Book 2 Chapter 17 - The White Nightmare That Devours Nightmares

Chapter 17: The White Nightmare That Devours Nightmares

Xia Guanghan didn’t really enjoy talking, but the sentence he uttered caused everyone to feel surprised.

Yet, when everyone’s eyes fell on him, imploring him to explain, he maintained an indifferent face, not willing to speak his reason.

The others didn’t understand Chu Mu, but Xia Guanghan knew that the biggest reason why Chu Mu was able to live until today was because, in his body, he harbored an exceptionally talented and ultra evil soul pet!

“He still isn’t making the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Fox return. Could it be that he wants it to suicide for Tian Ji’s life?”

“He… it seems he also moved the Ice Air Fairy away…”

Everyone knew that Chu Mu had lost a soul. Since he couldn’t summon another soul pet to fight, from the current perspective, Chu Mu also didn’t have enough soul power left to summon another soul pet. The Ice Air Fairy also didn’t have much magic power left. Even if Chu Mu’s Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox killed Tian Ji, the Blue Nightmare would still kill Chu Mu!

Precisely as everyone saw, in front of the sinister Blue Nightmare with torrential devil flames, not only did Chu Mu not make the Ice Air Fairy defend him, he also made it retreat away. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, he planned on using his own body to meet the fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare!

Although soul pet trainers had soul techniques, it would be extremely hard for a soul pet trainer to face a fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare alone, regardless of how strong his soul techniques were. At this moment, everyone felt that the Prison Island King had gone crazy. Only Xia Guanghan kept his arms folded, as his eyes unwaveringly watched Chu Mu. He seemed to be waiting for something!

For nearly four years, Chu Mu had used his own soul power to feed the White Nightmare. This price was extremely high, and distinctly limited the majority of Chu Mu’s soul power. This also caused his life on Prison Island to be even more disadvantaged.

Nevertheless, this vile child that Chu Mu slowly fostered wouldn’t always hold Chu Mu back. There were times when it could be of extremely crucial use. For instance, the formidable combination technique of Devil Flame and Demon Fire. This technique often allowed Chu Mu to defeat those much stronger than him.

Furthermore, due to the White Nightmare’s existence, while on Prison Island, Chu Mu’s greatest wish was to encounter an opponent with a powerful Nightmare...

The fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare’s body was covered in an ostentatiously deep blue devil flame. The devil flame flared off its body up to ten meters high, as its terrifying Nightmare fire silhouette enveloped Chu Mu’s body. Its two enormous torch-like eyes released a deep blue colored light!!

Compared to the might and demonic presence of the Blue Nightmare, Chu Mu’s black colored figure was much more negligible.

However, from the audience’s perspective, they shockingly discovered that the Chu Mu standing arrogantly within the violent gale gave off a demonic feeling. Facing a commander rank Blue NIghtmare, a demonic and violent intent blossomed from his eyes, as if he was instead facing an insignificant joke of an opponent!

The violent gale howled through the sandy battlefield. It was viciously cold and it whistled loudly, causing the deep blue colored devil eyes to whirl about everywhere!

Finally, the deep blue colored devil flame enveloped Chu Mu’s black figure. At this moment, everyone’s shockingly stared at the ball of raging deep blue colored soul devil flame!!

The devil flame was chaotic and, hidden in the depths of the dark blue color, people astonishingly discovered a pale white flame that began to gradually ignite from within.

From the outside, this pale white flame seemed like a weak candle flame that slowly grew into a burning object. When it had first been ignited, it still feebly swayed in the wind.

Yet, in reality, this pale white devil flame wasn’t as ostensibly weak. No matter how much the violent gale lashed at the flame, or how torrid the blue colored devil flame was, it still continued to grow, maintaining a steady pace as it expanded!

It grew from an unremarkable white colored devil flame to a torrential fire. At a certain point, this torrential fire suddenly transformed into a savage beast that violently devoured all the blue colored devil flames!!

“White… White Nightmare!!”

A stunned and frightened shout abruptly resounded out from the high seats!

Instantly, everyone finally came to a sudden realization. This pale white devil flame was the eminently powerful monarch rank White Nightmare’s white colored soul devil flame!!

White colored soul devil flame- peculiar, terrifying and serenely cold!

“How does he have a White Nightmare?!!”

“A monarch rank White Nightmare!! That’s something that can only be summoned at the spirit master level. How can he summon a White Nightmare?! Furthermore, didn’t he also lose a soul?!”

An uproar arose once again! Everyone who saw this scene felt an inconceivable feeling!!

There was definitely a finite amount of White Nightmares within Nightmare Palace. Without the White Nightmare Palace Lord’s permission, a White Nightmare would absolutely never be given away!

Being conferred a White Nightmare was the greatest honor. Anybody in Nightmare Palace that possessed a White Nightmare was a truly powerful being. These powerful people were revered and adored by those in Nightmare Palace.

“How does this Prison Island King have a White Nightmare?” Currently, Lu Lishan’s eyebrows were creased. His vision was fixated on Xia Guanghan’s, whose eyes flashed a slight lustre.

Princess Jin Rou also stared at Xia Guanghan. She wanted to know why the most authoritative soul pet in Nightmare Palace, the White Nightmare, had ended up in Chu Mu’s hands.

A smile appeared on Xia Guanghan’s face as if he was appreciating his own masterpiece. He slowly said: “This White Nightmare is one that you’ve seen before. It is the later generation of that White Nightmare that devoured our grand majesty, Bai Yu.”

