Book 2 Chapter 176 - Monument Tears

Chapter 176: Monument Tears[1. TL: Sobbing Monument has been changed to Monument Tears]

Monument Tears!

Chu Mu didn’t feel any sense of Monument Tears in this Heaven Boundary Monument or the strange scenes before, but when these two words echoed through his soul, Chu Mu suddenly felt a sadness pour in that caused his entire body to turn cold and shiver!

Though he didn’t see anything sad or grievous, this strange feeling grew stronger and stronger, causing Chu Mu’s eye corner to slowly moisten…...

“This shouldn’t be caused by sand, right?” Ye Qingzi extended a finger and wiped it down Chu Mu’s face, wiping the strange tear off of Chu Mu and carefully placing it into a glass container the size of a pinky…...

Chu Mu blanked, completely unable to understand why he suddenly felt sad, or why his eyes suddenly let out a single tear. These were completely not under his control.

“What is happening?” Chu Mu was even more confused, as he turned around to look at the Heaven Boundary Monument standing in the darkness.

The Heaven Boundary Monument had strange characters and ancient symbols written on it that Chu Mu couldn’t understand. Looking up, Chu Mu suddenly saw a totem that he seemed to know.

This totem was about ten meters up on the Heaven Boundary Monument. It was deeply engraved in the totem, with a shape very much like the soul pet Chu Mu saw before.

“There are many tales about the Heaven Boundary Monument. I only know of the Monument Tear. The meaning of the Monument Tear is that when some ancient soul pets die, their powerful willpower will still stay and, at some point, like that previous scene, its willpower will be magnified and imposed onto people with sensitive mental worlds in a dream-like fashion, allowing one to see fragments of memories of the soul pet.”

As Ye Qingzi said, she handed the finger sized little bottle to Chu Mu and continued to say, “Legend says that the Heaven Boundary Monument suppressed countless soul pets’ willpowers. These ancient soul pets will choose those with the most similar willpower and pass on their memories. To say it is an inheritance is stretching it, since it only lets you know of its existence. After all, anyone who sees it will slowly forget……”

Chu Mu felt he saw more than just the soul pet casting its glamorous moving battle technique, much much more, but now he could only remember its running scene, and even that was getting fuzzier and fuzzier. It was indeed like a dream. When he just wakes, the memories are strong, but slowly, they dim and finally disappear.

“Then why did I shed a tear?” Chu Mu asked.

“It wasn’t your tear, it was “its” tear. It just did it through your body, or used some sort of emotion to affect you to cry for it.” Ye Qingzi said.

Chu Mu didn’t understand and retracted his gaze. “It seems like I still can’t understand that level.”

“You don’t need to think too much. In reality, no one knows the true secret of the Heaven Boundary Monument. Even scholars who’ve researched for over a hundred years have only scratched the surface. Oh, and keep this Monument Tear well.” Ye Qingzi said.

“This Monument Tear? Isn’t this my tear?” Chu Mu looked at the little bottle Ye Qingzi gave him and asked questioningly.

“This is a Monument Tear, shed in the form of your tear. It is one of the most precious soul items in the world. Getting one is very difficult.” Ye Qingzi said seriously.

“I’m getting more and more confused.” Chu Mu still didn’t understand. How did his tear suddenly become the most precious soul item in the world?

“If you don’t understand, forget it. Anyways, this tear is very valuable- it is able to give you limitless and fantastic powers.” Ye Qingzi said.

“......” Chu Mu stared dumbly at Ye Qingzi, a look of not being able to understand how it has limitless power.

“You can understand it this way. It is the crystallization of the willpower of the ancient soul pet you saw. It’s like the power that it has bestowed upon you. Of course, if you drink it now, it is useless. Only when you understand the true meaning of this tear will it be able to give you power. What this power is, I don’t know. Soul power, soul pet, soul technique….. anything is possible.” Ye Qingzi said.

Chu Mu nodded with some vague understanding, and he carefully stowed the mysterious Monument Tear away before smiling. “Qingzi, you sure know a lot. Why does it feel like you’re more from the Western Kingdom than I am?”

“From very early on, I came in contact with similar obscure knowledge because of my ancestors. Later on, I was interested myself, so I started looking around for some findable but unknown secrets. I’ve seen a lot about Heaven Boundary Monuments, so I’ve always wanted to experience the Monument Tear…… But, other than relying on luck, such thing needed destiny. The one who got the Monument Tear is you.” Ye Qingzi let out some sadness.

“I don’t know the use of it anyways, so you can have the Monument Tear and slowly study it.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu had a very good mentality. This thing was obtained so unfathomably, and if Ye Qingzi hadn’t collected his tear, that tear may have just rolled into the sand. Chu Mu could see in Ye Qingzi’s eyes the look of longing for the Monument Tear. In reality, if Ye Qingzi hadn’t told him any of this and instead hid it secretly, Chu Mu would be unknowing too…...

