Book 2 Chapter 171 - Zhanli Kingdom, Elemental Sect

Chapter 171: Zhanli Kingdom, Elemental Sect

Near the guards’ relay station there gathered many soul pet trainers. There were wing types, beast types, and elemental world soul pets protecting it. Heavenly Devil Insects didn’t dare to come near it.

This city’s relay station had a high fort. Inside was a little city, where everyone who walked was a relatively powerful soul pet trainer. They had the power to fight Heavenly Devil Insects, as well as the power to walk in a city where encounters with Heavenly Devil Insects could happen at any time.

Below the relay station was a rather wide place to take in those without homes to go to. Those who took refuge there were mostly weak or normal citizens.

Inside the relay station was medicine, as well as soul teachers, specially meant to heal injured people and soul pets. The poisoned young man needed rest and healing, so Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi brought him to the relay station to let him rest.

Affected by Ye Wansheng’s unknown missing incident, Ye Qingzi’s emotions fell. That soul pet wasn’t Ye Wansheng’s main soul pet, but it could have been. Without any special circumstance, Ye Wansheng would not have thrown it down. A possible explanation was that Ye Wansheng met some danger and had to part with the soul pet he summoned.

The young man needed about three or four more days to recover, so Ye Qingzi stayed in the station to take care of him, while Chu Mu left to the nearby cities to collect Heavenly Devil Insect blood.

He still needed 200 Heavenly Devil Insect bloods. Once he finished collecting, his Zhan Ye’s fighting power would increase greatly, so Chu Mu naturally had motivation.


In a normal fight, Chu Mu would mainly summon the Ice Air Fairy, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and Zhan Ye. Only when he faced a stronger foe would he then summon Night, Mo Xie, and the White Nightmare.

Chu Mu rested for a night at the relay station, and on the second and third day, he started sweeping through Heavenly Devil Insects…...


“Leader Zhang Qian, the Heavenly Devil Insects in Tianjing city area have been mostly cleared. There’s quite a few citizens stuck there too.” The relay station master looked at Zhang Qian and his guard team, and immediately called them over.

Zhang Qian’s guard team had destroyed a very head-hurting Heavenly Devil Insect lair just a few days ago and saved thousands of citizens. Getting praised by the city area commander, their fame had also spread through the stations nearby.

“No problem. My brothers have already rested well. Tomorrow morning, I will bring my team over and ensure that not a single Heavenly Devil Insect is left.” Zhang Qian felt the relay station master attaching importance to him, so he quickly patted his chest and promised.

“Boss Luo, the Heavenly Devil Insects in Tianjing city area have already been cleared.” At this time, the assistant beside the relay station master reminded him.

“Cleared? Which team cleared it? I don’t remember sending anyone.” Boss Luo let out an astonished yet confused expression.

“From what I heard from my subordinates it was cleared out by a hunter. He has stayed there for two days and nights already, and he seemed to be collecting Heavenly Devil Insect blood.” The servant said.

“Collect blood?” Zhang Qian let out a questioning expression. Heavenly Devil Insect blood wasn’t very valuable unless it was for special purposes. Zhang Qian remembered that Chu Mu seemed to have been collecting Heavenly Devil Insect blood.

Just as they were speaking, the assistant suddenly looked at the great steel door of the relay station and pointed at a handsome young man riding a Night Thunder Dream Beast and smiled with delight, “It should be him, when I passed Tianjing last time, I saw him run in alone.”

Zhang Qian immediately looked over and saw Chu Mu run down the path from the door. He smiled and shouted at Chu Mu, “Brother Chu Mu.”

Chu Mu turned around and, seeing that it was Zhang Qian, he told his Night Thunder Dream Beast to walk in that direction.

“Leader Zhang.” Chu Mu lightly greeted.

“Haha, just now I heard about the events in Tianjing. Hearing this aide-de-camp say, there was a hunter who collected Heavenly Devil Insect that almost cleared out the entirety of Tianjing city area’s Heavenly Devil Insects. The first person I thought of was you. Indeed……Brother Chu Mu, you sure are able. Two days and nights continuously, not many soul pet trainers could fight for this long.” Zhang Qian said while laughing.

“My soul pets just happened to need refining……” Chu Mu replied.

“Chu Mu? Leader Zhang Qian, is this the recently famous Prison Island King - Chu Mu?” The relay station master Boss Luo looked Chu Mu up and down, and he looked again specifically at the smart Night Thunder Dream Beast that Chu Mu rode.

“Precisely. This Chu Mu is a spirit master and has monarch rank soul pets. If we didn’t have him in the destroying of the Insect Lair, the chances of success would definitely be very low for us.” Zhang Qian immediately introduced the highest commander within this city area - Luo Qing - to Chu Mu.

