Book 2 Chapter 177 - Tianxia Road

Chapter 177: Tianxia Road

“You two are very anxious, do you have urgent matters in the Elemental Capital? The young man named Hua Cheng walked up and asked.

Chu Mu looked over the two people and said lightly, “We’re looking around for traces of two of our friends. I feel like they’ve passed by here.”

“What are the names of your two friends? Maybe we can help you ask around.” The other young man said.

Chu Mu looked over at Ye Qingzi. Ye Qingzi naturally didn't know the two people’s names, so she thought for a bit and said, “Because of their special identity, they only told us an alias. This alias is definitely not the one they have in Elemental Sect, so all we know is that they’re from Li City’s Elemental Capital.”

“Oh? From Li City?” Hua Cheng lifted an eyebrow, and he looked slightly surprised.

Li Region Li City was a rather large Elemental Capital of Elemental Sect. Those who could enter there were either powerful or had some background. It wasn’t something comparable to the little Elemental Capital in Langhe City.

“Since they’re from Li City, it should be very easy to find. However, Elemental Sect things are usually very complicated. Understanding won’t be easy. How about this. You two seem to have travelled far to get here. How about I let my family servant bring you to a nearby building and rest for a bit. We’ll get the important things on our hands done and ask around for you. What do you think?” The young man asked politely.

Ye Qingzi glanced at Chu Mu, as if asking Chu Mu for his opinion.

“Sure, then thank you two.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Hehe, anyone from afar is my guest. Us two like to make friends from foreign places. From talking, we can learn a lot, so you two don’t need to be too polite.” Hua Cheng laughed and said, also letting out a gentle and amiable look, as if he was a young master eager to help people.

Ye Qingzi wanted to say something, but she momentarily couldn’t think of any other plan, so she could only follow their meaning.

Very soon, two family servants walked beside Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi and respectfully brought the two people to a building not far away…...

“You believe them?” As they were walking, Ye Qingzi immediately used her remembrance to ask Chu Mu.

“I believe in people who love to make friends, but these aren’t them.” Chu Mu said.

“En, they came off as slightly fake.” Ye Qingzi also wasn’t a pure girl that had just started venturing about. There were many things that she herself could see through and make the most precise analysis of.

Furthermore, Ye Qingzi had been with her brother to many places, and had seen all sorts of people. Though those two acted well and hid it well, Ye Qingzi could still feel a fake feeling.

“This is our young master’s business. I’m not sure if you two have eaten yet. If not, you can ask for anything you’d like.” This family servant bowed down politely and allowed Chu Mu and Qingzi to order all sorts of food.

The building was in a bustling part of the city. It was about ten meters tall, and all made of wood. It was also pretty elegant in the environment.

“You two don’t have to worry. Young master Hua Cheng and young master Lu Tao are both people of positions in the Elemental Capital. Learning of such thing is easy for them. If you two aren’t from too far away, you must have heard of the names of Hua Cheng and Lu Tao from Langhe Region.” The old family servant very timely started praising the two young masters.

“Both young masters were top tier young experts of Lang He Region, with strong abilities to control elemental soul pets. If you two have the time, you can also see the two young masters in battle……” This old servant said very professionally.

Ye Qingzi also knew what tricks the two young masters were playing. If they were trying to trick some inexperienced young girl, this friendliness and praise from others would make one surprised and curious. If they indeed have some power and influence too, they would unintentionally walk into the trap set by those two experienced playboys.

Unfortunately, Ye Qingzi didn’t take this. What young master Hua Cheng, Lu Tao? What top tier expert of Langhe City? The one sitting right next to her was a top tier young expert in the entirety of the Western Kingdom. These regionally famous young men were a group that were unworthy of even a mention.


Within the Elemental Capital, Hua Cheng and Lu Tao both started commenting on Ye Qingzi, the mixture of beauty and manners.

“High quality, definitely high quality. Once closer, she’s even more perfect. That face, that body, that mannerism. This woman was better than any of those officer young ladies, daughters of rich merchants, disciples of famous teachers. We have to take her down.” Hua Cheng’s eyes were already gleaming.

“Don’t worry, she won’t be able to run. Let’s first ask around about what they asked for.” Lu Tao said.

These two young masters had all played with countless women. Their gazes were very experienced. From a few face to face talks and a few looks, they could give precise judgement on different girls. However, Ye Qingzi was the sort they couldn’t say for certain, yet still provoked their desire to conquer. From what they saw, such women were the real treasures.

“We have to plan on what happens next, or else once we tell them, if they leave, it’ll all be over.” Hua Cheng said.

“It’s a trivial matter, hehe.” Lu Tao laughed.


Chu Mu was tired of the old servant saying a bunch of useless things with ulterior motives. He stood up and walked to the side to watch the bustling street.

