Book 2 Chapter 173 - Brave Stinging Heart, Sixth Phase Sixth Stage

Chapter 173: Brave Stinging Heart, Sixth Phase Sixth Stage

“Heavenly Splitting Claw!”

Two sharp arcs, like two scythes, ripped straight through the body of the sixth phase Heavenly Devil Insect flying at the front. This sixth phase Heavenly Devil Insect’s defense was only at the sixth rank, so a seventh rank attack was something that the thin bug armor couldn’t block. Its body was immediately ripped into pieces!


After facing a group of four winged Heavenly Devil Insects, Zhan Ye’s battle intent was even higher. When it killed its way in, it immediately got rid of three, Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects!

“Fragmenting Stamp!”

The pouncing Zhan Ye’s four hooves violently stomped into the ground and immediately, shattered earth flew up from Zhan Ye’s feet, rendering two more low-flying Heavenly Devil Insects into powder!

Fragmenting Stamp was a fifth level technique. Before, when Zhan Ye’s body was still weak, it couldn’t display the powers of it well, so Chu Mu very rarely let Zhan Ye use it.

Now, Zhan Ye was near three meters tall, and it had a strength surpassing the commander rank. If it heavily stamped the ground now, its power could definitely reach seventh rank, and it was an area of effect technique too.

No matter if it was the insect ray, flying assault, poison, or blades, Zhan Ye was no longer in as difficult of a situation as it was before, due to its increase in speed and defense. Every time its body was hurt, the hurt area would automatically heal and, at the same time, a special energy would stem from these previously wounded areas and slowly seep into Zhan Ye’s blood, becoming something like the Violent Blood Pupil that stimulated Zhan Ye’s potential.

Dark Steal!

Zhan Ye’s speed suddenly quickened. Its black body slid past the short hill, and it quickly disappeared from the ten Heavenly Devil Insects’ surrounded assault.

After experiencing the 1 vs 20 last time, Zhan Ye had more fighting experience now. No longer meekly getting hit, it constantly shifted its position to find the perfect opportunity to give the lethal blow to Heavenly Devil Insects that were too close!

“Sixth phase second stage now.”

Not long after fighting, Zhan Ye’s wounds constantly added up. At the same time, it also constantly increased Zhan Ye’s fighting strength. In such a short time, Zhan Ye had become sixth phase second stage through its Brave Stinging Heart!

Ye Qingzi originally wanted to lay against a tree and meditate, but seeing Zhan Ye’s strength slowly increasing through battle, she slowly became absorbed.


A few hundred arm blades fell from the skies, glinting malevolently!

This time Zhan Ye had no place to hide, so Zhan Ye simply curled up and used its palms to protect its vital points!

The hundred arm blades weren’t concentrated, but instead fell over an area. A dozen fell right past Zhan Ye’s body. Though Zhan Ye’s defense was at the seventh rank complete stage, after these hits fell, some wounds that hadn’t healed fully were again heavily ripped apart!

Facing the attack, the short hill had been ripped into pieces. The ground was full of dips and marks from the sharp knives. As the battle continued, it slowly became a massive crater.

At this point, Zhan Ye laid within the crater of mud and gravel. After taking this wave of hits, Zhan Ye’s armor had completely been ruined, and one could even see some white tiger bone poking out.

“Broken Limb Rebirth!”

Under heavy injuries, it could still self heal, but this status would definitely affect Zhan Ye’s fighting strength, so Chu Mu decisively told Zhan Ye to cast Rebirth!

Within the mud and rocks, Zhan Ye’s wounds emitted a healing liquid. This healing liquid stuck to Zhan Ye’s outer skin, and it quickly congealed into a bright, gleaming, black , and angular new ink armor!

“Sixth phase third stage now!”

Brave Stinging Heart again caused those wounds to stimulate its body potential, causing Zhan Ye to reach sixth phase third stage!


After casting Broken Limb Rebirth, it had a wild fighting intent. Heavenly Splitting Claw flew out and directly ripped apart three low flying sixth phase Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects!

Sixth phase third stage, Zhan Ye’s fighting strength had now seen significant increases. He jumped out of the Heavenly Devil Insects’ attempts to surround it and kill singled out the Heavenly Devil Insects!

There were still around fourty Heavenly Devil Insects left. Their cacophonous sound wave techniques had already created a restriction for sound. If there was an elemental soul pet within, it wouldn’t be able to cast incantations.

As a mix of beast type and bug type, Zhan Ye was only slightly affected mentally by the cacophonous sound wave techniques. As it didn’t need to cast incantations, it wasn’t largely affected.

Once the Heavenly Devil Insects gathered all their techniques into one area, its destructive power would be immense. When Chu Mu discovered that the thirty Heavenly Devil Insects were gathering insect light in the air, he immediately told Zhan Ye to cast Dark Steal to increase its speed and leave the area!


Insect light fell and the blood red energy blew up within the region!

An eighth level terrifying energy swept through. Even standing far away, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi felt the wash of the violent winds!

