Book 2 Chapter 170 - Lost Soul Pet, Lost Ye Wansheng

Chapter 170: Lost Soul Pet, Lost Ye Wansheng

The bug cry echoed out. Even in the far away street areas, they could still hear it, and it was heart-palpitating and shiver-inducing!

On the streets near the gathering place, the guards currently fighting the Heavenly Devil Insects suddenly felt the Heavenly Devil Insects’ fighting intent decrease greatly. It was as if all the Heavenly Devil Insects became weaker.

“What happened? Why did the things all run away?”

“Just now that seemed to be the call of an eighth phase Heavenly Devil Insect. Can it be that leader and Boss Meng killed the eighth phase Heavenly Devil Insect?” A guard controlling the two winged soul pets said.

“There’s a lot of insect air here, and with the presence of the lair master, its aura can excite nearby same species soul pets and increase their fighting strength. These Heavenly Devil Insects clearly feel weaker now, so leader and Boss Meng must have killed the lair master.” A soul pet trainer who knew Heavenly Devil Insects better said.

With the death of the lair master, and without the aura of the lair, these weak Heavenly Devil Insect lost their fighting intent and immediately scattered.

Seeing the storm like Heavenly Devil Insects start to dart away, everyone let out fatigued smiles and started hugging and cheering together.

These guards patrolled the nearby city area, so they had relatives here too. Many of their family were trapped in the basements. If they didn’t adopt any measures, they would definitely be choked to death by the poisonous air. Getting rid of the lair master meant their family was saved, so how could they not be excited?

“Quick, dispel the nearby poisonous air, and save those who sealed themselves in tightly.” The secondary leader immediately spoke.

These guards were all clearly very disciplined. They didn’t immediately run towards where their family were, but instead started saving those nearest to the cave, since they were the closest to death, and needed to be saved first.


“I thought I saw you holding a compressed blood bottle. These Heavenly Devil Insects’ blood doesn’t seem to be a valuable ingredient. Why are you collecting it?” Seeing Chu Mu bring out his compressed blood bottle to collect the eighth phase commander rank Heavenly Devil Insect’s blood,  he asked curiously.

“It’s to refine the Brave Stinging Heart. I don’t know the exact proportions, and I’ve only heard about it from an older person.” Chu Mu explained.

Eighth phase high stage Heavenly Devil Insect’s blood was equal to 150 servings of Heavenly Devil Insect blood.

The other two eighth phase Heavenly Devil Insects had already been dealt with, and their bloods were collected by Mo Xie. Afterwards, Mo Xie ran around and collected all the blood. Now, Chu Mu had a total of 800 servings of blood. He needed only 200 more to create the Brave Stinging Heart!

“If I knew you needed blood, I would’ve collected the blood over the past few days. My friends and I had killed quite a bit of Heavenly Devil Insects, and should be enough for you to use.” Meng Huazhong said.

Settling the problem in the lair, Meng Huazhong let out a look of benevolence. One could see that this member of Soul Pet Palace wanted to become friends with a top tier young expert like Chu Mu!


The fight neared the end, and only some leftover Heavenly Devil Insects flew around in the city. Only occasionally could one still see insect eggs.

From now on, the mission was simple. All they had to do was split up the other group of guards and sweep through all the houses in this area, making sure that all the Heavenly Devil Insects were exterminated, and to save the citizens from the basements and escort them somewhere safe.

The soul cores and crystals on the ground would be managed by professional battlefield cleaners. This was everyone’s loot, so the guards would count it up and split it amongst everyone who fought the battle.

The insect eggs that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi gained also needed splitting, but the bug eggs and tiny little Heavenly Devil Insects wouldn’t be split by person because they were gained when Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi entered the Devil Insect Lair, so it was counted as personal gain.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi could be counted as employed, so Zhang Qian in the end didn’t need to pay the expensive hiring fee. Instead, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi would keep half of the unknown amount of insect eggs and small Heavenly Devil Insects to themselves, and the rest would be split by merit.

Only Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi knew the number of insect eggs and small Heavenly Devil Insects. No one would know if the amount they took out was really half of it all, so in reality, personal gains were usually self-split. If Chu Mu wanted to give more he would, but if he wanted to give less he could too.

There were many different team distribution methods. All of these had to be agreed on before, since an imbalanced splitting causing dispute and a fight often happened within soul pet trainer teams.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi felt the guards all did their job well, so following the rule, they gave half of the insect eggs and small Heavenly Devil Insects up.

After splitting, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s full loot was: A top talent Heavenly Devil Insect egg, two high talent Heavenly Devil Insect eggs, and ten normal insect eggs and young Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect.