Ye Qingzi also didn’t want to hear the old servant blabber, so she walked beside Chu Mu slowly, also not speaking, thinking of Ye Wansheng.

“Don’t worry. Since he surrendered so readily, it means that he has confidence and that he can protect himself, but he simply didn’t want his soul pets to be hurt. I think with his ability to converse, he can sway them.” ChU Mu saw that Ye Qingzi was so worried and said lightly to comfort her.

“En, thank you.” Ye Qingzi let out a tight smile.

Chu Mu felt that this thank you from Ye Qingzi was slightly strange…...

“I held up your progress.” Ye Qingzi explained.

“That doesn't matter. After all, I do have to walk east anyways to learn along the way. As long as I reach Tianxia City in the end, I’m fine.” Chu Mu said.

“You are also going to Tianxia City?” Ye Qingzi let out an astonished look.

“En, my soul is slightly strange. I need to get a cure there.” Chu Mu said.

“Sorry, I almost forgot about the problem with your soul. Now let me see if there’s anyone in Langhe City that has material to concoct the Ice Soul Grass.” Ye Qingzi apologized.

Ye Qingzi also knew that even if Chu Mu was going towards Tianxia City, he should’ve kept east, and not detour to Langhe City as well as Li City.

And, this time, the Ye brother and sister clearly had offended a big power like the Elemental Sect. Such matters could easily involve Chu Mu, so Ye Qingzi was very grateful in her heart towards Chu Mu.

“Don’t worry, not much will happen in this period. Let’s first solve the problem of your brother.” Chu Mu said.

“But, won’t your soul feel unbearable?” When Ye Qingzi used her soul remembrance to probe Chu Mu’s soul, the soul’s temperature was completely similar to constantly feeling the burn of fire poison. If it were a normal person, they would’ve become ashes long ago.

“I’ve withstood it before, so I don’t feel much now.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi opened her little mouth and wanted to say something, but she didn’t know what to say.

A man already used to the burning of soul fire- Ye Qingzi indeed didn’t know how to comment on it…...

Chu Mu didn’t want Ye Qingzi to get overworried, so he continued to talk with Ye Qingzi, “What will you do in Tianxia City?”

“Young generation experts all gather there to participate in the Battle of the Realms. My brother and I’s idea was to walk around nearby before the Battle of the Realms to train. I believe you want to join too?” Ye Qingzi said.

“I still don’t know the meaning of the Battle of the Realms, so joining or not doesn’t matter much to me. Let’s wait until we get to Tianxia City and see.” Chu Mu said.

“The meaning of the Battle of the Realms is highly important. Soon you will understand. Chu Mu, I feel like with your strength, you can truly amaze the world at Tianxia City.” Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu and said to him.

Chu Mu laughed and shook his head.

Chu Mu had self knowledge. If not for the half devil state, meeting people like Princess Jin Rou and the Nightmare Prince Adjudicator Lu Shanli, he would still have no chance of winning, and the Nightmare Palace didn’t only have two experts.

Furthermore, there was still the experts within Nightmare Palace. Other than Nightmare Palace, there was Soul Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Elemental Sect, etc. There were also factions of region masters like the Luo Region Sect. The world is vast, and experts were like clouds. Chu Mu didn’t believe that, just because he couldn’t find a match in the Western Kingdom, he could defeat everyone in the world.

“Chu Mu, hadn’t you already reached Spirit Master? Why can you only summon three soul pets?” Ye Qingzi still couldn’t help her curiosity and asked.

This phenomenon Ye Qingzi had already discovered. She had also heard of many different tales about Chu Mu. Some said Chu Mu lost a soul, some said Chu Mu was too strong and didn’t need to summon more, and some said Chu Mu was still hiding an even stronger soul pet…...

Once one’s fame rose, all sorts of news will arise. These would slowly cover up the original truth, so Ye Qingzi, even now, couldn’t understand why Chu Mu couldn’t simultaneously summon four soul pets.

“Lost a soul.” Chu Mu replied lightly.

In reality, what Chu Mu felt really put himself apart from other experts was this lost soul. Having one less soul meant one less power. If it was possible, when he arrived at Tianxia City, Chu Mu wanted to ask Liu Binglan if she could find his lost soul pet. Constantly occupying one soul would bring quite the burden to Chu Mu.


“You two, because the young master helped you ask about your friend, he accidentally came into a little conflict with people in Elemental Sect. There may be some trouble. You two should go to the Elemental Sect plaza. Oh, you two don’t worry. Young master Lu Tao and Hua Cheng are both people of identities. It must be someone who’s jealous of their fame and is intentionally nitpicking, hehe……” The old servant bowed down and opened his mouth to tell Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both laughed coldly, and immediately guessed the two young masters’ game. But, letting them into Elemental Sect was also good, so it didn't waste their time.


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