Chapter 1688: How About I Call You Mo Xie?

“I heard the seniors say that this place has a small fox. I didn’t realize it was true!” 

The female soul pet trainer wasn’t particularly vigilant. She carefully walked up to the small silver fox lying there. 

“Hey, small fellow. What are you doing here?” the female soul pet trainer blinked her eyes and looked at the small silver fox. 

The small fox slowly turned its head and glanced indifferently at the female soul pet trainer. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” it let out a faint cry, but wasn’t particularly interested in the female soul pet trainer. Thus, it slowly lowered its head again.     

“Feed it something. Small pets are always gluttons.” said the tall soul pet trainer. 

The woman hastily took out a snack from her spatial ring that she normally used to feed her soul pets. She carefully handed it over to the quiet small fox. 

The small fox sniffed at it, but didn’t eat it. 

This is the best pet food available. Do you not like it?” asked the female soul pet trainer. 

 "Why are you ignoring me?” 

“Can I hug you?” 

The female soul pet trainer carefully stretched out her hand and stroked the fox’s silver fur. 

The fur was neatly combed and soft. It was a very comfortable feeling. 

Who on earth had left such an exquisite and adorable noble fox here? 

The female soul pet trainer felt curious and slowly tried to hug it. 

The fox turned around and apathetically stared at the soul pet trainer who had bad intentions. Suddenly, the fox got up and jumped somewhere else.

“It’s not letting you hug it, haha. It’s rare to see a small soul pet that won’t receive our young lady’s affection.” laughed the tall soul pet trainer. 

“Hmph, we’ll see!” the female soul pet trainer flashed an arrogant expression and chased after the small fox again. She stretched out her arm to hug it. 

The small fox’s ears shot upright and its body flashed, instantly disappeared from its location. It appeared somewhere else and then listlessly lay back down. 

 "That small fellow is rather fast.” laughed the tall man. 

The female soul pet trainer didn’t give up. She chased after the small fox again. 

“You’re not allowed to run!” the female soul pet trainer chanted an incantation, using her soul immortal rank soul remembrance to lock down the small fox. 

“Hey, Qin Yue, what are you doing!” Tang Jun was somewhat dissatisfied as he berated her. 

Was Qin Yue crazy? Using a soul immortal rank soul remembrance to deal with a small soul pet. That would damage its mind… 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!”

But before Tang Jun could stop her, a wild cry suddenly rang out! 

The cry came from the small silver fox. A visible purple flame wrapped around its body and an aura of evil energy suddenly transformed into a terrifying storm that swept outwards from the top of Myriad Dragon Heave Abyss’s mountain peak towards the blue sky! 

Amidst the onslaught of demonic energy, the three soul pet trainers saw the small fox transform in the purple flames. Its nine tails were as large as a mountain ridge and when they danced amidst the demonic energy...

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