Book 2 Chapter 172 - Fourty Million Gold Coin Equipped Soul Pet

Chapter 172: Forty Million Gold Coin Equipped Soul Pet

Elemental Sect!

Chu Mu wasn’t oblivious to the Elemental Sect. From Chu Tiancheng, he knew that the Elemental Sect was a power only inferior to the special and massive factions like Soul Palace, Soul Pet Palace, and Nightmare Palace. The Elemental Sect disciples covered every big world, and one could often see the Elemental Capitals created within ninth and tenth level cities.

These so called Elemental Capitals were cities created within cities. They were where many Elemental Sect disciples gathered. They all had independent business chains, as well as individual institutions, often not under the control of the city’s master.

Elemental Sect members were all soul pet trainers who harnessed powerful elemental world soul pets. Different from most soul pet trainers, their main soul pets weren’t beast world soul pets, but instead were the elemental soul pets that could manipulate elements with utmost finesse. Some even more extreme elemental soul pet trainers had nothing but elemental world organisms.

Soul pet trainers often picked different types and worlds of soul pets based on their own need and ideas.

Take Chu Mu as an example. He wanted an all-rounded development, not having a special liking or dedication to any single world or type.

Some soul pet trainers were different. They would have some very unique perception of some world or type and, when they were lacking in knowledge of other soul pets, they would sometimes completely forsake the training of other soul pets and sign contracts only with the type of soul pet they excelled at training and controlling.


After asking around, Chu Mu got a general understanding. When Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng explored Zhanli Kingdom, they came into conflict with some Elemental Sect experts on the famous Colored Sky Mountain. Since the opponent’s faction was massive, Ye Wansheng and Ye QIngzi originally should’ve went east towards Tianxia City, but they had to specially take a massive detour into Western Kingdom, go from western region through Wogu Region to try to circumvent that city in Zhanli Kingdom.

The reason the two brothers and sisters had come into conflict was because of the duo dark and fire type soul pet that Ye Qingzi summoned before - Dark Fire Heavenly Devil.

The Dark Fire Heavenly Devil was high class commander rank. Chu Mu hadn’t seen this type of soul pet before, because it was a rather rare and powerful dark fire duo type soul pet, with a higher potential than even Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy.

The Dark Fire Heavenly Devil was what Ye QIngzi and Ye Wansheng stole from a few young experts of the Elemental Sect. However, those fellows seemed to have used some unknown tracking method and had secretly chased Ye Wansheng’s soul pet.

In the beginning, Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng thought they had already lost the Elemental Sect people, but they didn’t realize that they had already chased them all the way to Wogu Region!

“Their real goal is to get the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil back?” Chu Mu asked.

“En, but I’ve already signed a soul pact with the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil.” Ye Qingzi wore a worried frown.

“You know the name of the person who came into conflict with you?” Chu Mu asked.

“I know it, its a young man called Yu He. He should have a pretty high in status in the Elemental Sect. I’ve heard he’s a top tier young expert in Zhanli Kingdom, and one could even hear news about him in the Western Kingdom occasionally.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Write a letter to him to tell him that, within two months, we will definitely send the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil over and use a large amount of gold to ask for Ye Wansheng, but they have to guarantee he undergoes no harm.” Chu Mu said.

“En.” Ye QIngzi nodded and knew that they must adopt a stalling strategy.

The two elemental sect people should had left straight east from Wogu Region. If the two people were both more powerful than Ye Wansheng, then they shouldn’t have been affected by the Hibernating Desolation going from north to south, and they could go straight to Zhanli Kingdom in the east.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi stayed in Chu Mountain for seven days, and in Wogu Region for another three, meaning the two people from Elemental Sect had already travelled for ten days. If they had to chase, it was too late. Ye Qingzi could only silently pray that Ye Wansheng would be okay.


After getting hints, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi no longer stayed in Wogu Region for long. After settling the kid down, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both rode their dream beasts east the morning of the next day.

“You’ve collected all 1000 servings of blood?” Riding her dream beast, Ye Qingzi asked Chu Mu.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded. The last two days, Chu Mu had been constantly killing Heavenly Devil Insects. Even Chu Mu could no longer remember the amount that he killed, and he had even unintentionally gotten a seventh level soul crystal and two sixth level soul crystals.

“When we rest tonight, I can help you concoct the Brave Stinging Heart for you. This way, your Mo Ye’s fighting strength will increase greatly.” Ye Qingzi said.

“No hurry, you should rest for a day first. Your face is a little pale.” Chu Mu could see that Ye Qingzi hadn’t rested well these past few days, and he naturally didn’t wish to over work her just because of a Brave Stinging Heart.

Going east, they passed through many cities that were all affected by the Hibernating Desolation, showing signs of defeat and waste.

About the third night after Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi left Wogu Region, Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu took shelter outside, and Ye Qingzi helped Chu Mu concoct the Brave Stinging Heart that Chu Mu needed.

Before, Chu Mu also specially went to the only city that wasn’t very affected, and he spent 500,000 gold to buy the highest quality sixth level bug and beast duo type soul crystal to train his Mo Ye. After he got the Brave Stinging Heart, Chu Mu decided to first strengthen his Zhan Ye with a sixth level soul crystal, before merging the Brave Stinging Heart into Zhan Ye’s heart!