Ye Qingzi shook her head and barely smiled, “The person who saw the memory fragment is you. Only you will know the real meaning of the tear. If I take it, it’ll be just your tear and nothing more.”

“Oh, then…...actually my tears are pretty rare too, you can collect it.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes, not expecting Chu Mu to be this brazen. What did Ye Qingzi need his tear for? Was it true that men never cry? But what did his lack of crying have to do with her?......


Though Ye Qingzi wanted to stay at the Heaven Boundary Monument for longer to see if she could find some secret about it through details, Ye Wansheng was in mortal danger. The two stayed a night and left the second morning to enter Zhanli Kingdom that neighbored the Western Kingdom.


Zhanli Kingdom wasn’t directly east of the Heaven Boundary, but was instead southeast of the Western Kingdom.

Nightmare Palace and Soul Pet Palace both were spread over all the big Kingdoms. The White Nightmare City in Western Kingdom wasn’t the largest main city either, because there was an even bigger White Nightmare City in Zhanli Kingdom.

On the west side of most big Kingdoms, one could see the tendrils of Nightmare Palace. It was everywhere, but denser on the west side of each Kingdom.

Not counting Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace and the other big powers, relatively famous powers of the Western Kingdom include the Great Chu Family, who had just underwent the disaster of the Hibernating Desolation, and Luo Region Sect.

The Luo Region Sect’s influence was greater than the Great Chu Family, and the kingdom master of the entire Western Kingdom was also the Luo Region Sect sect master.

Though Chu Mu was still in Luo Region, he rarely communicated with people from Luo Region Sect, only knowing that Qing Meng’er was part of it.

Yet, Zhanli Kingdom hadn’t completely been taken by Nightmare Palace. In many cities, one could find shadows of the great factions Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Soul Palace, and the Elemental Sect…...

The main city of the Elemental Sect also wasn’t in Zhanli Kingdom. The Elemental Capital that Ye Qingzi mentioned before should be similar to the White Nightmare City that Nightmare Palace had in Western Kingdom.

But, in Langhe Region Langhe City at the edge of Western Kingdom and Zhanli Kingdom was an Elemental Sect. Ye Qingzi thought that if the two people who took away Ye Wansheng needed to get to Li Region’s Elemental Capital, they would definitely linger in Langhe City’s Elemental City. Therefore, they decided to go to Langhe City first to see if they could find any clues.

After passing the Heaven Boundary Monument, on the west side of Langhe Region, if they went southeast for another day, they could reach the region city of Langhe Region.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both didn’t stay for long. After running for a day, they finally reached Langhe City.

Langhe City’s Elemental Capitals was one of the only Elemental Capitals within Western Kingdom. However, many people counted the Heaven Boundary Monument as the boundary, so they didn’t count Langhe City, which had land extending to the east, as part of the Western Kingdom…...

Langhe City’s Elemental Capital’s magnitude wasn’t that large. It was similar in size to a Soul Pet Palace within a bustling city area, made up of a few sumptuous mansions and imposing buildings.

“Let’s go ask around: Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both decided to enter the Elemental Sect as elemental soul pet trainers.

Yet, what made Chu Mu furrow his brows was that this Elemental Capital was different from Soul Pet Palace, and it only let members of the Elemental Sect in.

“If you can’t show identity, please leave. The Elemental Sect does not welcome unnamed people.” The Elemental Sect disciple guarding the door said coldly.

The Elemental Sect’s lobby looked grand and open towards the bustling streets, but the eight arrogant soul pets made it feel completely repelling, different from the Soul Pet Palace.

The Soul Pet Palace was everywhere in the world, and any Soul Pet Palace was open to all soul pet trainers, even those who have just begun.

Yet this Elemental Sect, only a sub-super power, constructed Elemental Capitals that looked overbearing and set its entrance extremely high to set off its superiority…...


Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were blocked out of the door, but both wanted to enter, seeing whether they could find any hints about Ye Wansheng through people in the Elemental Sect.

Yet, not far away from Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, a noble horsecart slowly slid past and two pompous young men walked out surrounded by henchmen.

“You see that beauty in front of the Elemental Capital?” The two men seemed to be entering the Elemental Sect and one saw the anxious looking Ye Qingzi.

“En? Great body, pretty face, could be of best quality. She’s worth playing with.” The other young man showed signs of a playboy.

“They seem to be unable to get in?” The young man slightly smiled and said while pondering subtleties.

“Hehe, isn’t this giving me the perfect chance? Though the guy is obstructing, from my experience, they don’t have much background.

“Hua Cheng, you sure have fallen behind. Even if they do have some background, what could they do……”

The two young men looked at each other and burst into laughter while walking towards the Elemental Capital.


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