Book 2 Chapter 169 - Insect Egg, Shiny Golden Gold Coins

Chapter 169: Insect Egg, Shiny Golden Gold Coins

Chu Mu had presently filled two of the compressed blood vials withs blood litres. Moreover, the entire courtyard was presently full of Heavenly Devil Insect corpses. As Mo Xie ran, the insect blood was like a stream flowing through the air as it rapidly poured into the blood vials on Mo Xie’s body.

As she ran from the right side of the courtyard to the other side, the blood vial that needed a hundred blood litres to reach fullness was already showing indications of overflowing.

The compressed blood vial was very small, and there were still a few more on Mo Xie’s fur. After collecting the full blood vial, Mo Xie opened another empty compressed blood vial, and she ran in a circle in another direction. Very soon, she collected another 100 blood litres, thus giving Chu Mu a full four hundred Heavenly Devil Insects worth of blood.

There were still many corpses in the courtyard flowing with blood, but Mo Xie didn’t go over and collect them. Instead, she ran to Feng Qi and Zhang Qian’s location first.

A Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration suddenly swept out, and it instantly obliterated a large number of Heavenly Devil Insects. Many of their smashed bodies dropped to the ground like dirty rain.

With the addition of Chu Mu’s Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, the pressure on Zhang Qian and Feng Qi eased by a great amount. After obtaining a chance to take a breather, the two of them changed out their soul pets that had lost the strength to fight and summoned a new soul pet to continue fighting!


White colored devil flames unceasingly whirled around in the air. The White Nightmare, whose appearance resembled Chu Mu continued to maintain its altitude. Its two hands controlled the white demonic devil flames, and it launched imposing attacks on the two eighth phase early staged Heavenly Devil Insects!

“Nightmare Black Hole!”


The palpitating devil cry rang out in the air. The two eyes of the White Nightmare lit up, and it shot out white colored lights that intersected in front of one of the eighth phase Heavenly Devil Insects!!

A ring of white demonic devil flames enlarged, creating a circle of strange devil flames burning in the surroundings!!

“Nie!!!!” the devil cry rang out once again, and the circle of devil flames abruptly bloomed; simultaneously, the circle encompassed space suddenly disappeared, manifesting into a terrifying Nightmare Black Hole!

“Wenghuo!!!! Wenghuo!!!”

The Heavenly Devil Insect let out an incomparably panicked shout. Six wings beat with all their might as a wing technique was used, trying to free itself from the frightening Nightmare Black Hole.

Four of this Heavenly Devil Insect’s flesh wings had already been burned by white demonic devil flames, so the strength of these wings had evidently dropped quite a bit. No matter how strong of a gale the wings produced, it was still unable to break free from the Nightmare Black Hole. Very soon, this Heavenly Devil Insect commander was slowly sucked into the black hole!

“Release its blood.” Chu Mu specially reminded the White Nightmare.

Another attribute technique - Nightmare Blackhole, would drag a soul pets body into a strange space. In this strange space, the body would vanish into nothingness; however, this eighth phase early staged Heavenly Devil Insect had an equivalent of 50 blood litres. How could it just be devoured like that?

The White Nightmare cracked a sneer, and its devil flaming arms brandished as a white colored devil flaming fissure appeared at Chu Mu’s location. This fissure seemed to border on that strange space and from within, gradually seeped out the blood from that Heavenly Devil Insect.


The dark and fire type unknown soul pet also used an offensive technique. Its two wing-like arms extended out and two arcs of flaming dark blades quickly revolved about, instantly cutting off two of the other eighth phase early staged Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s wings when its defense was down.

With two of its flesh wings having been cut off, and with the monarch White Nightmare’s existence, this eighth phase early staged commander would be quickly killed by the White Nightmare barring any surprises. Thus, the equivalent of another 50 blood liters was used to fill another blood vial for Chu Mu.

“We should clean up the nest inside to avoid other Heavenly Devil Insects from flying out.” Chu Mu put away the full compressed blood vial as he spoke to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi gave a light laugh. She was absolutely gorgeous and graceful...

“You clearly want to see if there is that eighth phase high staged Heavenly Devil Insect egg.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Hehe.” Chu Mu gave a hollow laugh. Although he hadn’t known Ye Qingzi for very long, she understood his character very well. Chu Mu really did want to see if that eighth phase high staged Heavenly Devil Insect had laid an egg.

The higher stage it was when it laid its egg, the higher its offspring’s talent would be. An eighth phase high staged strengthened Heavenly Devil Insect’s egg would absolutely be the most excellent Heavenly Devil Insect commander, and it would definitely fetch a price of a few millions of gold coins.

“I’ll have my Water Moon help them on the outside. Let’s go in.” Ye Qingzi was also interested in the insect egg. After having the Water Moon stay in the courtyard, she rode on the Purple Robe Dream Beast towards the center of the hall.

The White Nightmare led the way, and those low level Heavenly Devil Insects didn’t dare obstruct them at all. Very soon, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi entered the great hall full of a rotten odor.

The entire great hall was incomparably dark, and it was full of a smell that rendered one nauseous. The moment Ye Qingzi entered the great hall full of filthy things, she regretted not bringing the Water Moon with her. With the Water Moon, she would be able to clean up the toxic, rotten, smelly, and insect air a bit.

