage and talent used the sixth rank Ice Seal...

First, the phase/stage of the soul pet, under species superiority, would allow the Ice Seal technique to reach a might of the seventh rank. Further adding on the soul pet’s basic ice control, the the technique would reach the eighth rank. Finally with the addition of the towering ice crystallization effect, its might would double.

Different species had different advantages. Organisms of identical species further had different talents. Those with identical talents also had different techniques and attribute preferences. Even those with identical strengths had different crystals...

Every soul pet was unique even if the species category was in among the fewest- the Elemental Kingdom soul pets.


“I remember many years ago there was a young person who possessed an ultra-talented soul pet that could control glazed ice and walked by this place. That arrogant manner was something people liked… presumably he’s already reached the summit. The pitiful old me is still stuck in this tiny place…” the old man let out a sigh and shook his head. He seemed to be talking to himself.

Chu Mu was shocked. The towering ice realm was already the peak of the young generation of soul pet trainers. Presumably it was something only people like Nightmare Palace’s young princes could reach. Yet, there was still someone who in their youth possessed an ice type soul pet that could control glazed ice!

“You’re talking about Glacier Emperor - Qingshan?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“Him? He still falls very short from the person I’m talking about.” laughed the old man. He didn’t say anything else, put his hands behind his back, and walked to another wall design.

Ye Qingzi let out a puzzled expression. Glacier Emperor - Qingshan was a famous expert who controlled ice type soul pets. It was said that in his youth, he possessed a glazed ice soul pet. Yet, such a famous expert fell very short of the expert the old man had spoken about. Then, what realm did that person exactly reach?

Chu Mu was extremely curious and he wanted to know who that mysterious young man was...

“You guys are here. You made me search hard. Quickly follow me.” the old servant finally found Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. He immediately walked over in a worried appearance.

“Oh, we were quickly looking at elemental hall’s wall design. We weren’t being careful and lost you.” said Chu Mu, covering it up well.

“Quickly go to Elemental Plaza. Perhaps the two young masters have already finished fighting against those fellows seeking trouble. You two are lucky to be able to witness the two young master’s fight…” instantly laughed the old servant.

“Then let’s go. We really do want to see how experts fight.” the corners of Chu Mu’s mouth rose.

There was nothing wrong about foolish conceit; it was only because they hadn’t left this confined region. However, when a conceited fool attempted to show off his skill in front of a true expert and play around with senseless tricks, then he shouldn’t blame that particular expert’s mood for being foul.


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