Chapter 174: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (1)

Chapter 174: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (1)[1.TL: Heaven Monument has been changed to Heaven Boundary Monument]

The strength increase of Brave Stinging Heart naturally wasn’t long lasting. Not long after the fight ended, Zhan ye’s strength returned to its original sixth phase first stage. Brave Stinging Heart only provided Zhan Ye with a temporary state effect that was similar to Violent Blood Pupil.

After recalling Zhan Ye back to the soul pet space, it would be approximately six days before Zhan Ye’s six Broken Limb Rebirths would be able to use be used again six more times.

Using half of his soul power to feed the White Nightmare, Chu Mu rested under the tree and entered a silent cultivation state.

It was already late autumn, and without a tent in the wild, the cold would be fairly evident. While the soul techniques of soul pet trainers could maintain one’s body heat, very few soul pet trainers would waste their soul power for a bit of heat. After all, maintaining one’s soul power in the wild was extremely important.

When sleeping, especially in the autumn, Chu Mu would habitually hug Mo Xie and silently cultivate. Mo Xie possessed the fire attribute, and the heat emitted from her body allowed Chu Mu to feel warm.

Ye Qingzi didn’t continue silently cultivating though. In truth, because she had been worried about Ye Wansheng’s problem, she hadn’t slept well for the past few days. As she was cultivating, she unknowingly fell asleep. Perhaps it was due to feeling a bit cold, but unconsciously, she began shifting about whilst in her dreams and moved towards Mo Xie’s body to lie on top of.

Mo Xie was lying in Chu Mu’s embrace, who was concentrating on his silent cultivation. He suddenly felt a soft body with an aromatic fragrance rest against him. When he opened his eyes, he was immediately a bit infatuated.

As her disheveled jet-black fine hair spread apart, Chu Mu was able to see Ye Qingzi’s enchanting face. Her eyes were closed, and her long eyelashes and delicate nose brought about an adorable yet mature aura that made one want to touch it. The most important thing, though, was her colorful lips that exhaled a fragrant aroma; they made one want to move closer, and slowly place one’s lips on top, tasting her flavor...

“Calm, calm….”

The beautiful face was closer than ten centimeters away. Chu Mu’s gaze carelessly wanted to keep looking further down, but he had himself maintain his cool.

On one hand, taking advantage of someone being asleep to kiss them was an immoral action; on the other hand, Chu Mu felt that with Ye Qingzi’s vigilance, if he were to kiss her, she would instantly awaken and when that time came, it wouldn’t be too easy to explain...

In truth, Ye Qingzi sleeping in a daze like this brought Chu Mu’s heart a wave of relief. Ye Qingzi was relatively knowledgeable, and she probably rarely gave others a chance to disrespect her. Yet, her sleeping so easily like this probably meant that she trusted Chu Mu, and she felt that he wouldn’t do anything unduly as well as ensure her safety.

“Mo Xie, give her a bit of warmth.” Chu Mu helplessly shook his head and suppressed his desires.

Towards Chu Xian, Chu Mu was able to use his indistinct kiss to express the feelings he had originally had towards her; however, that was it. Chu Mu indeed felt that he had some sort of feelings for Ye Qingzi, but before the time was right, Chu Mu didn’t want to do anything excessive and screw things up...


Ye Qingzi, in reality, was much more attractive to Chu Mu. She had a distinct temperament, and features that rendered others stunned, as well as a graceful and curvy figure that caused wild beast blood inside someone to surge - especially those two incredible legs. Chu Mu himself had let his imagination wander many times.

Under such enticement, Chu Mu sat there simmering away with a bitter smile the whole night. He wanted to enter a silent cultivation state, but his mind would easily begin wandering. Ultimately, he endured until it was near daylight, when he slowly fell asleep with slightly hard-pressed emotions.


It was early morning when a ray of sunshine illuminated Ye Qingzi’s beautiful face. The heat on her cheeks caused her to gradually awaken from her deep sleep.

The moment she opened her eyes, the first thing Ye Qingzi saw was a handsome face. This face was very close to her, so much so that in the first hazy instant, she felt that the sides of their faces were stuck together.

Ye Qingzi naturally knew that this person was Chu Mu and her heart began beating quicker. She discovered that she seemed to have been half-resting on his body as she slept. Slightly flustered, she straightened her body and put a small distance between her and Chu Mu.

When Ye Qingzi found out that she seemed to have unknowingly moved her body to Chu Mu’s location, her cheeks instantly revealed a rather embarrassed pink color...

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie had already awakened and her two adorable eyes stared at the embarrassed Ye Qingzi. Mo Xie let out a murmur as if she was slightly curious towards Ye Qingzi’s actions.

Seeing that Chu Mu hadn’t awakened, Ye Qingzi let out a faint sigh of relief. Gently, she stroked Mo Xie’s furry body before saying: “I’ll grab some water. Do you want to drink some water?”


Mo Xie immediately nodded her head.

A beautiful smile emerged on Ye Qingzi. She walked down the small slope in a mess from last night’s fight, and walked directly towards the tiny stream…  

Beside the stream, she fixed her appearance before taking the water and walking back to Chu Mu’s location.

“You’ve awake?” Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu had awakened, and her beautiful eyes flashed a faint but difficult to see embarrassment. However, she quickly returned to her original calmness and gave the water to Mo Xie to drink.

Chu Mu nodded his head and used water to clean his mouth and cheeks before pointing and verdant plains ahead and saying to Ye Qingzi: “If we follow this plain eastwards, we’ll be able to reach that city.”

“Right, this field leads directly to the Western Kingdom - Langhe Region - Langhe City. That place has an influential Elemental Capital. My brother should have been brought there by them.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Then we shouldn’t stop at any city in Western Kingdom on the way and directly head towards Langhe City.” said Chu Mu.

“Yes, I have the same intention.” said Ye Qingzi.


There were several regions when heading east from Wogu City. These regions were relatively small, and Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu, regardless of day or night, didn’t stop riding on the Night Thunder Dream Beast. They spent half a month before reaching the edge of Western Kingdom.

The border of the Western Kingdom was a boundless barren land. At the center of this barren land happened to be that ancient rumored Heaven Boundary Monument.

Chu Mu had previously heard about Heaven Boundary Monument’s story. When Chu Mu was riding the Night Thunder Dream Beast and saw the Heaven Boundary Monument from far away, he felt as if it was a long and enormous sword that was protruding out of the vast horizon. It pointed straight up into the expansive sky, and its majestic grandeur brought Chu Mu an intense visual shock.

As they grew closer, the Heaven Boundary Monument gave Chu Mu the feeling of an indomitable spirit, and a minute feeling involuntarily arose...

“We’ve travelled non-stop for the past few days. Let’s rest one night here, eh.” Chu Mu saw that Ye Qingzi was already showing a slightly beaten expression as he spoke.

Ye Qingzi nodded her head, and she recalled her Purple Robe Beast, having it return to the soul pet space as she sat under the Heaven Boundary Monument to rest.

“I’ll go look for some water…” said Chu Mu.

“Ok, be careful.”

It was a barren land surrounding the Heaven Boundary Monument. It would be hard to find a water source in this desolate land, so Chu Mu had no choice but to quickly travel to an even further place before seeing a small oasis. He collected a full container of water from this oasis before returning...


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