“What? This White Nightmare can also sign a soul pact with someone? Didn’t Lord Bai order you to get rid of it?!” said Lu Lishan, astonished.

“To kill a powerful soul pet while it’s still in its infancy, despite its eccentricity, is truly too cruel. Therefore, I had this White Nightmare form a soul pact with a myriad of young people. Ultimately, it succeeded in making one with Chu Mu. Moreover, what made me extremely surprised was that he managed to feed this White Nightmare for almost four years. He’s made the White Nightmare develop a form of dependence on his soul power.” Xia Guanghan slowly spoke .

After listening to Xia Guanghan’s explantation, everyone sucked in a breath of air. This was because many people in the audience knew that the later generation of the White Nightmare that devoured His Majesty Bai Yu, was extremely eccentric and terrifying. Signing a soul pact with this White Nightmare was essentially selling one’s soul to the devil!!

As everyone was stunned, on the sandy battlefield, the windswept sand had already covered the air. In the middle of the spacious yet exceptionally chaotic battlefield, the recklessly proliferating white colored devil flame had already devoured the deep blue colored evil flame; furthermore, it had alarmingly devoured the fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare!!!

Nightmare devouring Nightmare!

This strange phenomenon was definitely very rare in the soul pet world. Presently, this fundamentally illogical event had truly occurred in front of everyone’s eyes, giving them a hair-raising feeling!!

Chu Mu didn’t quite understand the White Nightmare in his body, but he knew that ever since the white colored evil flame ignited on the Cyan Nightmare Main Island, the White Nightmare in his body would turn abnormally excited whenever another Nightmare appeared. It would then terrifyingly devour its own species!

When on Prison Island, Chu Mu had also encountered an opponent controlling powerful Blue Nightmares. However, once the Nightmare got near to him, without exception, they would become this obstreperous and wicked White Nightmare’s food to eat.

After devouring them, the White Nightmare’s strength would rapidly increase as well!

When Chu Mu entered Prison Island, the White Nightmare’s phase and stage was still less than Mo Xie’s. Yet, when Chu Mu left Prison Island, the White Nightmare had reached the sixth phase third stage. Its speed of evolution was astounding!

Moreover, Chu Mu was extremely happy, because once the White Nightmare devoured another one of its own species, Chu Mu didn’t have to feed the White Nightmare any food for the next ten days. This was effectively releasing the chains on Chu Mu’s body, and it allowed him to use soul techniques as much as he wanted to!

How could the fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare contend against the sixth phase third stage Monarch Rank White Nightmare? As expected, it had been mercilessly turned into food and completely vanished from the battlefield.

The Blue Nightmare’s death caused another wave of soul backlash on the absolutely shocked Tian Ji. Tian Ji was still relying on his soul techniques and the fifth phase sixth stage Blue Nightmare to barely defend against Mo Xie’s imposing attacks. Furthermore, if Chu Mu didn’t call back the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, Tian Ji’s defense would definitely be broken!

Thus, at this moment, the soul feedback undoubtedly became Tian Ji’s fatal strike, causing him to fully lose the strength to even hold himself up as he fell onto the ground.

The moment Tian Ji’s knees sunk, Mo Xie’s savage Evil Flame Claw ripped apart the fifth phase sixth stage Blue Nightmare’s body. The terrifying Demon Fire Evil Flame quickly burned the Blue Nightmare’s entire body.

Three souls suffering damage was enough to make a soul pet trainer instantly enter a near death state. Currently, Tian Ji’s face was as pale as paper, and his sweat was imbued throughout his entire body. His body also incessantly writhed about!!

“You can stop now.”

As was customary, Chu Mu was still about to make Mo Xie end Tian JI’s life when suddenly a soul force created a mental message that resounded within Chu Mu’s mind.

The sound of the voice was clear and spirited like a song, causing Chu Mu to slightly lose his concentration.

Tian Ji no longer had the ability to resist. The Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox only had to extend one claw, and the young expert’s blood would fly everywhere.

However, Mo Xie ultimately controlled the Violent Blood Pupils’ ruthless aura and stopped her last attack. She proudly raised her head and slowly dispersed the eminently formidable Demon Fire Evil Flame on her body before returning to Chu Mu’s side.

Chu Mu glanced at Tian Ji and indifferently said: “I tried my best.”

After speaking, Chu Mu recalled Mo Xie and the Ice Air Fairy. Under everyone’s still shocked gazes, he gradually left this sand suffused battlefield and approached the battlefield’s audience.

As he walked up to the spectating audience, Chu Mu could feel everyone’s shocking gazes displaying terror, reverence, and astonishment...

However, the gaze that captured Chu Mu the most was from the pair of beautiful yet melancholic eyes. Chu Mu could feel a hint of emotional change occur in Princess Jin Rou’s bewitchingly beautiful eyes.

“After this battle, there won’t be anyone in Nightmare Palace who doesn’t know your distinguished Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince name.” it also took Lu Lishan a while to recover from his shock before he spoke to Chu Mu.

After speaking, Lu Lishan intentionally glanced at Xia Guanghan, because he knew that Chu Mu, who had revealed such terrifying fighting strength and nearly became an overnight celebrity, had virtually surpassed the sensation that Xia Guanghan had previously caused in Nightmare Palace!

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