Zhan Ye didn’t get far with Dark Steal, and it was still affected by the energy. Zhan Ye was immediately thrown over hundreds of meters away by the might of the concentrated insect light!

The combination of the insect light of fourty Heavenly Devil Insects was incredible. Though it had already run out of the center region, Zhan Ye’s new ink armor still showed clear signs of corrosion and shattering.


Zhan Ye very obviously had angered this group of Heavenly Devil Insects. After attacking, the Heavenly Devil Insects immediately flapped their meaty wings and leapt towards Zhan Ye!


Zhan Ye’s fighting strength was indeed the strongest. Taking this powerful attack, it could still stand up immediately and roar angrily at the Heavenly Devil Insects!

Sixth phase fourth stage!

As Zhan Ye cried out angrily, its body again changed slightly, and it suddenly became the sixth phase fourth stage!

Self Heal was slowly regenerating Zhan Ye’s wounds. Though it still had five Broken Limb Rebirths, Zhan Ye wouldn’t use it lightly. Facing these wounds that would be counted as heavy, they were like normal wounds to Zhan Ye, as he stood fearlessly against the forty Heavenly Devil Insects!

At the sixth phase fourth stage, Zhan Ye’s power, speed, and defense all increased. Even its Death Ray had become clearly stronger!

With its Death Ray coming out, and its claws swiping past, another Heavenly Devil Insect was killed!

Shattering Claw!!

Another singled out Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insect was instantly killed!

Fragmenting Stamp!

Taking countless blades, Zhan Ye cast Fragmenting Stamp while attacking, and it heavily broke three Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects’ armors and bones!

Broken Limb Rebirth!

The wounds on its body had already started seriously affected Zhan Ye’s fighting strength. When Zhan Ye was in the process of taking down a Heavenly Devil Insect, its body secreted more insect liquid!

Ink Armor Spike heavily pierced into this Heavenly Devil Insect’s body, drilling a hole in it. And just as Zhan Ye killed this Heavenly Devil Insect, it had completed its rebirth!

New body, new armor, new claws, and a fighting intent that will never weaken!

The amount of Heavenly Devil Insects was slowly decreasing, but Zhan Ye’s strength was constantly increasing. When there were only thirty Heavenly Devil Insects left, a clear change happened in the battle situation. Zhan Ye no longer had to pay the cost of getting heavily injured to kill Heavenly Devil Insects.


Broken Limb Rebirth!

When the amount of Heavenly Devil Insects dwindled to the last dozen, Zhan Ye cast its third Broken Limb Rebirth, and this Rebirth raised its power to the sixth phase fifth stage!

At sixth phase fifth stage, the last dozen of Heavenly Devil Insects slowly couldn’t pose much threat to Zhan Ye. Though the wounds from insect light, arm blades, and wing spikes constantly came, its wounds were automatically healing too, and as they healed, Zhan Ye’s power would increase again!


Ruthless and cruel, Zhan Ye had revealed its most unyielding and wild side in this battle. Its steely tail, ink claws, armor spikes, and teeth had all become battling weapons as it eliminated over fourty Heavenly Devil Insects!

When the amount of Heavenly Devil Insects fell to five, Zhan Ye’s strength increased again, reaching the sixth phase sixth stage!

The sixth phase sixth stage caused the last five Heavenly Devil Insects to be trembling with fear, not daring to continue to fight Zhan Ye anymore!

Heavenly Splitting Claw!

Two claws ripped past. The two blades intersected and cut across two Heavenly Devil Insects’ backs. These last two Heavenly Devil Insects wanted to run, but were still killed by Zhan Ye in the end. Blood sprayed into the air as they fell onto the ground.


Standing proudly on the battlefield of fifty Heavenly Devil Insects’ corpses, Zhan Ye lifted its head and let out a long cry, vibrating through the entire dark night!!

A sixth phase sixth stage Zhan Ye, with Broken Limb Rebirth and Brave Stinging Heart combined, could already equal Mo Xie’s strength when she was still an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox!

More importantly, Zhan Ye was really only at the sixth phase first stage, and it had only used Broken Limb Rebirth three times. If its own phase and stage increased and the fighting continued until Zhan Ye had casted six Broken Limb Rebirths, Zhan Ye’s strength would reach a terrifying level!!

With Chu Mu beside, Ye Qingzi looked at the Mo Ye that had increased in strength drastically in such a short time, and she was also shocked. With her unique experience, she was sure that this Zhan Ye of Chu Mu’s was definitely a soul pet where more potential could be excavated. Such a soul pet could definitely exceed its own rank and become a cross-rank existence like the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox!

“Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, monarch rank White Nightmare, Rebirth Mo Ye……” Ye Qingzi had no words to describe Chu Mu’s three abnormal soul pets!

This meant that this man in front of her could very likely reach the peak of the soul pet trainer realm!

In other words, with some more time to raise his soul pet phases up, he would truly walk into the top tier rankings of the young generation!


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