Epilogue: She’s in a Certain Space-time

As the tall blue reeds gently swayed in the wind, small ripples broke the surface of the water.  

Amidst the reeds was a hat made out of weaved flowers. Underneath the hat was purple hair and a youthful and adorable smiling face. 

The smiling face was particularly beautiful and enchanting, and the young girl’s blinking eyes were as spirited and pretty as a pure spring of water. 

The young girl was holding bunches of reeds in her hands. Her small pink lips pressed forward, and she gave a light blow. The bunch of reeds instantly flew up into the air like soft blue feathers. It looked beautiful. 

The young girl immediately let out a laughter that resembled the sounds of spring. 

“Mommy, mommy, come and look…” the young girl ran out from the reeds. She excitedly called out to a woman sitting on the grassy ground. 

There were a few reeds circling the running young girl. For some reason, they kept following her, circling her, and escorting her. It was like they were taking care of and protecting their young princess. 

The woman on the grass was quietly sitting there. Like the girl, she also had beautiful purple hair that resembled a waterfall. Her hair touched the grass from her sitting position. 

She ignored the young girl’s joyous laughter and raised her head, staring at the slowly setting sun in the horizon.     

The young girl was very obedient, and didn’t disturb her. A while later, she seemed to have gotten tired from playing. She cutely and obediently laid down on her mother’s leg, curling up into a ball like a small cat. 

The sun had set, and the last ray of light disappeared from the land. The absolutely beautiful  mother seemed to be thinking about something. Her hands were placed softly on the young girl’s head, and she softly stroked her. 

“Si Qie, we’re going to go back.” 

“Go back? Will we be able to see daddy after we go back?” a smile instantly rose on the young girl’s face. 

“You don’t have a dad.” 

"Mommy is...

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