Chapter 175: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (2)

Chapter 175: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (2)

With the sun setting in the west, the shadow of the Heaven Boundary Monument happened to fall on the location that Chu Mu was walking at. This long shadow was like a long black and straight river that broke up this expansive desolate land.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

A violent gust of dust swirled up, and it slowly moved over from far away. Chu Mu had already realized this, and used soul remembrance to form a aura field around his body, shielding him from the sandstorm’s onslaught. However, he was surprised because, when this sandstorm fell upon the Heaven Boundary Monument, like it had hit a wall, it suddenly and strangely dissipated.

The yellow sand filled the air surrounding the Heaven Boundary Monument and, looking at it from far away, the sand against the wind happened to draw out an intangible and unique outline. Several flowing lines of the drawing made Chu Mu indistinctly feel he was looking at an emblem surrounding the Heaven Boundary Monument. Its shape was similar to an ancient beast one would find in a dilapidated book.

Witnessing this scene, Chu Mu was extremely shocked. This feeling was like a flash of divine light, and the creature was outlined by the incorporeal emblem outline. While it may have been from Chu Mu’s subjective imagination, it gave Chu Mu the feeling as if it was real.

Chu Mu strode forward a few steps, but when he stepped out of the Heaven Boundary Monument, no matter how the wind and sand blew, he was unable to see the incorporeal emblem at all. Yet, when he walked back into the shadow, the violent wind and yellow sand came together, and the mysterious outline appeared again...

The sunset gradually descended in the horizon, and the captivating red radiance released its last gaudy blood color.

At some unknown time, the clouds in the sky had become thicker, slowly covering the area into a dark clouded shadowy one that was quietly expanding.

The violent wind would pick up at times and fall at others. The yellow sand engulfed the entire air, producing a whistle throughout the land...

In the monument’s shadow, Chu Mu still continued to search for that special emblem outline. However, the radiance from the sunset sprinkled over the entire sandy earth.

These rays of brilliance spread parallel over each corner of the earth, except for the shadow of the Heaven Boundary Monument Chu Mu was standing in.

The alluring yet tender sunlight that was about to descend below the horizon, a boundless earth and sky, an enormous Heaven Boundary Monument standing tall between the sky and earth, a biting cold and whistling gale, the yellow sand that swept up all the away to the horizons and made the rays of light scatter, and a surging layer of clouds that was like a tide. Yet, these common phenomenons and scenes happened to form a unique drawing that had nothing to do with aesthetics or majesty. Nonetheless, they gave one an exotic, mysterious and ancient feeling...

When there was light everywhere, the concentrated shadows would be the area that attracted the most attention. Indeed, Chu Mu was standing there right now, in the most concentrated shadow area of this exotic, mysterious, and ancient drawing.

Chu Mu was still looking for that strangely magnificent emblem. He was totally oblivious to his surroundings, and only felt that his field of view was a bit strange.

In fact, the only thing in Chu Mu’s field of view was the Heaven Boundary Monument’s shadow. Only, his mind was so focused on the emblem that he didn’t pay attention to the current but strange phenomenon. In other words, something had already completely attracted his attention...


Suddenly, an earth shaking roar rang out in Chu Mu’s ear!!

This roar rang through Chu Mu’s ear and, as if it had pierced through his eardrum, violently battered his mental world, causing him to feel a head-splitting headache!

Chu Mu was shocked. He hastily used soul remembrance to protect his mental world, however, the strange phenomenon occurred again, and that strangely majestic emblem outline gradually became clear!

This feeling was like an invisible creature standing there silently, then pouring the tangible object of water on this creature’s body to draw the outline of this invisible creature with the flowing water!

The emblem grew more and more clear before finally transforming into a translucent shadow that seemed to have a soul; unexpectedly coming alive in Chu Mu’s eyes!!

The emblem creature was moving. It was hurrying somewhere and moved in a direction that Chu Mu was unable to determine. Its moving speed was extremely quick, and Chu Mu happened to feel that he was in a dream state following it at all times.

Chu Mu didn’t know what creature this was, but only knew that its running like this made one feel as if it had broken its shackles, and was like a wild horse sprinting into the expansive earth. It was free like the blowing wind and had the aura of the earth...

“Weng weng weng weng~~~~~”

Suddenly, Chu Mu felt his entire field of view shake. That sprinting emblem creature revealed an alarmed expression. It was no longer free and unfettered like before, and it began to unceasingly sidestep.

Dodge, add speed, jump. It was like a fight. Each movement was executed at the most proficient level. Chu Mu had never seen a soul pet so nimble that it could completely link each one of its movements.

Mo Xie’s body displacement method had already reached an exquisite realm, but compared to this mysterious creature in front of him, she was still inferior by many levels. Chu Mu could be sure that with this soul pet’s perfect movements, even if he summoned all his soul pets to attack it, they would be unable to even touch a hair of its body.

This was refinement. Dodging and moving in fights refinement!

The speed of this emblem ancient pet grew increasingly fast. Chu Mu felt that he shouldn’t have been able to see it clearly, but he was able to do so from a panoramic view.

“Weng weng weng weng~~~~~~”

The swaying sound rang out again, but Chu Mu was completely unaware at the moment. Instead, he was fully immersed in this soul pet’s strange fighting skills...



“Weng weng weng weng~~~~~”

Resting against the Heaven Boundary Monument, Ye Qingzi had planned on closing her eyes and resting a while. Yet, this enormous Heaven Boundary Monument had suddenly let out a noise, and moreover, it began to sway a bit!

