Chapter 1687: Without Chu Mu

 The sunlight only appeared for a brief moment and didn’t last long.

The world fell back into darkness. Even more terrifying was multiple black holes appeared in the sky, forcefully dragging things on the ground into a death realm.

The ground continued to crack, revealing an endless abyss. The moving spatial storm rolled through human realm, rendering countless careless organisms into blood rain.

The human realm was filled with black, so Chu Mu on the Crimson Sol couldn’t see anything.

However, he knew the world was on the verge of breaking, and the Northern Territory wasn’t spared!

As the world was getting more and more destroyed, Chu Mu’s emotions grew more and more irrational. He started slamming the restriction uncontrollably just like the Human Demon Ancestor.

He had to go back, or else all his loved ones will perish with the world!

“Chu Mu!! Chu Mu!!!!” 

Suddenly, a voice came from the star river.

Chu Mu thought he was hallucinating and didn’t even acknowledge it.

Slowly, the voice got nearer. When he lifted his head, he saw an elegant and soft beauty fall into the Crimson Sol, towards him.

Chu Mu paused. Ye Qingzi?

How did she know he was here, and why did she come to the Crimson Sol?

No, if she enters here, the flames will turn her to ashes!

Chu Mu wanted to yell out to stop her, but she suddenly changed into another person…..

The flames didn’t engulf her as she got ever closer to Chu Mu. In fact….. She also opened the gates of hell and threw herself into this eternal prison.

Chu Mu looked at her with utter confusion but also some loss.

“Why is it you?” Chu mu looked at her and said despondently.

“I don’t have much time, so let’s not...

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