The soul crystal and soul core splitting, according to the two’s contributions, netted them 1 million gold. The rest of the four winged Heavenly Devil lnsect eggs and Two Winged Heavenly Devil Insect eggs were still very valuable. After approximating, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both gained another 2 million gold.

This way, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi gained a total of 6 million gold and eleven Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects that could be auctioned.

This trip to Wogu Region has netted Chu Mu quite a bit. Once he reached the next big city, he could definitely add new things to his soul pets.


“What’s wrong?” Chu Mu looked at the worried Ye Qingzi and asked questioningly.

“Look.” Ye Qingzi pointed at the cellar full of sticky insect liquid and furrowed her brows.

Chu Mu looked over, and he immediately found that the poison had already seeped through the cracks and into the underground cellar. The insect poison’s poison was very strong. Once it spread into the air, it would directly enter an organism’s lungs and stop their breathing or rot their entire body.

The cave was sealed, so the air inside was limited. If the poison seeped in, the inside definitely became a poisonous gas chamber. Normal organisms wouldn’t be able to live in there.

“Ye Wansheng is under there?” Chu Mu’s face became serious.

Ye Qingzi shook her head but stopped talking…...

Chu Mu didn’t know why Ye Qingzi didn’t open the cellar. He walked by the cellar and told his white devil to burn away all the sticky insect liquid and pulled the door handle to open the door!


A thick poisonous gas immediately assaulted him. Even after Chu Mu used soul remembrance protection, he could still feel the poison seeping into his skin and causing him to feel dizzy.

“This is my brother’s soul pet, but it’s already dead…...” Finally, Ye Qingzi talked. Her voice was very light, and one could clearly feel the faint sadness in her words.

Chu Mu opened and closed his mouth, choosing to jump into the cellar.

The cellar was pitch black. The poison air made the inside very dark and wet. Even with Chu Mu’s night vision abilities, he couldn’t clearly see in the little cellar.

The cellar had a few beds and simple wood made furniture. Beside the wooden ladder was some scattered food.

There was no life in the entire cellar already. On the table was a middle aged couple with ashen faces and eyes stuck out. Their bodies were rotten. They had died for a few days already.

On the bed laid a teen. The purpleness in this teen’s face was lighter.

The table was right beside the bed, and this poisoned teen was holding the woman’s hand. Chu Mu could clearly feel the temperature of soul power lingering on the woman’s hand…...

On the other head of the bed was a beast type soul pet with long black fur. From its shape, it seemed to be mighty and a good fighter, but this soul pet’s name Chu Mu couldn’t say. It’s probably rather rare within Western Kingdom.

“This is Ye Wansheng’s soul pet, right……” Seeing the lifeless soul pet, Chu Mu’s heart sank and specially looked at the young man on the bed.

“Qingzi, come down quickly. There’s still someone alive.”

Ye Qingzi was still in sorrow, but upon hearing Chu Mu, she didn’t dare hesitate and immediately jumped into the cellar. She instantly saw Chu Mu who was injecting soul power into the poisoned teen.

“He’s still not dead, save him.” Chu Mu immediately said to Ye Qingzi.

Lying on the bed, the teen wasn’t dead. Just as Chu Mu used his remembrance to probe into his body, he felt a weak soul power and the aura of life.

Ye Qingzi immediately started chanting an incantation and casted the anti-venomous effect of Purifying Water Heart onto the teen.

“Moon, save him.” Ye Qingzi immediately summoned Water Moon beside her and told it to cast Healing Water Heart and Soul Water Heart to heal the young man’s body and soul.

The young man was already on the brink of death, but when Ye Qingzi and Water Moon simultaneously cast their techniques, they brought him back from the grasps of death…...

Feeling the young man leave danger, Ye Qingzi slightly let out a breath,” How do you know he was still alive?”

“Look at his parents.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi’s gaze fell on the couple on the table. After observing a little, she let out a slightly pained expression and her eyes started sparkling with a little moistness…...

“Ye Wansheng isn’t here. Maybe he was separated from his soul pet. Let’s ask this young man once he wakes. Bring him to a safe place first.” Chu Mu lightly patted Ye Qingzi’s weak shoulder and said softly.

Ye Qingzi nodded and slowly walked beside the soul pet who laid silently by the bed. She lightly started petting the soul pet’s black and luscious fur…...

Ye Qingzi and this soul pet clearly had feelings. This was the first time he saw this calm woman reveal such vulnerable and sad emotions, causing even Chu Mu to feel pangs.

Every soul pet trainer had different feelings for their soul pet. But, the connection by heart and the companion through many years being split was a heart-tearing pain. Many emotional soul pets may be never able to recover after the death of one of their soul pets…...

“My brother may have experienced an accident. I don’t know what trouble he encountered……” After some time, Ye Qingzi adjusted her emotions and slowly opened his mouth.


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