The absolute majority of Heavenly Devil Insects had already flown out to the courtyard to fight. Those that remained were slightly immature, and there were even some Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects that had just incubated.

The Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect was a low class commander rank, and if it was under the second phase, it could be sold for 100,000 gold coins. If its quality was good, its value would further increase.

“Twenty infant Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects and insect eggs… Qingzi, do you have a soul capture ring that can fit that much?” Chu Mu eyes lit up slightly and he immediately asked Ye QIngzi a question.

Each Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect was worth at least 100,000 gold coins. Those small things flying in and out of this spacious but rotten hall were all gold!

“I do. It’s enough to fit this amount.” nodded Ye Qingzi as she still maintained her composed manner.

Ye Qingzi was on the level of tranquility as a fairy and, after giving the high capacity soul capture ring to Chu Mu, she said: “I’ll get rid of those few seventh phase high staged Heavenly Devil Insects, and you collect those small Heavenly Devil Insects into the soul capture ring.”

Chu Mu nodded his head and had the White Nightmare use its monarch aura field to subdue those small Heavenly Devil Insects before beginning to chant the soul capture incantation.

The soul capture incantation was similar to the soul pact incantation, but it wouldn’t sign a soul pact with the soul pet about to be captured during the process. The success rate, however, was the same.

Capturing a soul pet was also an extremely profound study. If one’s technique wasn’t proficient enough, skills weren’t practiced enough, and the timing was off, it would merely be a waste of his or her soul power.

As a spirit master, Chu Mu concurrent job was a hunter and, with his soul remembrance and experience, it was very easy for him to deal with these first phase Heavenly Devil Insects!

“Chu Mu, I found the eggs those eighth phase Heavenly Devil Insects laid.” Ye Qingzi pointed towards the five Heavenly Devil Insect insect eggs embedded high up in the suspended wall.

“Ok, protect me.” Chu Mu’s movements were very nimble. He didn’t need a soul pet, and he was still able to move about among those soul pets, dodging the Heavenly Devil Insect attacks.

Once he jumped a few continuous times, Ye Qingzi immediately used Riding Dragon wind to deliver Chu Mu to an even higher position.

The eighth phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects’ eggs were clearly much larger than other insect eggs. Without needing to chant the soul capture incantation, Chu Mu immediately opened his spatial ring and put the five insect eggs into the spatial ring.


Suddenly, a sharp insect cry rang out in Chu Mu’s ears!

Chu Mu was startled, and turned around as a six armed enormous Heavenly Devil Insect appeared in front of him!

“Purple Dream Horn!”

Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Beast’s technique emerged just in time, and the purple colored dream horn appeared in front of the Heavenly Devil Insect, instantly piercing through its body. The Heavenly Devil Insect was impaled into the wall!

“Hou!!!!” Zhan Ye which was following behind Chu Mu jumped a few times onto the wall. Ink Armor Spikes grew out of its ink colored armor as it savagely slammed into this Heavenly Devil Insect!

“Collect its blood.” Chu Mu threw a compressed blood vial towards Zhan Ye as he jumped down from high up on the wall, steadily landing next to Ye Qingzi.


Outside the great hall, an extremely sharp cry suddenly rang out. The windows on the wall were unexpectedly shattered by this soundwave!!

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi turned around and immediately looked outside the window. They suddenly discovered an enormous Six Winged Heavenly Devil insect beating its wings as it swooped down from high above!

An eighth phase high staged Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!

The lord of this nest had evidently discovered people stealing its eggs, and it attacked in an indignant and fiendish manner!

“White Nightmare, go!” ordered Chu Mu.

After speaking, without obtaining Ye Qingzi’s permission, Chu Mu directly jumped onto the Purple Robe Demon, riding the dream beast with her.

Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes, seemingly feeling that Chu Mu’s actions were a bit reckless. However, she didn’t say anything, and after she pacified her dream beast, she promptly urged the Purple Robe Dream Beast towards the courtyard.


The White Nightmare instantly turned excited with the appearance of something strong. Its white flamed body immediately broke down the thick wall as it unexpectedly proceeded to head towards that eighth phase high staged Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!


Even higher in the air, the eighth phase Sunset Magic Roc transformed into a golden tornado that flew down, forming an up and down convergence with the White Nightmare!

The golden colored energy collided midair with the white colored devil flames, and with a loud bang, the energy exploded right on that eighth phase high staged Heavenly Devil Insect commander!

Its thick armor split apart in midair and disintegrated as it was smashed and ripped apart by the golden colored tornado!

The white demonic devil flames burned through the eighth phase Heavenly Devil Insect commander’s body, entering its soul and burning this nest lord!

On the ground, Meng Huazhong riding the Dark Clan Rhinoceros, upon seeing the White Nightmare suppress the nest lord’s soul, revealed an excited expression on his face. He promptly ordered the three other soul pets to launch a fatal assault on the mid-air nest lord!

Three different colored techniques blended together. An even higher formed Death Ray of destruction, a Chaotic Thunder Slash like a saber of lightning descending from the sky, and an eighth phase Swallowing Star Wolf’s Phantom Claw, struck the nest lord’s body in succession!


At death’s door, the nest lord in the air let out an ear piercing scream.


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