Ye Qingzi was shocked, and she abruptly felt a powerful aura forcibly suppress her mental world!

This aura was extremely powerful and, when it enveloped her body, it was like the black horizon suddenly falling. Not only her, but also the entire earth would be crushed to pieces!


The Purple Robe Dream Beast let out an extremely weak shout. Its body began to tremble, and its black eyes were tightly shut as it rested against Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi’s soul remembrance had been locked. Indeed, at this moment, the sunset was falling, and the earth was a field of darkness; when Ye Qingzi looked as far as she could, she unexpectedly felt darkness invade!

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.” Ye Qingzi stroked the dream beast’s head as she pacified it with her soft voice.

Ye Qingzi knew of the Heaven Monument’s legend, and her expression was still collected. What made her worried was Chu Mu whose location was unknown because, as she looked eastwards, she was simply unable to see his figure...

“Chu Mu~~~”

Ye Qingzi gave a loud yell towards the direction Chu Mu had left. Without soul remembrance, she could only use her voice.

However, no matter how loudly she yelled, her voice would always be subtly and ineffably swallowed by some force and fundamentally could not spread forth.

Ye Qingzi’s heart sank, and she worriedly looked at the dusky world...


Finally, the final trace of twilight was recalled, and Ye Qingzi’s field of view gradually cleared...

The powerful wind gradually dispersed and the dust settled. The horizon pressing downwards slowly ascended, and the black layer of clouds transformed into gassy missed that disappeared somewhere unknown. The sky became especially clear, littered with stars and a full moon.

The mysterious aura disappeared along with the black horizon. The Purple Robe Dream Beast carefully opened its eyes like a child hiding from danger, and looked around everywhere.

“It’s find now, it’s fine now…” Ye Qingzi’ stroked her dream beast and softly spoke.

“Hui!!!!!” the frightful scene had disappeared, so the Purple Robe Dream Beast returned to its original state as it let out a whinny noise.

After its disappearance like smoke, Ye Qingzi immediately began to look for Chu Mu. Yet, she was extremely surprised because Chu Mu wasn’t even 100 meters away from her. He was silently standing there, his head slightly tilted up, as he, in a spellbound trance, stared at the Heaven Boundary Monument.

Sand filled the air around Chu Mu and, when it dissipated, it left Chu Mu wrapped up in a layer of dust. However, Chu Mu’s entire being was like a statue that had been sealed in a dust world for countless years- unmoving.

“Chu Mu~~~~~”

Ye Qingzi didn’t know what had happened to Chu Mu. Seeing that he was practically completely covered in dust, she panicked and hastily ran to him...


The sky-shaking roar in his mental world gradually disappeared, replaced by a girl’s anxious shouts. Chu Mu’s conscious slowly returned to normal as he went to see who was calling him...

Nothing could be seen!

Chu Mu astonishingly discovered he couldn’t see anything. He ineffably felt that there was some strange thing covering his view.

“Don’t move!” Chu Mu subconsciously used his hands to wipe off the object covering his eyes, but suddenly heard Ye Qingzi’s voice.

Chu Mu was stiffly moving there and didn’t know why Ye Qingzi suddenly didn’t want him to move.

Purifying Water slowly curled around Chu Mu’s surroundings. Three aesthetic and blue ribbons of water that were like a woman’s slender jade hands softly stroked Chu Mu’s body...

Gradually, these blue ribbons of water became muddy. Clearly, it was in the process of absorbing the special dust on Chu Mu’s body.

When the third Purifying Water wiped off the dust on Chu Mu’s face, his eyesight returned to normal.

“What?” Chu Mu looked at the worried Ye Qingzi as he asked bewilderedly.

“Did you feel anything strange about your body?” Ye Qingzi supported Chu Mu as they sat down on an adjacent rock as she asked a question.

“I don’t.” Chu Mu shook his head.

“Then just now when you were just standing there, did you see something?” Ye Qingzi couldn’t make clear of the situation either.

“I’m pretty sure I saw something, but I can’t think of it right now.” Chu Mu shook his head. An outline of a soul pet appeared in his brain; however, this soul pet slowly grew indistinct in his mind. The more he tried to recollect, the more he forgot...

Ye Qingzi’s lips were slightly apart as if she was a bit shocked. Her beautiful eyes stared a Chu Mu for a while before she slowly said: “Have you heard of Heaven Boundary Monument’s legend?”

“A little bit. There are also many versions…” Chu Mu turned back and looked at the Heaven Boundary Monument that wouldn’t move in wind or rain. He felt that it was rather peculiar, but couldn’t say what was wrong...

“If you saw something, then that thing should have died a long time ago.” Ye Qingzi softly said.

“A departed spirit?” asked Chu Mu.

“I’m not too sure either. Departed spirit type soul pets are relatively rare. Nonetheless, I feel that it should reappear in the form similar to an ancient drawing like a mirage…” said Ye Qingzi.

“The probability of your description is comparatively high. Since you have some understanding towards the Heaven Boundary Monument, has the same situation that happened to me ever occurred to someone else?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes. Inside documents of the Heaven Boundary Monument, there have been vague records of this phenomenon. They’re called “Sobbing Monuments”. One of my elders has also personally experienced it.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Sobbing monuments?” for some unknown reason, when he heard this term, Chu Mu felt his soul faintly tremble.


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