Hearing that Chu Mu had already reached spirit master, Luo Qing’s assistant and a new follower of Zhang Qian both had their eyes lit up. As people from the younger generation too, they revealed expressions of reverence and admiration for top tier experts.

“Chu Mu’s power is outstanding, and he has even greater courage. We have already decided to clear out another Heavenly Devil Insect Lair, what do you think, Brother Chu Mu?” Zhang Qian asked.

“En, there’s still a lair on the west side. If you join, the extermination mission will be a lot easier.” Luo Qing also seemed to be satisfied with Chu Mu, who had reached spirit master at such an early age.

Chu Mu shook his head, “No, a friend of mine seems to have gotten into trouble so I need to find him quickly, or else he may be in life danger.”

“Friend? Is it the one you said that was stuck in a cellar? What, was he not in the cellar?” Zhang Qian asked.

“He wasn’t, it was one of his lost soul pets.” Chu Mu said.

“Speaking of which, I remember that before the Hibernating Desolation came, there was a very powerful young man that started a fight with two people of unknown identity. I think it ended with the young man being worse than the two and surrendered himself.” Luo Qing said.

“What soul pets did that young man have?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

“A ice type soul pet that I don’t know the name of, and a black furred soul pet that seemed to have run off on its own. There was another that I don’t really remember.” Luo Qing said.

Hearing Luo Qing describe it as such, Chu Mu was almost sure that the person that started the fight was Ye Wansheng. Ye Wansheng was careless by nature, and he would often start bantering with people. However, he wasn’t stupid. If he couldn’t fight the person, he would hide far away. This time, he actually got captured by two people of unknown identity, so it mustn’t have been a normal dispute.

“Was he okay?” Chu Mu inquired.

“Yes, he retracted his soul pets and let the other two take him away. The battle didn’t last long. At the time, I was just on a pavilion not too far away. When I told someone to go restore order, it had already ended and they had disappeared.” Luo Qing said.

“Seems like he really met some trouble. Boss Luo, thanks. Leader Zhang, I still have business, so I will leave first.” Chu Mu jumped onto his Night Thunder Dream Beast and decided to tell Ye Qingzi to see if she could find any more clues.


Entering the underground refuge, Chu Mu walked into the candlelit room and saw Ye Qingzi staring blankly while sitting on a stone chair. From her expression, one could tell she was very worried about Ye Wansheng’s wellbeing.

“Qingzi, I just got news that your brother fought with two people in this city area. The two people were unknown in identity, but were very powerful, and had captured him alive.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi opened her mouth and closed it. She slowly stood up and finally spoke, “We don’t have foes in the Western Kingdom, unless……”

Ye Qingzi also knew Ye Wansheng well, so she naturally didn’t think that he had gotten into an argument with someone normal, and that he had gotten into large trouble. She started wondering confusingly at who took Ye Wansheng.

“How is he, has he woken?” Chu Mu looked at the young man in a coma and asked.

Now, they could only find some clues from the young man, yet the young man was still in a state of coma.

“His complexion is slowly recovering, so it shouldn’t be long before he awakes.” Ye Qingzi said.


Chu Mu sat aside and started meditating to restore his soul power. After about three hours, Chu Mu heard Ye Qingzi’s voice.

“You woke? Don’t worry, this is the relay station refuge center, its very safe.” Ye Qingzi said softly to calm the slightly panicked young man.

The young man’s black eyes surveilled the surroundings and finally fell on Ye Qingzi’s face and asked with a weak tone, “This sister, how did I end up here?”

“We cleared out the lair there……” Ye Qingzi patiently explained to the young man.

When the young man asked about his parents, Ye Qingzi also softly broke to him the situation of his parents.

The young man went silent for a very long time. One could see the emotions building within him, but his dim eyes never let a single tear out, only seeming like he lost his soul.

Ye Qingzi calmed him for a bit and, seeing the young man could still talk, she finally started asking about the War Court Black Beast.

“It was hurt and hid in my courtyard. Then, the Hibernating Desolation appeared so I let it stay with me in the underground cellar…...It expended all its mental power to let us live a bit longer but it itself……”

Reaching here, the young man’s emotions clearly rippled again. He seemed to be struggling to restrain and adjust his emotions…...

“With its last breath, it used its soul remembrance to tell me to go to Great Chu Family and find another woman with a War Court Black Beast and tell her about a symbol of an eight colored maple leaf……”

“Eight colored maple leaf?” Hearing this, Ye Qingzi’s brows furrowed and her beautiful face become more solemn.

The eight colored maple leaf wasn’t something that Chu Mu had heard of. It may be because he hadn’t truly left Western Kingdom yet, and was clueless about many other powers, so he started asking Ye Qingzi about it.

“It’s people from the Elemental Sect. When we walked through Zhanli Kingdom, we had some conflict with them……” Ye Qingzi said.


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