Using a sixth level soul crystal at the fifth phase seventh stage felt forced, since a sixth level soul crystal was usually more fit for a sixth phase soul pet’s body quality.

However, from what Chu Mu saw, Zhan Ye’s body withstanding capabilities were strong enough and should be able to completely absorb all the sixth level soul crystal’s energy.

Indeed, after the sixth level soul crystal’s energy was injected into Zhan Ye’s body, its ink colored armor distinctly fell, and its body grew longer, reaching almost three meters!

It directly morphed!

The last few days of continuous fighting had almost dug up all of Zhan Ye’s potential, and now, with the injection of the sixth level soul crystal’s energy, Zhan Ye absorbed it all without a single sliver wasted. Its beast type powers again elevated, and its body no longer seemed fragile, looking decently mighty and wild!

Fifth phase seventh stage to sixth phase first stage!

Zhan Ye could be said to have completely struggled free of its original type deficit, revealing a valiant commander aura!

Taking advantage of this elevation, Chu Mu decisively used his remembrance to guide Zhan Ye’s heart and soul to merge with the Brave Stinging Heart.

The Hibernating Heart was something only a powerful bug type soul pet would have. Such a soul item must have gone through countless washing and refining from the same species blood to make a bug type soul pet stronger!

Once Zhan Ye’s heart had merged with the Brave Stinging Heart, Zhan Ye’s phase and stage didn’t increase by much, and its armor and claws didn’t change much, but its aura had clearly become much stronger than a normal bug type commander!

Fighting Beast Mo Ye: Beast world - Beast type(Bug type) - Armored Beast species - commander rank

Species techniques: Self Heal, Broken Limb Rebirth, Brave Stinging Heart

Basic techniques: Barbaric Strength, Ripping Claw, Ink Armor Spike

Main techniques: Shattering Claw, Death Ray, Shadow Strike, Dark Steal

Advanced techniques: Fragmenting Stamp, Uninhibited Assault, Heavenly Splitting Claw

Its ink armor defense reached the sixth level complete stage, while its ink claws reached the sixth level late stage.


After Zhan Ye reached the sixth phase, Chu Mu also decisively took the sixth phase full form offensive soul equipment from Mo Xie and put it onto Zhan Ye.

The sixth phase full form offensive soul equipment could directly increase Zhan Ye’s ink claw attack to the seventh phase initial stage.

If even Zhan Ye’s normal attacks could reach above the seventh phase, and it could cast Heavenly Splitting Claws with Uninhibited Assault, then it should be able to barely reach seventh phase peak power!

In Chu Mu’s lavish bet with Chu Yue, he earned the fellow’s sixth phase soul armor, which was currently on Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s defense was at the sixth rank intermediate stage. If the sixth level soul armor was on her, it could only barely raise Mo Xie’s defense to the seventh phase late stage. Yet, Mo Xie’s dodging abilities were very powerful, and it also had the nine tail defense that could block eighth rank destructive powers. The sixth level soul armor wasn’t that useful on her body.

Chu Mu also decisively took the sixth phase soul armor and equipped it on Zhan Ye, raising its defense from the sixth phase complete stage to the seventh phase intermediate stage.

Morph, type strengthening, and Brave Stinging Heart- the three combined had raised Zhan Ye’s attack and defense to the sixth phase late stage. This was already at the high or top tier commander rank talent. With the effects of the soul armor, its attack and defense at sixth phase could all reach seventh phase. Zhan Ye finally seemed to be surpassing the commander rank.

Of course, to reach this level, the amount of money Chu Mu spent was quite a sum. From Old Li’s estimates, the Brave Stinging Heart was worth at least 2 million gold.

Not considering the Brave Stinging Heart, the sixth level full form offensive soul equipment was, by itself, 1 million. The sixth level soul armor was 500,000. With the soul crystals, soul cores, and other soul items, this still sixth phase Zhan Ye had already spent 2 million gold coins of Chu Mu’s. That could buy you a triple type top tier commander. With the Brave Stinging Heart, he could more or less buy a monarch rank…...


As if to please Chu Mu’s wishes, right after Chu Mu completed Zhan Ye’s elevating, a pack of hungry Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects flew over from not far away.

Under the starlight, these Heavenly Devil Insects’ black bodies and meat wings were particularly malevolent, letting out screeches that were even more frustrating…...

“Let my Zhan Ye fight them. You continue to rest.” Chu Mu saw that Ye QIngzi was ready to summon a soul pet but immediately stopped her, and commanded Zhan Ye to dash towards the Heavenly Devil Insects flying towards them from the short hill.

“There are at least forty Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects, all around sixth and seventh phase. This is a lot harder than last time.” Ye Qingzi didn’t like Chu Mu torturing his Zhan Ye, so she directly started casting an incantation to add Water Screen Battle Armor onto Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye’s defense had already reached seventh phase intermediate stage. After adding the Water Screen Battle Armor, its defense reached seventh phase complete stage. This meant that, when facing double the amount of Heavenly Devil Insects this time, Zhan Ye could very likely defeat them all without even using many Broken Limb Rebirths.


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